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North Sea Gas --- Caledonia
North Sea Gas, from the CD "Dark Island" .
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North Sea Gas --- Loch Lomond
My fav band, North Sea Gas, (another great Scottish band!)....Loch Lomond from their "Dark Island" CD
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North Sea Gas --- Dark Island
I feel badly that my favourite band, North Sea Gas, doesn't have any vids on youtube, they are a great Scottish band!. They don't get the publicity and recognition they deserve, so I'm posting them myself! :)
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North Sea Gas / Fire in the Glen
North Sea Gas "Fire In The Glen" Edinburgh Folk Club 09-03-16 Filmed By Allan McMillan
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North Sea Pipeline Documentary
The words longest subsea pipeline.
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North Sea Gas --- Kishorn Commandos
"Kishorn Commandos from the North Sea Gas CD "Dark Island"
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North Sea Gas "Broom o' the Cowdenknowes"
After being insulted by his bandmates about his advanced age, Ronnie MacDonald of the Scottish band North Sea Gas takes the lead on this even older Scottish love song. It's the tale of a bride living far from home, who misses her "ain country." This special house concert for an audience of roughly 40 was held at the home of Tom and Susannah Blachly of Marshfield, Vermont on May 12, 2012. An article about this song can be found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broom_of_the_Cowdenknowes
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Super Rigs: Troll Offshore Natural Gas Platform (Full Documentary)
Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more documentaries like this one. Troll A was built by Norwegian Contractors for Norske Shell, with base construction beginning in July 1991 at a cost of 4150 million NOK, or approximately US$650,000,000 at the time. The base and the deck were built separately, and were joined in 1995 while the base was partially submerged. The base is a Condeep gravity base structure built from reinforced concrete. The Troll A platform is a condeep offshore natural gas platform in the Troll gas field off the west coast of Norway. It is the tallest structure that has ever been moved to another position, relative to the surface of the Earth, and is among the largest and most complex engineering projects in history. The platform was a televised sensation when it was towed into the North Sea in 1996, where it is now operated by Statoil. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more documentaries like this one.
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Offshore gas production facility North Sea
Offshore gas production location in the North Sea
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Oil and gas spills in North Sea
More than 100 potentially lethal oil and gas spills took place on rigs in the North Sea in 2009 and 2010. Serious spills of oil and gas from North Sea platforms are occurring at the rate of one a week, undermining oil companies' claims to be doing everything possible to improve the safety of rigs. GE Oil & Gas will supply three customized aeroderivative gas turbine-generator modules to provide reliable electric power for a new Chevron floating production unit that will produce oil and gas from the Jack and St. Malo fields in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 280 miles south of New Orleans and at a water depth of approximately 7,000 feet.
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Documentary: Troll A natural gas platform- Placed in the North Sea 1995
Troll A natural gas platform- Placed in the North Sea 1995. Aired on the Discovery Channel in 1997. I own no rights to this. I wanted to share it as a DVD is not available.
Huge waves crash against swaying North Sea oil rig
Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews This video could make you seasick...Huge waves crash against a swaying oil rig, as a severe storm which swept across parts of Scotland hits the North Sea. The footage of the Borgholm Dolphin installation was captured at the weekend by James Eaton, an offshore worker on the nearby Lomond Platform, around 145 miles east of Aberdeen. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Animation of Total's gas leak in North Sea
Animation from a Taiwanese company illustrates French energy company Total's gas leak from its North Sea Elgin platform
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F16-A: Natural gas production in the southern North Sea – A look behind the scenes
50 percent of Europe’s natural gas supply comes from the states bordering the North Sea. Wintershall’s largest gas production platform in the Dutch North Sea is the F16-A. Up to six million cubic meters of natural gas are processed here every day. What happens to the gas on the F16-A and how does the sea’s salt water become drinking water? Our new film gives you exclusive insight into the work of an offshore platform and shows you how Wintershall produces the valuable natural resource using cutting-edge technology, thereby strengthening Europe’s supply security.
