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Classic Hollywood Spanking Compiliation
Funny Movies featuring spanking scenes of famous actresses. vintage spanking in dresses, rough spanks, funny spanks and all kinds of spanking
Views: 70155 The Sex Boutique
Route66 spanking scene
Taken from the episode "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" and featuring Martin Milner giving Diane Baker three solid whacks! It's a pretty good scene as she does have it coming, although we would of course prefer to see the OTK position used instead of haphazardly bending her over a kitchen table.
Views: 880823 OTKUGO
The House in Montevideo spanking
A woman is spanked by a man after he chases her around. From the 1951 version of the film.
Views: 13915 Walter Vargas
Old spanking scene of woman over the knee
Se is dressed sort of like a maid but instead I think that was just the style back in those times. He takes her over his knee and spanks her using his hands and she screams as he does it!
Views: 156607 Phillip Beta
Mrs  Miniver spanking
What is a little spanking between a husband and a wife?
Views: 43278 Jed Yonkers
Spanking: Of Human Hearts
A man takes a boy to the woodshed for a spankiing.
Views: 13758 Kevin Tudors
Spanking from The Bay Boy (1984)
A very emotional and climatic spanking scene as the guy confronts him about another matter as he is beating his daughter.
Views: 38977 Jared Coates
Onscreen Spankings: How Films Punished Liberated Women For Decades
"You can see a spanking as heinously retrograde, wrongly maligned, or deliciously erotic. It’s not the act itself but how it’s used." Read more here: http://pictorial.jezebel.com/i-dont-know-whether-to-kiss-you-or-spank-you-a-half-ce-1769140132 Subscribe to Jezebel: https://goo.gl/XNsnCJ Visit us at: http://www.jezebel.com/ Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/jezebel Follow us at: https://twitter.com/jezebel View us: https://www.instagram.com/jezebel Watch more from Fusion friends: Fusion: http://fus.in/subscribe F-Comedy: https://goo.gl/Q27Mf7 Fusion TV: https://goo.gl/1IbZ1B Gizmodo: https://goo.gl/YTRLAE Kotaku: https://goo.gl/OcnXv7 Deadspin: https://goo.gl/An7N8g Lifehacker: https://goo.gl/3rNmzw Io9: https://goo.gl/ismnzP Jalopnik: https://goo.gl/u7sDEk Sploid: https://goo.gl/4yq2UY The Root: https://goo.gl/QMOjBE
Views: 1212912 Jezebel
MUST SEE! Old School Babes Spanking and Getting Spanked - And She is Loving It !
These Old School Ladies Are Having a Great Time Spanking and Getting Spanked! Like, Comment, Subscribe and hit that bell if you want to see more!
Views: 77766 BigBadWolff
Spanking from The Saint
She slaps him in the face so he spanks her ass!
Views: 3618 Jack Niblets
Spanking as a Form of Discipline
Slideshow of various pics for a project
Views: 270448 T Cowley
Codealpha gets a spanking
Views: 34354 eggfoo young
Professional Disciplinarian OTK Spanking Discipline Spanked
Introducing Ms Rebekah Hurtz I am a professional Disciplinarian and in this introduction I describe my philosophy on spanking the old fashioned way!
Views: 33612 Rebekah Hurtz
Good old fashion spanking.
a free spanking with his newly bought belt.
Views: 15032 DoctorDizz
DISTURBING: Video shows father violently spanking, beating his 6-year-old child
The child had previously been brutally beaten as a 2-month-old by his mother's ex-boyfriend.
