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Early this morning, commuters nationwide were delighted to find out that while they were sleeping, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had come to an end. See the full paper online: nytimes-se.com/
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Andy Bichlbaum-The Yes Men- Fight Like The Yes Men and Avoid Going to Jail!
The world-famous detractors of globalization named Yes Men from the United States have already embarrassed some major corporations with their anarchist and subversive activism. One of their creative methods of nonviolent resistance is to deliberately mislead the mainstream media. Group members like to adopt certain roles of representatives of international corporations and to caricature their goals in conferences exaggerating with their claims. They refer to this method as "identity correction". Here, Andy Bichlbaum talks about how one can stage funny and attention catching actions without being arrested. He tells some stories of how they managed to not get busted in the past.
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The Yes Men vs Cars
Bikes vs. Cars, a new film project from BANANAS! * and Big Boys Gone Bananas! * director Fredrik Gertten. Check out the Bikes vs Cars website: bikes-vs-cars.com/thefilm Support Bikes vs Cars Kickstarter campaign at kickstarter.com/projects/fredrik-gertten/bikes-vs-cars-we-are-many WE ARE MANY! Last news about the documentary on facebook: facebook.com/pages/BIKES-vs-CARS/471560182885475 Twitter: @bikes_vs_Cars
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Newspaper Pointing to Rapture of Church?  Yes, It Is...
Luke 21 The Return of Christ 25 “There will be [p]signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, 26 men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the [q]world; for the powers of [r]the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Salvation only through Jesus Christ We believe that, owing to universal death through sin, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless born again; and that no degree of reformation however great, no attainments in morality, however high, no culture however attractive, no baptism or other ordinance however administered, can help the sinner to take even one step toward heaven; but a new nature imparted from above, a new life implanted by the Holy Spirit through the Word, is absolutely essential to salvation, and only those thus saved are sons of God. We believe also that our redemption has been accomplished solely by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was made to be sin and was made a curse for us, dying in our room and stead; and that no repentance, no feeling, no faith, no good resolutions, no sincere efforts, no submission to the rules and regulations of any church, nor all the churches that have existed since the days of the Apostles, can add in the very least degree to the value of the blood or to the merit of the finished work wrought for us by Him who united in His person true and proper deity with perfect and sinless humanity. (Leviticus 17:11; Isaiah 64:6; Matthew 26:28; John 3:7-18; Romans 5:6-9; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Galatians 3:13; 6:15; Ephesians 1:7; Philippians 3:4-9; Titus 3:5; James 1:18; 1 Peter 1:18-19, 23.) We believe that the new birth of the believer comes only through faith in Christ and that repentance is a vital part of believing, and is no way in itself a separate and independent condition of salvation; nor are any other acts, such as confession, baptism, prayer, or faithful service, to be added to believing as a condition of salvation. (John 1:12; 3:16, 18, 36; 5:24; 6:29; Acts 13:39; 16:31; Romans 1:16-17; 3:22, 26; 4:5; 10:4; Galatians 3:22.)
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Pound Puppies - Newspaper Man Always Gets All the Facts, Right?
Dolores tells her father the reason why he couldn't delivery the newspapers in time is because she helped Mr. Colangelo's bird, Peepers with fixing its wings. She later reveals she also helped the other neighbors' with their pets. Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx Pound Puppies: http://j.mp/1j93XzU Watch Pound Puppies on a Screen Near You!   “POUND PUPPIES” MAY BE AVAILABLE ON YOUR LOCAL BROADCAST STATION, CHECK LISTINGS FOR DATES AND TIMES; IT MAY ALSO BE AVAILABLE ON OTHER PLATFORMS, ONLINE AND ON MOBILE DEVICES. “POUND PUPPIES” MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE THEATRICALLY.
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24 recent SHOCKING signs confirm timing of Lord’s soon return, Rapture! Absolute MUST WATCH!!
If you would like to assist me with this ministry please contact me at [email protected] Joshua trees. Holy Land earthquakes Part 2 (May 14th pt 7) https://youtu.be/7p6LDcwCo6U Joshua trees. Holy Land earthquakes pt 1 https://youtu.be/ggQfBZR1IRk Nov 17 (review Feb 2018 - Nov 2018) https://youtu.be/UXfS8rvl35g November 17th conclusions https://youtu.be/Z4iFWj0Z0XU May 14th video pt 1 https://youtu.be/NEugQ1BFVOs Blood Moon 1 (May 14th pt 2) https://youtu.be/-90XcsAtQnA Blood Moon 3 (May 14th pt 4) https://youtu.be/h05fQZ4tdao Titanic, solar flare, Blood Moon 4 (May 14th pt5) https://youtu.be/bQykCYpprwY Jonathan Cahn Super Bowl signs (May 14th pt 6) https://youtu.be/20wLVeaKjBg Oct 17 https://youtu.be/rGe0pQcNkUw other highly recommended videos and articles: Roman Popes Have Been AntiChrists in Our Midst for Centuries - 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SxOBOgjUO9Q&t=725s Link to interesting article Will No One Know The Day? http://theopenscroll.com/when_cometh/knowday.htm?fbclid=IwAR3DoQJw2a_S7lLsavJTT0LFfFO_gP5yq-iEpkYPOPli0KlXQz456xeqYFQ Link to information countering the false doctrine that no one will know the day http://www.clearlywritten.net/no-man-knows-the-day Bible study: Is Joshua’s Battle at Jericho the Dramatic Key to John’s Revelation? http://www.luke2427.com/jesus-battle-against-babylon-in-revelation/ Grace, Saving, Sovereign and Free (David Pawson. Free Grace segment begins at minute 51:00) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=akC02BnAeTo&t=55s Sovereign Grace and Calvinism (David Pawson. Great question and answers at the end) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SlReogBOLcE&t=2693s Once Saved Always Saved? (David Pawson) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hG-zaJXv5D0 The True God and the True Gospel (David Pawson) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I5QDpyk4yZw The Character of God, Grace True and False (David Pawson) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CDCfJRFepj4&t=4116s You Accepted Jesus, BUT Has He Accepted You? (Micheal Chriswell. "Most important End Times message") https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E95nGoaZCKw Verse By Verse, Can You Lose Your Salvation? (Micheal Chriswell) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M1VIL4cCN0c The Lordship Controversy (Phil Johnson) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x4zPf7-8WYk
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Do Nigerians Still Buy Newspaper?
