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Harry Potter Wand Duel Sound Effects Test

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Hey everybody, I found some wand sound effects and decided to try them out on our old wand duel. What do you think?
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Text Comments (54)
Sem Rappange (5 months ago)
L'emmerdeur Assumeur (1 year ago)
It's like lightsaber's battles
digz_mctwist (1 year ago)
Pretty cool! Got a link for the sfx?
MrLiver8 (3 years ago)
Very nice! Where have you found them?
Paul Comena (6 years ago)
this is better than Voldemort vs Harry xD
DareToDieTV (6 years ago)
East Enders (6 years ago)
hi where did you actually get the sound effects from
chuninc (6 years ago)
honestly where can you get those sound effects?
Daniel Caspiani Adl (6 years ago)
can i buy the sounds for 15$? i really need them
Jared River (6 years ago)
Where did you get the sound effects?
Daniel Caspiani Adl (6 years ago)
please post a link for sound effects
aysaspades (6 years ago)
Ulintz Productions (7 years ago)
Can u make a tutorial on how you made the spells please
SpeckZerZ (7 years ago)
where did you get the sound fx? I need some like this bad!
Cbridge1998 (7 years ago)
dude! where do you get these spell sounds from!!!!!
Hester Liong (7 years ago)
Where the hec did u get the sound?
K4xxGaming (7 years ago)
where did u get the sound effects?
HectorBarbossa (7 years ago)
Where did you get the sound effetcs?
Allan Bennett (7 years ago)
SpeckZerZ (7 years ago)
Please send me the sound fx plz plz plz
SpeckZerZ (7 years ago)
where can i get all those sound effects please please send me a link.
VoiceoftheForce (7 years ago)
So many people have asked this question and I haven't seen you answer ANY OF THEM.....WHERE did you find the sounds??????????????
John Pina (7 years ago)
where did you get the sound effetcs?
Benedict L.U. (7 years ago)
@Desmus55 w8 i just wanted to say that if u download this vid and u wanna use the sound effects u also hear the music in the back ...
Desmus55 (7 years ago)
@kkritik1 Is music not part of the sound effects track?
Benedict L.U. (7 years ago)
i like it but the music ruins it -.-
TopKidHero (7 years ago)
I know you probably get asked this a lot, but where do you get your Harry Potter sound effects?!?!? They sound AWESOME! :D Please link me
austin k (7 years ago)
were u get sound fx download?
DerBlenderTyp (7 years ago)
Where are u get this effects PLS tell :S
Trey Burgett (8 years ago)
how did you get them?
NavajoJoeFilms (8 years ago)
@sjoleN999 Adobe After Effects. Cost $999.
NavajoJoeFilms (8 years ago)
@MDAB1993 Both.
NavajoJoeFilms (8 years ago)
@MDAB1993 Harry Potter?
MDAB1993 (8 years ago)
@Desmus55 like the movie itself or did u get it off another movie in youtube?
Desmus55 (8 years ago)
@scottryan15 Can't. I didn't do the VFX.
Desmus55 (8 years ago)
@sjoleN999 After Effects.
Desmus55 (8 years ago)
@MDAB1993 Harry Potter?
MDAB1993 (8 years ago)
so what movie did u get the sound fx from?
baggen # (8 years ago)
what do you use the program to do this
Desmus55 (8 years ago)
@Joschepu I'm sure that the video is somewhere here on YouTube.
Joschepu (8 years ago)
@Desmus55 Could you please upload a video with the effects without the music so we can make our owns too :D Just upload the video you found =) THANKS I'll subscribe Nice video btw xD :D
Rabr (8 years ago)
can you please send me the sound effects??
Brook Hubbs (8 years ago)
How long it take to do the effects?
John Gregurich (9 years ago)
he got them from harry potter 5 he just ripped the cd to get the sound of it thats all
LexProductions (9 years ago)
please send me the link to the sound fx
Plutons Productions (9 years ago)
WOW I need those. Great find!
NavajoJoeFilms (9 years ago)
Yeah, the newest one. :-)
Oh!! You mean that new Rambo movie? The 4th one?
NavajoJoeFilms (9 years ago)
NavajoJoeFilms (9 years ago)
You got half of it right. The composer is indeed Brian Tyler but it's from Rambo. :-D CLOSE!
I can guess that the music score is sounds like from the live action movie Dragonball Evolution and the composer is Bryan Tyler? Did I got that right?:)
Desmus55 (9 years ago)
I found them on a video here on YouTube, downloaded it, cut each individual sound, and added it to this video for a test run of the SFX. The test was a success. :-D
Desmus55 (9 years ago)
Ben used Adobe After Effects all those years ago. Haha!

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