Views: 39729 CBS 17
Mabel's Wilful Way 1915 MFf old fashioned spanking movie scene
Mabel's Wilful Way 1915 MFf old fashioned spanking movie scene [email protected] / up200700852 / Pereira15XXL / Sassil http://www.alunos.dcc.fc.up.pt/~up200700852/2014_2015/relatorios-tecnicos http://www.alunos.dcc.fc.up.pt/~up200700852/2014_2015/relatorios-tecnicos# https://youtu.be/rxfDFAtdq9k https://youtu.be/aKbJIW1qe3Q https://youtu.be/kadGKSMJTPM https://youtu.be/Kd7hWYnHuiM https://youtu.be/RuWAB3LOZtc https://youtu.be/ROpzC04S8WQ https://youtu.be/wCH_hKt4b_k https://youtu.be/0GUQ-kxuPas https://youtu.be/Igoe77QaVRg https://youtu.be/-OwD2MMfQ0g https://youtu.be/srExnVUH2Aw https://youtu.be/GlkNF_URtF0 https://youtu.be/WWkrQuRsGas https://youtu.be/VucsMHRpWlE https://youtu.be/DzQ6hfhF_ic https://youtu.be/eDEEksHCQi0 https://youtu.be/9Zm-de7DFwg https://youtu.be/VrsE6YYTm84 https://youtu.be/VbNojZTF13I https://youtu.be/RmmElSuE60U https://youtu.be/rwHlDs-IufA https://youtu.be/O0v2nX1PY1Q https://youtu.be/1AdlnKd9URY https://youtu.be/soSiCcxI4OU https://youtu.be/4FnZeZyM1L0 https://youtu.be/N65VZ14rtiQ https://youtu.be/MG8Ui-vSFgY https://youtu.be/gTFqf1hdu2c https://youtu.be/27TkRO-C7dI https://youtu.be/SBVGw9QLBpM https://youtu.be/uat9Q3x0FfI https://youtu.be/UwmnQZ_dlLk https://youtu.be/rQoup-NDiiA https://youtu.be/occNi6VONiQ https://youtu.be/ln38mgp2p0w https://youtu.be/Sluo0W0aFcE https://youtu.be/JVsba3WUPiw https://youtu.be/YJULZ_cY2H8 https://youtu.be/vSdIHm1Aam8 https://youtu.be/lFOFXRLfbKY https://youtu.be/KMXOQ7WOHGI https://youtu.be/WxVmFBfPiWk https://youtu.be/H4K7G6KCwqE https://youtu.be/s6G-FJBQ2Hg https://youtu.be/sRjJw6rzx9g https://youtu.be/T02W8U3BJH4 https://youtu.be/hjni4B7r9vc https://youtu.be/OxMhIloofS4 https://youtu.be/ZyYIzxgtDb4 https://youtu.be/zvZvRdAeGZg https://youtu.be/tMj1k7-qnqU https://youtu.be/NIsbRS3pWjc https://youtu.be/QK2ipJ-qZ0A https://youtu.be/zhjQr1aP2X0 https://youtu.be/ShFsTsFNdII http://youtu.be/v4HhWCfVJh8 http://youtu.be/ziD7EBaTS2M http://youtu.be/CCOarFRck_4 http://youtu.be/jFwYgQxbsek http://youtu.be/7lZ8vkAU05g http://youtu.be/0TNZ11kolnA http://youtu.be/NfUiPOCYPm0 http://youtu.be/uqa9l-ACPQg http://youtu.be/mFFFrKfA7hw http://youtu.be/wCpF1zEgeOI http://youtu.be/Np-dA0pkLHE http://youtu.be/Yoe3YNaofis http://youtu.be/leffcbCiNr8 http://youtu.be/Fe-jTVhZ_qQ http://youtu.be/YEQx_VdypwI http://youtu.be/ID32D_ESwTM http://youtu.be/7GVqXwRyeVY http://youtu.be/cMwC3Wcg37o http://youtu.be/Snmu3E5navU https://youtu.be/3vCIcivBfgI https://youtu.be/iGAQNzf6m70 http://youtu.be/2BcgZpNvuqg http://youtu.be/_UttwC31XGc http://youtu.be/OsrPeZBfBzU http://youtu.be/TBpkipXBW9s http://youtu.be/DzQD912IWRw http://youtu.be/Xm6RvZ7d0yE http://youtu.be/IeSniKu9otQ http://youtu.be/vcJJehrZDYk http://youtu.be/BqN6CmhlZy0 http://youtu.be/-rsR0clIMy4 https://youtu.be/QqsDLMldtfA https://youtu.be/oImiHASVFMU http://youtu.be/jtNOJzURmIY https://youtu.be/IVw3vp3IQRg http://youtu.be/F4w_GUmGTak http://youtu.be/5dlaBVueQb0 http://youtu.be/7f6Ko7VaOv4 http://youtu.be/nFGOiff_hag http://youtu.be/TOGO5AVea-8 http://youtu.be/KR0q_64WDEc http://youtu.be/RaCruCfJvbk http://youtu.be/sSHJ2A_2BtI http://youtu.be/fUM4tnWeM0g http://youtu.be/x_XoabXAjC0 http://youtu.be/f5Gqpc1-IYM http://youtu.be/N3Aa4g-X7G4 http://youtu.be/Oo26O2eUm_g http://youtu.be/gpBgzESahsw http://youtu.be/RX6GBuVA-GY http://youtu.be/PWgwCbktrzI http://youtu.be/r739oyERNRE http://youtu.be/2RpGEprLBIM http://youtu.be/tAA63JtFK4g http://youtu.be/z4rFuhwk7V0 http://youtu.be/XLst-SPadfE !🚪🚪🏧🚪🚪! 🚪🚑🏯🛀🎉⚠🎎🚅🏮📹 quina-nacional "quina-nacional" "quizzaciously" "creampie and jizzie and cum on the pussy" "'creampie and jizzie and cum on the pussy!!'" #fuckkonami
The Spanking
Get An Old Blackie, From Uncle P http://www.joeamaranthine.blogspot.com/2005/12/spanking.html
Views: 817 Joe -SLI
Over The Knee Spanking Challenge 20 x Times
Actually I only made it up to 19 Spanks 😘 Beat that Butt The Good Old Fashioned Way Ouchies With 💓💓 Love...