► Subscribe to BattaBox on YouTube: http://goo.gl/4dgy2r Newspaper In Nigeria: Since the usage of the internet evolved, everyone became connected to one social media platform or the other which enables people to get news and information faster. This development has reduced the rate at which people read and buy newspapers in Nigeria. "The newspaper is still selling but not like before," says one newspaper seller Battabox presenter BollyLomo speaks to some Nigerians on the streets of Lagos and asks them - Do Nigerians Still Read Newspaper? "I don't buy newspaper any longer," says one man "I use my phone to browse," replies another Although the rate at which people buy news papers in Nigeria has reduced, there are always men standing around newspaper stands reading and discussing the news everyday, these people are mostly called the free readers association. When last did you buy a newspaper? Watch and share... **** CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW BATTABOX VIDEOS EVERYDAY: http://battabox.com/subscribe/ YOU can support BattaBox here: http://www.patreon.com/BattaBox ... Website: http://BattaBox.com ... YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BattaBox ... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BattaBox ... Twitter: http://twitter.com/BattaBoxNigeria ... Google+: http://www.google.com/+BattaBox ... Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BattaBox ... Vine: http://vine.co/BattaBox **** BattaBox is the most exciting Nigerian News & Entertainment Video channel based in Lagos. We are the fact behind Nigerian Movies fiction, Nollywood in real-life with a dash of Yoruba Movie Magic - but none of our videos are made-up like Nollywood - they are all true stories! BattaBox is Nigeria Like You've Never Seen Before! -- #BattaBox #BattaBoxNG #Nigeria #NigerianComedy #NigerianMusic #NigeriaFashion #NigerianNews #HowTo #Shocking
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2014 FILM: The Newspaper- Trailer (OFFICIAL) 2014
The Newspaper is a 2014 British feature film written and directed by Jordan Kensington and produced by Jordan Williams. The cast features some of Britain's most talented actors and actresses. The Newspaper is due to be released on the 15th of September 2014 via Funding Cow Ltd and Invincible Entertainment Group. www.facebook.com/TheNewspaperFilm
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Funniest Airport Prank
Funniest Airport Prank Top Best Funny Videos ➙ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enrRNkCdWDY&list=UUjmG9pnCGCeird0UU0pQhBA Subscribe to YesFunnyYes for the funniest videos
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Mar. 15 - Mar. 18 - Bible Prophecy Converging Like Never Before In History!
A compilation of Pastors, messengers, and news sources that show us just how close we are to the rapture of the church. The signs, prophecies, and precursors of the tribulation period are ALL AROUND US which means we are getting closer with every breath. One day soon brothers and sisters…. Maranatha!! The Watchman - The Final Signs Before The World Ends...March...(2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYJTgV4v9pY&fbclid=IwAR246gn4b4DmQCGfV_PlP0vrOo6sqhCw74FnqVYotywJYPjSQYBcinj4CaI Jan Markell - So How Close Are We? – Pastor J.D. Farag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccOr0k1c1LQ&fbclid=IwAR1GqdKf7d1zdREn33xpzecmh8kaXK8LAJCGdegBk6eEWbXTDdBaI6KC3NA Watchman on the Wall 88 - “The Coming Storm”: Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon!!! It’s Time For Effective Witnessing Now!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unf1apQHVXQ&fbclid=IwAR2JqzF5yEkQEzA6Q9v6-Ii215G8ILZ7OTTRLFAy0fGJ_vQaFMxbtK952ik Barry Scarbrough - ”Hey Pharisee: There Are No PHASES to Salvation!!!!!!!!!! Yours Truly, The Word of God”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zISDwbbMrYU&fbclid=IwAR1MWuM4twMfH_WGmbBL3u_JkHIbB-lI_j2YOX1OkSN45F-IE3o-R3rqxZA Tim Henderson - Rapture very, very, very Soon and the Calm before the Storm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRXjvAFULTY&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0JDFAZwOi2ZPkd85Ufm_Et5RBT9VqKCfXqDoFU4mpCuJJBiw2axUweStI The Watchman - This Happened On Planet Earth...March 2019..End Times Signs : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ8-EaEIcfI&fbclid=IwAR2sV2LyJK9Gx_kROAQ-agMVGs-Uyb1BR7tBJV3qkFppHrZ_dNBpsj-Du_M J.D. Farag - Mid-East Prophecy Update – March 17th, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbV9JkwCYgo&fbclid=IwAR0nqADAiQ8QeyNowdmSqq8VyN2YmapGf_TWXiSTLenouX0Lh3x0nXkw3AI Barry Scarbrough- Newspaper Pointing to Rapture of Church? Yes, It Is…: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14FW5Rih4sk&fbclid=IwAR3FlGl2npfMxEgDnhC_ykRHgmrjmZZrxAWgYdxwfMKJueTLDtYWQ-RczzU Tim Henderson - Purim and Tribulation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv_EOe5gSrU&fbclid=IwAR0ZYn0RI73561X436gcAzyvwcL6Fnwe7JFthWKD1iWBwjfN27kZ6-1b8Xc 🗣JESUS IS COMING SOON! We are CLEARLY SEEING the #SignsOfTheTimes NOW is the time to #GiveYourLifeToChrist #TimeIsRunningOut #JesusIsTheOnlyWay For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; - 1 Timothy 2:5 Bible prophecy is coming to pass ALL around us. MORE evidence that the BIBLE is 100% accurate. Check out the prophecies by clicking the link below: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rapture-watchers/check-out-these-prophecies-for-yourself/2181913898485477/ For A Generalized Left Behind Letter To Print Out And Leave Around Your Home CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rapture-watchers/a-letter-to-those-left-behind/1209913632352180/ How Do I Give My Life To Christ? https://www.facebook.com/notes/rapture-watchers/how-do-i-give-my-life-to-christ/1972252932784909/ FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.
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Yes Newspaper Delivery to Lismore
An intrepid group from Yes Lorn and the Isles sailed to Lismore to deliver the Yes Newspaper - here is a snapshot of their adventure.
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ASMR- Sunday night page turning the Los Angeles Times Newspaper- silent page turning
Request for another Sunday paper video.... I have been meaning to make this but haven't remembered to get a paper.... until now...! Just me, the LA times, a comfy spot and some non rambling page turning on the road.... Hope you relax and / or tingle or both!! Thank you to everyone who watches.!!! It makes my day when I get told hanging out with me put them to sleep within 5 or 10 minutes. Yes only on YouTube mind you ;)
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Yes, race walking is an Olympic sport. Here’s how it works.
