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Jamie Gillis / "Abigail Lesley" Interview
Adult Cinema and New York Grindhouse legend Jamie Gillis passed away this past February. He was 66 years old, a native New Yorker and one of the stars of Joe Sarno's classic sexploitaion film "Abigail Lesley is Back in Town." Jamie was recently interviewed for the "Abigail Lesley / Laura's Toys Double Feature" DVD which was released March 23, 2010. Additional sound bytes are part of the March 1, 2010 Alternative Cinema Podcast www.AlternativeCInemaPodcast.com www.AlternativeCinema.com
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Racy Reels from the Something Weird Vault - Volume 1 Promo
Vol. 1: Cries of Ecstasy Blows of Death / Invasion of the Love Drones https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/racy-reels-vol-1-cries-ecstasy-blows-death-invasion-love-drones “A pioneering slice of post-apocalypse cinema”* only begins to describe the soft-core doomsday fever-dream that is Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973), head-lining this fantasy – sci-fi double-feature Blu-Ray / DVD combo from Pop Cinema and Something Weird. CRIES OF ECSTASY, BLOWS OF DEATH (1973) - Before Mad Max, humans struggle to survive a barren planet populated by roving bands of biker gangs, armed with only some killer kung-fu moves and a willingness to get down with just about anyone. Starring Sandi Cary, Kim Lu and the ubiquitous Uschi Digard, Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death is a dystopian action film tailor-made for lovers of 70s exploitation cinema. INVASION OF THE LOVE DRONES (1977) - “Welcome to…The Erogenous Zone” intones a Rod Sterling-esque voice as we dive into 1977’s Invasion of the Love Drones, an absurd, ambitious and ultra-stylish sci-fi romp in which Eric Edwards is enlisted by aliens to deflect a nuclear-tipped rocket from their mother ship…by causing a planetary orgasm, of course. Featuring Bree Anthony, Jennifer Jordan, with an appearance by Jamie Gillis. Remastered from the original film prints and featuring a bonus feature on the blu-ray - Double-D Experiment (starring Roxanne Brewer) and a insert booklet with an essay by film critic Jeremy Richey.
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SpiderBabe Official Trailer
Seduction Cinema starlet Misty Mundae (Play-mate of the Apes) is Patricia Porker, a shy and studious high school girl with sweet dreams of tender romance and passion with the handsome boy next door. When bitten by her science teacher's genetically engineered spider, she gets more than she could have ever wished for! Suddenly transformed into a wall-climbing, building-bounding beauty with superhuman strength and an erotic appetite to match, Patricia takes the name SpiderBabe and quickly warms to saving lives, fighting crime and seducing the grateful citizens of New York City.
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NUN OF THAT official trailer Camp Motion Pictures
Sister Kelly Wrath is a nun with a temper problem. After being gunned down in an alley, she is selected by God to join The Order of the Black Habit, a group of supernatural vigilante nuns on a mission to rub out the mob. But first, Moses, Gandhi and Jesus have a few challenges up their sleeves for her.
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MurderDrome - Official Trailer
https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/murderdrome Equal parts slasher-film, action flick and romantic comedy, director Daniel Armstrong’s love letter to ‘80s cinema will have you chanting in your seats, “Welcome to the MurderDrome!”
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VHS in 2017! New Releases Camp Motion Pictures!
