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Новая процедура от Helen Seward (Milan)
Новая процедура от Helen Seward (Milan), арт-директор Александр Богданов.
seward mediter hydrating mask
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Venha descobrir a nova coleção Helen Seward na Beautyland®! www.beautyland.pt
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New simple balayage tutorial video | Helen Seward blonde 9+
New color corection from my salon...hope you liked
SEALPLEX HAIR DEFENDER Bond Regenerator + Bond Perfector
SEALPLEX HAIR DEFENDER is the treatment that allows to perform any type of technical service – coloring, bleaching, permanent waving and straightening – even in the most extreme cases. With just a few operations and in only two steps, it protects the hair fibre during chemical treatments without compromising the result, prevents any damage and repairs damaged hair, enhancing its strength and fullness.
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Dầu gội chống rụng dành cho nam Helen Seward
Dầu gội chống rụng dành cho nam Helen Seward Đỗ Anh Chi 0168.692.8586 ( triết khấu 10%-20%) Xuất xứ: Italy Densifying Shampoo Men 10/S Helen Seward Công dụng: Dầu gội chống rụng tóc là sản phẩm phục hồi năng lượng và hỗ trọ chống rụng tóc, bảo vệ chống lão hóa. Với chiết xuất từ cây cúc và phức hợp Cerapil, sản phẩm giúp tái tạo năng lượng cho cấu trúc tóc, tăng mật độ tóc, giúp tóc có độ sáng hoàn hảo. Nhờ khả năng giúp bổ trợ cho tóc và da đầu, sản phẩm giúp da đầu trong điều kiện vệ sinh tốt, chuẩn bị cho quá trình trị liệu tiếp theo. Đã được kiểm nghiệm da liễu chưng minh. Cách sử dụng Đưa một lượng nhỏ lên tóc ướt, tạo bọt, massage nhẹ nhàng và làm sạch bằng nước ấm. Lưu ý: Tránh để sản phẩm tiếp xúc mắt. Sử dụng đúng mục đích. Sản phẩm: Dầu gội Loại tóc: Tóc rụng & thưa mỏng Quy cách: 300ml
Hanno cantato di noi i poeti in cerca del mito, ci hanno pregato i marinai perché dessimo loro una rotta; ci hanno invocato gli uomini per il raccolto, perché portassimo salute, amore e fortuna. Siamo state venerate, temute, tradite e poi ancora amate. La nostra storia è la vostra sin dalla notte dei tempi. Vi abbiamo dato forma e tempra a nostra immagine e somiglianza per vedere il vostro mondo nascere e andare avanti. Siete il riflesso della nostra volontà, siete lo specchio dei nostri capricci, siete quello che siamo noi. Né buone né cattive, né giuste né sbagliate ma solo e sempre, dee dell’Asgard. Poets sang of us in search of myths, sailors prayed to us to show them a course; men invoked us for the harvest, and to bring health, love and fortune. We have been venerated, feared, betrayed and then loved again. Our history has been yours since the dawn of time. We have shaped and tempered you in our image and likeness to see your world be born and move forward. You are the reflection of our will, you are the mirror of our whims, you are what we are. Neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong, but only and always, goddesses of Asgard.
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1 Minuto de Beleza by Helen Seward # 3
Hoje falamos em como proteger o cabelo de fontes de calor.
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Born To Bio
clip réalisé pour illustrer un article sur mon blog, je ne suis nullement propriétaire de la marque.Musique Nina Simone
RPR Hair Care | SO COOL Conditioner
THE WAIT IS OVER … IT IS HERE. SO COOL Conditioner. The ULTIMATE silver blonde toning conditioner. SO brilliantly toning on blonde, grey, and highlights to help remove yellow tones or brassiness. "Life is so much better when you meet the perfect partner." Visit our website to find our more www.rprhaircare.com.au or connect with us on our socials: www.facebook.com/RPRHairCare www.facebook.com/RPRHairCareMyColour www.instagram.com/rprhaircare
Helen Seward - Angel Lopez & Ana Stann
Fashion Hair Spot
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£1 Hair Mask Review | Poundland Argan oil
Hey Lovelies, I have been on a mission trying all different kinds of hair masks and picked one up for only £1/$1 from the pound shop (dollar store). I have done a mini review and video of me using the product. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS USED: - Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask ---------------------------------------­­--------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: Blog: http://brightoncurlyg.blogspot.co.uk/ Instagram: @brightoncurlyg Twitter: @brightoncurlyg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: Email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music provided by MrSuicideSheep Song: Beauvois - Little Lights Video: https://youtu.be/barmbS0SfQs No copyright infringement intended.
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RPR Hair Care | Sexy Silver, Great Greys
We often get asked via private message how we get our greys so great and not green. Many users of other colour ranges find it hard to get greys that are perky and not flat. The technical team from RPR My Colour has been perfecting greys and silvers for years and years. Here’s our top tips for the perfect silvers and greys; - Always lift at least 1 level above your goal. - The cleaner the better so use 10vol and lighter for a slower, cleaner lift. - Apply your gloss (where possible) to dry hair after lightening. You’ll get a true idea of the level you’re at and won’t flatten or darken the lifting you’ve worked hard perfecting. - Use at least 10 grams of a .12 as it contains a slight pink/purple pearl so will help neutralise the hard blue/green base that comes with using .1’s - Cocktails are best. Don’t be afraid to mix 3 or more colours. Have fun and play. - You can also add .5 gm to 2gms Of V concentrate to help neutralise as above Enjoy!!!! Visit our website to find our more www.rprhaircare.com.au or connect with us on our socials: www.facebook.com/RPRHairCare www.facebook.com/RPRHairCareMyColour www.instagram.com/rprhaircare
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