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Secret Garden - Nocturne (Piano Cover)
Today I was thinking about a good piece to cover ! I came up with this amazing composition from Rolf Løvland, with Secret Garden "Nocturne" The well known winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995. Maybe the best winning song ever?
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Secret Garden - Nocturne (Piano)
How to play Nocturne by Secret Garden Download music sheets and midi: http://piano-scores.com Like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ic3zz86 For @ 50% Speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oU-DD5ohy0
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Rolf Løvland: Nocturne ( Secret Garden song ) - piano solo version
This is a published piano solo version of the 1995 song written by Rolf Løvland (1955- ) which won the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest. It was made famous by the group Secret Garden, and contains a substantial instrumental element. To me it has a Celtic feel. In this performance I have stuck to the printed text except to add from the Secret Garden recording one or two grace notes in the violin solo, a suggestion of the 'whistle' figures and some arpeggiation at the end of the piece. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Played by Phillip Sear http://www.psear.co.uk (Email: [email protected] ) Upcoming live events: https://events.time.ly/hsr9pfk YouTube community tab: https://is.gd/SV4II9
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Free Nocturne - Secret Garden Piano Sheet Music Tutorial
Download Free Nocturne - Secret Garden piano Sheet Music from http://www.everyonepiano.com/Music-339-Nocturne.html More Free Piano Sheet Music: http://www.everyonepiano.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Crystal.Sheetmusic
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Secret Garden - Nocturne - Piano Tutorial
Top songs 🎹 http://bit.ly/2P4m36E 🎹 or Subscribe for more tutorial 🎹 http://bit.ly/2CHsNBB 🎹 Learn how to play Nocturne by Secret Garden on piano just by watch our notes visualization and learn finger position with real top down video record.
Secret Garden - "Nocturne" piano solo
Secret Garden - "Nocturne" Music by Rolf Lovland Arranged by me "Nocturne" is the song that started it all for Secret Garden, and it follows the tradition of the Romantic nocturnes by John Field and Frederic Chopin. If you're a fan of Secret Garden, but you aren't very familiar with the music of Field and Chopin, I highly recommend you give their nocturnes a listen. = ) Using the score from the Secret Garden Collection book (ISBN: 0757937063), I combine the violin line with the piano accompaniment into a piano solo. If you like this video, I invite you to check out my previous piano solos of other Secret Garden works. I plan to post Secret Garden's "Reflection" soon. After that, I plan to take a break from Secret Garden and post some of my piano solo arrangements of other contemporary composers' music. There are some other Secret Garden pieces that I adore (such as "The Promise," "Papillon" and "Hymn to Hope"), and I'll post those sometime this year. Thanks for watching. Please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers... -Rick
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Secret Garden - Nocturne Live
Secret Garden - Nocturne Live Twitter https://twitter.com/LeandroMoikano Facebook https://www.facebook.com/leandro.moikano
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Nocturne - Secret Garden [Fingerstyle guitar cover - Clauss]
Another great arrangement by Jeremy Choi. Subscribe if you enjoy :) Produced by James Bartholomew. Please check out his amazing channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bart99111/videos Film edited by my friend, Andy: http://www.ostafi.ro/photography/ Thanks for watching! :)
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Secret Garden - Nocturne (Lyric Video) ft. Anne Takle
Music video by Secret Garden performing Nocturne. © 2018 Universal Music A/S http://vevo.ly/QL9xaQ
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Nocturne - Secret Garden - Norway 1995 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra
Let's make Eurovision live again! Like my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/esclivemusiccom-We-want-live-music-in-the-Eurovision-Song-Contest-134819689901672/ For those interested in Eurovision history, check out the biography of Geir Langslet and all other Eurovision conductors at: http://www.andtheconductoris.eu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS: "Nocturne" Country : Norway Year : 1995 Performed by : Secret garden Lyrics : Petter Skavlan Music : Rolf Løvland Arrangement : Rolf Løvland, John Tate Conductor : Geir Langslet
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Secret Garden Nocturne Piano Tutorial at Tempo
Request from Denmark, Poland, and Vietnam. Level 4, D minor. This goes with the SLOW tutorial. Songs from a Secret Garden (1995) is the first international album by the duo called Secret Garden, consisting of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland. Nocturne was the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995. https://sites.google.com/site/pianoandmathtutorials/songs-from-a-secret-garden Jane, a retired university math teacher, started this volunteer project in April 2009. Positive feedback from wonderful viewers worldwide keeps her motivated. Jane is a strong advocate of reading music. She made unconventional sight-reading lessons that simplifies reading music. https://sites.google.com/site/pianoandmathtutorials/sight-reading-lessons
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Secret Garden- Nocturne (piano version)
my cover for this melody.