VHS is alive and well in 2017 with new, limited edition VHS releases! https://www.alternativecinema.com/vhs-titles
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Splatter Farm (1986) Polonia Brothers - 2016 Trailer
Camp Motion Pictures presents the Polonia Brothers' demented splatter cult classic from 1987. This edition of one of the most sought after shot-on-video gore-feats ever! More here: https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/splatter-farm
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Faces Of Schlock Official Trailer Independent Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 09/21/2010 Hilarious, campy and loaded with gratuitous nudity and gore, the FACES OF SCHLOCK "BOOBS AND BLOOD" EDITION DVD is an outstanding 4 'film' anthology from "...4 of the best underground filmmakers you've never heard of."*. A contemporary DIY aesthetic re-interprets the classic horror-host formula into a "...equal parts Silly, Scary, Inventive and Imaginative"* collection of sexy witches, malevolent spirits, reanimated limbs and slaying Santas. -Tex Massacre, Bloody-Disgusting.com
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Female Chauvinists (1976) - Official Trailer
Something Weird's Racy Reels from the Vault Vol. 2 Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD February 2018 https://www.alternativecinema.com/press/pop-cinema-and-something-weird-announce-first-two-volumes-new-“racy-reels-something-weird
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Joe Sarno's Vampire Ecstasy (1973) Official Trailer
VAMPIRE ECSTASY coming to BLU-RAY AND HD DIGITAL OCTOBER 4, 2016 Motion picture film preservation and restoration company Film Media announced the October 4, 2016 release of Vampire Ecstasy and Sin You Sinners, two seminal films from director Joseph W. Sarno, to Blu-Ray and HD Digital. This day-and-date blu-ray and HD digital release is the first in a planned series that will comprise the largest collection of Joseph W. Sarno films under one label. Also contributing to the series are Tim Lucas, noted film critic and editor of Video Watchdog, who will provide liner notes; and Joe’s widow Peggy Sarno, who will provide context and invaluable insight into Joe’s process. Vampire Ecstasy (1973) – Three beautiful young women arrive at a grim and secluded castle, eager to claim their inheritance. In the castle basement, a coven of witches dance in a wild ritual, invoking the spirit of their deceased vampire leader. That same night, a brother and sister arrive, warning of the castle’s evil curse. But too soon they also fall under the witches’ spell, and the stage is set for the return of the Baroness Varga, for the vessel has been chosen!
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42nd Street Pete's HIPPY HOOKER 1970s Grindhouse - Official Promo
https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/42nd-street-pete-presents-hippy-hooker-1970-grindhouse-triple-feature 42nd Street Pete presents Hippy Hooker Grindhouse Triple Feature! Last viewed during their initial run in grubby storefront theaters of New York in the early-1970s, these three rare films are now available for the first time on DVD.
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Call Girl of Cthulhu Theatrical Trailer
"Laugh out loud funny and lose your lunch gross" - HorrorHound Magazine an absolute must-see for fans of horror movies, comedies, splatter flicks, and H.P. Lovecraft." -cinemaslasher.com "truly one of the more insanely fun and well-conceived low-budget horror movies I’ve seen all year." - Daily Dead Over 30 Combined International Film Festivals and Theatrical Screenings CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU Available to DVD, Digital Platforms and TV VOD September 15, 2015
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Video Violence 2 - official trailer
Video Violence II - Streaming starting September 6, 2016 On DVD - https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/video-violence-video-violence-part-2-double-feature In Video Violence 2 (1988), Howard and Eli have graduated from gruesome basement antics to pirating a cable TV channel for the purpose of furthering their brand of homegrown depravity, madness and murder.
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Slime City Massacre - Official Red Band Trailer
Directed by Gregory Lamberson Blu-Ray: https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/slime-city-slime-city-massacre-double-feature Amazon Streaming: http://tinyurl.com/gljrzx2 Synopsis: A dirty bomb has decimated New York City s financial district and reduced midtown to a post-apocalyptic nightmare.
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Bravengers: Age of Buldgetron - Official Trailer
BRAvengers: Age of Bulgetron DVD and HD Streaming Release date: November 8, 2016 When multi-millionaire entrepreneur Horny Fark’s newest creation, the highly intelligent and super-horny Sexbot, launches an international dry-humping catastrophe, it’s up the BRAvengers to save the day!