Race walking is an incredible sport — it's time you understood it. Vox's Brian Resnick and Phil Edwards looked into race walking rules, race walking technique, and race walking form, and it turns out to be a fascinating Olympic sport. Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook for more: https://www.facebook.com/philedwardsinc1/ Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Heads Up! Qannon 311 1  21 777  3/19 2019  911 9 9yrs Spiritual War!
This is very strong and I can only say that there is a time coming when “normal life” will drastically change! Man will have a solution to the problem and an answer/reason for what has happened. If you are not seeking the Truth with absolute humility in the name of Jesus according to the Scriptures you will be deceived! 2 Corinthians 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. Revelation 3:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. The peace and grace of Christ Jesus be with you all! :) http://archive.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/09/911_in_2010_remembrance_and_re.html https://qanon.pub/?q=%20 Get Esword: http://www.e-sword.net/downloads.html Have hard copies of your bibles and literature! The Lords Prayer Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.
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How to Make a DIY Fruits Basket Using Recycled Newspaper | NewsPaper Crafts | StylEnrich
Please watch: "Pyramid Shaped Cardboard Organiser | Easy Best Out of Waste Cardboard Craft | StylEnrich" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayDNSHndmj4 --~-- #RecycledCraft #NewspaperCraft Friends, todays craft is all about best out of waste creativity! We are showing how to make a DIY fruit basket that looks stunning and equally adorable and is made purely using newspapers! Yes, its true. This craft is completely made out of recycled papers that we usually throw away from house. It takes only patience and constancy to make this craft and the end result looks awesome. Craft lovers can also follow StylEnrich on - Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/StylenrichTips Twitter - https://twitter.com/stylenrich Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/stylenrich Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Stylenrich Visit Our Blog at - https://stylenrich.com Required material is easily available in almost every household. These are – Newspapers, Glue, Paper Cutter, Glue Gun and glue sticks, Metallic Colours and brush, decorative stones and pearls. It starts with rolling the paper from one corner with the help of a toothpick to form a thin stick. You need to create multiple sticks with different pieces of newspaper. Once you have multiple sticks ready stick them together at the end to form a long stripe of newspaper stick. Carefully roll this long stripe as shown in the video to form a base of this craft. Apply white gum all over the surface from one side and spread evenly so that it becomes firm and solid. Next, you need to create the petal and circle shaped sidings. For this take some more newspaper sticks and stick them at the end of each other. Start rolling them in circular shape to form circular shaped sidings. Take few of them and squeeze them at one side to form a petal shape. This will give you a mix of circular as well as petal shaped sidings. Its time to color them. Use metallic colors easily available in your nearby stationary shop. Paint these objects with the colors of your choice. Now stick them on the base as shown in the video. Use glue gun for this task since it is the sturdiest glue available. Let the craft dry for some time. …and your elegant and creative recycled craft is ready! Show it off to your friends and relatives by keeping some stuff like fruits in it and win praises. Liked this video? Why not share it with your friends on social media. Also please give your feedback in the comments section. Happy Crafting!
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Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU?
Here's our guide to how Brexit will affect you. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel4news?sub_confirmation=1) The UK is set to officially leave the EU on 29 March 2019. But what happens next? Economic crash? Restoring British democracy? From hard Brexit and hard borders, to soft Brexit or the Chequers deal - here's everything you need to know. **** Animation: Ian Watkins Script: Martin Williams Narration: Kiran Moodley Sound: Matthew Lucas Producers: Martin Williams, Kieron Bryan, Matthew Lucas
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How to Make Waterproof Paper Pot | Newspaper Pot Making | Ceramic Pot making | Ceramic Clay Art
Please watch: "Pyramid Shaped Cardboard Organiser | Easy Best Out of Waste Cardboard Craft | StylEnrich" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayDNSHndmj4 --~-- Please subscribe to our Channel - https://www.youtube.com/stylenrich and click the "BELL" icon to receive regular updates. Friends, how’s the idea of making a waterproof paper pot? Yes, it is possible to make a complete waterproof bowl or pot using newspaper and ceramic that can be used as a showpiece, decorative item or center piece in your house. Such paper pots are difficult to identify that they are made with newspaper and people often get surprised when they know this fact about it! This is the power of ceramic powder that gives this pot the strength to hold the water in it. It also makes it glossy and clean so that it is easy to paint and decorate it using beads and pearls. In this very craft we have made use of raw materials like newspapers, glue, ceramic powder, plastic ball, scissors, sand paper, acrylic colors and pearls and beads for decoration. Just follow the simple steps shown in this video and you will have this amazingly creative paper pot ready to decorate your home. Enjoy and Happy Crafting! Craft lovers can also follow StylEnrich on - Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/StylenrichTips Twitter - https://twitter.com/stylenrich Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/stylenrich Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Stylenrich Visit Our Blog at - https://stylenrich.com
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a-ha - Take On Me (Official Music Video)
Watch the official music video for a-ha "Take On Me"! At the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, the video for "Take on Me" won six awards—Best New Artist in a Video, Best Concept Video, Most Experimental Video, Best Direction, Best Special Effects, and Viewer's Choice—and was nominated for two others, Best Group Video and Video of the Year. Take On Me was also nominated for Favorite Pop/Rock Video at the 13th American Music Awards in 1986. Subscribe to the Rhino Channel! http://bit.ly/SubscribeToRHINO Check Out Our Favorite Playlists: Rhino Favorite 100 http://bit.ly/RhinoFavorite100 80s Hits http://bit.ly/80sMusicHits Classic Rock http://bit.ly/ClassicRockFavorites Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha, including the biggest hits + rare and unreleased remixes, is out now! Get your copy here: http://smarturl.it/ahatimeagaincd Stay connected with RHINO on... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RHINO/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rhino_records Twitter https://twitter.com/Rhino_Records https://www.rhino.com/ Stay connected with a-ha on... http://a-ha.com/ http://www.facebook.com/officialaha https://twitter.com/aha_com RHINO is the official YouTube channel of the greatest music catalog in the world. Founded in 1978, Rhino is the world's leading pop culture label specializing in classic rock, soul, and 80's and 90's alternative. The vast Rhino catalog of more than 5,000 albums, videos, and hit songs features material by Warner Music Group artists such as Van Halen, Duran Duran, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Doors, Chicago, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Yes, Alice Cooper, Linda Ronstadt, The Ramones, The Monkees, Carly Simon, and Curtis Mayfield, among many others. Check back for classic music videos, live performances, hand-curated playlists, the Rhino Podcast, and more!