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Secret Garden - Nocturne - Live - HD
Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing new instrumental music and consist of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer-pianist Rolf Løvland. The duo won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995, with the composition "Nocturne". For their performance at the Contest they featured two guest musicians; Norwegian vocalist Gunnhild Tvinnereim and Swedish nyckelharpist Åsa Jinder. I do not own any rights to this video or audio. Lyrics: Now left for a hard day Just live the hard way So the dark night may watch over you Nocturne.. No darf no flay With will give way When the dark night will leave us a day
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Secret Garden - Nocturne
Nocturne from Secret Garden Composed by Rolf Løvland
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Secret Garden - Nocturne - Piano tutorial and cover (Sheets + MIDI)
Buy midi files from this link: http://prod2file.ru/?s=8d851308c
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Secret Garden - Nocturne — EXTENDED (1 Hour)
............ Background: The duo "Secret Garden" made up of Fionnuala Sherry & Rolf Løvland Website: http://secretgarden.no/ They are from Norway and Ireland Genre: New age, Celtic, Nordic folk They won the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest (representing Norway) with this song ............ Audio Details: From the Album: Songs from a Secret Garden Released: April 16, 1996 Genre: New-age, neoclassical new-age music Length: 47:20 Label: © 1996, Mercury, Philips, PolyGram Producer: Rolf Løvland ............
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Nocturne/Secret Garden
Nocturne Secret Garden Played by Abraham Mulder Yamaha 440 CLP PE Recording: USB
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Secret Garden - [Songs from a Secret Garden] Nocturne [Piano Tutorial]
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Secret Garden - Nocturne
Secret Garden - Nocturne * VIDEOCLIP * EUROVISION 1995 WINNERS Lyrics: La Dagen fa Sin Hvile Na OgNatten vil vake for den Nocturn Se morket mã Engang forga Sa natten kan fade en dag Translation: Now lat day Just slip away So the dark night May watch over you Nocturne Though darlmess lay It will give way When the dark night Delivers the day
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Nocturne - Secret Garden
A beautiful relaxing moment in the garden at night. European duo "Secret garden" comprising Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian pianist/keyboardist Rolf Lovland.
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Nocturne - Secret Garden (with lyrics)
Video with lyrics. Voice: Anne Takle Music: Rolf Lovland Lyrics: Petter Skavland
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Secret Garden- Nocturne
This is the first song from Secret Gardens album Songs From a Secret Garden, from 1995. Secret Garden is primarily made up of Norwegian Composer Rolf Lovland and irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry. The concept of Secret Garden is, to quote Lovland "A garden in which we can seek refuge when times are rough, or retire to in joy or contemplation." This song Nocturne was inspired by traditional moods and was written in 1992, winning a contest in Japan in 1995, and signaling the start of the Secret Garden collaboration. The singer was Gunnhild Tvinnereim, and the lyrics by Petter Skavlan.
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"Nocturne" composed by Secret Garden - Flute on a street corner
Flutist Daniel Laberge plays "Nocturne", composed by Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Løvland who form the group Secret garden. For more information and a complete selection of pieces, please visit: http://www.daniellaberge.net/
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Secret Garden nocturne
Fra en konsert i regi av Kulturskolen Fredrikstad.
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"Secret Garden" Rolf Lovland - Nocturne
Sirarpi Samvelyan - Viola Jemma Eyramjyan - Piano Lilit Sanosyan - Vokal
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How To Play ~ Nocturne ~ Secret Garden  ~ LetterNotePlayer ©
LetterNotePlayer © ~ For free download of .pdf with the Piano Letter Notes & bass progression, go to: http://www.LetterNotePlayer.com/ Tutorial shows how to play the vocal melodies, with bass notes, as harmony for "Nocturne" by Secret Garden - on piano / keyboard, in the original key. This tutorial demonstrates the LH bass notes, introduction arpeggios & chords. Demo uses a String/Piano - sound setting on the keyboard. If you want to play "Nocturne" by Secret Garden this video makes it accessible; perhaps having you play most of it in just a few minutes. Easily adapted to a "sing along" Also - follow me on Twitter - LtrNotePlayer - receive tweets whenever I upload a new video. If you subscribe to my channel you will automatically receive notices every time I upload a tutorial - I upload quite often - always a requested song.
