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Special Mod Fighting Style No Controller (BULLY AE)
____________________________________________ Support Channel ini dengan Subscribe melalui link dibawah 👇 https://wikitrik.com/MUNhc ____________________________________________ Subscribe LifeIsSweggy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjwwqX6SWHKWY5gVnKVakQ Special Mod Fighting Style (BULLY AE) http://bit.ly/SpecialModFS 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Fitur Fighting Style (features of this mod) - Jocks Legs Throw = Tekan tombol TONJOK & LOMPAT bersamaan - Johnny's Throat Grab = Tekan tombol TONJOK & GRAB bersamaan EDGAR's FIGHTING STYLE : - Tekan tombol GRAB dan LOMPAT bersamaan - setelah aktif, tekan tombol GRAB untuk melakukan CHEST BITE RUSSEL's FIGHTING STYLE : - Jurus ini secara Random/acak akan aktif dengan menekan tombol GRAB & LOMPAT - setelah aktif, tekan tombol GRAB untuk melakukan SmackDown Jangan Lupa Kasih Like untuk video ini kalo kalian suka mod nya, Komen dan Subscribe Channel GGHD 17 supaya gak ketinggalan update video game Bully lainnyaa. ____________________________________________ 《VIDEO LAINNYA》 MOD Superpower Jimmy (BULLY AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/f9sxi76dmJk MOD Insanity Edition (Bully AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/SrUBPwUD5UI MOD Crazy School (BULLY Android) - SPECIAL 1K SUBS by GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/TmO0D9h71as MOD Untitled V3 (BULLY AE) by Altamurenza - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/AEUJkQBWr80
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Bully Scholarship Edition: All Boss Fighting Styles ( 2016 )
Another Bully SE Video Enjoy :) And Dont Forget To Subscribe ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram - iplayinggames Google Plus - iPlayingGames ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch This Video In 720p
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Bully SE: Derby Mixed Fighting Style (Messing around)
Hello, people.... In this first video of mine I'll be showcasing my own mixed Preps fighting style in the use of mod called SELECTOR MOD by Altamurenza. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlDKiPmUICE (The mod's link is in the description of the video) Fighting Styles Mixed: Boss_Darby Boxing_Player P_Bif P_Grappler_A P_Striker_A P_Striker_B ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mixed the moves in-game (NO PROGRAMMING NOR CODING) The mod has a lot of features, so I recommend to watch first Altamurenza's video for you to get a bit familiarized. (Another thing if you experiencing crashing while playing the game) 1.) First launch Bully SE. 2.) Right after the game has launched, press CTRL+ALT+DEL. 3.) Click on Start Task Manager. 4.) Then find Bully and right click on it. 5.) Click Set Affinity, then after that only leave CPU 1 checked. Done! Play the game hours & hours, crash-free. Okay that's all it! Enjoy!
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Bully Scholarship Edition Modding - Different Fighting Styles
gtaturk.com üyesi by joker tarafından yapılmıştır ve deneyip video çektim
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Bully Anniversary Edition: Special Mod (Read Description)
I was just fooling around with this mod. I'm using a Bluetooth controller to do these moves that Jimmy can't normally do. If you play with the touch screen controls, the mod doesn't really work. I also got rid of the prefects from freeroam because they can be a nuisance sometimes. In my opinion, I think this mod adds a lot of things to the game that really needed a lot more. Here's a list of the moves that you can do. Sorry if the sound quality is bad. You might want to lower the volume because it's pretty loud. I might upload a video with better sound quality on this mod whenever I get a chance because I don't like how it sounds. Backbreaker: Press on Left Stick Bodyslam: D Pad (Down) Bearhug: D Pad (Left) PowerBomb: D Pad (Right) Running Punch: X+A Damon's Leg Throw: X+B Prep's Straight Punch: X+D Pad (Up) Greaser's Heavy Knee: X+R Johnny's Throat Grab: X+Y Earnest's Spud Gun: R+Press on Right Stick Earnest's Bomb Throw: R+D Pad (Up) Recruit Ally: R+A Return to Jimmy Fighting Style: R+Y Prep's 6 Hit Combo: X+Press on Right Stick Russell Boss Fighting Style: Y+A Shove: R+B Dropout Fighting Style: Y+B Harrass: A+B http://www.mediafire.com/?00e1e0h4mrr6j3z
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Bully scholarship edition: Fighting style's in real life.