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Millions are playing it, but is Fortnite addiction really a thing? | 7.30
Put a parent, a psychologist and a brain expert in the same room and you'll get three different answers about the latest video game craze. Read more here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-11/fortnite-is-addiction-really-a-thing/9981528 For more from ABC News, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/abcnews Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/abcnews.au Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://ab.co/1svxLVE Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/abcnews_au #fortnite #gaming #parenting
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Automatic Man - Newspaper (1976)
Automatic Man - Newspaper Album: Automatic Man Newspapper 1976
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Learn How to Make Newspaper Basket Step by Step | Newspaper Craft Ideas | DIY Project Ideas
Please watch: "Pyramid Shaped Cardboard Organiser | Easy Best Out of Waste Cardboard Craft | StylEnrich" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayDNSHndmj4 --~-- Do you want to create something beautiful from best out of waste material? That’s good! Lets learn to make Newspaper basket in this video. We have shown how you can create a very attractive looking Handmade basket from Newspaper. It looks simply stunning and attractive. What’s more, you will be surprised to know that it is made of purely waste newspapers. Cool…isn’t it? Subscribe to my Channel for Easy craft tutorials here - https://www.youtube.com/stylenrich and hit the 'BELL' icon to receive regular updates. Yes, we all have newspapers in our home. We often throw them in trash or sell it to the grocery vendors. But did you know that there are so many adorable crafts that can be made using newspapers alone? There are many recycled Craft ideas on the internet but this is really unique. This is a DIY Newspaper Fruit basket craft. The art of craft making using newspapers is not hard. All you need to focus on folding the newspaper properly, cutting and pasting together to form the desired shapes. When joined together this pieces form a very beautiful craft. This can be a very good school craft project for your children. If you are looking for DIY Projects for School then your search is over. If you really loved this DIY Newspaper Basket Craft video then please don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. Also give your valuable feedback in the comments section below the video. Craft Lovers can follow StylEnrich on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/StylenrichTips Twitter - https://twitter.com/stylenrich Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/stylenrich Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Stylenrich Visit my website at - https://stylenrich.com Please do LIKE, comment and share this video if you really loved it. Thanks for watching. Happy Crafting!
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G-Man Aquires a Newspaper
Yes, I know its crap!!! :D
Views: 4569 Guru Larry Gaming
G-Man Aquires a Newspaper - Machinima Sketch
Originally Uploaded: Sat 23 May 2009 17:30:48 PDT Yes, I know its crap!!! :D
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EASY Photo Transfer to Wood - Fast, Clean, REUSABLE, Cheap Print on Wood Using Mailing Labels
This is the easiest and fastest photo transfer paper I've used! YOU CAN BUY THE PAPER HERE: http://amzn.to/2CzV64O If above link is sold out, look at these alternatives: http://amzn.to/2ETikY7 (Or any label release paper you prefer!) LIQUITEX GEL MEDIUM: https://amzn.to/2AWnjqc ***** NOTICE: I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you buy through my links above, I will receive a small portion in return. Thank you for your consideration! ***** When the gel medium is allowed to dry completely, this paper will provide a VERY clean transfer. In addition, I had no printer jam problems, as can sometimes happen with thin photo transfer paper. Special thanks to Corrie Dove for messaging me about this paper. Check out her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUlDU4icJuE2WQgT4mBIIVw FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thecrafsman/ INSTAGRAM: @steadycraftin ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/shop/steadycraftin FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS: Q. "Can I re-use the paper?" A. You can, as long as it's relatively straight and feedable for the printer. Q. "Does this work on painted wood?" A. Yes! Just be sure the surface is dry and free of oils. Q. "Does this work with inkjet?" A. For some people, it does. Results may not be sharp - there may be some bleeding of ink. Q. "Can a protective finish be applied?" A. Absolutely! I prefer to use acrylic polyurethane. Q. "My print is smearing / not sticking to the paper? What's wrong?" A. This can usually be fixed by adjusting your image brightness, which affects the toner density. Check out my "Fixing Photo Transfer Problems" video for instructions.
How to Make Newspaper Bonsai Tree | DIY Newspaper Recycling Craft | DIY Home Decor
Please watch: "Pyramid Shaped Cardboard Organiser | Easy Best Out of Waste Cardboard Craft | StylEnrich" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayDNSHndmj4 --~-- Please subscribe to our Channel - https://www.youtube.com/stylenrich and click the "BELL" icon to receive regular updates. Friends, in this video we are showing how to make a very realistic and beautiful Bonsai tree that is purely made using raw newspapers and plaster of paris. Yes, you heard it right! This bonsai tree is made using newspapers and it looks so real that anyone will be amazed after seeing it. You can keep this paper tree in the corner of your drawing room or bedroom and use as a home decor. It will certainly enhance the beauty of your house by adding the natural charm to the entire atmosphere. This is an eco-friedly craft where raw newspapers are moulded and used to form the trunk of the tree. The base of this room decor craft is made using mount board which is a thick card board paper and is easily available in any stationary store. The plaster of paris is used in this craft instead of ceramic powder since it is dried more quickly than the ceramic and that was the need of this very craft. The shape of branches of this paper tree is obtained using aluminium wire. We have used the plastic readymade leaves in this craft due to the lack of time, but you can make the leaves yourself using paper and paint them green. Our tree is ladden with red cherry fruits those are made using thermocol/ styrofoam balls. To give it a more realistic look, we have used the real sand and spread it over the base. Finally the compound wall is made using ice-cream sticks. Hope you will love watching and making our creative paper bonsai tree home decor craft and if you really do then please dont forget to hit the thumbs up icon. Also leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Happy Crafting! #HappyFriday #StylEnrich Craft lovers can also follow StylEnrich on - Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/StylenrichTips Twitter - https://twitter.com/stylenrich Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/stylenrich Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Stylenrich Visit Our Blog at - https://stylenrich.com
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Sam Smith - Stay With Me
Listen to Dancing With A Stranger now: http://samsmith.world/DWASYTUGCID Listen to Sam Smith’s Complete Collection here: http://samsmith.world/UuuYAID Guess it’s true I’m not good At a one night stand But I still need love Cos I’m just a man These nights never seem to go to plan I don’t want you to leave Will you hold my hand Oh won’t you Stay with me Cos you’re All I need This aint love It’s clear to see But darling Stay with me Why am I so emotional? No it’s not a good look Gain some self control Deep down I know this never works But you can lay with me So it doesn’t hurt Oh won’t you Stay with me Cos you’re All I need This aint love It’s clear to see But darling Stay with me Oh won’t you Stay with me Cos you’re All I need This aint love It’s clear to see But darling Stay with me Follow Sam Smith: http://samsmithworld.com Facebook http://facebook.com/samsmithworld Instagram http://instagram.com/samsmithworld Twitter http://twitter.com/samsmithworld Directed by Jamie Thraves
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Newspaper headlines: 06 December 2018
For more news, visit: sabcnews.com
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How to Sell A Product - Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P's Method
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Skapa effekt med tidningspapper! - Chalk paint effect using newspaper!
