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Top 10 funniest drunk people part 1

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funniest drunk people in history song 1. becoming the bull - ATREYU song 2. breakn' a sweat - skrillex WATCH THE BONUS FEATURES AT THE END! heres my three channels subscribe -jovanaotr80 -stinkmeanerman -lillamevids
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Marcin Dąbrowski (1 day ago)
Le dernier avec la musique est vraiment génial !
Mike Capporta (2 days ago)
Drunk girls rock😋
charlie cleveland (5 days ago)
Holy shit.... i dont drink much anymore but when i did i didnt ever get that fuckered up 😂😂😂😂 i hope
Tammie Hartman (6 days ago)
have nothing against the music, but come on turn it off, stopped watching 3 minutes in
Barrymore Kilgo (6 days ago)
Why the obnoxious music?
SAMRIDDHA DEWAN (6 days ago)
Once i went to my friend house there i found his father drinking.When he saw me he Rebuke me and i ran away from there.Next day when i again went there he asked me" Who are you".
Asgeirr 76 (6 days ago)
arrêter avec vos musiques de fond ca ne sert qu'à pourrir la vidéo!
Martin Bielby (7 days ago)
Why do people have to put songs in there vids STOP IT NOW!!! YOU SPOIL THE VIDEO!!!!
Dave Ollie metal head (8 days ago)
Number One (11 days ago)
I’m SO glad you edited the last one. Good job!
Craig Lloyd (1 month ago)
Ozzyman does a review of number 1
Betty Schultz (1 month ago)
Music off we got it falling down drunk
rob robson (1 month ago)
sound of
Khan Pi (1 month ago)
Queen Amazon (1 month ago)
*;;;;; (2 months ago)
If u see a drunk person give them some water with salt they will get back to normal in seconds
KiwiGurl NZ (2 months ago)
..........I was waiting for the dog to lift upp his leg and piss on him now that would a been a eeww and nasty......but laughable! 😂😂😂😂
ken wesaw (2 months ago)
I Think that guy might be a queen fan
scheidldratza (2 months ago)
Sad thing
Anna Russo (2 months ago)
excellent music!!!
Dave Stinson (2 months ago)
What was up w piece of wood or stump. They wanted it bad to put on bicycle
Joy Payne (2 months ago)
Th music it's sounds evil demons spirits those people need Jesus poor souls is heading for hell i don't think it's funny
Flying High Again (2 months ago)
0:49 Too many Harvey Wallbangers for this guy
Chris Brown (2 months ago)
Ahhhh….. Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.
Jerry E Phillips II (2 months ago)
Some of these people are more than drunk. I think maybe meth.
midnight rider (2 months ago)
That music is absolutely horrible and obnoxious. Turned this off immediately.
arska7708 (2 months ago)
Cant watch bec that shit music.
Sabu v.a (2 months ago)
regardless the country these people are same...funny
John Haigh (2 months ago)
Fucking awful background music for what is supposed to be a funny video
Bombay Boy (2 months ago)
Have fun die young no need to become old bourdon on others😁😁😀😀😂😌😌😀
gary chaney (3 months ago)
Been there done that. But lost my shirt!
Antonio Novais (3 months ago)
Antonio Novais (3 months ago)
T.C. (3 months ago)
I don't know what is funnier, this music or these drunks?
nonito veloz (3 months ago)
Muy chulo los vídeos de terremotos
Augustine Atuegbu (3 months ago)
When the slippers is close but yet very far away from you.
Diego Rodriguez (3 months ago)
thank God i don't drink .
Jan Káňa (3 months ago)
je to ze života
Be Jaysus (3 months ago)
Easily the most retarded music I've ever heard in a youtube video.
Jaroslav Čìžek (3 months ago)
Kokoti vozrali
antonio belardi (3 months ago)
Ma quello che cantava i queen siamo sicuri che avesse solo bevuto!???
rdloer (3 months ago)
Lose the stupid music.
Jane Cerrone (3 months ago)
This is not funny it is so sad.
Tony Carolina (3 months ago)
That is not drunk that is high on drugs
Daniel Roig (3 months ago)
This one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV-8atkkhxE
terry brady (3 months ago)
Yea, and POT is evil
john fellows (3 months ago)
Number 3, that guys laugh could cure Cancer ! Number 7 wasn't drunk, he was having a seizure ( seen it reported elsewhere ).
