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3 Random/3 free games is back with some silly funny moments gameplay and a special appearnce from THE PURPLE TELETUBBIE ► WANNA BE A LEGEND??- http://goo.gl/HXwElg ► TWITTER FOR SEXY COSTUMES! - https://goo.gl/Amqx54 • Destruction Simulator - https://goo.gl/nbOQbs • Random Games Playlist - https://goo.gl/Es6Pe8 WANNA SEE MY HOT COSTUME POSTS? (Social Media) • Twitter - https://goo.gl/Amqx54 • Instagram - https://goo.gl/gGzFf1 • Facebook - https://goo.gl/LgtBPn
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Text Comments (7523)
LazarBeam (2 years ago)
WTF am I doing with my life
Crackedkestrel 31 (1 month ago)
LazarBeam every thing
fortnite lazer ice (2 months ago)
Dume shit
james carlton (2 months ago)
I'm a fan
thot disintegrator (2 months ago)
wtf 😂
Trisha Quigley (3 months ago)
What the F**k
eric0691 eric0691 (8 minutes ago)
wear a banana costume
Hary Jegan (4 hours ago)
first 15 secs and i already have cancer
Youtube Gaming (14 hours ago)
For 2 years now I barely noticed that the corpse racing game, the black ball was random
Ka Shia Xiong (14 hours ago)
be a gingerbread man from fortnihte
Jeffery Smith (21 hours ago)
Postman pat
Its Gamer (22 hours ago)
Play fantom forses
Matthew Neal (1 day ago)
That has got to be the weirdest intro to a video I have ever seen
Igor Mlak (1 day ago)
Cookkii _ (1 day ago)
U should were a mask of lazerbeam (urself basically
Mason Nalleweg (1 day ago)
zie playz (1 day ago)
John cena
Raphael Gueraiche (2 days ago)
Lazar beam might just be the best teletubbie
Arizbeht Escobar (3 days ago)
Where a dick
Caiden Roshia (3 days ago)
You should were a costume of Vegemite
Alexa Blue (3 days ago)
Be a sexy maid ;-;
Jeremy McKinley (3 days ago)
A pinus
Kirsty Cade (4 days ago)
Where a bikini
Derby Unicorn (4 days ago)
Sexy shrek
Animator Animal (4 days ago)
wear a mankini
Atticus Webb (5 days ago)
Do Pikachu
Thi Vo (5 days ago)
Be spiderman
off road outlaw cp (5 days ago)
Jessica Miles (6 days ago)
A dick head
Minecraft gamer (6 days ago)
Wear a gingerbread Man costume ;) 👇Like if u agree
Kim Smith (6 days ago)
Be Jason Forys
donaldtheditto (6 days ago)
Do a giant dick
Henry Chen (6 days ago)
U should be a poo for a episode
Brian Smith (6 days ago)
You should be a bongo cat
Nancy James (6 days ago)
a nudest
Lucas Holman (6 days ago)
Lucas Holman (6 days ago)
Goner finer
The Stupied Channel (7 days ago)
Were a gaint dick
HF (7 days ago)
Elmo or lazar beam
Fahri Krasniqi (7 days ago)
Can you wear a killer clown costume
Nohea Kanamu Metoyer (7 days ago)
Nathan Sawka (7 days ago)
What about hinki winki? like if you want lazar beam to be a different teletuby
D3rpy g1rl I2e (7 days ago)
Silver_ Duck23 (7 days ago)
OMG the purple telletubbie lives next door!
Silver_ Duck23 (7 days ago)
You should were a elmo costume
Noobis2 Family (7 days ago)
Brawl stars
Noobis2 Family (7 days ago)
Play brawl dtrs
Sonia Coiscou (7 days ago)
Paula Ellwood (7 days ago)
A hairy dick
Shannon Bradley (7 days ago)
Do a vid naked
Marsha Dillon (7 days ago)
Be A dog
Liamo O (7 days ago)
The nostalgi..wait nope just a normal lazarbeam video
FILIP IASON (8 days ago)
Be a dick
David Fyfe (8 days ago)
Donald trump
i gaint dick ay
Matthew Friswell (8 days ago)
Russ Jones (8 days ago)
Melinda Rasti (8 days ago)
what the f!!!!!
Tristan Larson (8 days ago)
Slothly Gamer (8 days ago)
I think I am going to have nightmares😭
Brandon Shaffer (8 days ago)
Ann Konikoff (8 days ago)
u should play grand battle royal
Benjamin The G (8 days ago)
Be pickle rick in a vid there is a costume for him get plssssssssssss
gunner smalley (8 days ago)
Your mom
Manuel Barata (8 days ago)
Dik or knife
marina dimitriou (8 days ago)
Yeah lannan YOU WILL BE PIKACHU OKAY if you reed this lannan OH HELL NO Wtf im soo dumb😂😂😂😂😂
Necole Pridgen (8 days ago)
Where corn
Kate Kempster (8 days ago)
Kate Kempster (8 days ago)
Hey Lazer beam
Which Terry Teletubby laserbeam like the this if you know
Gaming Lol (9 days ago)
mick greenacre (9 days ago)
That just weird but I love it
lolmasterYT (9 days ago)
We are a penis
Candice Matalone (9 days ago)
Wear girls stuff
Kate Dillon (9 days ago)
Rip berry berry
Mason Lynton (9 days ago)
Bro you should have a costume,like a skeleton with a boner
sandwich -slow (9 days ago)
Become the piece of corn
Gamer 70568 (9 days ago)
A dress
Gacha Cheese (9 days ago)
Im not going to ask.
AS Rieg (9 days ago)
a dick
Krista Perrine (9 days ago)
elsa ya
Jessi MacDougall (9 days ago)
Where are penis
matthew her (9 days ago)
Tomato did the best.Yayyyyyy!🏆🍅
jason hornby (9 days ago)
Jake Davis (9 days ago)
Fred Donatelli (9 days ago)
Be a fat inflateble sumo
Turtle_ Boi (9 days ago)
Be a dick 🤣
Leigh-ann McConkey (9 days ago)
Elizabeth Donaldson (9 days ago)
A peanus
Wen P (9 days ago)
A giant penis
Bogart Torres (9 days ago)
where a dick
Brady Man (9 days ago)
Apex legend
AWT 123 (10 days ago)
Naked Lazarbeam
Daylee Troll XD (10 days ago)
the best bro clip (10 days ago)
cbcb cbbc (10 days ago)
Be knuckles. Do u know the way😂😂😂
nightmare king (10 days ago)
Dead pool
Sigita Svoteliene (10 days ago)
Be a sexy girl with nothing on
Elgin Clavecilla (10 days ago)
Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmdyfogegyggyuhkiy comity hooooooooooooooooooooooooooot your a box a game fuck score prison gas whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot bish hop kill a paper plan fire stares .
Kylie Kovac (10 days ago)
Your gay
Edie Foulds (10 days ago)
A dick
Jason Lopez (10 days ago)
You are a fucking iteit
Kasen Valle (10 days ago)
A card
Look at my Self (10 days ago)
Be a thot for a entire vid
nic chack (10 days ago)
lazarbeam there was something in your nose hope you dont pick it with your finger

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