Tidningar är inte bara till för att läsas!! ;) Här bjuder jag på en liten kortfilm där jag visar hur man kan få till en effekt med hjälp av tidningspapper! Ja, du läste rätt - TIDNINGSPAPPER! Haha! Det finns oändligt många tekniker och sätt att göra saker och ting på, det här är ett av alla. Vad tycker du?! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STORGATAN 41, GÖTEBORG www.wackygoose.se Instagram: wackygoose.inredning Facebook: https://facebook.com/wackygoose.inredning ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH: Newspapers are not just for reading!! ;) Today I offer a short video where I show how to create an effect using newspaper! Yes, you read that right - NEWSPAPER! Haha! There are infinitely many techniques and ways to do things in, this is one of all. What do you think?!
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Anpadh old men reading newspaper
Very funny video
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18 Tricky Riddles That'll Stretch Your Brain
We've prepared some fun brain teasers that kids crack in no time but leave adults scratching their heads. TIMESTAMPS What can be seen once in a minute? 0:15 Car riddle 0:52 I have 5 fingers. What am I? 1:26 Dictionary riddle 1:57 A truck met 4 cars 2:33 People buy me to eat, but never eat me 3:07 Poison or fruit 3:40 Cup of tea and sugar 4:14 Give me a drink, and I'll die 4:48 Who makes moves while being seated? 5:22 What flies when it's born 6:01 What gets wet when drying? 6:35 The bigger it becomes... 7:04 Between the ground and the sky 7:39 Direct light kills me 8:17 What travels around the world? 8:51 Assignment riddle 9:22 It only increases and never decreases 9:56 Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell
Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.) Cameron on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CameronCRussell Cameron on Instagram: https://instagram.com/cameron_r/ TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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I Bought A Stranger's Diary
"I did not realize this was going to be such an emotional roller coaster." Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/29125 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) STILLS McDonald's golden arch sign Darren McCollester/Getty Images McDonald’s Happy Meal Karen Bleier/Getty Images Rolled newspaper artisteer/Getty Images Asian man AH86/Getty Images Bowl of oatmeal Bowl of oatmeal / Joe_Potato/Getty Images Top view of orange juice PobladuraFCG/Getty Images Scrambled eggs on toast Richard Griffin/Getty Images Message received on a mobile phone Khaled Fazaa/Getty Images USB Flash Drives on Stacked CDs Korradol Yamsattham/Getty Images Jennifer Lopez and Sean “Puffy” Combs Vince Bucci/Getty Images Nelly 43rd Annual Grammy Awards Chris Weeks/Getty Images Scandinavian interior Galina Zhigalova/Getty Images llinois Map young84/Getty Images Apple iPod Handout/Getty Images Christina Aguilera on TRL Scott Gries/Getty Images ‘Price is Right’ 6,000th Show Taping Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Toilet bowl isolated risks/Getty Images Man head silhouette MrsWilkins/Getty Images Old telephone, green btkstudio/Getty Images Oprah Winfrey Nick Elgar/Getty Images Plastic boxes isolated Evgenly Skripnichenko/Getty Images Empty bed, overhead view onurdongel/Getty Images Mass media concept urfinguss/Getty Images Post office Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Wal-Mart Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Cute baby kaisphoto/Getty Images Yorkshire terrier Svetography/Getty Images ritney Spears performs with a snake Timothy Clary/Getty Images Organic Odyssey 2003 Fashion Show Stringer/Getty Images
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The World's Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast - Episode 5
It's the first episode of the new year....This time, Brian and Ross sit down with Morning Show funny man Mike Toomey. He's been making audiences laugh for more than 37 years as a stand-up comic. He's also the announcer for the 9 a.m. show on the WGN Morning News. So you know this episode is gonna be funny. Later in the show, Brian returns a phone call from a viewer. Cleatus Murdaugh has been watching the old number nine since the 40's. Not only that, he's written more than 8,000 poems. He called in and asked if he could write one about the WGN Morning News, and we said yes. We'll listen to that. And at the end of the program, we listen to some more viewer voicemails.
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Goldishack Guerrillas -- Freedom
Stream it: https://bit.ly/2TNAphO More info: https://www.GoldishackGuerrillas.com Can you hear us? Part folk, part hip-hop, part rallying cry, Freedom weaves a tale that’s both strong and vulnerable. Recorded in an all-analog studio to 1/4” tape, Freedom invites anyone who can hear us to join in this universal call… “until justice for all”. Lyrics: If you can hear me from far so far away from wherever you are. If you’re hearing our call write or fighting the law until justice for all. And what you hear and what you see, we may not agree. But you’ve got a right to know to right the wrongs help us write this song. Stripes and stars fight and scars mics guitars Guerrillas who we are. Freedom from rules and born to booze got battered and bruised but that’s what freedoms all about. They give you freedom from truth they give you freedom to lose but we can fight it yeah we can fight it. And every broadcast from the top we’ll meet us coming up we spit like bottoms up because we’re free. If you can hear me from far so far away from wherever you are. If you’re hearing our call write or fighting the law until justice for all. And what you hear and what you see, we may not agree. But you’ve got a right to know to right the wrongs help us write this song. Standing on a busy street staring at a crowd singing freedom rain down on me not a cloud in the sky just sunshine trying to take in the sites but money worries got me blind to see ain’t it a shame it ain’t a game if you ain’t got that Xbox control in your hand sending them drones in they land like you was watching TV. Put your hands on the wall and assume that stance them flashing lights ain’t a signal to dance goddamn it’s like boy that makes it hard to breathe you ain’t gonna make a victim of me They say hey look you free then banned and took every single book that we could read and apparently speaking our mind and stating our thoughts gets you a pocket full of the fines and a gun butt to the heart. I tried to protest oh yes i tried to riot police man said two steps forward it will open fire hey hey get down now every day it’s just like. Green light night vision infrared red light’s front page newspaper firefight my life. See the guards bust down the door all fall down to the floor but I don’t care anymore they there's no way out spread my wings and I’ll say out loud. If you can hear me from far so far away from wherever you are. If you’re hearing our call write or fighting the law until justice for all. And what you hear and what you see, we may not agree. But you’ve got a right to know to right the wrongs help us write this song.