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Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973) - Official Trailer
Something Weird's Racy Reel From The Vault Vol.1 Coming to Blu-Ray / DVD February 2018 https://www.alternativecinema.com/press/pop-cinema-and-something-weird-announce-first-two-volumes-new-“racy-reels-something-weird
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Upsidedown Cross New HD Trailer
The new fllm by William Hellfire available February 23, 2016 Starring David Yow of The Jesus Lizard, Erin Russ (Porkchop) and Tina Krause (Bad Biology) Addicted and out on the streets, Nadine returns home only to encounter religious fanaticism and an unbalanced priest limited edition double sided wrap, clear amaray and chick tract by notorious underground artist Mike Diana
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The Basement Camp Retro '80s VHS / DVD Combo!
The Ultimate Gift to Fans of 80's DIY Horror Cinema VHS / DVD 5 Film Collection in an Exclusive VHS Collector's Package Includes the Never-Before-Released 8mm feature, The Basement, on VHS and DVD
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Racy Reel from the Something Weird Vault - Vol 2 Promo
https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/racy-reels-vol-2-female-chauvinists-hot-connections “We have found a serpent in our garden of Eden” cries Ms. Fulla Bull, the leader of a militant group of feminists in Female Chauvinists (1976), one of two wacky ‘70s satires of the women’s lib movement in this double-feature Blu-Ray / DVD combo from Pop Cinema and Something Weird. FEMALE CHAUVINISTS - After infiltrating a feminist training camp, a recruit “hires” her boyfriend as the handyman, where he is discovered by the militant leader and scheduled for castration! Taking pity on him, the ladies decide to keep him as a stud, proving not all feminists are hard-core lesbians. Female Chauvinists features a bevy of late-night stars including the bountiful Roxanne Brewer, Uschi Digard and Candy Samples. HOT CONNECTIONS - After a switch-board operator becomes pregnant by her married boss, the ladies – and wives – of the phone company get their revenge in Hot Connections (1972), a saucy comedy featuring Rene Bond, Tally Wright and Mindy Brandt. Female Chauvinists / Hot Connections is Volume 2 of Racy Reels from the Something Weird Vault, a home entertainment collaboration between Pop Cinema and Something Weird. Remastered from the original film prints, the double feature includes a bonus Uschi Digard Arcade Loop and an insert booklet with essay by film historian Robin Bougie.
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Rock N' Roll Frankenstein *new* 16x9 Trailer
DVDTalk called it, “an instant exploitation classic.” Filmthreat exclaimed, “a classic piece of B-Movie Entertainment.” The official selection of over 20 international film festivals and winner of Melbourne Underground Film Festival’s “Most Gratuitous Violence” Award, Brian O’Hara’s 1999 horror-comedy Rock n Roll Frankenstein is now available to home entertainment for the first time in its native 16x9 aspect ratio.
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My Fair Zombie
In an alternate Eduardian England infested by zombies, a professor of phonetics attempts to each a zombie woman to be a proper English lady -- with hilarious and gore-soaked results! Based on the play by George Bernad Shaw. Available August 26 from Camp Motion Pictures
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Playmate of the Apes - Interviews
Misty Mundae, Darian Caine and Debbie Rochon talk about making the Seduction Cinema hit "Playmate of the Apes"! Digital streaming starting April 2016! DVD -https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/play-mate-apes
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Alone in the Ghost House - Official Trailer
They dared to stay the night in the most haunted house in America! Available on DVD and Digital Streaming August 9, 2016 Get the DVD - https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/alone-ghost-house The newest film from Camp Motion Pictures - directed by Henrique Couto
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SpiderBabe - Official Trailer
A student (Misty Mundae) develops superhuman powers after a genetically engineered arachnid bites her.
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Invasion Of The Love Drones (1977) - Official Trailer
Something Weird's Racy Reels from the Vault Vol. 1 Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD February 2018 https://www.alternativecinema.com/press/pop-cinema-and-something-weird-announce-first-two-volumes-new-“racy-reels-something-weird
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Vampire Ecstasy - Green Band Trailer (HD)
VAMPIRE ECSTASY coming to DVD, BLU-RAY AND HD DIGITAL OCTOBER 25, 2016 Motion picture film preservation and restoration companies Film Media and Film Movement announced the October 25, 2016 release of Vampire Ecstasy and Sin You Sinners, two seminal films from director Joseph W. Sarno, to DVD, Blu-Ray and HD Digital. This day-and-date disc and HD digital release is the first in a planned series that will comprise the largest collection of Joseph W. Sarno films under one label. Also contributing to the series are Tim Lucas, noted film critic and editor of Video Watchdog, who will provide liner notes; and Joe’s widow Peggy Sarno, who will provide context and invaluable insight into Joe’s process.
