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hollereer oma's
De enige echte hollererende oma's
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mr bean in lego city
mr bean goes to the museum
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boom omhakken
W00t Iscoutgame voor leven!
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Boom Verplaatsen
Buurman en Buurman verplaatsen 't boompie!
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avatar moves
a paint version of moves an avatar could do.
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spooky castle
castle conservation sends a woman to buy the castle.
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Giant Aliën Lego Battle
Can you find the connexxion bus wich can be seen in a split second in the film? and what is that appeljuice doing in this enormous fight? All is awesomely random! XD ENJOY!!!
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we hebben er 5 gevange in ijsselstein! vijf zoetwaterkreeften in een slootje achter me huis. wtf.. xD
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Lego Und Eine Maus
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fireworks movie
a movie with a lot of fireworks and an eggy joke!
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Fast Zorro: episode 3: noob sale
zorro the noob is trying to sell some noob stuff. on the secret location!!
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How To: Magic Wand with Sound & Lights [Dutch]
Excusez-moi that it's in Dutch, but you can use this description as it pretty much summarizes what I say, and just look at the screen for further instructions: - You buy a cheap-ass item which has lights and sound and break it until you're left with only the sound&light part of the toy. - Grab a piece of wood, shape it with a knife, drill, saw, chisels. - Put the sound&light thingy in the wood and secure it with a glue-gun. - Use a glue-gun to give it some extra shape and fun features. - Paint the thing - Varnish the thing - Accio clean underwear yo!
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car video
a video with car stunts and all.
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hilversum3 runescape
herman van veen op runescape
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Nature Vid 2
a beautiful nature video, also made in Holland, Utrecht, Nieuwegein. full of waterbirds and even a parapenter! Nature lovers should really watch this video.
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2009 - Wilgknotten Bart en George
2009- Bart en George knotten de wilg in de tuin!
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avatar lego water and air training
a water bender and an air bender training with each other
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Fast Zorro: episode 5: The noob record Vid
zorro beats the 'being called a noob' record. do you think you can do better? make such a vid and post it as vid response
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rsdv runescape drawing video
I made all the drawings by myself with only a pencil and an eraser :) the accounts on this vid are called: koekiepawpaw, defender568, dodoxevil and foching lord the drawings are called: a samoerai guard, dodoxevil vs strykewyrm, barrow brothers in a fight, a young witch, a dagon'hai wizard vs ket-zek, the horror of the wilderness. The song is called whatever happens, by Michael Jackson and Carlos Santana i hope you like it n_n
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Fast Zorro: episode 1: the bridge talk show
a nooby talk show by a noobie host with nooby noobs
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runescape: fast zorro: training for skill1000world
It's fast zorro, she tries to get into the skill100world, or was it skill1000? D'OH! find out :D
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Fast Zorro: episode 2: theme cape vote video
vote by using comments
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The Cut-outs: VUURWERK DUDE!
Als je VUURWERK DUDE! nog niet hebt gezien, kun je die beter eerst kijken. Dit is alles wat de moeite waard was maar wat NIET in de film: VUURWERK DUDE! zit. ENJOY!! :D
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kreeft koken!
zoetwater kreeften gevangen in ijsselstein, nu nog koken. 5minuutjes in een pan kokend water, beetje zout en peper en voila! bon appetit! of nie?
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Fast Zorro: episode 7: day to day life
zorro finds alot of stuff, cleans the bridge for another go on the bridge talk show and is being 'poofed' to another (hot) world. thanks to morgormir, skilzpwner00 and mewtho20
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Fast Zorro: episode 9: the BIG change
omgomgomg what happens to zorro this time? something very very strange... i hope you understand it all XD
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Defender568: christmass on runescape
runescape is alot: fun, dangerous, cool. but it can also be very slippery and jolly. MERRY CHRISTMASS EVERYBODY!
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defender568: christmas 2009 runescape
christmas on runescape n_n with futile grief, dodoxevil, defender568 have fun watching.
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Koekiepawpaw IS BACK?!?!?!^10
Or is he? Does he really give a shit? Find out now!
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halloween in legocity
it is halloween in legocitiy and the trick and treat kids get owned by some real spooky dudes
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Fast Zorro: episode 6: the halloween event 2008
zorro has escaped death and wants to get new halloween event items!
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Fast Zorro: episode 4: Fast Zorro safes the rsworld
zorro thinks he can safe the rsworld!
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runescape overlord movie
runescape halloween guy who is going to get his revenge
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Fast Zorro: episode 8: the good (=noob) stuff sale
zorro goes and sell some good stuff at his bank, suprisingly he gets pretty much money for nothing. thanks to ashmo222.
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een vuurwerk compilatie van 2009 naar 2010. dit keer heb ik er maar wat gitaargeluid onder gezet dat ik zelf gemaakt heb. want bij mn eerste vuurwerkfilm had youtube het geluid eronder vandaan gehaald. auteursrecht ofzo, kom op zeg. XD ENJOY!
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avatar fire against earth
cool avatar film where a fire dude fights an earth guy. (thanks to the fire and earth benders ofcourse)
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We hebben een ijsbaan gebouwd en hij gaat nu door de keuring :D
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lego house
sweeping, building and having fun. A F.U.N BROS film: lego house. and dont forget to subscribe if you like it!
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runescape halloween
It is halloween at runescape. and defender568 takes a look at the mansion of the grim reaper.. he gets to spin some webs, talkes to some spiders, and finally he gets the cape he so eagerly desired! follow defender in the trails of webs of shadow!!
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runescape: defender568: MK and H.A.M
Defender568 gets total lvl 1000! but that is not the big part. This is a Monster Killing and Humans Against Monsters vid! lets get it started!!
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Iceland - part 2
a movie that shows the nature on iceland! 2008
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A Sped Up Lego Vid
This lego video is as fast as it can get. can you find the figurant that looks the same as the cleaner with the broom? can you see what large animal is going though the city? Can you follow where the ice cream goes? all this sounds like nonsens so: This vid is HiLarious! keep up that smile on your face and enjoy~!!
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drunkness with Beav
random sh!t and a short (and needed) explenation of the word jobby.. and alot of drunkness and have i mentioned random sh!t?
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random vid :D
a crazy funny vid with loads of random stuff :D
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avatar lego water against earth
one from the water nomads and one from the earth kingom fighting eachother part 2 of 2 DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of the audio used in this video or the avatar-series.
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het wiskunde lied
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Won't you ride in my little Red Wagon?
riding on willie nelson's tune
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Runescape: Chickencook1: episode 1: How to cook chicken.
Chickencook1 shows you how he cooks a chicken. the first episode of Chickencook1
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