Views: 731 Michael Anthony
Cecil and Sally 1930's   0212 Uncle Thomas Catches Cecil Spanking Sally, Old Time Radio
Our channel is dedicated to preserving Old Time Radio classic shows, such as this. Enjoy this classic from The Classic Archives! Make sure you check out our online store that contains over 50,000 classic titles on DVD or CD. All of our titles are in the best quality audio sound available. Our MP3 DVD's will allow you to take this title and place it on your IPOD or another MP3 player and carry it around with you on the go! Visit http://www.theclassicarchives.com for titles like these published on DVD.
Ok for real Question to Parents What really happens with this kid? 1) Everything is cool go about your day? 2) Good old fashion spanking? 3) Give Kid Sponge and teach how to clean? 4) Kill the little monster cuz it keeps doing this kind of shit all the time all over the house?
Views: 163 Liz Vicious
Spanking a 14 Year Old
When Rhett was 14, he got spanked by his father. GMM #174 SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: http://bit.ly/subrl2 This episode of GMM is brought to you by the Rhett & Link Kommunity! http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/ Join our Supernote 2012 Team by making your Supernote entry a response to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMjlJLNkJaw&feature=g-upl News Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/30/in-sweden-man-does-time-f_n_1926599.html?utm_hp_ref=weird-news Watch Gutless Wonders: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ49NV73ttrvf1lfcjKTXHecLOMobbcLG&feature=view_all MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/rhettandlink FAN us on FACEBOOK! http://facebook.com/rhettandlink FOLLOW us on TWITTER! http://twitter.com/rhettandlink JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS: http://bit.ly/RhettLinkPlus Send us stuff at our P.O. Box Rhett & Link PO Box 55605, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413 Good Mythical Morning is available for download on iTunes! Video Podcast: http://bit.ly/xuJVPc Audio Podcast: http://bit.ly/zSewZ6 JOIN the RhettandLinKommunity! http://bit.ly/rlkommunity Support the official GMM artistes! GMM Cockatrice/Flame Illustration: Kendrick Kidd http://kendrickkidd.com/ GMM Intro Motion Graphics: Eden Soto http://eden.tv CREDITS: Camera, PA, Editing: Jason Inman Wheel music: RoyaltyFreeMusicLibrary.comhttp://www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com/ Microphone: The Mouse from Blue Microphones: http://www.bluemic.com/mouse/
Views: 952605 Good Mythical Morning
Spanking from Cul-De-Sac (1966)
She plays a prank on him while he is sleeping so he gets angry and takes off his belt and attempts to spank her with it.
Views: 90342 Connor Marsh
My Birthday Spanking - I'm too old for this $hit!!!
I love my husband 💙💜💚 Asshole LOL
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Views: 26326 Stuggy And Ashton
Reap the Wild Wind M/f spanking
Good ole fashioned spanking of a woman
Views: 7380 Josh Scruggs
Bad Little Girl...Needs An Old Fashioned Beat Down
This little girl ALWAYS screams like this! Her Mom NEVER whips her! SMH
Views: 2072 jinawright
“My 12-Year-Old Son is Being Spanked by His Father Who Thinks He is Possessed by Demons and Wants…
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20: John claims that his 12-year-old son Jack is possessed by evil forces that are instructing the boy to kill his family. He says he’s so concerned that he started preparing for an exorcism. He claims to have a team in place ready to rid his son of.... http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
Views: 474126 Dr. Phil
M/f spanking Murder story (1977)
From the film a man angrily spanks a screaming woman repeatedly.
Views: 21227 Jeb Santana
19th Century Spanking For Cheating  Wife
Who Know The Name of The Film?