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Alternative Cinema News - Chiller Theatre October 2008 Part 1
Erika Smith hosts ALTERNATIVE CINEMA NEWS. This edition is a special report from the New Jersey Chiller Theatre Film Expo, October 2008 Includes exclusive interview with Misty Mundae
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There's something big and something hungry living in the still, murky depths of secluded Hillbilly Lagoom... and it walks on land. Following a toxic spill, science students from the state university are sent in to test the waters for contamination. They are immediately set upon by insane and inbred locals, who don't take kindly to strangers nosing about their town and beloved lagoon. But that's the least of their worries when a hulking humanoid borne of radioactive mutation ascends from the inky blackness to fill in lungs with air and its stomach with human bait.
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The Inheritors (1983) Official Trailer
The Inheritors (1983) Director: Walter Bannert The Inheritors focuses on Thomas Feigl (Nikolas Vogel, who had also appeared in Was kostet der Sieg?), a 16-year-old budding photographer in a city that Bannert intentionally and pointedly leaves unidentified. Thomas has an unhappy home life with his distracted businessman father (Jaromir Borek) and his overbearing mother (Anneliese Stoeckl-Eberhard), who continuously harasses Thomas and his sensitive younger brother Ernst (Klaus Novak). One day, he helps another teen, Charly (Roger Schauer), evade the police, and the two quickly bond; Charly and his family are suffering at the hands of his violent, alcoholic father (Frank Dietrich). Thomas’ new friend introduces him to a youth club run by the National Unity Party—a neo-Nazi group—and Thomas is seduced by the camaraderie he finds there, along with the intoxication of power.
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Joe Sarno's Sin You Sinners (1963) - Official Trailer
SIN YOU SINNERS COMING TO BLU-RAY AND HD DIGITAL OCTOBER 25, 2016 Motion picture film preservation and restoration company Film Media announced the October 25, 2016 release of Vampire Ecstasy and Sin You Sinners, two seminal films from director Joseph W. Sarno, to Blu-Ray and HD Digital. This day-and-date blu-ray and HD digital release is the first in a planned series that will comprise the largest collection of Joseph W. Sarno films under one label. Also contributing to the series are Tim Lucas, noted film critic and editor of Video Watchdog, who will provide liner notes; and Joe’s widow Peggy Sarno, who will provide context and invaluable insight into Joe’s process. Sin You Sinners (1963) – an aging exotic dancer uses occult forces in the shape of a magic amulet to maintain her youth and beauty. Discovering her secret, her jealous daughter and employer hatch plots to steal the amulet for themselves. When the amulet goes missing, it sets off a chain of events ending in murder.
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Winner of Best Horror Feature at 2013's Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival! Newlyweds move into a secluded home in the woods, only to discover supernatural forces are bent on their destruction! Coming Winter 2014 from Bloody Earth Films
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SLIME CITY Official Trailer from Retro Shock-O-Rama Cinema
Retro-Shock-O-Rama Cinema is proud to present Slime City - Gregory Lamberson's vile, gory and gruesome splatter film theatrically released in 1989 and a midnight movie favorite for years. This Collector's Edition release features a brand new 1.78:1 transfer from the original film elements supervised by the director and is enhanced for 16x9 TVs. Slime City delivers the gut-churning goods like fellow 80s cult classics Combat Shock, Basket Case and Street Trash.
