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'Naked News' Picks Anchorwoman (CBS News)

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Three contestants made it to the final audition to become an anchorwoman on "Naked News," the program that claims to have nothing to hide. TheShowBuzz.com was there for the final announcement. (CBSNews.com)
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Text Comments (227)
Baby shaikh Sheikh (4 days ago)
XxWALHALAxX MOZZA (1 month ago)
One of the best parts of naked news was recognising some of the news girls when they were doing fill in holiday cover on sky news
Edgar Zaragoza (3 months ago)
Russ Powell (2 years ago)
all of these anchor women sure wear sexy underwear
RIZWANMATION (3 years ago)
I want to be naked
There is nothing wrong with nakedness. The News part of the job, however, can be a little scary. Beautiful women are great. Terrorist's suck. Smile, we're all naked in the beginning, and end. No harm done. A gun is much more destructive, than a human being's, natural state of being. World peace for the good of all of us.
Sam Vegas (4 years ago)
naked News is the only news i watch, doesnt get me down like cbs, cnn or fox
Sam Leo (4 years ago)
Hey guys , you would get bored with it , some countries have been doing this for years .
Tony Montana (4 years ago)
Wau, I thought that americans would only have fake news (Fox) and guns and killing-news;) Its still the only western world nation where killing makes people cum better than sex. Or at least it seems like that. You still cant show sexual intercourse on tv, but you can show how to slit a throught---"Walking Death"...hmmm...that's sick.
Vic Longdong (4 years ago)
you can see death and suffering on youtube but not tits, beautiful tits, that to me is fucked up 
pile maker (4 years ago)
1:02 ....Definitely very Titillating, That's what I would Have said too, so hard to focus around sexy ladies? Your like come on brain ...work, while bloods running the other way?
lemurdue (5 years ago)
Man, the Naked News watchers sure get butt hurt pretty easily. They're still whining about a comment I left over a year ago about their sexual problems.
leegkushner (5 years ago)
Then, you must be a real sicko,more than we think, because you have intimate relationships with all the people who watch Naked News, enough to know what they are like. What are you, a fucking sociological researcher or something? Let us all know when you have something to write that isn't a wild, venomous, unsubstantiated attack that connects two things that do not go together. We don't want to be shocked. Meantime, take your Resperidol and STFU.
zaid alvarado bautista (5 years ago)
como se descargan
Mia Young (6 years ago)
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Nanocyte (6 years ago)
Wow. I never thought they'd be able to create a news program that has less credibility than the ones we already have, but here it is.
Nobody In-Particular (6 years ago)
I know what I am google-video'ing next .....
PATBATify (7 years ago)
id rather see larry king, anderson cooper, bill o reilly, and geraldo rivera naked lol
A S (7 years ago)
ERECTION !!!!!!!
Reggie Writeous (7 years ago)
lbj.Trackz314 (7 years ago)
@immadynamitexx i swear i just did that dumb shit lol I'm hella bored right now don't have nothing to do lol
donniegerrard (7 years ago)
@tracietigress actually, this very show did have a male edition that ran from 2001-2007. Type "nakednewsdailymale" into google search.
elbas777 (7 years ago)
@StArBuRsTsUcKa Valentina did not win but she did actually end up becoming a full official anchor on the show 6 months later and the winner Holly Eglinton did not. Holly was only on the show for 1 week and was never seen again. Her name changed to Valentina Taylor and she was on the show from November 2007 to January 2010. Her highlights can be seen on my video....or you can just click on the DailyMotion link in the vid description for a better view of things.
Jeremy Rodriguez (7 years ago)
@tbm25 haha, sounds like you just get rejected a lot you little bitter boy
StArBuRsTsUcKa (7 years ago)
valentina did all the talking to the news and didnt win lol
Elias Mouawad (7 years ago)
Killing Ben Laden is not the end Search For "BUSH OBAMA DESTROYED US ARMY"
Gabriel Lane (7 years ago)
@SexyFox66 KKK
tracietigress (7 years ago)
how disgusting! Besides, I'm tired of seeing naked women. Start showing some naked men and it will be fair. Why do men get to see this and women do not. Sexist!!!
morgansmaha (7 years ago)
nice try mr. Michaels
leegkushner (7 years ago)
@lemurdue You have everybody figured out (but yourself and your own misanthropic behavior), so why don't you tell everybody which I am, of the allegedly only "Fatsoes and Psychos" that watch Naked News? If you had any sanity and intelligence, at all, and knew how to read, critically, you would know that Naked News has been awarded the most popular News Program, at least on the internet. So, in other words, all those people are fat or psycho?