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The Newspaper Peril
What happens when mass media f**ks you dead..???
Teens React To Subscribe To PewDiePie (MrBeast)
PewDiePie vs T-Series saga reacted to by Teens. Original links below. Subscribe to PewDiePie https://www.youtube.com/user/PewDiePie Subscribe to MrBeast https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBeast6000/featured Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/Adults/YouTubers): http://goo.gl/4iDVa Join the SuperFam and support FBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/React/join SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE 🔔. New Videos 2pm PT on FBE: http://goo.gl/aFu8C Watch latest videos from FBE: https://goo.gl/aU5PSm Teens react to PewDiePie vs T-Series saga. Watch to see their reactions. Content featured: I Bought Every Billboard In My City For This https://goo.gl/e3SK4g Thaks Google https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/9t1s3d/thaks_google/ Mr Beast's impact https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/9rs3sc/mr_beasts_impact/ Doing my part in germany 🇩🇪, hope you do yours https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/9sz50p/doing_my_part_in_germany_hope_you_do_yours/ Bought a small ad space in my local newspaper and published this. I did my part Pewds :) https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/9t66d8/bought_a_small_ad_space_in_my_local_newspaper_and/ MrBeast for man of the year https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/9spt10/mrbeast_for_man_of_the_year/ https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1055517521082609664 https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1055589758536081408 FBE’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to [email protected] Teens featured: Alicia Jeremiah, age 17 https://twitter.com/jeremaih44 Marlhy, age 16 https://www.instagram.com/marlhy_murphy/ Mikaela, age 19 https://www.youtube.com/mikaelapascal Rae, age 18 https://www.instagram.com/raekanoa/ Reina, age 19 https://www.youtube.com/c/AwkwardReady Troy, age 18 https://www.instagram.com/troyglass/ Tyler, age 14 https://www.instagram.com/Tyler.j.d/ Ulises, age 17 http://instagram.com/ulisesgonzalezla MERCH 👕 https://www.shopfbe.com Follow FBE: FBE WEBSITE: https://fbeteam.com/ FBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/FBE REACT CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/REACT BONUS CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/FBE2 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FBE FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FBEShows TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/fbe INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/f/fbe SNAPCHAT: https://www.snapchat.com/add/finebros SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/fbepodcast iTUNES (Podcast): https://goo.gl/DSdGFT GOOGLE PLAY (Podcast): https://goo.gl/UhL6bk MUSICAL.LY: @fbe TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/fbelive AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/v/FBE XUMO: http://fbereact.com/XUMO SEND US STUFF: FBE P.O. BOX 4324 Valley Village, CA 91617-4324 Creators & Executive Producers - Benny Fine & Rafi Fine Head of Production - Nick Bergthold Creative Director & Senior Producer - Derek Baynham Director of Post Production - Adam Speas Supervising Producer - Kyle Segal Producer - Ethan Weiser Jr. Producer - Vartuhi Oganesyan, JC Chavez Production Coordinator - Alberto Aguirre Assistant Production Coordinator - Kristy Kiefer Post Supervisor - Emily McGuiness Editor -Cara Bomar Assistant Editor - Nicole Worthington Jr. Studio Technician - Oscar Ramos, Stephen Miller, Jayden Romero Production Assistant - Lauren Hutchinson, Micah Kearny, Stefan Fior, Laura Lareau Studio Technician - Sam Kim Music - Cormac Bluestone http://www.youtube.com/cormacbluestone © FBE, Inc. Teens React #222 - Teens React To Subscribe To PewDiePie (MrBeast)
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Rapture SOON: The Spirit of Prophecy at Jonathan Creek Christian Church AM Service
For prayer email [email protected] To reach Pastor Tim email [email protected] For questions you are looking for answers to or more immediate response email [email protected] For anyone post abortive, wanting to go on prayer list or needing to speak with someone email [email protected] To donate to this non 501(c) 3 channel and spread the Good News and Sound the Alarm use the link below. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FMND7AV3ZBE3S&source=u
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Virginia Newspaper Runs KKK Recruitment Flyer In Full On Front Page
Presented by Christoper Platt for YourBlackWorld.net! The Dr Boyce Watkins Channel is an all-black news and commentary channel that features a number of African American thinkers, commentators and speakers. The views of each video are not necessarily representative of those of Dr Boyce Watkins himself. You can follow Dr Watkins at the links below: Instagram: @TheRealBoyceWatkins Twitter: @DrBoyceWatkins1 Via Text: Text the word Boyce to 31996 Youtube: Youtube.com/DrBoyceWatkins To learn how to start your own business: TheBlackBusinessSchool.com Personal website: BoyceWatkins.com The Dr Boyce Watkins Wealth-building program for children: BlackMillionairesOfTomorrow.com To take my online course: TheBlackWealthBootcamp.com The Dr Boyce Watkins podcast on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/boyce-watkins The Dr Boyce Watkins Black Economic Empowerment Tour: TheDrboyceWatkinsTour.com
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Today's newspaper headlines, 16 November 2018
For more news, visit: sabcnews.com
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Newspaper headlines and reaction after Netanyahu's narrow victory
1. Tilt up from front page of Haaretz, with headline reading (English) "Netanyahu clings to victory despite drop; Yair Lapid stuns with 19 seats" 2. Man distributing morning papers 3. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Vox pop,Shalom Afriat, Jerusalem resident: "Yesterday was the greatest day of my life, and I hope Netanyahu will drop more and more in the polls and, with God's help, the Left and Shas will rise and strengthen, and a real change will come to the people in Israel. It's about time to bring down capitalism, and it's about time to have affordable and social housing for everyone." 4. Front page of Jerusalem Post, headline reading (English) "PM suffers blow, Lapid emerges tall in election" 5. Front page of right-wing newspaper, with headline reading (Hebrew) "Lapid's surprise, Likud's disappointment" 6. Man reading newspaper in cafe 7. Close of man holding newspaper 8. Various of papers with articles on elections 9. Man getting ready for morning prayers 10. Mid of people reading paper in cafe 11. Close of paper 12. SOUNDBITE (English) Vox pop, Dan Strob, Jerusalem resident: "We will have a very good government and Bibi (Netanyahu) will be the prime minister." 13. Man reading paper 14. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Vox pop, Leonid Spietz, Jerusalem resident: "People wanted a change and the votes outcome is a No to the past and a Yes to the future." 