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ISIS Killing Rooms Of Mosul Are Filled With Bodies And Mystery

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MOSUL, Iraq — In March, VICE returned to Mosul for the first time since the war against ISIS was declared over eight months ago. While life may be returning to normal in the eastern half of the city, on the other side of the river — where the fighting was most intense — the scale of rebuilding that needs to be done is monumental. It’s estimated there are still 8 million tons of conflict debris that need to be moved before reconstruction can start, equivalent to three times the size of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. About 75 percent of that rubble is in West Mosul, and it’s mixed with so much unexploded ordnance that experts say this is now one of the most contaminated spots on the planet. In the Old City, where ISIS made its last stand, residents have slowly started to come back – a few business owners hoping to repair shops, and families who have no other option but to live in their damaged homes. Some water tanks have been trucked in, and electricity cables have been temporarily patched together along some streets, but the place feels deserted, and in some ways the scene was not that different from how it looked shortly after the fighting. Thumbnail photo credit: Adam Desiderio/VICE News. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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VICE News (1 year ago)
“We saw that there were bodies everywhere, in the alleys and inside the houses,” Hosayni told VICE News. WATCH More VICE on Mosul here: http://bit.ly/2wYdHY4
Noel Halwick (19 days ago)
Waheed Khan USA didn’t create terrorism, u can thank radical Islamic jihad for that. USA just defending the people who cannot defend their self
Darius Kang (25 days ago)
Let us not forget - islam is a religion of peace!
losepoundsandinches (1 month ago)
+mark rigsby I liked it better when they called it "Al Qaeda" or however they spelled it.
Kristinna Hatchett (1 month ago)
No human being should ever have to live in this type of life! My 💖 goes out to them and I hope they can rebuild and make new!
mr luigi (1 month ago)
take all those people in europe sponging bring them back to clean the mess and help rebuild.
Joseph L (3 hours ago)
This lady deserves much respect. She was only doing this in the hopes of rebuilding a city devastated by ISIS. Not only did she have to deal with fly ridden corpses, she also had to deal with corpses carrying bombs. She can only gain respect from people around the world.
Leroy Jenkins (8 hours ago)
2:07 guy puts on his mask sideways.
Cesar Arraño (10 hours ago)
6:50 (I did not sign up for this shit)
Cesar Arraño (10 hours ago)
2:03 LOL
Jasonfire11 (11 hours ago)
These are not humans. They are animals
Marcus Antonius (16 hours ago)
Obama receives Nobel Peace Prize, he gives money and weapons to ISIS.
Tropic of Cancer (17 hours ago)
Thanks to the USA for removing Saddam the cost was very cheap ...only couples of hundreds of millions of dead innocent no good Iraqis they can live with it.
Jyuhii D (18 hours ago)
How does anyone live among these dead bodies? How does she and her team do a selfless job...a non profit job? ...many thoughts come up my mind..
pirmansyah 2000 (20 hours ago)
this is ordinary things if you have a new gun and give to stupid people
stuknda80z (22 hours ago)
islam needs to be eradicated from the planet
Marielle (23 hours ago)
8:30 why is she wearing gloves when taking pictures
the54thfloor (1 day ago)
These documentaries are one of the reasons I love Vice/Viceland ♥️
Lars Andersen (1 day ago)
Good thing we got rid of Saddam Hussein though, right?
She deserved a nobel
Clean up your sick civil life.
Snakeater MGS (1 day ago)
Tony Blair is responsible for this and things worst than you all could imagine, the west world whistle blower but it was false indeed...it started all this...
Ranger 17 (1 day ago)
You won't even see a scene like this in the walking dead
Chris Beebe (1 day ago)
Every politician deciding to go to war with anyone should be forced to watch documentary's like this so they see the repercussions of their decisions. Those poor children 😔
ASDF (2 days ago)
Rest In Peace to the innocent lives lost.
Michael Shannon (2 days ago)
I'm surprised that after all the war there are still buildings left to bomb and men left to kill. Savages tend to destroy themselves.
Simon Stevens (2 days ago)
Make her the Mayor, I can't think of a person more deserving of that title given all the work she has done and continues to do.
zen master (2 days ago)
God bless that woman.....
I do not understand that problems are not solved. There are many fanatic Isis women and fighters. Make groups from them; let them clean up the liberated cities from explosives and and dead bodies. After WW2 we did the same. Are there still mines? No, all are removed. Ok, then make a line, walk shoulder to shoulder over the field. They found some which they forgot....