These are not all the fighting styles. There are just my favorite fighting styles. The fighting styles I used. Player B_Striker_A Nemesis N_Ranged_A N_Srriker_A P_Sriker_A
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MODPACK Fighting Style V1 (BULLY AE) - GGHD 17
____________________________________________ Support Channel ini dengan Subscribe melalui link dibawah 👇 https://wikitrik.com/MUNhc ____________________________________________ MODPACK FIGHTING STYLE V1 https://linkerload.com/x3MGk Don't steal give credit 👊👌 ____________________________________________ Jangan Lupa kasih Like 👍 Comment and SUBSCRIBE channel GGHD17 GRATISSSS! Kunjungi Blog GGHD 17 http://bit.ly/2QPkTB8 Follow Instagram kami di @GGHD_17 Tags : mod bully android, bully mod android, cheat bully android, bully mod, bully android mod, bully mod apk, bully lite android, mod bully, cara cheat bully android, download bully android mod apk data
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TUTORIAL Combo Hit Derby Johnny Stepping Head (BULLY ANDROID) No Controller - GGHD 17
____________________________________________ Support Channel ini dengan Subscribe melalui link dibawah 👇 https://wikitrik.com/MUNhc ____________________________________________ TUTORIAL Ultimate Skill All Characters (BULLY ANDROID) - GGHD 17 Di video ane kali ini mau kasih tau kalian cara mengaktifkan jurus spesial sekaligus COMBO HIT DERBY. Kalo kalian mau tau caranya bisa ditonton dlu video ini sampai selesai. Supaya kalian bisa mengaktifkan Combo Hit Derby, kalian juga perlu memasang alat bantu berupa mod, yaitu MOD Untitled V3 Review, Cara Install dan Link Download MOD Untitled v3 bisa dilihat di video ane yang terbaru nih 👇👇👇 https://youtu.be/4iYILjhEbeg Mohon ikuti tutorial nya dengan baik jangan di skip. Karna video ini sangat bermanfaat boleh lah kalian LIKE & SHARE video ini, buat kalian yang punya pertanyaan, silahkan tanyakan di kolom komentar, dan juga SUBSCRIBE channel ini untuk update game lainnya khususnya game BULLY ____________________________________________ •VIDEO LAINNYA• BULLY AE Mods Playlist http://bit.ly/2QOyg4z MOD Retexture Boys Dorm (BULLY AE) by xDieghost - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/8ysmrTvHY4Y MODPACK BETA EDITION V1 (BULLY AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/vtX3etZjZDw MODPACK Fighting Style V1 (BULLY AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/1Dp_HEBeT5s MOD Crazy School (BULLY Android) - SPECIAL 1K SUBS by GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/TmO0D9h71as MOD Untitled V3 (BULLY AE) by Altamurenza - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/AEUJkQBWr80 tags: mod bully android, bully mod android, cheat bully android, bully android, mod bully ae, combo hit derby, mod combo hit derby, tutorial combo hit derby, gghd 17, modpack fighting style bully
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Bully Special Mod v1 (Download)
For Special Mod V1.2 + Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whHpvYL_n6Y This mod will allow you (Jimmy) to perform ped's special moves and the other special abilities -Russell's Moves (Boston Crab, Head Butt, PowerBomb) -Darby 6 Hit combo -Darby Straight Punch -Johnny Axekick -Johnny Throat Grab -Greaser's Heavy Knee -Greaser's Bear Hug -Earnest's Weapon Style (Spudgun and Bombthrow) -Damon Leg Throw -Jock's Bodyslam -Jock's Backbreaker -Dropout Grap (Bite-grap) -Authority Takedown -Civilian Takedown (Grap) -Running Punch -Laughing -Recruit any bodyguard -SUPER PUNCH Download: http://files.indowebster.com/download/files/special_mod_v1 or http://www.4shared.com/rar/uVDqSjJsce/Special_Mod_v1.html
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Bully SE All Preps Mix Full Style.
