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Nude Photography by Arkadiy Kozlovskiy - Interview & Workshop
❗ You can now buy Arkadiy's work on Art Provocateur: https://arkadiykozlovskiy.artprovocateur.com/ Arkadiy Kozlovskiy was a renowned Russian photographer who achieved big results and recognition in just a few years of practice before losing his life to cancer in late 2014. Before passing away he gave rights to his work to his children - my sister Maria and myself. We are now promoting his work globally and working with galleries to showcase his photography. In 2017 it was presented for the first time as a solo show at The Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, Australia. We donate 50% of profits to the Unicorn Foundation to support research of rare types of cancer, such as neuroendocrine tumors, which our father suffered from. Website: http://arkadiykozlovskiy.com Portfolio: https://500px.com/arkan64 http://www.photosight.ru/users/350013/ Unicorn Foundation: https://www.unicornfoundation.org.au/ The Black Eye Gallery: https://blackeyegallery.com.au/blackeyegallery-artists/arkadiy-kozlovskiy/ Original video by www.nuart.tv
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Evolving Rhythms | AJ Hickling @ Queenstown
http://www.evolvingrhythms.com/ https://www.facebook.com/evolvingrhythms
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Pravda (Правда) - Cyber Jesus Loves You
First Russian math/jazzcore band
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We recently changed the name to Tapnlike. This short video explains how Tapnlike mobile app works. It enables users to like and share real things by simply tapping them with their phones. At the same time Realike serves as an easy-to-use marketing and promotional tool for businesses. Feel free to contact us and discuss how to use Realike for your business, event or leisure. [email protected]
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Tapnlike @ BEAMS Festival
See how Tapnlike lets you instantly get information you need in a single tap of your phone.
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Blast furnace
A 3D model of a blast furnace created in Autodesk Inventor 2010
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Playing guitar while driving - only in Russia - better than Tesla autopilot!
Some random Russian dude is playing guitar while driving. Как он едет? что он давит?
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