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Nocturne - Secret Garden  Piano Tutorial
Full Part At http://www.PureLessons.com For Learn Chords Go To http://www.Dchords.com How to play lesson
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Secret Garden Nocturne Piano Tutorial SLOW
Request from Denmark, Poland, and Vietnam. Level 4, D minor. This goes with an at tempo tutorial. Songs from a Secret Garden (1995) is the first international album by the duo called Secret Garden, consisting of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland. Nocturne was the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995. https://sites.google.com/site/pianoandmathtutorials/songs-from-a-secret-garden
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Secret Garden - Nocturne (Piano) [50% Speed]
How to play Nocturne by Secret Garden Download music sheets and midi: http://piano-scores.com Like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ic3zz86 For @ 100% Speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrF9ZlxwZkk
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Secret Garden Greatest Hits Album Best Of Secret Garden playlist
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Nocturne - Secret Garden (Vocal, keyboard and violin cover)
Secret Garden's Nocturne cover -live in concert- performed by Lara Ausensi (vocals and keyboard) and Pablo Abad (violin) in a 13th Century church.
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Nocturne, Secret Garden [Voice&Violin Cover]
This Song is mystical. Please check my channel for more music, if you like it. Here I felt like being in a... well... secret garden while playing it :). This is the last of the 'old' videos being uploaded to my Violin Channel :). Thanks to Mercuziopianist for the youtube-piano-part! Best wishes to you all!
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Secret Garden Full
01.Opening 0:00 02.The Rap 1:08 03.Songs From A Secret Garden 4:00 04.Pastorale 6:30 05.Children Of The River 10:15 06.Sigma 15:00 07.Nocturne 18:38 08.Steps 21:59 09.Passacaglia 26:17 10.Sona 30:10 11.Poeme 35:52 12.Moving 41:00 13.Adagio 44:29 14.Windancer 49:08 15.In Our Tears 52:51 16.Elan 58:17 17.Prayer 1:01:40 18.Heartstrings 1:06:43 19.Dreamcatcher 1:09:38 20.Celebration 1:14:30 21.Ode To Simplicity 1:19:40 22.Hymn To Hope 1:23:02 23.Dawn Of A New Century 1:28:07
Secret Garden-Nocturne  ( instrumental / relaxing music / 720p HD )
Enjoy the serenity of music and relax with peace of snowy landscapes... * Includes beautiful images of a white snowy winter with processed in the photoshop (file type : jpeg, png, gif) ** The images are from the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MonoEikonesJustImages?ref=tn_tnmn *** Hint: select 720p HD for better video performance **** The track is used twice in audio mixing by dj 62menios: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9fuC9i2eqBNetaFS5UMJPQ
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HAUSER - Song from a Secret Garden
https://www.instagram.com/hausercello https://www.facebook.com/hauserofficial Hauser performing Song from a Secret Garden by Secret Garden with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra at his classical solo concert at the Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, October 2017. Elisabeth Fuchs, conductor Filip Sljivac, piano Filmed and edited by MedVid production Sound and mixing by Morris Studio 2CELLOS
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Secret Garden - Nocturne
Various landscape/sunset etc pics put to Secret garden - Nocturne
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Nocturne- Secret Garden On piano
On piano
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Passacaglia- Secret Garden - piano cover
Played by ear on a Yamaha CVP-503 Tutoriels , partitions et fichiers midis et reviews d'utilitaires pour pianistes: Piano scores, tutorials, midi files for Synthesia and piano tools http://flabis.com SUBSCRIBE to Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/flabis66 Website: http://flabis.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PianoLabis/ #passacaglia #secretgarden #piano #cover
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HAUSER - Adagio (Secret Garden)
https://www.instagram.com/hausercello https://www.facebook.com/hauserofficial HAUSER performing Adagio by Secret Garden at the "HAUSER & Friends" Gala Concert in Arena Pula, Croatia, August 2018 Ivo Lipanovic, conductor Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra Arrangement by Hauser and Filip Sljivac Filmed and edited by MedVid production and Hauser Audio produced by Hauser and Filip Vidovic (Morris Studio) 2CELLOS
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nocturne SECRET GARDEN, en subtitulado en español
nocturno de secrret garden en español
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Secret Garden - Nocturne [HQ/HD]
Motion Designer: N1V ([email protected]) Sound FX: battleR ( soundcloud.com/battleR-1) ele Sea Colors ... Crete Colors - Greece !! It's a beautiful song !! I hope u like !!
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Secret Garden sings "Nocturne"
Powered by: http://www.eurovision.tv: Norway's entry in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest "Nocturne" by Secret Garden who got the 1st place.
Play-by-Ear Piano Cover of Nocturne by Secret Garden
This 1995 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is perhaps my favorite song ever written. A link to the original award-winning performance of "Nocturne" by Secret Garden is listed below. Skip to 1:20 in the link below if you want to bypass the spoken introduction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol5YMjU37QI
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Secret garden - Nocturne (with lyrics)
Best Eurovision winner song! From Norway (1995)
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Nocturne (Secret Garden Cover)
Composed by Rolf Løvland (Secret Garden) Piano: Oğuzhan Taşoluk
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