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Gerard Way Drunk
My favorite part from MCR's "LOTMS"
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Gerard Way speaks about his depression
Gerard Way speaks out about his depression in Life On The Murder Scene.
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Gerard Way Borracho / Drunk
Es una compilacion de videos donde gerard estaba borracho. It is a compilation of videos where Gerard was drunk.
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10 minutes of gerard way smoking
you can now say goodbye to your ovaries
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Drunk Gerard Way
Ripped from LOTMS
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gerard and frank fighting
gerard and frank fighting in projekt revolution the sharpest lives ..!
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Stuff that Gerard Way did in live shows that I enjoy.
I’ll add links soon ! ~social shit~ SpookumMagookum - find me on Tumblr,Instagram,Wattpad, and Twitter. Links: https://youtu.be/WUp-XyMJHjs https://youtu.be/wQFBSHXIvag
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Gerard Way - F*** u
http://www.TasteiTTv.com Conversation with Gerard Way at Atelier (Luxemburg) it's worth watching :-)
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Gerard Way ROAST
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Gerard Way - Drug Addiction
From My Chemical Romance: "Life On The Murder Scene - Video Diary". Now buy on itunes for a full length video. (121 Minutes)
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Drunk Gerard Way
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Gerard way in embarrassing moments...:)
come and see P:
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learn the alphabet with gerard way
this was so hard to make and it's messy but whatever here you go
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My Chemical Romance - Pelea en una fiesta / Party fight
Gerard, Frank y Ray metidos en una pelea... Pobre Ray,el solo quería separarlos. Gerard, Frank and Ray involved in a fight... Poor Ray,He just wanted to stop them. My chemical romance Fight Drunk guy Gerard mikey ray frank Bullets three cheers the black parade danger days
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gerard way.
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Gerard Way - Drunk Kickball Game
Gerard Way drunk & playing kickball. Ripped from Life On the Murder Scene Join the facebook group about 'Easy Peasey, Pumpkin Peasey, Pumpkin Pie Mothafuckers!' ; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Easy-Peasey-Pumpkin-Peasey-Pumpkin-Pie-Mothafuckers/114674761906798?v=wall
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Frank kicks Gerard In The Balls
Frank iero kicks Gerard way in the balls on stage
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Gerard way before n' after sober
gerard b4 n' after sober
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Gerard Way talks about happy drunks, pants and meeting his wife
(Top Shelf Australia radio interview - November 2007) MCR's singer talks about touring too much, his past as a happy drunk, having just four pairs of pants, how he met lyn-z, and having crushes. NOTE: this interview was uploaded by someone else long time ago. Now it seems the video has been deleted cause I can't find it anywhere, so I'm uploading it myself. If anyone is the owner just ask and I'll give you credit for it.
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Gerard Way and his depression and suicidal thoughts
ALL CREDIT TO THE OWNER OF THE CLIPS OF THE VIDEO This video talks about gerards suicidal thoughts if triggered by this please click off video thank you.
Gerard Way (feat. Ray Toro) - Happy Together [Official Audio]
From the upcoming Netflix series 'The Umbrella Academy,' out February 15. Watch the trailer: https://GerardWay.lnk.to/umbrellaacademy Stream/Download: http://gerardway.lnk.to/happytogether
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Gerard Way's Sexiest Stage Moments
The title says it all
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Gerard Way Drunk Kickball Game
This shit is easy, peasy pumpkin peasy, PUMPKIN PIE MOTHERFUCKER!!!
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gerard way fuck the daily mail
gerard way expresses himself. My Chemical Romance wants you to live your life the way you want to. To be free to be yourself. To LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE. LIVE being the key word there. They want you to LIVE and be happy! Don't kill yourself to prove any kind of point. LIVE to prove your point! You ALIVE and speaking your mind and speaking the truth is much better than you dead! Your not gonna help anyone from beyond the grave. You will just make matters worse. Then we all will look more like a fucking cult. You know what cults do? Mass suicides. You know what MCR fans do? FUCKING LIVE.
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gerad drunk
drunk gerad
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Theodore Grimm - We toast to the apocalypse
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Gerard Way is bored..? He sticks out toungue!
from What U Want I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. xoxopeace
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Gerard Way F***ing Himself at Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ
Gerard Way f***ing himself at Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand on the 6th December, 2007
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gerard way moans at pier pressure
very shaky image but..AWESOME SOUND!
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Mindless Self Indulgence + Gerard Way @ Molson Amphitheatre
Just Jimmy Being Jimmy With More Then A Tidbit Of Gerard Way Sneekin' A Peek From The Sidelines. Don't You Just Love The Way He Tries To 'Blend In'? Sunglasses + Slipknot Hoodie...But Seriously, Any MCR Fan Could Spot Him In A 50 Mile Radius. Location: Molson Amphitheatre, Ontario Place, Toronto
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Gerard Way, Clean and Sober 5 Years
Today August 11th Gerard Way became clean and sober back in 2004
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MCR Meets Drunk Fan
A drunk fan meets Gerard Way and flips a bitch
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Gerard Way Gay or not ?
i always was wandering,is he gay or not ? [Edit] 300k views,ty so much :D
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YAY NEW UPLOAD! Gerard way videos and edits part two!
Hey guys it's been a while since I have posted a video. I have been dealing with a lot lately like depression and anxiety and I am trying to find help at this point Sorry that I have not did the best job on this video And it's a little shorter than the others But I hope you like this video anyway and please give a like and subscribe if you want and enjoy the video
Orgasmos de Gerard Way
Gerard Way Metrorock 2007
Gerard Way - funny/sexy moves
My Chemical Romance at Madison Square Garden Gerard's funny/sexy moves x) Note: this is my first video using Windows Movie Maker so... Sorry for bad quality.
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Gerard Way drunk playing kickball.
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"Its okay to be messed up" -Gerard Way
from lotms
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Gerard Way Borrachooo!!
Gerard Way borracho D:
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Gerard Way Compilation
This is a Compliation of my second Favorite person, Gerard Way!! First is my gf Ray ;) Love You, Brat!!- Xo, G.
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Gerard Way Abandoned His Mother
A theory (of sorts) don't come after me.
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Another Gerard Way Video
I know that there are about a million videos about Gerard here, but I went ahead and made another one anyway. I tried to make it a little bit different, so I hope you like it!
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My friend as Drunk Gerard Way
My friend re-enacting gerard way drunk
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Gerard Way funny moments
I made this video of Gee (mcr) hope you like it.
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