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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Presents: Dream Cream Body Lotion
Dream Cream is a classic Lush product, packed full of soothing ingredients like oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil calm down hot and itchy skin. Daniel, one of our product inventors, talks about exactly why Dream Cream is so popular. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/dream-cream Find our self preserved version here: https://www.lush.co.uk/products/dream-cream-self-preserving
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Godiva Shampoo Bar
Godiva cleans and conditions with a host of nut oils and butters, and then leaves a heady, lingering scent of jasmine on your newly-glossy tresses. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/godiva Read more about our patented shampoo bars here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/mighty-shampoo-bar
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Cosmetic Warrior
We spent some time in the freshest room in our factory, appropriately named the Fresh Room. Here is where our face masks and cleansers are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives. These people in this room are truly chefs of cosmetics. Today they are making Cosmetic Warrior for more on info, please visit https://www.lush.co.uk/product/100/Cosmetic%20Warrior%20Fresh%20Face%20Mask
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Curly Wurly Shampoo
Curly Wurly is a rich coconut shampoo for anyone that wants soft, nourished hair. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/curly-wurly Find out more about our haircare here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/fresh-guide-haircare
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Blousey
Blousey is a thick, deeply moisturising shampoo that hydrates your hair, leaving it feeling soft, nourished and cared for and is bursting with butters, bananas and berries to revive and protect hair. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/blousey Read more about our ingredients here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/beautiful-outside-and
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: T'eo Deodorant
T'eo is a deodorant bar made of super-absorbent powders, fresh green grapes, and juniper and citrus essential oils to help you keep dry and fresh. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/teo
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Knot-Wrap How To: The Drawstring Bag
Knot-Wrap superstar, Sarah from our Liverpool shop, demonstrates how to create a simple and handy drawstring bag using one of our fabulous Knot-Wraps. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/knot-wraps
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Make your gift-giving extra special by wrapping with a reusable knot-wrap. Knot-Wrapping guru, Dan from LUSH Liverpool Street, demonstrates some effective techniques to make your gifts stand out from the crowd.
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Oatifix Fresh Face Mask
This gentle, nourishing mask is made with fresh bananas and illipe butter to moisturise dry skin. Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin work together in a mildly exfoliating base to eradicate dead skin, leaving you soft, supple and moisturised. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/oatifix
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Herbalism Fresh Cleanser
The nettles, rosemary and rice bran vinegar in Herbalism fresh cleanser work to cleanse the skin, removing dirt and grease, leaving bright and beautifully clean skin. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/cleansers/herbalism Read more here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/sugar-rice-and-all-things-nice
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: American Cream Conditioner
American Cream is our milkshake-thick conditioner with a strawberries and cream fragrance to leave your hair soft and shiny. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/american-cream More top tips for healthy hair here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/top-tips-heavenly-hair
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is chock-a-block with delicious butters and oils to leave your skin looking plumped up, gorgeous, and smelling of roses. Take this into the shower or bath, massage over wet skin and rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/ros-argan
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Celestial Moisturiser
Help troubled, dry skin become angelic by smoothing this light cream on your face daily. Celestial is made of skin-soothing ingredients that form a light barrier on the skin to help it retain its moisture. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/celestial
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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Presents: Big Shampoo
Big is the ultimate sea salt shampoo to give your hair masses of volume. Here, Georgina, one of our UK trainers, reveals just why it's one of her favourite Lush products. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/big Find out more about our haircare here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/fresh-guide-haircare
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
Catastrophe Cosmetic is a calming and moisturising fresh face mask packed with blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/catastrophe-cosmetic For more tips on great skin see here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/six-tips-great-skin
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser
Angels on Bare Skin is an incredibly gentle cleanser, made from 100% natural ingredients. Inspired by a medieval recipe and topped off with lavender flowers, this contains kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/cleansers/angels-bare-skin
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Lush Spa Presents: The Comforter?