This Mod With Full Preps With All Mix style: BOSS_Darby P_Bif P_Striker_A and B P_Grappler_A This Mod Not to Release So Don't Ask Author Embas10
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Bully SE: Johnny Semi-Boss Style + FightClub Mod
Another showcase of a fighting style. Today, it's Johnny's time w/ the FightClub mod made by DaBOSS. FightClub Mod Link: https://www.bullymods.net/downloads.php?cat_id=6&download_id=414 SELECTOR MOD Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bfbfzs22mmqs5y1/Selector+Mod+-REMAKE-+08-24-17.7z (If you want to mix the SELECTOR MOD & FightClub mod) 1.) First off, you're going to need to download an IMGTool. Here's the link: http://bullymods.net/downloads.php?cat_id=2&file_id=124 2.) The "ArcRace1.lur" you've downloaded is going to replace the "ArcRace1.lur" in your Scripts' IMG file 3.) Open your script IMG file using the IMGTool. 4.) Find and delete the "ArcRace1.lur." 5.) After you deleted it, click on Commands & click on Add. 6.) Find your downloaded "ArcRace1.lur" & click it, then press okay. There you have it. Enjoy!
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Bully SE: Demonstration (Part 1)
Disclaimer: No Constantinos were harmed in the making of this video Update: Apparently Derby's running uppercut and Edgar's pipe charge move are actually used in the PS2 version. These moves only work if you played the mission normally without loading it with a mission selector mod or anything similar. Update 2: Apparently the Bullies groundspit is not unused, even on SE. So far I have seen BOSS_Russell performing it on a low hp Earnest. Also, it's not an instant kill, it actually deals 500 damage points. Video made with the purpose of showing every fighting move from every fighting style in the game. I didn't include weapon based fighting moves in this video (the only exception being Norton and Edgar because their weapons belong to their boss fights). Constantinos was set a total of 100 health points with no health regeneration for these testings. Damage: How many health points the attack decreases. If there are multiple numbers it means how much damage each hit deals. Some moves can knock out with 1 hit (Instant KO). Range trigger: At which distance the AI performs the attack. Short = near, Medium = 2 steps away, Varies = both distances, n/a = triggered by some other factor. (Final) hit effect: The animation that the victim plays after being hit. Generic = nothing special, Knockdown = falls to the floor, Launch = flies away and lands on the floor, Gut stun = stays vulnerable for a few seconds, Head stun = the same as gut stun but hit on the head, Stunned = stays dizzy for several seconds, Sacked = hit in the balls, n/a = if it's a grapple type move it doesn't fit this category. Block effect: How hard is the attack to block. Light = can be blocked all the time, Breaker (or Heavy) = breaks defense, Unblockable = can't be blocked, n/a = if it's a grapple type move it doesn't fit this category. If there are multiple words it means the block effect each hit deals. Details = fun facts, difference between versions and weird properties. Part 1 list: Player (Jimmy): 00:00 TrainingPlayer (Wade fight tutorial): 01:43 BoxingPlayer (Boxing minigame): 02:00 GS_Male_A (Generic male students): 02:58 GS_Female_A (Female students): 03:10 GS_Fat_A (Generic fat student): 03:40 Nemesis (Gary boss fight): 03:49 B_Striker_A/1_03_Davis (Bullies/Davis The setup): 05:14 B_Striker_A (Russell damage buff version): 05:44 BOSS_Russell (Russell boss fight): 06:15 Russell_102 (Unused B_Striker_A variation): 07:46 P_Striker_A/P_2_07_Gord (Gord/Tad/Bif / Gord Beach rumble): 08:09 P_Striker_B (Justin/Parker): 08:43 P_Grappler_A (Chad/Bryce): 09:29 P_Bif (Boxing minigame): 10:23 BOSS_Darby (Derby boss fight): 11:15
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Bully SE Damon Full Fighting Style
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BULLY: Anniversary Edition - Johnny Fighting Style
Jimmy Johnny Fighting Style!!!👊 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Thankyou for watching the video, like and subscribe 🙏🙏🙏😊