Views: 932755 Heather Ramirez
Spanked LOL
Elvis spanking
via YouTube Capture
Views: 41626 gatorgrad75
Sydney Spanked by Dirty Aunt Opal
Sydney Screams has been a bad girl and her nasty old Auntie Evil Opal is going to teach her some manners with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking! To see what happens next look for my videos wherever fine fetish smut is sold, and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more fun teases. xx Goddess Opal
Views: 50866 Opal Indulgence
What's your opinion on spanking a child? I can say for me that it made me a better person. I showed me the rules on the game. That there are positive and negative consequences to everything we do in life. Now it does say in the bible that a good striking of the hand to a child is needed and is a good thing. You want your child to know what it is to respect folk. Now it didn't say punch your child in the face to get them to do what you said. I mean just good old fashion non-abusive discipline
Views: 29109 HaitianRNPhanie
Cop tells girl she has a right to be spanked.
Cop tells a 15 year old girl that her mom has a right to spank her. TV show Cops season 17 episode 4
Views: 121310 Shilo Wace
American Academy of Pediatrics strengthens stance on spanking
When children defiantly act out and stubbornly don’t listen, do you use spanking as a last resort? If so, you might want to know the impact it could have on your child. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a new policy statement, and it’s taken a much stronger stance on what some parents see as old-fashioned discipline.
Kelly Clarkson On Parenting Style: 'I Find Nothing Wrong With a Spanking'
Kelly Clarkson opened up about her parenting style, and we love her honesty! The 35-year-old singer said that's she's not above a spanking if it's necessary.
Views: 59071 Radio.com
Kelly Clarkson is Okay with Spanking Her Kids | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV
Kelly Clarkson took an unpopular position when she admitted that she was okay with spanking her kids to discipline them. SUBSCRIBE NOW : https://goo.gl/JaLP0U As a parent, Kelly Clarkson doesn’t see anything wrong with some good ole fashioned disciple. The topic came up when the singer was speaking during a radio interview, and she said that her parents spanked her and she turned out fine, so she’s okay with it. But she was careful to clarify her point. She wanted to make clear that she was not for hitting a child hard… just spanking, and often times hers came in the form of a threat. Kelly is the mother of two children, and she admitted that espousing spanking could be a tricky thing because some people think it’s wrong. But as she reminded everyone, she’s from the South, and her mom gave the principal permission to spank her – and she’s a well-rounded individual with a lot of character. And hey – we don’t disagree with that. CONNECT with SPLASH TV : Visit SPLASH TV WEBSITE: http://www.splashnewstv.com Like SPLASH TV on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/splashnewstv Follow SPLASH TV on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/splashnews Follow SPLASH TV on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/splashnewstv/ Kelly Clarkson is Okay with Spanking Her Kids | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_azK3qc7Gc
Views: 1606 Splash TV
Man admits to spanking women on trail
Police in Spokane, Washington have arrested self-proclaimed "Spokane Spanker" Jonathan Smith.
naughty nanette spanked
She gets bent over the knee of the older male soldier and boy does she ever resent the spanking.
Views: 49307 Walter Vargas
Spanking-Reba style-and my parents.
An old school veiw on spanking. It is the way it was. Maybe it was right, maybe it wasn't, but needless to say, society will forever be split on their view.
Views: 87838 Tracee Keeney
Good old fashion ass spanking
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 11497 VANQUISH242able
Opie & Anthony: Spanking & Childhood Punishments (01/09/09)
Ant's story of seeing a child stuck in a blood pressure machine leads the show into a discussion about corporal punishment being inflicted on children. To listen to The Opie & Anthony Show live, you'll have to travel back in time before Sirius XM fired co-host Anthony Cumia in the most cowardly fashion possible. An e-mail...pathetic. These plugs have sent plenty of subscribers to Sirius XM. No more. If you're upset about Anthony's firing and want to do something about it, @GrovelingUSA & @OandAProtest on Twitter are your best sources for information since it's constantly evolving. Should something happen to either mine or Steven's YouTube accounts, we're on Twitter as @jasonayeiter & @steveyknight.
What Katie Did - A Spanking Good Vintage Lingerie Show
www.whatkatiedid.com What Katie Did lingerie models Miss Miranda and Sophia St Villier have a little tiff at our recent collection launch.
Views: 78524 What Katie Did
Domi Dollz Intro to Kink -- Spanking
In this Intro to Kink video, Nina Payne and Mona Rogers give meaning to the sweet spot when it comes to spanking.
Views: 147118 gasm org
Furry Spanking
Taking the spanks like a champ!
Views: 397 dkuukisu
Spanking Stories Sampler Video
A small sample of some of my favorite spanking and femdom stories. Age 18+ To contact Miss Jenn, a lifestyle & Professional Disciplinarian you should contact her via her website or you may email her: [email protected]
Views: 44635 Miss Jenn Davis
American Academy of Pediatrics condemns spanking kids
American Academy of Pediatrics condemns spanking kids
Views: 663 WKYC Channel 3

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