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NUDE IN DRACULAS CASTLE: AMAZING, RARE & EROTIC 8mm HOME MOVIES On DVD - www.AlternativeCinema.com Starring: Various Release Date: September 15, 2009 Five hours of rare classic erotica, never-before-available on home video! From playful pin-ups to sensual femme fatales, the bared, bouncing beauties in this amazing collection of vintage erotic shorts are un-covered, un-ashamed, and un-afraid! This 2-DVD set showcases the early novelty short, Nude in Draculas Castle, where an ancient butler admits a stunning young woman into a dark and spooky castle. She disrobes for bed, but cannot sleep. Restless, she explores the castle hallways where she is stalked by a mysterious and terrifying figure in a cape! Featuring nearly three-dozen loops in all, this one-of-a-kind collection of unusual American Erotica is professionally telecined from archival prints in their native 4x3 aspect ratio. Not to be missed! DVD Features: • First Time on Home Video • Rare and Unusual Historical Erotica Includes Nude In Draculas Castle • Historical Liner Notes Booklet • 5 Hours of Content!
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WOMEN IN PRISON TRIPLE FEATURE: The Hot Box / Escape From Hell / Women in Cell Block 7
Their Guns Are Hot and Their Bodies Are Hard! Three of the Most Shocking, Violent and Sexy Women-In-Prison Films Youve Never Seen only from Retro Shock-O-Rama Cinema! The Hot Box Four hot American nurses are kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to join the cause. As the junta strikes back, the ladies are caught in a deadly crossfire. A classic American WIP produced by Jonathan Demme (Caged Heat) and drive-in legend Roger Corman and starring the seductive Laurie Rose. The revolution never looked so sexy! Women in Cell Block 7 A Mafiosos daughter goes undercover in a womens prison to clear her fathers name. Stripped of all human dignity, the inmates submit to terrible tortures and sell their souls for a few hours of lesbian lust. A legendary Italian WIP featuring the super-sexy Anita Strindberg (The Eroticist) and the lovely Jenny Tamburi (Frankenstein: Italian Style). Escape from Hell The explosive tale of nubile women forced to work as slave labor in the jungles of Brazil. Beaten and tortured by their heartless captors, they endure every humiliation imaginable. Only the snake-infested jungle offers a glimmer of hope for survival. A super hardedge WIP by the legendary Edward Müller and starring transsexual bombshell Ajita Wilson. Label: Retro Shock-O-Rama Cinema DVD Release Date: June 5, 2009 Get it www.AlternativeCinema.com
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Naughty Novelist - Official Trailer
Available on Digital Platforms Aug 9, 2016 Darian, a successful print journalist. Answering a "Writers Wanted" ad in the local newspaper, she is introduced to "Flesh for Fantasy Publications," which specializes in erotic literature for women.
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Kill, Granny, Kill!
Answering an in-home help ad for an elderly woman, Abby Daniels leaves family and friends for a remote farmhouse in the country. But all is not as it seems with her fluffy employer, whose locked doors and cellar seem to be hiding some unusual hobbies. When she drunkenly sneaks her boyfriend into the house, breaking the rules about cursing and fornication, Abby is plunged into a nightmare of hellish proportions - pitted against a clan of ruthless, amoral and degenerate flesh-eaters lead by their murderous GRANNY! Kill, Granny, Kill is an outrageous, gore-filled and over-the-top tribute to exploitation cinema, featuring the most amoral and degenerate Granny in the history of cinema. When this Granny says, "no cursing", she's not f*&king kidding. Coming soon from Bloody Earth Films!