15. Various of people reading newspapers STORYLINE: Israel's parliamentary election ended in a stunning deadlock between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hard-line bloc and centre-left rivals, forcing the weakened leader to scramble to cobble together a coalition of parties from both camps. With 99.8 percent of votes counted, according to media reports on Wednesday, Netanyahu's Likud-Yisrael Beitenu electoral bloc won 31 seats in the 120-member parliament, remaining the largest party, but down from 42 in the 2009 election. Some residents of Jerusalem said they were happy to a decline in Netanyahu's popularity in the Israeli society. "Yesterday was the greatest day of my life, and I hope Netanyahu will drop more and more in the polls," said Shalom Afriat, a supporter of Shas, the largest ultra-Orthodox party. "With God's help, the Left and Shas will rise and strengthen and a real change will come to the people in Israel," he said, adding that "it's about time to have affordable and social housing for everyone." Netanyahu may seize on popular frustrations with the ultra-Orthodox community and play hardball with his long-time allies by turning instead to moderate parties, a move that could resolve key issue of peacemaking with the Palestinians. He has also said he plans to enact an egalitarian compulsory service law and to take the Housing Ministry away from Shas, which represents Jews of Middle Eastern and North African descent. The ministry, which has been used to build affordable housing for Shas' working-class constituents, "won't be in sectoral hands", Netanyahu said recently. Meanwhile, Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid ("There is a Future") emerged as the second-largest party in Israel's parliament after the prime minister's bloc, giving the former TV news anchor and political novice unexpectedly strong leverage in upcoming coalition negotiations. "People wanted a change and the votes outcome is a No to the past and a Yes to the future," said Leonid Spietz, another Jerusalem resident. Lapid told cheering supporters after Tuesday's election that he wants a broad alliance of moderates, suggesting he would try to prod Netanyahu to abandon his traditional right-wing and ultra-Orthodox Jewish allies. But that might be tough in Israel's cluttered political landscape of small parties with sharp ideological differences. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/066a7b18d9de97f1cc9ce9b7d28ad289 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Newspaper Spoof - Greenpeace
http://iht.greenpeace.org Greenpeace hands out the version of the International Herald Tribune that we should see on December 19th, 2009 - after the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen where a deal must be made to save the climate.
Nirav Modi Special : From being spotted to confiscation of his house and art work
The man who perpetrated India's biggest banking scam, Nirav Modi, was spotted by a journalist from the British national newspaper, The Telegraph, in London. He only responded "no comment" to all questions asked to him. This just after his seaside home in Alibaug was destroyed by explosives for flouting environmental laws. His art collection too will be sold on March 26th at an auction in a bid to recover money due to the Income Tax Department. Activist Venkatesh Nayak through the RTI obtained the minutes of the board meeting of the RBI on November 8th 2016 showing that they were not convinced with the government's reasoning for implementing the demonetisation program. Anil Ambani led Reliance Capital is in talks with a host of investors including their JV partner to sell their stake in Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management which manages mutual fund business. This is done in order to reduce deby of roughly 18,000 crore ₹ in RCap. #NiravModi #BusinessHeadlines SUBSCRIBE to HW News English Here ► http://bit.ly/Subscribe-HWNews-English Download the HW News Network free app available on Android and iOS: http://onelink.to/bpk42n For NEWS and POLITICAL updates in English. Send us a ‘Hi’ on our Whatsapp Number - 9820918578 Connect With Us On: → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hwnewsenglish/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/hwnewsenglish → Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hwnewsenglish/ For More Videos Visit Here: https://hwnews.in/
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The Guardian Newspaper Offices | Comic Strip Presents... Red Top | Gold
Our story begins when an innocent Northern girl accidentally becomes Chief Executive of News International and gets caught up in a 70's Watergate-style conspiracy. The film brings together a roll call of universally treasured British comedy greats, alongside exciting new comic talent. Maxine Peake plays the title role alongside Nigel Planer as Rupert Murdoch and Russell Tovey as Andy Coulson. Johnny Vegas, Alexei Sayle, Harry Enfield, James Buckley and John Sessions also star in the film alongside Eleanor Matsuura. Subscribe to UKTV for more clips from Gold and our network of channels including Dave, Watch and Really. https://www.youtube.com/c/UKTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldTVChannel Twitter: @GoldTVChannel https://twitter.com/GoldTVChannel Instagram: https://instagram.com/UKTV/ Website: http://gold.uktv.co.uk Watch full episodes from the UKTV network on UKTV Play: http://uktvplay.uktv.co.uk
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Jay Smith - Newspaper Woman
Jay Smith on tour warming up with an acoustic version of Newspaper Woman, October 2015 (Newspaper Woman, from the album "Yes Kids It's True"recorded 2011 with Jays former band Von Benzo) Check out: facebook.com/jaysmithofficial bandpage.com/jaysmithofficial twitter.com/jajsmiff open.spotify.com/user/jaysmithofficial jaysmithofficial.com
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Pre-Computer Publishing & Printing: "Making of a Newspaper" 1928 New York Sun
Journalism, Mass Communications, Publishing... playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9B382292A2AB6718 more at http://news.quickfound.net/journalism_news_and_links.html Shows the steps in publishing a New York daily newspaper, The Sun. Silent. Reupload of a previously uploaded film with improved video & sound. Originally a public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sun_(New_York) Wikipedia license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ The Sun was a New York newspaper that was published from 1833 until 1950. It was considered a serious paper, like the city's two more successful broadsheets, The New York Times and the New York Herald Tribune. The Sun was the most politically conservative of the three. History In New York, The Sun began publication September 3, 1833, as a morning newspaper edited by Benjamin Day with the slogan "It Shines for All". An evening edition was introduced in 1887. Frank Munsey bought both editions in 1916 and merged the Evening Sun with his New York Press. The morning edition of The Sun was merged for a time with Munsey's New York Herald as The Sun and New York Herald, but in 1920 Munsey separated them again, killed The Evening Sun and moved The Sun to an evening format. This paper