MrMcdob (7 years ago)
"Naked Me" picks a W anchor woman
kungfusushi (7 years ago)
S Antanoco (7 years ago)
i do castings for porn contact me if iu don´t get naked news
gst69man (8 years ago)
i dont watch youtube videos with full commercials. CBS sucks
lemurdue (8 years ago)
@thedarklordx Man, I love naked women just fine. But I'm not dumb enough to pay to just look at them online, there's plenty of free porn for that. Of course, I must have hit a nerve, that's why you just peed yourself and started screaming "faggot." It's OK, one day you'll get therapy and maybe even a girlfriend, unless it's your own suppressed homosexuality that caused you to fly into such a rage.
lemurdue (8 years ago)
@leegkushner Na, there aren't millions. The alleged subscribers are probably just a bunch of fatso who can't get girlfriends or psychos who'll wind up tracking down these women and cutting their throats because they're obsessed. Which one do you happen to be?
leegkushner (8 years ago)
@lemurdue Never bored me or millions of others, and looks fade for any media person, then they do something else. Is there a point you are making, or is this a wild, bitching session of yours?
leegkushner (8 years ago)
@lemurdue It never bored me, nor millions of others. They vary things, including personnel and features. Looks fade? That is true of any public, media personality. Is there a real point you are making, or is this just a wildeyed bitching session?
Bruno Pontes (8 years ago)
meu deus
Roger Müller (8 years ago)
not yn Brazil... :(
SpiffyWaffleman (8 years ago)
Now i can watch the news and jack of at the same time. this will save me so much time :)
258stonepuncher (8 years ago)
Some of them nice bod ugly face
lemurdue (8 years ago)
Well Valentina, the same naked girls over and over again will get boring pretty fast. Have fun cashing in the welfare checks after your looks go.
Jeremy Rodriguez (8 years ago)
@tbm25 um... hey woman hater? what does "delicated" mean huh? you know a lot of women that will eat shit and drink piss for money? you know the producer of dirty jobs drink his own piss every day and they showed him drinking it on the show stating that he does it all the time. it's not just women.
Jeremy Rodriguez (8 years ago)
@cameron197040 if being a typical yank means using simple fucking LOGIC, then thank you mr. dumb fuck
Jeremy Rodriguez (8 years ago)
@cameron197040 it's cbs, and it's youtube you fucking retard
GSCommander (8 years ago)
What channel is that on?
seal1 (8 years ago)
Why are all the girls on naked news shaved? Are they against pussy hair or something?
TheLuika (8 years ago)
i should think before i write crap down. My previous comment may be interpreted as racist by some poeple, but please believe me when i say that it was not my intention to make it sound that way. I am by by no means racist.
TheLuika (8 years ago)
man. This asshole black rectangle gets in the way at the end.
vladtheeditor (8 years ago)
good choice
Incognito (8 years ago)
When I see "Hot" women I see "High Maintenance" and "Minimum Return".
mcjester321 (8 years ago)
is any one here pissed off about the ads?
cnoevl67 (8 years ago)
But Naked News is trailing in the ratings to Naked Big Ass News lately.
ike bess (8 years ago)
sex is awsome
Nilguiri (8 years ago)
What is the point of putting ths on YouTube which is run by septic prudes who censor everything.
bestamerica (8 years ago)
' why many women are using too much makeup chairs
Yuva Raj (8 years ago)
hot chicks..
Anchors Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Anchor THIS!
leadiceman22 (8 years ago)
what channel is naked news?
bakersfieldmusicnow (8 years ago)
i love naked women..and these ladys soooo rock!!! want to marry one......any single??
Mother Superior (8 years ago)
1:12 theres a smile on MY face.
Jimmy Hart (8 years ago)
@EvilFingers Already did; with a condom though.
Carlos De La Cruz (8 years ago)
CBS would do this...
pj simmons (8 years ago)
@EvilFingers asdasfsadfasdf
pj simmons (8 years ago)
tetas i what tetas
avaxtakaka (8 years ago)
@Mournster Of course, old chap, there are some intelligent Christians! Just look at Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell. Uh, perhaps I didn't select the best examples of intellectual brilliance. In any event, in regards to my "getting an education", I graduated from Stanford University. How about you?
avaxtakaka (8 years ago)
@filmflipful Don't tell me, let me guess....I'll bet that you're a Christian! HOW do you know that these women have "incredibly low IQs"? Have you met them? What gives you the right to look down on them? Or anybody, for that matter? If this video offends you, DON'T WATCH IT!
Connor William (8 years ago)
@MrNascar1111 it hates you too
Tendies (8 years ago)
i h8 porn
skypilot722 (8 years ago)
I love you Victoria. You're still my favorite; so beautiful and sexy. I have your picture on my wall.
illogicology (8 years ago)
@Dudley1948 Nah, Atheists actually understand the real news.
dada dsad (8 years ago)
Eric Kressaty (8 years ago)
@lavamouse33 just click f5 it skips the commericals..