Earl Derrick Real (3 days ago)
I guess journalists are immune to disease coz he didn't even bother wearing a mask
Mahmud Bin Zaman Raj (4 days ago)
Democracy didn’t work every where , they should understand that . These Arabs were not educated, got no good jobs and their economic conditions are bad so its easy for bad guys to create influence there and become rebel .... The solution is , create a Dictatorship and develop by force ... by the way , Dictatorship where always best choice for development.... We all know how Hitlar, Stalin , Gaddafi , Saddam built fast and bigger economy in a small time ... ... We learned Democracy from Britain while Britain is a monarchy .... if Democracy was best then Where is Ancient Greece, Rome??? Vatican City is the real system, we should make the government like Vatican City
JESELLA HANGAD (4 days ago)
I force myself to watch this..everyone should watch this..this is what extremist and war bring to us
Alan Ng (4 days ago)
They should have a TNT expert team to check on the bombs remained before proceeding the removal of bodies, so they can reduce the risk of destruction, maybe somewhere they stepped on will have remained bombs existence.. But it hardly to get voluntary team, great work god blessed them💪💪
Michael Patrick (4 days ago)
Meanwhile libs think their problems really matter
Derpy Potato (4 days ago)
I am feeling thevurge to pay respects to this women.
Kavita Shelke (4 days ago)
Shame on isis
supper pickle (5 days ago)
She's brave taking dead body's while I'm scared to look at a rollercoaster
BadGamer 360 (5 days ago)
The people who pick up these corpses have BALLS OF STEEL.
River Scallen (5 days ago)
Nice one. And the UK still forbids us to call it what it is. MILITANT ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS. TAKE A CAREFUL LOOK!!!!!!! LOOK HARD AND LONG!
Craig Bigelow (5 days ago)
That's gonna be you America!
Ivan Mitov (6 days ago)
2:01 he is putting the mask on sideways
Harshad Jadhav (6 days ago)
Outcome of extrimist, radicalized, zealot muslims , it's time to ask Allah wht he was doing, whn his followers were busy killing Innocent ppl, children. Bullshit ideology must go in trash.
Bitchy_ Bitch! (6 days ago)
This is a seed cause of the plagues mentioned in the book of revelation in the Bible. After the 3rd trumpet sounds and plagues are released by the angels. Everywhere where there are flies, death, and blood, disease abounds and runs rampid. Iraq is a recipe for a generation of diseases and plagues. This is going to make the 10 plagues of Egypt in mosses time, and NAZI labor camps, look like childs play! It is prophesied.
deurmat (6 days ago)
2:05, the cap
Azhar soomro (6 days ago)
American murdabad.....🤲🤲
Josh Slater (6 days ago)
Its so sad from a western boy like me to see. Its hard to believe that all this stems from religion. I feel for those children women who have been dragged into this horror show. All of this is definitely war crimes but the government the people who lead this country turn a blind eye these people need to be bring to justice. my thoughts are with the poor people and children dragged into this by evil religious idiots. Im not a religious person but if there is a god them evil people will suffer and those wronged and killed in cold blood will be at piece now. Thoughts with you.
psychocandy7 (7 days ago)
those young volunteers deserve a nobel price! way to go! Support! btw, the government should chaingang those captured ISIS fighters and their "brides" and make them help.
Allenwrench (7 days ago)
you failed to mention that There Were No Weapons of Mass Destruction and that the USA declared war on a sovereign nation and invaded Iraq nonetheless
Binge Watcher AF (7 days ago)
At 9:48 he legit said “ this is not my job “ when asked about the investigation but as if it was that girl’s , Husani , job to remove the corpses and deal with these horrific scenes If we all have this mindset that I wasn’t the one who caused this and there are other people who can do it Then we won’t get anything done at all!! Except if you literally cannot do anything then you are not to blame for doing nothing
I Salute your efforts 😲😲😲
Latysha L. (8 days ago)
Wow. This is awful, but God bless that woman who is brave committed to doing this type of work.
Ahnold Short (8 days ago)
From video to video across the world I see the same issues, the corrupt governments don't give a @#[email protected] about it's people it's pretty sickening what the human race has become.
Holly Tinkler (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but thief government don't care one bit about their people and what happens to them aslong as they get what they want. It's so tragic to see this happening
Paul Watson (8 days ago)
Type islam cutting heads off into the search box.
rajasekar R (8 days ago)
"Religon of Peace"
chiko Straßen tv (8 days ago)
alradji nawaf (9 days ago)
What!!!!! Dozens of bodies cant watch this...