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SLIME CITY GRINDHOUSE COLLECTION Get it at www.AlternativeCinema.com Directed By: Greg Lamberson Starring: Robert C. Sabin, Mary Hunar Release Date: July 28, 2009 Studio: Shock-O-Rama A DEADLY NEW COLLEECTION OF CULT AND MIDNIGHT MOVIES INCLUDING SPLATTER CLASSIC SLIME CITY, BY NOTED HORROR DIRECTOR AND AUTHOR, GREG LAMBERSON Slime City When Alex (Robert Sabin) and his girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) move into a New York City apartment, they fall victim to blood-thirsty supernatural forces that transform Alex into a murdering, melting monstera hideous slime-splattered demon that cannot be stopped! Naked Fear When traumatized agoraphobic Camden (Robert C. Sabin) takes in a new roommate - who happens to be both claustrophobic and an orphan he overlooks indications that Randy may not be what he seems. But then neighborhood lowlifes begin turning up dead. And Julie, Camdens new girlfriend, is convinced there is something very, very off about Randy Undying Love - Scott Kelly tried to take his own life. Now he finds himself seduced by a beautiful woman named Camilla who has promised his life will NEVER end! Now hunted by a detective, Scott must decide whether to battle his growing need for blood, or embrace his new unholy existence! 2-DVDs, Three Films, One Mini-Movie, a Collectable Poster and a Shocking Number of Bonus Features! DVD 1 • Slime City Feature Film • Slime City Commentary • Undying Love Feature Film • Undying Love Commentary • Making Slime (Making of Slime City) • Making Love the Grindhouse Way (Making of Undying Love) New! • Slime Collection Grindhouse Promo Teaser New! • Grindhouse Trailer Vault DVD 2 • Naked Fear Feature Film • Naked Fear Commentary • Gruesome Mini-movie • Meeting His Maker (Making of Johnny Gruesome) New! • Slime Heads (Interview with Robert C. Sabin and Mary Hunar) New!
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SKIN IN THE 70s Grindhouse DVD Collection
SKIN IN THE 70'S GRINDHOUSE COLLECTION Directed By: Chuck Vincent, Fred Donaldson Starring: Candice Rialson, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis Release Date: October 13, 2009 Studio: Secret Key Motion Pictures available at www.AlternativeCinema.com Hot Teachers, Hitch-hiking, Roadside Adventures and Summer Romance -This Four-Feature Collection Has It All! Blue Summer (1973) - Follow Tracy and Gene on a wild summer road trip full of hitchhiking hotties and crazy-ass roadside adventures. Starring Darcy Hollingsworth and Chris Jordan, this sexy 70s feature is the ultimate if the vans a-rockin, dont come a-knockin! Sometime Sweet Susan (1975) - Beautiful but silent, the mysterious Susan harbors a deep and disturbing secret in this soft cut of the breakthrough 1975 sexy shocker starring Harry Reems and Shawn Harris. The film Variety called a landmark. Superior performances, New York Magazine. Summer School Teachers (1974) - What goes on when three co-ed cuties are hired as summer substitute teachers? A silly, sensual, Seventies sex romp featuring starlets Candice Rialson (Carnival of Souls) and Pat Anderson. Did he really do that with his teacher? Dont let the school board hear about this one! Teenage Divorce a.k.a. Josies Castle (1972) - Three free spirits cut their ties with the old-fashioned square world and shack up in a love commune. A Seventies cult favorite featuring Star Treks George Takei (Mr. Sulu). DVD Features - Sometime Sweet Susan 1975 - Summer School Teachers 1974 - Blue Summer 1973 - Teenage Divorce 1972 - Retro Secret Key Trailer Vault
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The Bone Garden
Starring Friday the 13th's Tracy Savage, Ron Millkie, Paul Kratke and April Burril (Chainsaw Sally), coming soon from Camp Motion Pictures! Alice Hardy had it all, then her new neighbors moved in. Suddenly, missing students and a rising body count bring detectives, the police and crime dogs to her door. Desperate to untangle all the secrets and lies, Alice turns her gaze onto family and friends… only to realize she might be next in line for murder. A non-stop thrill ride of plot twists and turns, The Bone Garden will keep you guessing until it’s shocking and bloody climax!
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42nd Street Pete’s “Peeping Tom” Grindhouse Triple Feature
Available Spring 2017! https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/42nd-street-pete’s-“peeping-tom”-grindhouse-triple-feature 42nd Street Pete presents The Peeping Tom Grindhouse Triple Feature! Last viewed in their initial run in grubby storefront theaters of New York in the mid-1970s, these three rare films are now available for the first time to home entertainment.