John Steelman (8 years ago)
wow check out europeantourvideos dot com
nobody (8 years ago)
srsly u guys? Have you no shame? There is a reason why people put on clothes... <_<
xHABBOguy (8 years ago)
0:01 This comment is to skip commercials!
Jefferson Souza (8 years ago)
q ´porra é essa rapásss pq coloka esses ku desses mosaicos qro ver os peitosssssssssss
Elias Mouawad (8 years ago)
2000 NATO soldier killed Search For "BUSH OBAMA DESTROYED"
LadyZeppelin1960 (8 years ago)
@gorgeousdzastr Quite alright.
gorgeousdzastr (8 years ago)
@LadyZeppelin1960 Yes I was looking at that as your birth year. And 64 is mine, I appologize if I offend you, in anyway. That is not my intent mi lady. But 1960s was a wonderful time to be alive, I just kinda wish I was able to visit those years. I bet I would have a blast. :D
LadyZeppelin1960 (8 years ago)
@gorgeousdzastr Thank you. You are also an inspiration. Finally, not a brainwashed piggish male telling me that I'm jealous of these women. I am not sure what the 64 signifies. Is it the year your were born pertaining to mine? I am actually 20 and the 1960 on my screen name denotes the start of my favourite decade.
gorgeousdzastr (8 years ago)
@LadyZeppelin1960 And this is so very true mi lady. So very true. Thanks for your posts. You are an inspiration. :O 64 ;)
LadyZeppelin1960 (8 years ago)
@INFECTEDTERR0R Not gay, I'm a woman. I find certain woman attractive and I like natural woman who take care of themselves. I have respect for my body an have come to the realization that woman like this look gross. Oily with makeup and fake coloured skin, hard/hair-sprayed hair, fake nails, rubber/silicone implants under their skin. It's disgusting. If I am to be with a woman, she should be naturally beautiful and real breasts to be grabbed and appreciated. See past it. Ugly mugs underneath.
INFECTEDTERR0R (8 years ago)
INFECTEDTERR0R (8 years ago)
@LadyZeppelin1960 come on man, are you gay cause this is heaven my friend :D
This Guy (8 years ago)
@lavamouse33 Press F5
LadyZeppelin1960 (8 years ago)
@gorgeousdzastr I agree. It is bullshit. It is natural for all beings, even at the young age of 11 [or whenever starting puberty] to be introduced to their sexual aspects. BUT on a very modest, informative level. With this being said, this program is extremely inappropriate and it is very misinforming. Conditioning children that they should look and act this way, when in reality this look and presentation of sexuality is against the nature of man.
gorgeousdzastr (8 years ago)
@LadyZeppelin1960 ROFLMAO, yes without body mods is wonderful. But it isnt for the public to see. That should be kept at home, or between 2 consenting adults. When a child lives at home, and can flip through the channels, (supposing they dont block certain channels when they leave, and unblock them when they return HAHA) those kids are subjected to that material. Dont get me wrong, I love a womans body as it is very artful, but between the ages and not the screens. Cheers
LadyZeppelin1960 (8 years ago)
@gorgeousdzastr I don't even find them attractive, and if so, superficially. They are obviously painted in makeup and have all had tit implants and a spray on tan. Who wants to squeeze hard boobs, go in for a kiss and get greasy makeup all over them? If you actually take time to look at these women and see past the fact that they are doing something sexual, you will see that it looks gross. Look at their structure. Really THAT great? A naturally beautiful girl without body modifications. Better.
LadyZeppelin1960 (8 years ago)
This is really fucking ridiculous. I mean, it is natural to be naked, but before any woman even considers getting naked on television, she has to have gotten breast implants, throw on a mask of makeup, and get a spray on tan. Besides that, this is just stupid... So people can sit at home on their asses and watch some woman get naked on the news? Get real.
...and still speak ill of Brazil ..aff
pwnproof (8 years ago)
no i could watch this a million times and still not give a shit about wat they say
gorgeousdzastr (8 years ago)
Although amazingly sexy they are sex offenders when they display their nudity. I don't care if it is on a PPV, so is porn. Except they pay taxes I suppose it makes prostitution legal. Hmmmmmmm. Let this be a man, and he goes to prison. Damn what a politically challenged world we live in.
pkorobase (8 years ago)
voll prüde
Gary Gray (8 years ago)
i find it funny how a naked women can be considered an artist and a whore at the same time
John Steelman (8 years ago)
Hello nice vid check out europeantourvideos dot com
trwent (8 years ago)
Katie Couric needs to do this ...
AtomicBonzaiTree (8 years ago)
I'm glad she won, she was the hottest.

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