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Dressed Up & Drunk as Fuck at the Melbourne Cup

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This video is a funny event recap of The Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup is an annual bash & horse race held in Melbourne Australia. The Melbourne Cup is the place to get super dressed up & super smashed! Over the top outfits, champagne, awesome hats & a huge raging party are the order of the day. Oh yeah and some horse races. This video was produced & edited by As It Is Films. As It Is Films has been the professional video editor, video producer, animator & graphic designer on over 1000 different for hire video service projects. We offer professional video editing & post production services at affordable rates. Need video editing, video production, animation, visual effects, color correction or motion graphic services? Contact us! Website: www.AsItIsFilms.com Email: [email protected] Phone: 310.299.2318
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Text Comments (99)
Veneil (4 months ago)
"Funny"? A procession of drunken idiots dressed up like shop window mannequins and backstreet hookers. There's nothing funny about it. Just a bunch of entitled twats showing us how little money has to do with class...
joseph zeidler (1 year ago)
This is why the terrorists hate us
Это Россия дет.... оё, этак это же вяликая австралия
Sherbet_Bomb (1 year ago)
We are not all like that. I don't really care about the cup and I don't drink.
Jonty Rosenow (1 year ago)
Geeee, people getting drunk at an event. STOP THE PRESSES. They're having fun, leave em alone.
Paulie Jay (1 year ago)
I came here after watching Greg McCainsh's film on the Sharpies - Melbourne, just as fuckin' classy as ever.
Rachel Stephens (2 years ago)
Make the tickets $200 each, have a dress code and do a legitimate bag check. Boom. Riff-raff will stay home.
Jacques Isaacs (2 years ago)
if this was black people,could you imagine the comments!!
connor gibson (5 months ago)
Theres always that one fuckwit
Ron Henney (5 months ago)
Jacques Isaacs good onya 2 dicks
ARM (2 years ago)
+Jacques Isaacs Did you even read my comment? Also, why are you assuming my race?
Jacques Isaacs (2 years ago)
indigenous and non white people,don't view "Australians" as separate from Europe.u not Australian,u immigrant squatters the real Australian s are Aboriginal s that u still trying to destroy.
ARM (2 years ago)
The comments are racist though. So tell me idiot, what would the difference be?
Johnny Trash (3 years ago)
When in the convict colony, not 'when in Rome'. Never associate Italian nouns with white trash Anglo-Saxons. Italians are too superior for you lot.
ARM (2 years ago)
You're boring me. Come up with something original or I'll start thinking you're a chatbot.
Johnny Trash (2 years ago)
The only projection I have for you spammer, is a projectile vomit on your face. The only affliction here is you, add bogan convict. Stop spamming me redneck convict.
ARM (2 years ago)
You seem to be projecting your own afflictions, bogan wog boy. Back to the fruit farm, smelly wog.
Johnny Trash (2 years ago)
Stop spamming me ADD affected convict bogan. And stop plagiarising my comments too. CONVICT!
ARM (2 years ago)
Didn't read your bogan rubbish. Sorry.
Matt Z (3 years ago)
I... I have found my people...
Christy Dolan (3 years ago)
Dannysubliminal, have you seen what goes on at Aintree Grand National lately? Only only need to pick up the papers
EpicMovieMontage (3 years ago)
whats the classical music in the beginning called do you know?
Katrina Bishop (3 years ago)
See how alcohol puts a stupid look on everyone's faces!
craiggo31 (3 years ago)
Best days entertainment in the world, and we get a Public Holiday for it, wowee, Stralia Mate, gotta love it!
F lop (3 years ago)
Aussie drunk scum
Dee Bee (3 years ago)
Dannysubliminal (3 years ago)
Australians are so trampy! They are like that where ever they go! No class!
I'm a mystery (1 year ago)
Dannysubliminal go fuck yourself you need to see the real Australia
MmeDesgranges (2 years ago)
+captainjack1964 Tell me more about what men with small penises say?
captainjack1964 (2 years ago)
Men with small ones say that
MmeDesgranges (2 years ago)
But so well hung
captainjack1964 (3 years ago)
+Dannysubliminal I agree All BOGANS
randy moyan (3 years ago)
So is this what passes for "Culture" in Australia? Wow classy country.
AllAboutLOVE atYuToob (5 months ago)
fuck you
AnotherFastnet70 (3 years ago)
+randy moyan So are you are basing your opinions on a youtube video ? Wow sensible approach.
killuminati91112 (4 years ago)
Stupidest day on the planet
javis88h (4 years ago)

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