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North Sea Gas - Kelty Klippie
North Sea Gas singing 'Kelty Klippie' from the album 'Live From Edinburgh'
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Gas Platform Decommissioning | Strip Down
Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more documentaries like this one. A fixed platform is a type of offshore platform used for the production of oil or gas. These platforms are built on concrete and/or steel legs anchored directly onto the seabed, supporting a deck with space for drilling rigs, production facilities and crew quarters. Such platforms are, by virtue of their immobility, designed for very long term use. Various types of structure are used, steel jacket, concrete caisson, floating steel and even floating concrete. Steel jackets are vertical sections made of tubular steel members, and are usually piled into the seabed. Concrete caisson structures, pioneered by the Condeep concept, often have in-built oil storage in tanks below the sea surface and these tanks were often used as a flotation capability, allowing them to be built close to shore (Norwegian fjords and Scottish firths are popular because they are sheltered and deep enough) and then floated to their final position where they are sunk to the seabed. Fixed platforms are economically feasible for installation in water depths up to about 1,700 feet (520 m). Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more documentaries like this one.
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North Sea Gas - Whip Jamboree
Here's North Sea Gas singing 'Whip Jamboree' from the album 'Keltic Heritage'
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North Sea Gas - Calling Doon The Line
18.07.2014 Blankenhain/ Schloss
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Fear a Bhata - North Sea Gas
A beautiful Scottish folk song in Gaelic and English. The music touches my soul and comforts me when I'm distressed. I made this video in November 2013 in memory of a dear friend who had died the day before.
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We talk to the people made redundant from North Sea Oil and Gas
Northsound News talk to the people who have suffered due to the global downturn in Oil and Gas. The downturn that has seen thousands made redundant across the North-east of Scotland.
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North Sea Gas / I'm Looking For A Job
North Sea Gas "I'm Looking For A Job" (Matt McGinn) Edinburgh Folk Club 09-03-16 Filmed By Allan McMillan
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Hector the Hero -  North Sea Gas
This video is for my fellow Scottish folk music lovers, who wanted to hear it. Hector MacDonald was a legendary Scottish battle hero, who met an unfortunate end. Fortunately, the song - admirably sung by the renowned Scottish folk music group North Sea Gas - does not contain all the gory details. I have had a request for the lyrics - so here they are: Lyrics for Hector the Hero by North Sea Gas O´wail for the mighty and battle loud lift ye the coronach strain for Hector the Hero of deathless fame will never come back again Lament him, ye mountains of Ross-Shire your tears be the dew and the rain ye forests and straths, let the sobbing winds unburden your grief and pain Lament him ye warm hearted clansmen and mourn for a kinsman so true the pride of the highlands the valiant MacDonald will never come bach to you Lament him ye sons of old Scotia Ye kinsman on many a shore a patriot warrior fearless of foe has fallen to rise no more has fallen to rise no more O´wail for the mighty and battle loud lift ye the coronach strain for Hector the Hero of deathless fame will never come back again O cherish his triumph and glory on Omdurman´s death stricken plain his glance like the eagle his heart like the lion his laurels a nation´s gain Chorus O rest thee brave heart in thy slumber forgotten shall ne'er be thy name the love and the mercy of heaven be thine our love thou must ever claim to us thou art Hector the hero the chivalrous dauntless and true the hills and the glens and the hearts of a nation Re-echo the wail for you Lament him ye sons of old Scotia Ye kinsman on many a shore a patriot warrior fearless of foe has fallen to rise no more has fallen to rise no more Lament him ye sons of old Scotia Ye kinsman on many a shore a patriot warrior fearless of foe has fallen to rise no more has fallen to rise no more O´wail for the mighty and battle loud lift ye the coronach strain for Hector the Hero of deathless fame will never come back again
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Oil & Gas Update - INEOS Breagh, North Sea
Geir Tuft, CEO of INEOS Breagh, reveals how INEOS’ new gas subsidiary was born, and its vision to expand and overcome a big challenge; the drop of oil and gas prices in late 2015. http://www.ineos.com/ Geir explains that INEOS makes its own destiny, and always sees a challenge as an opportunity. INEOS Breagh managed to acquire the North Sea Forties Pipeline System, which delivers almost 40% of the UK’s North Sea oil and gas. This acquisition reunites the North Sea and Grangemouth assets under INEOS ownership. Subscribe for more videos and follow us here: https://twitter.com/INEOS https://www.facebook.com/INEOS/ Check out the company here: http://www.ineos.com/
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Offshore gas producing platform in the North Sea
A short view at the topside / deck of the L8-G gas production facility
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North Sea Gas --- If Wishes Were Fishes
North Sea Gas from their CD "The Massacre Of Glencoe"
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Calling Doon the Line - North Sea Gas
This is a video for the holidays known in various places as Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or Veterans Day. It commemorates young Scottish pipers killed in the line of duty and illustrates the pathos and the horror of the First World War, or any war. Sung by North Sea Gas.