Enry iggins. (3 months ago)
We may laugh at these drunks, but it could be any one of us. 😂😋🤣
Vinterfrid (3 months ago)
The music was absolutely some of the most disgusting I have ever heard! What's the point of putting it there?
Tony Bucca (3 months ago)
Drunk is NOT funny... I lost 2 YOUNGER brothers to alcohol... I have NO TOLERANCE for drunks....
James Moss (3 months ago)
Stupid noise, Video not worth watching with noise
Connie O'Neal (3 months ago)
Proof the laws of gravity are not absolute......no pun intended.
Imre Gyug (3 months ago)
A magyarok ebben a top 10 ben is ott vannak 😂
Kev56 (3 months ago)
wtf that awful music.
Asolo Semp (3 months ago)
Do somthing about music.
Asolo Semp (3 months ago)
3rd class music.
Jan Klaassen (3 months ago)
He knows the full song of Queen ^_^
Detskalldaltas (3 months ago)
The Queenidiot was not funny at all. But the ather hehehehe.
bruce lee (3 months ago)
Turned it off because of crap music
David Bov (3 months ago)
At 10 20 that’s flakka
David Bov (3 months ago)
Them Russians got some good stuff over there
vijay verma (3 months ago)
Bogumil (3 months ago)
Suchi Gada (3 months ago)
Why the fu..., music?
Stone Mail (3 months ago)
Walkercolours (3 months ago)
9:20 he's getting a great abs workout 😂😂😂
Fed Reserv (3 months ago)
No.9 is actually 1st
Allan Morrison (3 months ago)
Scum of the earth.
Mountain Prowler (3 months ago)
#1 really needs that case of bud yeah? He shoulda just went to market Street and got an ounce of bud...then he wouldn't be so silly. 😂😂😂
Richard Zenz (3 months ago)
Music for this is horrible
Wendy Aanenson (3 months ago)
#1 I'm pissing my pants!!!! LMAO!!!
bobby (3 months ago)
realy no need for the fuck up music loll
James Thornton (3 months ago)
He done lost it ! Lol.!
James Thornton (3 months ago)
That's funny!
Dave Schulz (3 months ago)
You seen it here folks and the message is clear . This is what happens to your brain when you smoke mareeeeeeeeewana. The cool hip people call it cannabis by the way .
Pat Nordsvahn (3 months ago)
Wonder if the last guy drove to the store?
Nayda Assata (3 months ago)
This music made me remove myself 🙄
Sew Pink Weiszer (4 months ago)
I should never have looked at this while having supper!
ㅓㅕㅣㅑㄷㅅ (4 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This 100 video 😁😁😁
Emil Hilmarsen (5 months ago)
I cant believe I found this just now for Clash of Clans: https://extragems.com/ It really works! (35Paov)
Bala Cyrus (5 months ago)
What's the name of the song in the last clip...the man in the store
KremitDeFrog (7 months ago)
who else sung along with Bohemian Rhapsody?
KremitDeFrog (7 months ago)
how many kept going after they cut the video?
Igu (7 months ago)
Kould B (8 months ago)
That last bloke finished me off. I can't breathe! Bah hahahahaha!!
seeeLAH1 (8 months ago)
wish I could get drunk like that.. I never get the spins no more
Mahesh Varma (9 months ago)
drink no 1 enjoy inworld
Omen Nemo (9 months ago)
I liked this until I saw drunk animals.  How did they get drunk.  Someone had to give them something.  I don't think that is funny at all.  Humans can make a choice.  Animals don't know what the hell people are giving them.
Sara Carter (9 months ago)
The dude singing bohemian rhapsody had me in tears ROFL.
Dimitris Dim (10 months ago)
1:27 No Drunk Narcoman
Mgamer ost (10 months ago)
Alcohol is I big issue of all things to get high on alcohol is by far worst poison and yes one day it should be forbidden to buy.
Lina Jae (10 months ago)
Jesus (10 months ago)
In the first lot the two guy's in the car pissing themselves laughing was priceless. There laugh made that video more funny... I think there Ozzie ( Australian )
Rakesh Belliappa (11 months ago)
i love these peoples
Mandira Baidya (1 year ago)
Music ruined it.
Dragon1 Indo1 (1 year ago)
Oh man I am dying..funny
All types of videos (1 year ago)
last one LoL
ProjectFlashlight612 (1 year ago)
Kinda depressing
Phoebe H. (1 year ago)
The flip flop guy is my favorite lol
LunaMoon (1 year ago)
Have another 🍺

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