A relaxing full body treatment The Comforter? will help you dive into a world of pure imagination. Tucked up in a warm and cosy duvet, you’ll be coated with a hot chocolate exfoliating body scrub and rose-scented massage to leave you feeling rejuvenated and your skin deeply nourished. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/comforter-0 Buy the music here: https://www.lush.co.uk/products/comforter-cd
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Soft Coeur Massage Bar
For lovers of sweet smells, this massage bar featuring a familiar, comforting toffee fragrance. We added almond oil to our cocoa butter and shea butter massage bar base to allow this bar to melt quickly on the skin. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/soft-coeur Read more about the benefits of massage here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/benefits-massage
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Lush Buying Presents: Ghana Shea Butter
Our Creative Buying Team - along with Paulo, our resident permaculture expert - set out on an adventure to Ghana to see where we get our shea butter from. They visit the Ojoba Women's Shea Cooperative, in the Upper East Region of Ghana and explore how the cooperative is effecting the lives of the women in this village. Read more here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/shea-brilliance
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Lush Cosmetics Presents: A History of Innovation
The definition of innovation is when you create something new out of something existing, and at Lush, when it comes to our products and the way we do things, it is a top priority. This video takes a look at the products we have invented, all the way back to our beginnings. Read more here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/inventing-effective-products
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Buche De Noel
The mighty Bûche de Noël is food for your face and body, with festive ingredients including satsumas, cranberries and a drop of brandy. Ever wondered how it's made? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/cleansers/b-che-de-no-l Find out about 2014's Festive favourites here: https://www.lush.co.uk/products/christmas
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Lush Cosmetics - Our Environmental Policy
Ruth Andrade, green guru, talks to us about the Lush green energy policy and the importance of companies taking responsibility for the mark they make on the environment. She tells us about Lush's efforts to reduce unnecessary packaging and carbon footprints, and the drive to increase the efficiency of the company as we move forward. https://www.lush.co.uk/article/our-environmental-policy
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar
A double-sized bubble bar scented for when you need to get away from it all, this bubble bar will help you float off. Patchouli and frankincense give it an exotic, hypnotic fragrance that helps you relax. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/blue-skies-and-fluffy-white-clouds Read more about how to use our bubble bars here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/how-use-bubble-bars
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How it's made: Gorgeous moisturiser | Lush Kitchen
The #LushKitchen are a gorgeous bunch already, but everyone needs a touch of luxury once in a while. We took a little time out to whip up a fresh batch of the majestic moisturiser to find out what all the fuss is about. Gorgeous is packed full of fresh juices to help keep skin clear and bright, while a delicate blend of orange blossom and honey water soften and hydrate. It’s a real touch of class. https://goo.gl/x5KdTR
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar
As soon as you crumble Pop In The Bath under running water, you’re transported into a citrus grove thanks to a blend of citrus oils: Bergamot, lemon and refreshing mandarin. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/pop-bath Read more about how to use our bubble bars here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/how-use-bubble-bars
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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Presents: Self Preserving
Helen Ambrosen, Lush Co-Founder and Product Inventor, discusses our new Self Preserving product range whilst making our beautiful Mask of Magnamity face mask. Read more here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/were-self-preservation-society
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: The Comforter Bubble Bar
Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of the Comforters' fruity foam. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/comforter Check out how to use our patented Bubble Bars here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/how-use-bubble-bars
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Lush Buying Presents: Rose Absolute
Meet Hassan Kinaci of Sebat Ltd, the suppliers of our rose absolute in Turkey, as he explains how the oil is produced. Read more about Rose Absolute here: https://www.lush.co.uk/rose-absolute
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Introducing the Karma spa treatment
Indulge your senses, escape reality and be transported to the heart of India. This transformative, full-body massage is inspired by the Ayurvedic practices of India and performed by two spa therapists working in harmony to treat mind and body.
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask
The Sacred Truth Fresh face Mask will revive your complexion with ginseng and ginkgo leaf to boost blood circulation, whilst honey, yoghurt and free range eggs leave skin soft and moisturised. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/sacred-truth
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Lush Talks: The Female Buzz Cut | Lush Life
We followed Elie on her gender stereotype-defying journey from bright hair to slight hair. Lush Talks creates a space where people can challenge cultural stereotypes. Lush Life shines a light on the most inspirational people, movements, and ideas, providing its followers with uplifting, conversation-starting stories.
