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Magic Ukulele Waltz
Magic Ukulele Waltz - Roy Smeck http://www.facebook.com/capandbeard Tab (slightly different): http://ukuleledavarnaudd.free.fr/documents/magic%20ukulele%20waltz%20-%20wininboy.pdf
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Magic Ukulele Waltz - Roy Smeck || Ukulele Lesson
Get the TABS, Access the On-Screen TAB Viewer, & Watch Part 2 at: https://rockclass101.com/magic-ukulele-waltz/ ---- An enchanting melody from ukulele virtuoso Roy Smeck. This arrangement comes courtesy of another Ukulele sensation: Ukulelezaza. If you are unfamiliar with him, I highly suggest to check him out – amazing musician! If we were to simplify this arrangement, we can think of it as an A B A melody. Though, each melody is repeated and contains many variations. So, I’ve further subdivided it as follows: Intro (4 Bars) Melody A: A, B Melody B: C, D Melody A: E, F The sheer length of this arrangement is the first factor that makes it difficult. Another tricky sections lies in the B melody; there are a few bars which require full barre chords that jump quickly up and down the neck. I would highly recommend to approach learning this piece by breaking down each melody in half (8 bar phrases). And working to memorize and perfect that section before tackling the complete 16 bar* melody. * Note: Melody B and E are 20 bars in length. ---- EXTRA HELPFUL LESSONS View our Fingerpicking Course: https://rockclass101.com/fingerpicking-concepts-intro-fingerstyle/ Increase Left Hand Reach (Stretch Playing): https://rockclass101.com/increasing-left-hand-reach-ukulele/ ---- Ukulelezaza Links Special thanks to Ukulelezaza for writing an amazing arrangement of this Roy Smeck classic. Check out his playing and Etsy shop :) Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Ukulelezaza "Breeze" - Example Tune from Vol. 3 Tab book available on Etsy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3po0Ka8jDPU My favorite tune from him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoeDGqT4We0
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Magic Ukulele Waltz - Andy Eastwood
An impromptu effort at this cute little old Roy Smeck tune. Just filmed on the iPhone - lighting was poor so I made it B/W, but the sound isn't too bad... Uke: 1933 Martin style 1.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz - Roy Smeck
Magic Ukulele Waltz - Roy Smeck
Roy Smeck - Magic Uke Waltz
This is the second, and final recording by Roy Smeck of that beautiful tune of his, the Magic Uke Waltz. You can also listen to Winin' Boys' live version of this tune here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92oCd-NhDgY This record, issued in 1980, was record label Blue Goose's attempt at "restoring Roy Smeck to his natural setting" and getting rid of the lush band arrangements of his 1950's and 1960's recordings, which "amounts to pouring ketchup on caviar". Roy, at the tender age of 79 or 80, is heard on the ukulele. He is accompanied by Dick Plotka on the baritone uke and John Goodman on guitar. For this recording Smeck added a gorgeous third strain to this Waltz tune. (This here video sounds as if I recorded the lp in my bathroom, but it is due to the awful sound of my laptop's built-in microphone. Still, enjoy nonetheless!)
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"Ukulele Waltz" (EASY UKULELE TUTORIAL) - Kris Fuchigami
Here is an easy tutorial on how to play a "Waltz" on the ukulele! We will also be learning a technique which will help you to pick with more than one finger. Hope you enjoy!:) FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/kris.fuchigami INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/krisfuchigami/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/KrisFuchigami OFFICIAL WEBSITE - www.krisfuchigami.com
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Magic Martin Ukulele Waltz
A little ukulele comparison for my virtual friends BeareTube and Wininboy - and everyone else with a particular liking for vintage Martin ukuleles! The ukes in this video (all mahogany soprano's): - 1950s style 0 (strings: Hilo) - 1960s style 1 (strings: Aquila) - 1920s style 2 (strings: Worth CM) - 1940s style 3 (strings: Worth CM) The song is Roy Smeck's Magic Ukulele Waltz.