Acc 1 (9 days ago)
Should be more content on killings of isis
// Chris (9 days ago)
People who support war needs to watch this video.... brave lady 👏
Devia Fan (9 days ago)
A woman leads the way. Brings the organization. Go figure.
Ploh Soe (9 days ago)
Those kids need a better leaders and future. Open you eyes brothers and sisters . Stop the hate and fight a good fight
psychological channel (9 days ago)
Wtf, i was eating and wtch this
She is so brave..
jozefsan (10 days ago)
do you remember blue helmets? where are they now? why they are not around?.......... bacause this doesnt work for propaganda
Gmoneyman (10 days ago)
Being rebuilt again so it can be destroyed again
pinkyman5155 (10 days ago)
Why don't they make the captured terrorist clean it up.
The Modern Asian Man (10 days ago)
Did I just see one of the guys wear the mask side ways?????
Aaron Usman (10 days ago)
*A video that you can smell*
Mari Garcia (10 days ago)
usa is the one that starts evrything with lies
Wucharey Daniel (7 days ago)
This woman is a sign of parity in gender
Mari Garcia (10 days ago)
i people all the powerfull people of the world and goverments hollywood. all those demonds want us to be blind. lie to us and use us againts each other so we can disappear
Gamer (10 days ago)
Maybe this was a beautiful city back in years , now just leftover of war .
Amit David (10 days ago)
No matter what but Iraq was very much better in the reign of Saddam Hussain
YYY MMM (10 days ago)
an individual who, in the 21st century, and without being forced into it, can SWALLOW that a merchant(=a professional liar), A SLASHER AND A PEDOPHILE, (and a THIEF, although strangely still keeping his two hands, and A RAPIST of women captives and slaves!!!) could be the messenger of a god (the message consisting of the inanities of the quran!!!), does not deserve to belong to the human species: HE IS A SUB-APE... those disturbed by the word "sub-ape" should consult the coranic verses where allah explains how he transforms unbelievers into monkeys and pigs... JESUS, BUDHA, CONFUCIUS, HOW MANY ROBBERIES, HOW MANY RAPES, HOW MANY MURDERS? ZERO! MUHAMMAD, HOW MANY? BEYOND ALL COUNTING!!!!... let us be clear: A religion whose sadistic and absurd puppet (proofs on demand!) explains that unbelievers (4/5 of mankind) are but FILTH( quran 9:28: arab word "najas" = excrement) which must be fought/killed (nqâtil!)/humiliated/racketted (quran 9:29) and converted BY FORCE (quran 2:193, etc...). IS NOWHERE WELCOME ON THIS PLANET, not even in its native land when one contemplates the sad results!! We shall oust islam out of this planet before the end of the 21st century... PS: in the case of a women believer, it is even worse since she endorses a dogma which explains in quran 2:282 that she is only worth half a man for quality of mind and trustworthiness!!! MORE STUPID, YOU DIE!!! (except for muzz women wearing a veil, so that their masochistic stupidity shines in the sight of all...)
Avery Dion (10 days ago)
yooo what
Xantares X (10 days ago)
Brave lady
Reasonable Perfection (11 days ago)
Meanwhile the award of Woman of the year goes to Kim Kardashian...
mjgarrett9885ify (12 days ago)
The Obama administration is to blame ! Obama said on t.v. " He would be spending up training of ISIS force's ! " Governments need war to survive and to show the people why there is a need for them . If you ask any person in the world who is not a government funded organisation . What would you rather have , war or a better life for themselves and their families ? I bet 100% of the people would choose the 2nd answer !
Bobby Chang (12 days ago)
Product of Iraq war...
442rocketdave (12 days ago)
j.j.cagney (12 days ago)
8.31 Most of those bodies belong to Christians and Yazidi women and men,if not all of them .
DJ Gandhi (12 days ago)
Pakistan should face the same fate 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
DJ Gandhi (11 days ago)
+ujcify Abe lavde nikale na tere asliyat bahar " GADDAR "😂😂😂
ujcify (11 days ago)
+DJ Gandhi hahaha bhosdike mai Pakistani nahi hu 😂😂😂 kitna Chutiya katega khudka ?
DJ Gandhi (11 days ago)
+ujcify wo to khud ki biwi ka khayal rakhta hai mood banta hai to tumhare Pakistan me ake 72 Hoor 👁️👁️ ko Chumma deke jata hai.Hamari fikar mat kar SAKINA HASINA sab khud chale aatee hai samjha na ?🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ujcify (11 days ago)
+DJ Gandhi hahaha woh khud ki biwi ko pyaar de nahi paya napunsak narmard saala. Doosri aurat ka kya ukhaadega 😂😂.. He is fit only for jumla and he gets energy to do so when people like you kiss his butthole and blow in it with bhakti 😭😂
DJ Gandhi (11 days ago)
+ujcify Aur teri maa ki 👄chut me NARENDRA MODI ka pyaar 🥒 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
War Hammer (12 days ago)
This is what islam contributes to the World. They want to destroy every city and nation in the name of allah. A mythological god that is the devil in disguise.
