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Rohingya Women and Girls Suffer Widespread Rape

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Burmese security forces have committed widespread rape against women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims in Burma’s Rakhine State. The Burmese military gang raped of Rohingya women and girls and subjected them to further acts of violence, cruelty, and humiliation. Many women described witnessing the murders of their young children, spouses, and parents. Rape survivors reported days of agony walking with swollen and torn genitals while fleeing to Bangladesh.
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Dave Todd (22 days ago)
Enough is enough the rohingya are not from Burma their Bangladeshi Muslims trying to invade. And they're the ones that have been doing the raping killing and murdering are the Burmese. But like everywhere else in the world you can't say a goddamn thing about the Muslims invading everybody else's country setting up shop and causing chaos. and Muslims are always the victims they start the shit but they're always the victims
shahid mehmood (1 month ago)
muslims have lost it, mothers donot give birth to Khalid ibn waleed any more. no more Umar ibn khatab. shameless muslim leaders and army generals, none have the courage, i wonder how will all face Allah & His Messenger on the day of judgement. shame upon shame disgrace.
R A (8 months ago)
Shame on Myanmar terrorists government
Hamza khan (11 months ago)
Such a fucking milletry of Burma...
yeah me (1 year ago)
animal burmese u ll pay each cost of this
reality won (1 year ago)
Also, please, : Save Us All From Nuclear War, Censure And Impeach Trumpler Now
Mehdi Kateb (8 months ago)
I can't believe there are such cold blooded comments who are ignoring of their sufferings only because their hatred for muslims. Their hatred had turned a blind eye to other's suffering and no longer have a shed of human compassion. Many of the Rohingya women who got raped were killed and many would rather not even talk about it, they just want to live in peace now they out of this hellhole Burma. There is several video of young Rohingya girl with half Chinese baby look-alike (Burmese slant eyes) who claim they were raped by Burmese soldiers, they decided to take care of them despite the atrocities they experienced.
I know them (1 year ago)
Just wait them pregnant, then look at their kids and check their DNA. You'll find no Burmese DNA in raped Rohingya's kids. Buddhist teaching prohibit rape. Unlike Islam in which they can enslave and rape their rivals. Muhammad did that before and following what the prophet did is encouraged in Islam.
I know them (1 year ago)
LOL , Which words did I express the hatred for muslims? It's all just a truth and everything was written in your Quran and hadit. It's you who are stupid idiot pig who are muslim so you don't ever think the muslim terrorist would lie to you. Everything in the clips were only orally accusation without a strong evidence. All you see from those people were in ARSA's strategy in order to accuse Burmese. But wait, the clear victims of Bengali raper is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jB8K0pVAe8&t=67s

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