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【MV】Magic Ukulele Waltz - Roy Smeck / Solo Ukulele Cover
・楽譜ダウンロードURL (Score download URL) https://www.dlmarket.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=593532 ■鈴木智貴オフィシャルサイト https://tomo-guitar.jimdo.com/ ■2019年 3/23から全国ツアースタート! https://tomo-guitar.jimdo.com/spring-tour/ ロイ・スメックの "Magic Ukulele Waltz" をソロウクレレでカバーしました! この曲はウクレレの名手と呼ばれた、ロイ・スメックさんの曲で、 ウクレレの良さを引き出したメロディーラインやアレンジが大好きな曲です。 撮影地:奈良公園 冬場の奈良撮影は身にこたえるっす...( ・⊝・ ) Twitter►https://twitter.com/tomo8533 Instagram︎ ▶︎ https://www.instagram.com/tomo_8533 Facebook▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/tomoki.suzuki.16 鈴木智貴(Tomoki Suzuki) 奈良県出身ウクレレプレイヤー。 2013年にウクレレと出会い、わずか2年半で第8回 ジ・ウクレレコンテストにて大賞を受賞。(日本1位) 翌年の2016年2月にハワイで行われたウクレレの国際大会"International Ukulele Contest"にて世界3位獲得。 続くタイで行われた国際大会"Ribbee's World Ukulele Championship 2016"では世界1位に選ばれる。 ウクレレ一本から繰り出される音色は優しく、時に激しく情景を映し出す。 関西を中心に全国、世界で活躍している若手ウクレレプレイヤー。 毎週月曜日22:00~ ツイキャス配信(無料 LIVE配信)をしております! 是非こちらもご視聴ください^^ http://twitcasting.tv/tomo8533/ Official HP▶︎ http://tomo-guitar.jimdo.com/ ◆Videographer & Editor - KII Twitter→ https://twitter.com/kii_7708 Instagram→ http://Instagram.com/kiistyle778 facebook→https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100021633161295
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Stuart Fuchs Live @ Denver Uke Fest (2/8) "Magic Ukulele Waltz"
http://www.stufuchs.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/StukuleleStuartFuchsMusic Stuart Fuchs (aka "Stukulele") live at Denver Ukulele Festival @ Swallow Hill Music 5/16/15. Song composed by the Legendary Ukulele master Roy Smeck, The "Wizard of the Strings". Info, Booking, Lessons, Workshops: www.stufuchs.com Living in or visiting Denver? Check out: http://swallowhillmusic.org
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Magic Ukulele Waltz
If I wait until it is absolutely perfect before I record it, it will never be recorded. So here it is...
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Ukulele Waltz - Tutuorial
How to play the 'Ukulele Waltz for Kapalama Elementary Ukulele Students.
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Roy Smeck
Eddie VanHalen training vidio
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Magic Uke Waltz
With a uke that is slowly getting a bit out of tune, I tried to play this old Winin' Boy favourite, the Roy Smeck original "Magic Uke Waltz", the way he played it on his very last record ("Wizard of the Strings" on the Blue Goose label). The camera seems to have spontaneously stopped filming half-way through. A digital camera with musical taste, imagine!
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Magic Ukulele Waltz; Sopranino Ukulele
This is my lovely little Ohana SK-21 sopranino ukulele. 30cm scale, tuned up to E6 (B E G# C#). Martin fluorocarbon strings, and I've had the end of the headstock shortened to make the most of it's tiny form. (Fits in a backpack now) The tune is Roy Smeck's Magic Ukulele Waltz, one of the most uploaded finger style uke solos on YouTube
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The Winin' Boys and Ukulele Zaza play The Magic Ukulele Waltz - Cheltenham Uke Fesival
The combined talents of the Winin' Boys and Ukulele Zaza play the delightful Roy Smeck's tune "The Magic Ukulele Waltz" at the Saturday night concert at Cheltenham Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2012.
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"Magic Ukulele Waltz" Roy Smeck Composition Vincent Cortese Ukulele
I am playing along with the Roy Smeck version from the Blue Goose LP, his final record in 1980. This is exactly how he taught it to me.
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Roy Smeck - Magic Ukulele Waltz
This is, as far as I know, the first recording by Roy Smeck, Mr. Ukulele himself, of his beautiful Magic Ukulele Waltz. You can also listen to Winin' Boys' live version of this tune here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92oCd-NhDgY Roy Smeck, on ukulele, is accompanied by Tony Gottuso and Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar, Sam Bruno on bass, Bob Creash on accordion and Marty Grupp, percussion. The rest of the accompaniment and the arrangement are by Tony Gottuso (This here video sounds like I taped this lp in my bathroom, but I assure you; that's the sound from the built-in mic of my laptop. 'Spose it'll have to do for now...) Enjoy!