Akshey Kumar (12 days ago)
Pagamber Mohammad like a pig
Voeun Ky (13 days ago)
If one or two dogs can't handle those ISIS dead bodies, tell the Iragi goernment to contact with the Tibetan government so that its can send the vultures to finish off ISIS dead bodies. Some people and regions in Tibet, they give the dead bodies for the vultures to eat. It is called the"Sky burial." And though the dead bodies that left on an open spaces will not spread the disease to the living beings in the envirnments.
Voeun Ky (13 days ago)
So sad and shameful for the government for not taking care of rotten and stinky dead bodies of ISIS jihadists. The government's important job is supposed to track down and count how many jihadists are dead and how many of them remain alive in the cities, towns and a whole country. Otherwise, the survived jihadists who hide themselves among the civilians will sneak out and attack people or government police just one by one.
Sha Ingram (13 days ago)
The young lady who started this volunteering expedition is going down in history at just 23 years old go ahead girl !!!!!!!
Sha Ingram (13 days ago)
The bodies piled up ......That was murder and the relaxed response of the officer was proof the army murdered the families of isis fighters not to support isis in anyway but murder is murder
urfavbookworm (13 days ago)
Can we just take a moment to clap for all these volunteers and appreciate the young woman’s leadership, but also her bravery.
Asad Awawdeh (13 days ago)
I dare ANYONE to watch this video and still proclaim all arabs/muslims are terrorists This is an Arab city Those were Arab casualties Those were Arab soldiers Those were Arab volunteers Those were Arabs Don't think that just because we are Arabs, that we are spared from the horror of terrorism If anything, we are the real victims of terrorism When bigots want to call Arabs terrorists, they tend to bring up 9/11 9/11 was bad, nothing less than bad. Bad isn't good enough of a word to describe it But you recovered from it. The scar of 9/11 is still present, but we as Americans generally recovered from it In Iraq, these people have to put up with the most gruesome form of terror. They're the ones getting killed in these rooms like cattle. They're the ones whose city was completely demolished. They're the ones who have a million of their own displaced in this one battle alone. They're the ones fighting for their lives. And this is just ONE city, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cities and towns that experienced this same type of horror. What I'm trying to say is that we're in this fight together. I urge people to stop turning it into a war against Arabs and Muslims, because we're on the same side!
blank name (13 days ago)
all this carnage...just for israel
Salt Of The Earth 69 (13 days ago)
Dead bodies,all I saw was all you can eat beef jerky?
Ollie Gray;h hhh (13 days ago)
Who is ISIS America russain or some one Elsa . why this county destroy through civil war .?? . or Muslims are fighting one an other ...?? Everyone will be give the answer on the day of judgment . may Allah crause on them who so ever do this ..
debra m (13 days ago)
Spliff anyone
Satya Raditya (13 days ago)
She is much better and more like a hero to me.the feminazis can't help her! The world will help her
sarah4jc (13 days ago)
The government truly has no value or respect for human life or death. They were told to leave the bodies for the dogs to eat them, wow, they don't care about the dogs either! And nor where they properly dressed for the removal of those corpses.
Jacob Lalmuanpuia (14 days ago)
We humans 😔
f t series (14 days ago)
My friend is one the dead
Michael Stobbs (14 days ago)
People should know that ISIS are just child rapists, murderer, sexualy inadequate males who dream of 24 virgin in heaven. 24 virgin, the most pathetic reason to seek heaven, if it exists. They certainly create hell on earth and genuinely think they are good Muslims. Mental health problems, inadequacy, sadism, the things you need to follow ISIS. Worst than nazis, rhawanda,. A stain on good true Muslims
V.THAKUR FOOTBALL (14 days ago)
6:08 😱
blitzian tanker (14 days ago)
Omfg i didn't even seen this scenes in outlast game this is so sad 💔
robert turni (14 days ago)
"Why dont they just go back to where they came from"
Silkam Sangma (14 days ago)
them Isis got what they deserved ..I hope they rot in hell .
Bird Police (14 days ago)
Mosul will never be same again..
keepitwitmine (15 days ago)
Well this is one way to get rid of the munchies

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