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CHAINSAW SALLY Official Ttailer.wmv
Featuring horror legends Gunnar Hansen (the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre") and Herschell Gordon Lewis (2000 Maniacs, Blood Feast) Long after the sun has set in Porterville, the still of the night is shattered by the screams of a chainsawand the cries of flesh-ripping punishment.
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BAT BABE Official Trailer from Seduction Cinema
By day, strip club mogul Wendy Wane (Darian Caine) shakes what shes got at her own go-go joint. At night, she becomes her seductive alter ego Bat Babe, a voluptuous vigilante who takes a bite out of crime and even bigger bite out naughty females lucky enough to cross her path. All is well until criminal masturmind The Jerker and his righthanded men steal the citys supply of XXX movies and magazines in order to bring Bacchum to its knees.
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BITE ME Trailer from Shock-O-Rama Cinema
When a hybrid strain of bio-engineered marijuana is delivered to a secluded strip club, it brings with it a monstrous army of insect creatures and a renegade U.S. federal agent with a big chip on his shoulder. Soon the stealthy, fist-sized bugs are busily engorging themselves on human blood, their bite effecting a particularly potent narcotic reaction in those attacked. An exterminator is brought in to halt the infestation, but he is helpless against the eight-legged onslaught, so everyone becomes a potential meal.
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Bleeding Through
Violence and bloody revenge from beyond the grave! Don't miss the new feature film from director Henrique Couto, coming 01/22/2012 from Independent Entertainment. Available for pre-order soon on AlternativeCinema.com
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I Heart U
In this darkly comic satire of suburban married life, mild-mannered Walter Fletcher discovers the perfect antidote to marriage to an ambitious, attractive wife is getting his name in the paper...even if it means he has to kill a person or five. But just as his new hobby seems to be working, a series of brutal and stylish murders by "The Sweetheart Killer" steal his limelight. Will Walter's newly discovered competitive streak re-kindle his marriage? Or does "The Sweetheart Killer" hit a little too close to home? Watch the blood flow and the body count rise in this atypical love story produced by and starring Raine Brown.
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Upsidedown Cross - New Release, Screening and Party!
David Yow of alt rock band THE JESUS LIZARD stars in William Hellfire’s most gut-wrenching and astonishing feature yet, UPSIDEDOWN CROSS. Also starring Erin Russ as a drug-addicted victim of Christian fundamentalist doctrine. Limited edition of 1000 units includes clear amaray, double sided wrap, faux “chick tract” by underground comic artist Mike Diana and more. Available February 23, 2016 FaceBook page -https://www.facebook.com/upsidedowncrossmovie/?fref=ts
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Witches of Virgin Forest - Official Trailer
Available on Digital Networks July 5, 2016 The year is 1800. The town, Bacchusville, New Jersey. Reclusive local witch Helena Pottsworth (Paige Richards) can no longer contain her surging desires, and this puritanical, post-colonial town is about to fight a revolution of the sensual kind. Stars Paige Richard, Debbie Rochon, Misty Mundae, Ruby LaRocca
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Undying Love  (1991) Official Trailer
Seduced by beautiful vampire Camilla, Scott must battle his growing need for blood while evading a homicide detective in New York City. On DVD Now: https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/slime-city-grindhouse-collection-2-dvd-set Digital Streaming Release Date: Feb 72017 Directed by Gregory Lamberson
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Phantom of the Grindhouse
Blood, ska and fun flow in this over-the-top, goofy re-imagining of the classic tale. When the Sleepy Hollow Heights Horror Club learns their local grindhouse will be shut down, they plan a 24-hour horror-movie-marathon as a last-ditch effort to save the theater. Unbeknownst to them, The Phantom, a derelict who has been hiding out at the theater for years, will stop at nothing to keep the meddling kids from ruining his sanctuary. But when The Phantom gets a load of their leader Christine, things turn from bad to worse as he falls head over heels for the girl of his dark dreams. Coming January 21, 2014 from Independent Entertainment
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