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Magic Ukulele Waltz (cover)
1950s Martin ukulele style 0
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Not as good as ukulelezaza's version but I did my best! Performed on a Mainland soprano (mahogany) with a little reverb added. a Roy Smeck composition.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz
Composed and played by Mr. Roy Smeck Ukulele Zazaさんと https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAcIGmVMTMs この方 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I49yVtPjF8w の演奏を参考にさせていただきました。 Ukulele Zazaさんはこないだ来日されてたみたいですね。 生で演奏聴いてみたかった! この曲といえばマホガニーのマーチンで弾くのが定番ですが コアのコアロハで弾いてみました。 でもやっぱりこの曲にはマーチンが一番合うかな(笑) この曲の存在を知り、「弾きたい!」と思い、 練習を始めてから5、6年。。 やっと何とか一通り覚えられてよかったです。 Ukulele: KoAloha soprano (1999)
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Ukulele waltz (original)
A sneak peek at one of the tracks off the new album (currently in progress) This is an original song I composed a couple months back and creates a visual of two ukulele's dancing to a waltz. Enjoy! Also, I'm a little congested so if you hear weird congested breathing noises, I apologize in advance haha.
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Learn a Classical Waltz on Ukulele || Seasoned Beginner Ukulele Tutorial
Get the TABS, Access the On-Screen TAB Viewer, & Watch Part 2 at: https://rockclass101.com/ukulele-waltz-in-c/ ---- A classical waltz with a playful melody that serves as a perfect challenge for the seasoned beginner. There are two areas of study in which this piece excels at; one is technique and the other is movement. One of the techniques used is staccato, which are detached, short notes that add a unique articulation to the music. Another technique that is used is legato slides (covered in our Beginner’s Course [Link Below]), which can be thought of as the opposite of staccato in that you are performing a passage in a smooth, flowing manner without breaks between notes. This piece also sees us performing throughout the entire span of the neck, i.e. movement. This is great because it helps break us away from playing notes and chords predominantly in the beginning of the neck (frets 1-5). ---- EXTRA HELPFUL LESSONS The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Ukulele - Complete Course: https://rockclass101.com/definitive-beginners-guide-ukulele/ Understand Rhythmic Notation & Counting: https://rockclass101.com/understanding-rhythmic-notation-ukulele/ CAGED Method - Move Chords Up/Down the Neck: https://rockclass101.com/understanding-and-applying-the-caged-method-on-ukulele/ Develop Proper Left Hand Form - Master Chords: https://rockclass101.com/proper-left-hand-ukulele-form/ Fingerpicking Etude no. 11 - Develop precision in your right hand muting, picking, & strumming attack: https://rockclass101.com/fingerpicking-etude-no-11/
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Magic Ukulele Waltz by Roy Smeck
Just a short snippet of this lovely piece.
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Bathrobe Sessions #15 - Magic Ukulele Waltz - Roy Smeck Cover
I first heard this song a couple of years ago and set out to learn it. Found the music for it and have been playing it every day since. It's much easier on my larger tenor ukes, but since this new soprano doesn't always work well for the jazzy stuff I usually do, I thought I'd just give it a go. If you YouTube this song, you'll hear nearly everyone play it a little differently. I'd love to find an original Smeck recording so I can see what it's REALLY supposed to sound like... This is a RipTide soprano (US-5NS) from Boulder Creek. My wife got it as a souvenir from me during her recent trip to Hawaii. For a low cost uke, it sounds pretty good, though I have some intonation problems with it - and the strings still may be stretching, so I decided not to get too worked up about the tuning issues (like I normally do...) The sound hole configuration is different for sure, but I like it - and it's a great little addition my collection and it's fun to play!