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Bully SE: Fighting game mod
As a fighting games fan I decided to make a mod that like... brings some features from fighting games to bully. :P Also I tried to make it very complete and as simple as possible at the same time. This mods adds 4 new features to the game: Counterhits: If you hit your opponent while he is performing a fighting move he will receive triple damage but this also happens if jimmy is hit while doing an attack. The npc can counterhit jimmy only if he is using the player fighting style as I didn't program it with other styles (for jimmy). Unfortunately your timing must be almost perfect...I wanted to make it easier but I couldn't Reversals: If you are knocked down in the ground you can perform an evasive roll (similar to the npc roll) with alt or you can perform a surprise shoulder attack with shift. This system only works if you are knocked down and have more than 0 health left (so you can't prevent a knock out). Meter: Each time you hit the enemy you will earn 10 points. When you get 100 points you can spend them in a power. Powers (or supers): The powers are like the "super moves" from fighting games that you can only perform if you have full meter. At the momment there are only 6 powers but I may add more in the future. There are 2 buggy powers that I'm still trying to get them working 100% of the time. For "Punch Rush" sometimes the punches misses the enemy and sometimes you have to mash Alt (run action) to do every punch. For "Stomp Monster" you have to activate the power with Shift (melee attack) + zoom out so you knock them down to the floor before stomping. Download link in Bully-board
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Bully SE: Prep Mod
This LUA scripted mod changes your model, fighting style, strafe, and faction respect into that of a Prep. Thanks to DaBOSS for help on the fully functioning Strafe to work. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/oxv4fj6xul0ff3g/Prep_Mod.zip
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Bully SE: Boxing Player Fighting Style Mod
By silent solous https://www.mediafire.com/file/39y99znf8z9rbca/Boxing_Player_Full_Fighting_Style_%282_Vers.%29.rar/file #BullySaturday#BullyTRENDING
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Bully Anivesary Edition:Mod Fighting Style Tad!! 😲
Hope You Like It✌ Bully Mod Figting Style Tad!! ---------------------------------------------------- My Device:Vivo V9 The Tools I Use To Make Videos 1.Kinemaster Pro 2.Pixel Lab 3.Du Recorder 4.Az Screen Recorder 5.Game Recorder 6.Ps Touch 7.Youtube Studio 8.Zarchiver 9.Youtube Gaming 10.Mobizen ========================================= If you want to download it in the Playstore or AppStore you guys [][][][][][]][][[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Link Download Mod:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B_VljL1IUCQJoxqvuWh5RJow5dM9wJvz/view?usp=drivesdk ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~••~••~•~•~•~•~•~•~••~~•~•~•~•~•~• Thank You Guys Cara mendownload bully bully schoalsrip edition bully anivesary edition bully mod derby bully mod garry bully mod greaers bully mod prepies bully mod nerd bully mod edgar mobile legend sultan rojak bully android si rojak temanya rojali dan benny dan asep dan ocol dan darkcube Cara menambah views di youtube dengan cepat cara menambah subscriber di youtube dengan cepat khusus pemula bisa pake cara ini paulo dybala amazing trick
Bully SE how to change fighting style tutorial
the download link will never be in megaupload :D now in mediafrire. if u suscribe and like i will give you sooo many fighting styles :D Nerds fighting style - http://www.mediafire.com/?dqf3roa3v9d2ljc
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Bully Scolarship Edition Mods | Prefect Fighting Style
Game: Bully Scolaship Edition. Download link:http://www.bully-board.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=8 Edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. Video of GVS.
