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drunk woman takes tumble

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Addie Merline (4 years ago)
LOL sucka
redknight801 (4 years ago)
Clearly this had nothing to do with alcohol, you fools!  The headlights acted as a sort of tractor beam and she was fighting to get away from it....so obvious.
redknight801 (4 years ago)
+Ephy Damn wizards!!  Let us be...let us bbeeeee
Ephy (4 years ago)
I blame wizards!
kelerews (4 years ago)
That song is terrible. Damn.
Diego (4 years ago)
Circle of Doom !!
DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What Music Name! ;)
Jaum Cardoso (4 years ago)
+Wictor Camilo +Alexandre Lévi Parem com esse 'camse'. Obrigado de nada
Alexandre Lévi (4 years ago)
+Wictor Camilo Mentira! É Sarude - Dandstorm.
Denildo Rocha (4 years ago)
se beber não ande kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
andre veloso (4 years ago)
como é o nome dessa musica? 
riotguards (4 years ago)
feminist be like "don't blame the drunk" and then blame you for turning your headlights on
NexFish (4 years ago)
nice one LOL
gew - gitch (4 years ago)
ELIZ. You dyed your hair. Joy Joy

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