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North Sea Gas -- Broadford Bay
Actually I don't know if this song is a traditional or one of NSGs own songs. Picture: "Cloud Break", Isle of Skye 2005, by myself
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North Sea Gas --- The Haughs O' Cromdale
"The Haughs O' Cromdale" from the North Sea Gas CD "Schiehallion" ----(photos used by permission of North Sea Gas)
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Gas find in North Sea hailed as biggest in a decade - Risingus
Breaking News Gas find in North Sea hailed as biggest in a decade A significant gas discovery in the central North Sea is being described as the biggest find in more than a decade. The Chinese state-owned company CNOOC said it had discovered 250 million barrels of recoverable gas in its Glengorm project, east of Aberdeen. Further appraisal work is planned, but the company said it could be extracted using existing infrastructure. Friends of the Earth Scotland said the find was terrible news for the climate and that it should stay in the ground. Glengorm sits 118 miles (190km) east of Aberdeen, close to Total's Elgin-Franklin and Culzean fields, and could be tied back to one of their platforms. Total owns a 25% stake in the Glengorm field. Xie Yuhong, of CNOOC, said the company was "looking forward to further appraisal". Still life in mature waters Kevin McLachlan, of Total, added: "Glengorm is another great success for Total in the North Sea, with results at the top end of expectations and a high condensate yield in addition to the gas. "Our strong position in the region will enable us to leverage existing infrastructures nearby and optimise the development of this discovery. "Glengorm is an achievement that demonstrates our capacity to create value in a mature environment thanks to our in-depth understanding of the basin." Analysts Wood Mackenzie described the find as the largest in the North Sea since the Culzean field was discovered in 2008. Senior analyst Kevin Swann said: "There is a lot of hype around frontier areas like West of Shetland, where Total discovered the Glendronach field last year. But Glengorm is in the Central North Sea and this find shows there is still life in some of the more mature UK waters." Environmental groups have criticised the discovery which, they say, will further contribute to climate change. They want energy companies to leave oil and gas in the ground and focus instead on renewable sources. Climate destruction Caroline Rance, from Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: "It's a disgrace that oil and gas exploration is still going ahead in the seas off Scotland. "It's high time our governments stopped supporting fossil fuel development, and get serious about planning a just transition away from this industry. "These companies know all too well that their business is built on the destruction of the climate, which is devastating for millions of people around the world but they continue to seek profit from driving this catastrophe." The Oil and Gas Authority has welcomed the discover, and said it demonstrated the considerable potential the industry still had to offer. Chief executive Andy Samuel said: "This is very exciting news. Glengorm was first mapped as a prospect around 20 years ago and it is great to see CNOOC taking up the exploration opportunity and completing a difficult high-pressure, high-temperature exploration well. "Our official estimate is that there still remains between 10 and 20 billion barrels plus to be recovered, so there is every chance of yet more significant finds, provided industry can increase exploration drilling and capitalise on the real value to be had here in the UK."