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Bully Scolarship Edition mods | Bo Fighting style
Game: Bully Scolarship Edition. Download link:http://www.bully-board.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=46 Edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. Video of GVS.
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Special Mod Fighting style ultimate russel Bully AE Android
Special mod on bully anniversary edition play game bully 2019 Link Mod : https://drive.google.com/file/d/10vBwCb8jk8nilSVHmx_l3_FHhwh9k9gQ/view Instagram : moch_syahru Tag : #5 ON TRENDING, bully, bully android, edition, modpack fighting style bully, greatest, special, ever, best, bully best mods, bully schollarship edition, bully gameplay, best mods ever, best mods, mods for bully, bully mods, android gamer, gaming android, tga, thegamingandroid, all mods, gghd 17, tutorial combo hit derby, mod combo hit derby, combo hit derby, mod bully ae, cheat bully android, bully mod android, mod bully android, bully mods pc, game, fighting style, duel, johnnygreaser fight, greaser, johnny, game bully, anniversary, jimmy hopkins, bully jimmy mods, gameplay #GameAndroid #BULLYAndroid
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Bully SE Mods Basic Tutorial :How to Change Fighting Style + Grappler
For Crashing Issue You can Ask me
Views: 369 Irsyad KGR
Bully SE Mods - Psycho Asylum
Can you take them all on using a Greaser's fighting style? I got bored so I tried to make Happy Volts a bit more entertaining by spawning the weirdest models inside the asylum and attack Jimmy on sight.
Views: 5926 TheNathanNS
Bully SE: P_Striker_A Full Fighting Style
Full P_Striker_A fighting style including the shoulder barge, evade counter, evade back, and finishing cross combo. I was jumping because I set my taunt function to the spacebar and lock on button and sometimes I forget to hold the lock on button. No download link on this for now.
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Bully Anniversary Edition Fighting Styles Mod!(link in description)
You will need controler gamepad to play it Link download: http://www.mediafire.com/?00e1e0h4mrr6j3z Special Thanks to: AuraShadow See his channel to see how to use the mod! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OXaqwr7onV4 Thanks For Watch i hope i can help you! Peace!
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Bully SE Johnny Full Boss Style + Download Link
http://www.mediafire.com/download/027tsseb1qu0bfy/Johnny_Full_Boss_Style.rar Read the ReadMe.txt it's had the information about this fighting style and i no longer making mods anymore because there's nothing left for me to mod
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Bully SE: Player Mod - Johnny Vs Ricky (Greaser Fight)
Fighting Ricky using Johnny Vincent's final boss fighting style.
Views: 1997 D3ADSH0T
Bully: Custom Fight Styles
Nothing to say.
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Bully Anniversary Edition - Mod Russell Boss Fighting Style
MOD = Fixed Untitled V3 by Altamurenza Link Mod = http://www.mediafire.com/file/g8w1w17h2a57wu1/Bully_AE_-_Untitled_Mod_V3.zip • Thanks for watching,dont forget leave a like,comment and subscribe if u enjoyed :) • Fitur yang ada di mod ini : -Jimmy can fly -Jimmy can teleport -Jimmy can kiss all girl -Jimmy can spawn vehicle in the parking lot -Skin selector -Prefect cant bust you -HP Regen -All weapon unlocked -All uniforms unlocked -Infinite Money • Cara mengaktifkan fighting stylenya dengan cara menahan tombol tonjok selama 10 detik jika gagal coba lagi😁
Views: 583 Gila Bully
Bully SE: Prep Mod (Simplified)
Men, I'm back again w/ another new mod! This features about a fighting style from Preps also called as P_Striker_A. This mod includes strafes & additional moves that came from the style specifically. Could be a roleplay for fun. This is simplified in order to play it on missions/ to continue the story w/ the fighting style Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sdq9u7slcz1sviv/Prep%20Roleplay%20Mod.rar
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Russell VS Russell Bully Scholarship Edition MOD Style Selector SuperMod