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How To Use: Jelly Mask | Lush
Wibble wobble jelly on your plate- or even on your face! Jelly Face Masks are crammed with fresh ingredients and held in a hydrating carrageenan base. Learn how to load up on face food and treat your skin to a serious vitamin hit with this helpful how to. Shoot for the stars, who knows, you may land on Bunny Moon. Explore the full Jelly Mask range here: https://goo.gl/QAMvLd
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: The Olive Branch Shower Gel
Your skin will feel as if it’s being bathed in the glow of the Mediterranean when you take Olive Branch into the shower. Fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves blend with lots of top quality Fair Trade olive oil. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/olive-branch Read more about our Olive Oil supplier here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/support-our-olive-oil-supplier-under-threat-galilee
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
Silky Underwear Dusting Powder is the ultimate finishing touch; with cocoa butter and cornstarch to soften the skin and a sophisticated and sexy yet delicate jasmine and vetivert fragrance. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/silky-underwear
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Fighting Animal Testing: The Cosmetics Directive
Find out more here: http://www.fightinganimaltesting.com/sign-the-petition/
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Happy Hippy Shower Gel
Happy Hippy is bursting with pink grapefruit, just the thing to add some early-morning zest. We squeeze fresh pink grapefruits and add grapefruit and bergamot essential oils to put an extra zing in your step. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/happy-hippy
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How To Use: Hot Oil Treatments | Lush
Crammed with juicy fruits, and brimming with botanical essential oils, these naked hair and scalp treatments turn conditioning into a treat. Here’s how to get head-turning hair from the comfort of your own home. ----------------------------------- Learn more https://goo.gl/DMczsq ------------------------------------ Facebook @LushCosmeticsEN Instagram @LushCosmetics.EN Twitter @LushCosmeticsEN
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Recycling our packaging
We prefer our products to be unwrapped, they love being naked. When we do decide to wrap them up we want to know that our packaging is having as little effect on the planet as possible. So not only do we insist on 100% recycled plastic in our pots and bottles, but we have also worked hard on a facility to help you to bring back your used pots to be made into pots once again. It's as simple as scrubbing them clean and popping them to your local store where they are whisked back to the factory at Poole. Once there our supplier helpfully grinds them up and makes them into brand new pots again, it doesn't get much more closed loop than that.
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How It's Made: Olive Tree Gourmet Soap | Lush
Ever wondered what goes into making a gourmet soap? We’re going behind-the-scenes to watch our master compounders create a batch of our freshly reformulated Olive Tree. We’re proud to pioneer soap making, and our newly reformulated gourmet soaps take our manufacturing process to an entirely new level. Some are pleasingly soft and gooey, some produce a rich, creamy lather - but each and every one looks, feels and smells wonderful. Olive Tree is a gentle gourmet soap made with olive oil and freshly blended juicy green olives, which soften the skin. It’s bespoke base is made from olive oil sourced from the MARDA Permaculture Farm in Palestine, a SLush funded partnership which supports social and environmental regeneration. The soap creates a gel-like lather, leaving skin feeling cleansed and softened. The most luxurious of lathers, now available at lush.com. Shop Olive Tree gourmet soap here: https://goo.gl/m8i3W7
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How It's Made: BB Seaweed | Lush Kitchen
Is your skin feeling the winter blues? The Fresh Kitchen makes a mean BB Seaweed facemask, packed full of revitalising toothed wracked seaweed! Discover more: https: //goo.gl/1kGwyR Discover even more: https://goo.gl/2hdjaZ Lush Kitchen is an exclusive window into the world of Lush manufacturing, where the words ‘fresh’ and ‘handmade’ come to life. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @lushkitchen
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume
Turn heads with our summery-scented Happy Happy, Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume, made with almond milk, jojoba oil, neroli oil, grapefruit oil, rose and orange flower waters that won't weigh your hair down. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/happy-happy-joy-joy
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt
If your skin is feeling a little dry and sensitive, or you’ve always fancied bathing like Cleopatra, Ceridwen's Cauldrons' oaty, milky melt will work magic. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/ceridwens-cauldron
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask
Use Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask to brighten your complexion, with nutrient-rich agar seaweed gel, soothing and moisturising honey and almond oil, and gently exfoliating almond shells. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/love-lettuce For more tips on great skin see here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/six-tips-great-skin
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Buffy Body Butter
Slay dead skin with Buffy, our scrub-in-a-bar that's filled with essential oils, cocoa and shea butters, and ground-up goodies that are great to use on thighs and bums, leaving you looking dewy. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/buffy
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Honey I washed the kids is a caramel-scented soap that lifts your mood and soothes and softens skin. Ever wondered how we make it? Here's how. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/honey-i-washed-kids Get the inside scoop on soap here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/inside-soap
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Merry Merry Christmas From Lush!