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North Sea Gas The Dark Island
North Sea Gas The Dark Island
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North Sea Offshore  Head to Sea Heart at Home
An ex colleague of mine made this very professional video of life offshore working and living on an oil rig, it is really worth a watch if you have ever been interested in what it is like..All credit to Orchard media solutions who can be found here http://www.orchardmediasolutions.co.uk/
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The Bonny Lass of Fyvie o' - North Sea Gas
North Sea Gas playing in the Heart of Hawick on Saturday 6th April 2013
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North Sea Oil - 1975
At Dyce near Aberdeen, Her Majesty the Queen presses the button that sends the first North Sea Oil flowing into the Grangemouth Refinery. It marks the fruition of years of research, technology, hard work and grim determination. From the Forties Field by under sea pipeline, a marvel itself in engineering, the oil comes ashore at Cruden Bay. It travels then by underground pipes to the BP Refinery at Grangemouth. To the people of Aberdeen oil has already meant a change in their life style, could it also be the turning point in Britain's economy. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/8afdf37a004944f2ab82ca93aeb2cc31 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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‘Cheaper to import’: UK to cut 90% of North Sea oil industry investment in 2016
Britain's offshore oil and gas industry expects investment in the North sea to drop by nearly 90 per cent this year, because of declining crude prices. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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North Sea Gas : Ye Jacobites By Name
"Ye Jacobites By Name"
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North Sea Draws Investors to Renewed Oil, Gas Projects
March 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns reports on new investment in North Sea oil and gas after Offshore Group Newcastle Ltd. reopened the Hadrian shipyard in Newcastle, England.
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Jersey Oil & Gas PLC's Benitz:  North Sea an exciting place to explore again
Andrew Benitz of Jersey Oil & Gas PLC (LON:JOG) says pre-funding the seismic being shot over the Verbier acreage in North Sea allows the data to be optimised and is cheaper. Capex for the appraisal programme will be at the upper end of £9-11mln including seismic. Drilling at Verbier will see an appraisal well in the summer to firm up the recoverable oil at the discovery. ''All in all, the North Sea is an exciting place to explore again'', said Benitz.
Geothermal Potential In North Sea Oil and Gas.avi
North Sea platforms can be used to generate green Geothermal Energy, George E. Lockett said in this video recording of his All-Energy 2012, Geothermal Session Presentation. The presentation goes into details of why the North Sea is a good location by describing that the Earth's Crust gets thinner as we move offshore. There is also cold sea water for condensation of working fluids. Lockett describes how Enhanced and Secondary Oil Production can be created by steam flooding oil reservoirs, after generating electrical power from the geothermal fluids to extract heavy oils and tars. High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Fields -- these may be some of the best locations for geothermal energy and they are about 150 miles east of Aberdeen. He describes how power can be generated from Natural Gas flows at high pressure, as the pressure is reduced; and how this can be done where gas mains change pressure to service the domestic market too, using a Gas Letdown Generator. The geothermal power can be connected to the national grid or used to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. Lockett describes how some of the £30 billion decommissioning budget for the North Sea could be used to extend the life of Platforms by creating a new Geothermal Energy Industry. This new geothermal industry would employ thousands of workers in new productive jobs in the offshore and on-shore support industries.