Yeah I Beat The Game .. :D http://bullymods.net/news.php?readmore=13
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Bully scholarship edition Vance Fighting Style with Grab attacks
Download Link is Coming Soon
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MOD SKIN SELECTOR V1 + Fighting Style (BULLY AE) by JediJosh920 - GGHD 17
____________________________________________ Support Channel ini dengan Subscribe melalui link dibawah 👇 https://wikitrik.com/MUNhc ____________________________________________ Mod SkinSelectorV1.0 by Jedijosh920 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xs3LseOOfGzv4pQ4DsyNqhqcQCBBiYmF/view?usp=drivesdk Subscribe to Jedijosh920 https://www.youtube.com/user/jedijosh920 ____________________________________________ (VIDEO LAINNYA) MODPACK Fighting Style V1 (BULLY AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/1Dp_HEBeT5s Special Mod Fighting Style No Controller (BULLY AE) https://youtu.be/n549ytI4IVw MOD Superpower Jimmy (BULLY AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/f9sxi76dmJk MOD Insanity Edition (Bully AE) - GGHD 17 https://youtu.be/SrUBPwUD5UI TUTORIAL Install Apk Cheat BULLY ORI v1.0.017 https://youtu.be/X2FSJu19NUw ____________________________________________ Jangan Lupa kasih Like 👍 Comment and SUBSCRIBE channel GGHD17 GRATISSSS! Kunjungi Blog GGHD 17 http://bit.ly/2QPkTB8 Follow Instagram kami di @GGHD_17 Kunjungi juga nih Community game BULLY http://bullymods.net/ Tags : mod bully android, bully mod android, cheat bully android, bully mod, bully android mod, bully mod apk, bully lite android, mod bully, cara cheat bully android, download bully android mod apk data
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Bully SE Mods - Lola with Derby Boss fighting style
Lola beating the shit out of the prefect Edward. Mod used : Supermod 3.0 By DaBoss Link : https://bullymods.net/downloads.php?cat_id=9&download_id=85
Views: 1405 Leah
Bully Scholarship Edition: Player Selector Mod
This mod lets you play as any character in the game with their animations and fighting style by pressing left or right. (or will be different depending on your controls setup) NOT made by me. I believe this made by DaBOSS.
Views: 42814 TheNathanNS
BULLY: Anniversary Edition - Prefect's Fighting Style
Jimmy Prefect's Fighting Style! ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Thankyou for watching the video, like and subscribe 🙏🙏🙏😊
Views: 19197 JIM MIJ
BULLY: Anniversary Edition - Edgar Fighting Style
Jimmy Edgar Fighting Style!!!👊 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Thankyou for watching the video, like and subscribe 🙏🙏🙏😊
Views: 35154 JIM MIJ
Bully - Fighting style mod - Boxing
Bully Scholarship edition modification/mod - Boxing like a prep. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?v1z5szgs3tkztog How to install? 1. Go to Program Files\Rockstar Games\Objects and backup ide.img 2. Download the file and replace the ide.img with the rar file 3. Play
Views: 11065 TheGameplayCorner
Bully Anniversary Edition: Fighter Mod [BETA]
The first Bully Anniversary Edition custom minigane ever created, a challenge from Mr.Burton and Karl to fight with a random person in Bullworth Town, you have 3 options to finish which is kill, killed, and against the rules, also be carefully from leader stage and final stage. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mb327beu6x917xf/Fighter+Mod+-+Mobile+%5BBETA%5D.7z If you like this don't forget to subscribe, press like button, and give your opinion in the comments field. Note: -Do not re-upload the file without any permission !! -Read the "ReadMe.txt" first before use !! Contact me: -Facebook : Rizq Muhammad Ariiq -Line : @rizqariiq -Gmail : [email protected]
Views: 5855 Altamurenza
Bully Scholarship Edition PC MODS - Ricky with Johnny's Fighting Style
I hex edited the ide.img file chacky94 gave me. I let him win so you could see how powerful he became after broke up with his chick. :P Anyway, it's a good MOD if Ricky sided with you. And I didn't increase his health so you still could win.