continued until January 4, 1950, when it merged with the New York World-Telegram to form a new paper called the New York World-Telegram and Sun; in 1966, this paper became part of the New York World Journal Tribune, which folded the following year. Milestones The Sun first became famous for its central role in the Great Moon Hoax of 1835. On April 13, 1844, The Sun published "The Balloon-Hoax" by Edgar Allan Poe, a hoax about an alleged Atlantic crossing by balloon. Today the paper is best known for the 1897 editorial "Is There a Santa Claus?" (commonly referred to as "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus"), written by Francis Pharcellus Church. John B. Bogart, city editor of The Sun between 1873 and 1890, made what is perhaps the most frequently quoted definition of the journalistic endeavor: "When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news." (The quotation is frequently attributed to Charles Dana, Sun editor and part-owner between 1868 and 1897.) In 1947--48, the Sun featured a groundbreaking series of articles by Malcolm Johnson, "Crime on the Waterfront," that won the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting in 1949. The series served as the basis for the 1954 movie On the Waterfront. The Sun's first female reporter was Emily Verdery Bettey, hired in 1868. Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd was hired as a reporter and fashion editor in the 1880s; she was one of the first women to become a professional editor, and perhaps the first full-time fashion editor, in American newspaper history. Legacy The masthead of the original Sun is visible in a montage of newspaper clippings in a scene of the 1972 film The Godfather. The newspaper's offices, a converted department store at 280 Broadway, between Chambers and Reade streets in lower Manhattan, now known as "The Sun Building" and famous for the clocks that bear the newspaper's masthead and motto, were recognized as a NYC landmark in 1986. In 2002 a new broadsheet styled The New York Sun, and bearing the old newspaper's masthead and motto, was launched as a "conservative alternative" and local-news focused alternative to The New York Times and other New York newspapers. It ceased publication on September 30, 2008...
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How to make newspaper candle stand| Newspaper Candle holder| Newspaper craft ideas
This video is about- DIY Newspaper Candle holder| Newspaper candle stand DIY| Newspaper craft ideas| Tea light candle holder| how to make newspaper candle stand Hey guys, this time I made candle holder/stand using newspaper. Yes, again it's a best out of waste project. I will SUGGEST to use LED TEA LIGHT candles as the holder is made up of newspaper, so it's light weight Or simply keep it as show piece. It will give the unique traditional look to your home. Other episodes of this series👇 Ep-1: Candle holder using stone https://youtu.be/MCc4Csw5FAQ Ep-2: Candle holder using Mason jar https://youtu.be/17hyWXvPgg0 Ep-3: Plaster of Paris Candle Holder https://youtu.be/F7sUdGJdokY More Candle Ideas Fairy jar candle holder- https://youtu.be/aupCD8_fLJM Water candle ideas- https://youtu.be/8IiqihwYhUI Let me know in comments what do you think about this video? Plz like my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/PCcraftsplanet/ You can check out all my videos here 👉 #pccraftsplanet And if you like my work plz subscribe my channel. #candleholder #bestoutofwaste #DIY #newspapercraft
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Doggie Toy Newspaper Giveaway
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Great Victory For PDP, As Bukola Saraki Receives The Best News
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are currently rejoicing as one of their foremost members, Bukola Saraki, received a great news. A suspect facing trial for his alleged involvement in the April 5, Banks robbery in Offa, Kwara State, has accused the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), of forcing him to indict Saraki, thereby exonerating the Senate President. The suspect, Friday Akininibosin, was speaking at a High Court, in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, on Friday. The suspect, Friday Akininibosin who is facing trial with four others for the robbery, was speaking at a High Court, in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, on Friday. He also told the court that he had no personal knowledge of Mr. Saraki, before he was arrested. According to Tribune Newspaper, the suspect said that a former Police Officer, allegedly involved in the robbery, Michael Adikwu, was killed for his inability to go with the alleged plan of the Prosecutors. He then went on accused the Police of masterminding his confession, which he claims was written for him by Police Officers. “My hands and legs were tied to the back, and suspended in between two tables by iron rod for like 1 hour 30 minutes. Then the Senior Police Officer, Abba Kyari, came around to tell me that I should say that it was the Senate President that gave us guns to rob Offa Banks. I told him my life is at stake here, and that I would not do such. Then, he said I should do that for them and that they will pay me, and thereafter set me free. I disagreed and was carried back to the cell on his instruction, as I could not walk”, he added. Abba Kyari is the Police Officer who led the team that arrested the suspects. Kyari has also led his team to effect the arrests of other major crime suspects across Nigeria. Him and his team have however, been accused of human rights abuses and corruption, charges he has denied. The paper also quoted Akininibosin as saying that the Police intimidated them, by killing five men in their presence and ordering them (the accused) to lie on the bodies of the dead people. “I was shot on my two legs. I was later taken to Abba Kyari’s Office, where he asked to know if I was ready to cooperate and I said yes, and pleaded not to kill me. The next day was when Michael Adikwu was brought to identify us, and say what connected us together. The dismissed Officer said he did not know us, and after much torture, he was shot dead in our presence.” The Police had confirmed Adikwu’s death in its custody, but said he died of natural causes. According to the paper, the Defendant said that a Journalist was later brought in, who took his confessional statement, allegedly made under duress. “I was panicked, thinking I was next to die. Later, a female TV Journalist was brought by a Police Officer with a note, saying that was what they wanted me to say, and that if not, I will “travel”, meaning, I would be killed. That was how I agreed in the presence of the female Journalist, who recorded, while I was also beaten at interval.” During cross examination however, the Prosecution questioned the facts in the Defendants claim, citing parts of the statements attributed to Akininibosin, which could only have been known by him. According to the Prosecution Lawyer, the witness’ claim that the statement was written for him, does not support the authenticity of personal information contained in his witness statement. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.
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