Get The Track! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/carol-bells-dub-step-mix-single/id585610850 More about the Lush's love of Music here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/lost-music Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush, along with the Lush creative team at one of their brain storming 'mafia meetings' gave in-house musician Simon Emmerson the task of artistic and musical direction for the forthcoming Lush Christmas video. Simon's idea was a Christmas promotional film based on the traditional Carol Of The Bells that would showcase the Lush kitchens, the compounders and Simon's in-house team of musicians who make the fresh handmade music used by Lush. Simon Richmond set about writing a backing track of deep dark industrial beats and electronica whilst Simon Emmerson sorted out film and video director and editor Rob Hayward. At a moment of pure synchronicity during Simon's pitch to the Lush Mafia meeting it was revealed that Lush Times Editor Harry Blamire was a secret master bell ringer with a set of hand bells that had been passed down through the family for 5 generations. On further interrogation it was also revealed he was the 'master of the tower ' at his local church, St John's, Bournemouth. On hearing this remarkable bit of news Simon's co-producer and composer Richard Evans set about writing a contemporary hand bell arrangement for Harry that he performed effortlessly in the studio layering the bell textures over Simon Richmond's industrial beats and electronica. All that was left was to add the handmade choir made up of some of the wonderful voices you could hear when you have a Lush Spa treatment. This must be the first and possibly last ever-choral dub step hand bell collaboration! We hope you enjoy the video but more importantly we hope it inspires you to let your bells ring out this Christmas!
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Lush Manufacturing Presents: Sea Spray Hair Mist
Get that that beach hair look with Sea Spray, a salty spray that gives a light hold and adds shine, leaving a neroli, orange flower, grapefruit and rosewood scent. Here's how we make it. https://www.lush.co.uk/products/sea-spray More top tips for healthy hair here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/top-tips-heavenly-hair
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How To Use: Ultrabland | Lush
Introducing a beautifully simple and effective cleansing balm to deeply but very gently remove all traces of makeup and dirt and leave your skin glowing. Based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream, this luxurious facial cleanser combines hydrating almond oil and soothing rose water with antibacterial honey and rich, protective beeswax to lift away dirt without stripping away your skin’s natural defences. Not just for dry skin or makeup removal, use this cult cleansing balm on its own or as the first step in your routine to bring your skin back to balance and calm angry or acne-prone complexions. How To Use Take about two forefingers’ full and massage between the fingers and palms, then gently sweep onto the cheeks, forehead, chin and around the nose, paying attention to all contours of the face. Dampen a clean flannel in warm water and glide over the face to remove all residue of dirt and makeup for soft, glowing skin. Follow up with an exfoliator, toner and moisturiser if preferred. To remove eye makeup, gently massage a little onto your lashes and around the delicate eye area and use a clean, damp, reusable cotton pad to remove. Discover more: https://goo.gl/Vkd7Ak
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Part 1: A Lush Life, We Believe - Lush Cosmetics
Watch Part 2 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGOz0xH_OqM At Lush, we believe in making effective products from fresh organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans. We invent our own products and fragrances, we make them fresh* by hand, using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients and tell you when they were made. We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud. We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again. We believe our products are good value, that we should make a profit and that the customer is always right. *We also believe that words like "fresh" and "organic" have an honest meaning beyond marketing.
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Lush Fighting Animal Testing: Live Demonstration at Regents Street
Graphic scenes of a performance artiste undergoing animal laboratory tests in the window of Lush Regent Street London, to raise awareness of our worldwide Fighting Animal Testing campaign and EU petition. http://www.fightinganimaltesting.com/history-of-the-cosmetic-directive/# Read more about alternatives to animal testing here: https://www.lush.co.uk/article/alternatives-animal-testing We thank Jacqueline Traide (@JaquelineTraide) for the extraordinary endurance performance that allowed this protest to take place.
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