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How to Decommission Brent
The Brent oil and gas field, operated by Shell, lies off the north-east coast of Scotland, midway between the Shetland Islands and Norway. It is one of the largest fields in the North Sea and is served by four large platforms. It has been a cornerstone of the UK's hugely successful oil and gas industry for 40 years. Now the Brent field is reaching the stage where almost all the available reserves of oil and gas have been retrieved. The next step in the lifecycle is to decommission Brent’s four platforms and their related infrastructure. As the operator, Shell is required to submit a decommissioning programme to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with detailed recommendations for closing down and making safe the four platforms and subsea infrastructure of the Brent field. Ten years of research, engineering studies, expert input, consultations and scientific assessments have gone into this process. Transcript: http://s00.static-shell.com/content/dam/royaldutchshell/video/business-function/external-relations/corporate/shell-idea-refinery-full-transcript.docx Welcome to Shell’s official YouTube channel. Subscribe here to learn about the future of energy, see our new technology and innovation in action or watch highlights from our major projects around the world. Here you’ll also find videos on jobs and careers, motorsports, the Shell Eco-marathon as well as new products like Shell V-Power. If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment, like or share. Together we can #makethefuture Visit our Website: http://www.shell.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shell/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shell/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shell Look us up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/royaldutchshell Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/1271/
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North Sea Gas --- I Wish They'd Do It Now
Funny song from the CD "Edinburgh Toon". North Sea Gas (Ronnie MacDonald ,Grant Simpson, Dave Gilfillan)
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North Sea Gas --- Loch Tay Boat Song
"The Loch Tay Boat Song" from the North Sea Gas CD "Shiehallion"
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North Sea Gas - Wha Widna Fecht
North Sea Gas singing 'Wha Widna Fecht' from the album 'From Fields A'far'
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North Sea Gas "A man's a man"
North Sea Gas perform @ the Scottish Parilament. This song was performed at the opening of the Holyrood building.
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North Sea Gas // Caledonia
I filmed and recorded this as part of my dissertation exploring binaural audio and binaural plugins. This is a stereo recording of the song before it was manipluated using Logic's binaural panner. Big thanks to the brilliant North Sea Gas for helping me out. Hope you enjoy! Filmed using a Nikon D3200 with standard kit lens Recorded using Shure KSM 27's (stereo pair) Edited and colour corrected in Adobe Premiere Pro Mixed with Logic X Audio mastered using Ableton
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InnovWeek ENGIE - The Cygnus gas field in the North Sea
Back in pictures on the installation of the production platform Cygnus in the North Sea, developed by ENGIE E&P UK. The development project of Cygnus provides two drill sites and four platforms. After reaching its plateau production in 2016, the field is expected to become the second individual gas producer in the UK and supply 1.5 million households.
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~ NORTH SEA GAS ~ Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go ~
Dark Island Over The Hills And Far Away Caledonia The Leaving Of Liverpool Wind In The Willows Maries Wedding Molly Malone New York Girls / Snurron Polka Road And The Miles To Dundee Carrickfergus. Alaistair Gillies singing Tak a Dram before you go most of the images are of Sessions in the Coilacriech Inn on Deeside and winter scenes in Caithness , and before someone tells me Coilacriech. The legendary George McColl sings an old favourite toast to absent friends at Brentford's Brewery Tap Friday music night.
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Jersey Oil & Gas benefits from Statoil tie-up in north sea | IG
Andrew Benitz, Jersey Oil & Gas CEO, says the recent deal to bring Statoil into its north sea operations validates the asset. The venture carries JOG to the value $25 million of exploration costs. Andrew also talks about the belief that the north sea is s spent force, telling IG that this is far from the truth. That speculation, he says, will give JOG the opportunity to expand its asset base through acquisition. Website: http://www.ig.com/uk?CHID=9&SM=YT Twitter: https://twitter.com/IGcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IGcom Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iggroup.android.cfd&hl=en_GB LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/igcom Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108999047065291192896/108999047065291192896 ?mt=8 IG is a global leader in retail forex, providing fast and flexible access to over 10,000 financial markets – including indices, shares, forex, commodities . Established in 1974 as the world’s first financial spread betting firm, we are now the world’s No.1 provider of CFDs (Contract for Difference) and a global leader in forex. We also offer an execution-only share dealing service. All trading involves risk. Please take care to manage your exposure.
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