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Magic Ukulele Waltz, by Roy Smeck: my simplified rendition
(I'm so sorry, Mr. Smeck!) :-) This piece was published in “The Magic Ukulele Of Roy Smeck”, a great Smeck's album. In the original recording, Roy Smeck is accompanied by Tony Gottuso and Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar, Sam Bruno on bass, Bob Creash on accordion and Marty Grupp on percussion. My transcription is a simplified version, thinked to be played on ukulele solo. - Free sheet music: https://www.andreafortuna.org/2019/05/17/must-known-ukulele-songs-magic-ukulele-waltz-by-roy-smeck/ - Full PDF with tabs: https://gumroad.com/l/UvDb
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Magic Ukulele Waltz - Gibson ukulele
Another take of this one by Roy Smeck (arr. Dav) but a little bit more swing than the "classical" version I made before with the Glyph. Vintage Gibson tenor, Savarez KF Alliance strings.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz
Je ré-enregistre une version de ce standard entendu et ré-entendu maintes fois. J'essaie de m'approcher de la version de de l'album Wizard of the Strings avec des maladresses qui me rendent fou ! Encore quelques années d'apprentissage et je lui met la pâtée à ce mec. En attendant, il force l'admiration toujours. Je joue mon vieux Martin style 2 en acajou des années 20. I re-recorded version of the standard re-heard and heard again. I try to approach the version of the LP Wizard of the Strings with blunders that make me crazy ! A few more years of training and I put the beating that guy. Meanwhile, he still commands admiration. I play my old mahogany 20's Style 2 Martin.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz Roy Smeck - UkuleleFrizzo #05
Ukulele Solo - Magic Ukulele Waltz Roy Smeck Played on Mahi Mahi Soprano MS 7G and ... Manipulator Hat Juggling
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Magic Waltz Roy Smeck
A picking test with a ukulele plastic waterman kala
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Magic Ukulele Waltz - MaFer Vergara
This record, issued in 1980, was record label Blue Goose's attempt at "restoring Roy Smeck to his natural setting" and getting rid of the lush band arrangements of his 1950's and 1960's recordings, which "amounts to pouring ketchup on caviar". Roy, at the tender age of 79 or 80, is heard on the ukulele. He is accompanied by Dick Plotka on the baritone uke and John Goodman on guitar. For this recording Smeck added a gorgeous third strain to this Waltz tune.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz Practice
I'm not on top of this yet but ... meh! This is the perfect demonstration of the Vex Chord - The chord that is written into an otherwise straightforward song to make it unplayable by mortals. Here: the inversion of Gm7 at 1m37s (that I accidentally play as an Am7, as if to prove the point)... Anyway... Irresistibly sweet song.
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Roy Smeck's Magic Ukulele Waltz
My 1st attempt at the great Roy Smeck waltz, I may re record once I feel more at home with it. Played on the awesome handmade soprano ukulele by uk luthier Rob Collins of Tin Guitar. This is his pro sound on a budget uke, all solid woods and hand crafted in the uk. tinguitar.com Strung with D'Addario Titamium strings EJ87s daddario.com
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Magic Ukulele Waltz
Roy Smeck's Magic Ukulele Waltz, done in a single take. Definitely my favourite Uke tune at the mo. Tab for this tune is available - Google "Ukulele Tabs de" for zwiebackdude's tab site.
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Winin' Boys - Magic Ukulele Waltz at the 2nd Ukefest of GB in Cheltenham 2011
A quiet moment at the 2011 Ukulele Festival of Great Britain in Cheltenham as Winin' Boys play that classic tune, the Magic Uke Waltz. Thank you to Ally, Jude, Phil and Tony for inviting us back to their wonderful festival. Thank you to John of Phototechniques Ltd in Oxford for allowing us to use this footage
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Magic Ukulele Waltz - Season 184 UU
For the UU season 184 instrumentals : Waltz composed by Roy Smeck, the Wizard of strings. Played on the pineapple long neck made by Gérard Guasch. Aquila strings (lute nylgut type).
