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Death of Freeze - The Sims 2
Tip: Don't go in the Snow in your Underwear.
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My Glamour Life Expansion Pack House - The Sims 2
Made with ALL Glamour Life Stuff from the Expansion pack (cars, trees .etc. are not from the expansion pack).
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Meeting Bigfoot!! In The Sims 2!!
To find bigfoot: You need to dig around Three Lakes, You need to findthe map "Hidden Shadows" i think its called that? , I dug in one spot and thats how i found it, you could do that too!! Subcribe!!!
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Basic WaterSlide!! The Sims 2
Use "boolprop constrainFloorElevation false" (without speech marks) to higher the pool height!! Subscribe!!!
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Hammock Woohoo - The Sims 2
There are sooo many ways to Woohoo!
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Yeah ima Strawberry!
via YouTube Capture
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MOJO PLAYS 'Cat toys lite' app
Gets abit crazy!
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Swings Swinging
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CC Youtube intro
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Park Panoramic
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3D Environments - Cinema 4D
College Project
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The Perfect Backyard Wedding
Starring Darren Blue and Sarah Sexy (the married couple)
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What just Happened?! Ageing - The Sims 2
The power of Cheats...
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I've never noticed this book before... - The Sims 2
Unknown Places are yet to be discovered everyday..
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The Sims 2- Call me maybe
Hey this took me around 3 days to do hope you like it!!
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My Tropical Spa! - The Sims 2
My Spa.. I hope you like it! You can proberly build a better one!
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Final Sounds for Pandemonium! : The Relaunch
For my Game Trailer, Pandemonium! : The Relaunch. Edited on Logic Pro X. Video created on Windows Movie Maker.
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My Sims 2 Memories
This wont mean alot to you but it does to me. As I am getting The Sims 4 for christmas i have to un-install The Sims 2. Hopefully i will make memories jus as good as these ones in the sims 4 so all i have to say is.. please subcribe! i will make sims 4 vids when i get it. They will be about my new sims life, i will make one of my sims from the sims 2 in the sims 4 (Sky, shes the one with/married to Malcolm LandgraabIV) so yeh keep watching!
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Walking in Water?? - The Sims 2
How?? There wasn't even water there in the first place!
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Pandemonium!  - The Relaunch Game Trailer. Level 3 Gaming and Interactive Media. South Devon College
Created using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Logic Pro x and Live action. For Educational Purposes, not a real Game Trailer. Pandemonium! is not having a relaunch, yet?
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Edited - Glamour Life house - The Sims 2
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Dead Father Haunting His Children? - Ghosts
Starring the Party Family.
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