Views: 8485 TheLeaderofBDC
Bully Scolarship Edition mods | Lefty fighting style
Game: Bully Scolarship Edition. Edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. Video of GVS. Link:http://www.bully-board.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=41
Views: 1727 GamingVideoStudios
Bully Cinematic Fight Mod - Gary vs. Super Pete
Watch in HD. Requested by: http://www.youtube.com/user/eellliioottt123 Instead of using video editing software and the sort to take shortcuts in-game and go through the lengthy process of video editing, I wanted to stretch my lua scripting knowledge further, and this is the result. There is NO video or audio editing involved aside from pasting two parts together since fraps records up to I think 5 minutes before it starts a new video on its own. Pete has Johnny's style, and Gary has his full boss style (minus the railing shove for obvious reasons, though I know how to do it). They both have equal stats, though I beefed up Gary's attack power to level the playing field a bit. If you guys have any requests, drop 'em in the comments section or here: http://www.bully-board.com/index.php?topic=16962 and I will look into it. Note: I am very sorry for the bad video quality...Windows Movie Maker sucks ass (had to use it since the video was split in two). I will get Vegas and use that for future videos. I'm also gonna work on more effects, props, and the sort in later videos.
Views: 4851 Red Hua
Bully: Johnny Vincent Mod
Showcasing Bully Mods For PC. Follow me on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thereald3adsh0t
Views: 2250 D3ADSH0T
Bully SE mods: Using Gary's boss style
Fighting Russell with Garys boss style
Views: 21332 Isabelle Kerwick
Review + Share Mod Fighting Style & Warriors Boys Dorm HD - BULLY AE ANDROID
Hola! _____________________________________ Thnks For Watching, Leave A Like, Comment, And Also Subscribe This Channel!! SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6srLFDU2a6ynyIsC0CI3Qw _____________________________________ Mod Special Fighting Style [ 1MB ] : http://www.mediafire.com/file/00e1e0h4mrr6j3z/Special+Mod+ONLY.rar Warriors Mod Boys Dorm HD : https://mega.nz/#!l7Jn2QpB!4Hn0JhJ8PrjDRywznaiHP1rt4hKYH5Q-Dda71MWh6Xo Subscribe Lifeissweggy Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjwwqX6SWHKWY5gVnKVakQ _____________________________________ Tutor Pakai Modnya •JOCK's LEGS THROW• Tekan PUKUL + LONCAT Sekaligus •JOHNNY's THROAT GRAB• Tekan PUKUL + GRAB Sekaligus •EDGAR's FIGHTING STYLE• Tekan GRAB + LONCAT Sekaligus, Setelah, Aktif, Tekan GRAB Untuk Melakukan "CHEST BITE" •RUSSEL's FIGHTING STYLE• Skill Ini Secara Acak Akan Aktif Jika Tekan GRAB + LONCAT, Setelah Aktif, Tekan GRAB Untuk Melakukan KnockOut (SmackDown) _____________________________________ Cek Video Lainnya!! Download Bully AE Free : https://youtu.be/S_CeKOZ5mS4 Mod Retex Boys Dorm Bully AE/SE : https://youtu.be/_SWuzWJ4rwU Thanks & Selamat Mencoba! _____________________________________
Views: 283 Amor
Bully SE: Fighting Style Selector with Fully Functioning Strafes
Thanks to DaBOSS for this amazing work of art. It includes all fighting styles in the game with their fully functioning strafes and no more cheering. In this video, I just show a few strafes and fighting styles. But there are many more strafes in this mod to explore. I really love P_Striker_A :D The mod is located somewhere hidden in a forum post in Bully-Board.com, if you find it, GG. *PSST* If you find it, don't share the link, we want this to be an easter egg! Also if enough likes (50) are received I'll just paste the link here!
Views: 4544 jedijosh920