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WEBSITE (SKYPE LESSONS AVAILABLE): http://www.jamesscottguitar.com FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/jamesscottguitar TWITTER : http://www.twitter.com/jamesscottgtr BANDCAMP : http://jamesscott.bandcamp.com iTUNES : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/letters-from-sonora/id469553052 Ukulele time! This video covers how to play "Tennessee Waltz" in the Key of C on the ukulele. Enjoy! -james scott ***PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS*** ***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL*** AND.....LIKE my Videos ! It helps out A LOT !!! Fingerstyle Friday-(Fingerstyle Guitar) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgskAo74M0ITAvLMQcuCBoPHRn2DTiahm Guitar Lesson Videos- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1F5E67FB5429F528 Songs- (ALL Types of Songs) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7EB111BA36FFDD31 Country Songs http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgskAo74M0ITPNV8ZcP9OTQmPltQFy6Cn Mellow Mondays-(Jazz Guitar) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgskAo74M0IQdBPfIgHr1fmKL7aKqqprn Twang' Tuesdays- (Country Guitar Licks) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgskAo74M0IRAFvQOxkqZQibVJsTAbV77 ii-7 V7 Sundays http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgskAo74M0IQIdnqLlpaaCRnbMxtDZPgY Guitar Solos, and Guitar Licks http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9956C1C7F0EC7E24
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Kiwaya KTS-7 - Magic ukulele waltz
All solid genuine mahogany soprano ukulele. Martin 3K replica. Strung with Fremont Clear who seems to be the same like Worth Clear strings.
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Ukulele Waltz UU+ Preview
Watch the full LESSON for this song (along with Slow-Downs of each section) here - http://ukuleleunderground.com/2016/07/uu-solos-ukulele-waltz-solo-ukulele-arrangement/?utm_source=ukewaltzonyoutube For the full tutorial on how to play each part of this song, along with slow-downs of each section, check out the Uke Lesson on http://ukuleleunderground.com Aloha, -UU Staff http://ukuleleunderground.com
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Magic Ukulele Waltz
Tony Leonard plays Roy Smeck's 'Magic Uke Waltz' at the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective (MUK) in Melbourne, Australia in December 2008. Tony plays a Kamaka Tenor uke. Thanks to wininboy and ukulelezaza whose versions of this tune on youtube inspired Tony.
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Magic ukulele waltz. Roy Smeck.
Ukulele waltz. Roy Smeck.
Magic Ukulele Waltz
I'm playing around with the settings of my camera and this is a test video to see what it comes out like. The song is magic ukulele waltz and you can get the tabs from here http://home.arcor.de/crazydawg/ukulele/magic_ukulele_waltz.txt I've slowed this down deliberately to help people who are trying to learn the song
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magic ukulele waltz // michelle
wind, waves and a little ukulele playing. please accept the mediocre audio quality :) SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/michelle_lonsdale/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/snolellechim
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Magic ukulele waltz
Опыт игры на укулеле 1 месяц :) Инструмент: Enya EUS-20
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Roy Smeck Magic Ukulele Waltz (cover) by Don
Don samples a Kala All-Solid Mahogany Baritone ukulele at Ukulele Movement Singapore. Don is a 20-yr old student in Singapore Poly. He's a self-declared 'obsessed' ukulele player. The baritone is tuned to G-tuning or DGBE (like 1st 4 strings of a guitar).
Magic Ukulele Waltz on Kamaka HF-1 Soprano Ukulele
Second take on my new Kamaka Soprano. Could do better, but lack of time..... Also visit www.mannenmetkleintjes.nl (Men With Little Ones), the only Dutch Ukulele Band. Comment, subscribe and enjoy... Greetz from Holland. Sinus Menses
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Magic ukulele waltz
I am very bored this afternoon... Does any one know where I can find an original recording of the Smeck version of Ukulele Waltz? I have looked everywhere. Also where are the tabs for the elusive third section? I want answers. Rubbish video I know, its all shirt... But when you catch a glimpse of it, doesn't that Ken Timms soprano look nice?
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The Magic Ukulele Waltz
A nice little piece by Roy Smeck - the first true 'melody' piece I learned, and I'm not the best at it, to be honest. But I tried, at least. The ukulele I'm playing here is a little koa instrument from Hawai'i, and was made in ~1914 - a few years before the first ukulele explosion in America.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz
I made a video of this song last year, but I thought I could do it better this time... turned out not to be that easy, but it is always fun to play! At least it is fast this time, ha :) The Magic Ukulele Waltz from Roy Smeck, by the interpretation of Andy Eastwood.
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Magic Ukulele Waltz with rhythm
Roy Smeck's beautifull Magic Ukulele Waltz with rhythm accompaniment. Kala concert Golden Acacia, Fremont hard tension strings. Hope you enjoy. Open for comments! December 2013
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