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Drunk Muslim Female Driver

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Crap Head (44 minutes ago)
Typical MUSLIM then drinking and getting pissed..
Ramim Chowhdury (49 minutes ago)
She's a jew
Expr55 (50 minutes ago)
When a white person drink drives religion is not mentioned. Why is her religion mentioned? Either way majority of drink drivers are white. Then again most criminals are white.
Jason Larson (1 hour ago)
Hi I'm a drunk, belligerent arrogant Muslim cunt... I have absolutely the worst fucking kids on the planet.. I do not need to comply with you or any if your laws because I'm a belligerent arrogant Muslim. I can go where I please, say what I please to whoever I please because the UN protects my sorry worthless existence as a political pawn to threaten other peaceful countries who also refuse to abide by the UN'S liberal owned and operated agenda of a one world government working hand in hand with Islam to establish a one world oppressive regime designed to enslave humanity. Fuck Islam, fuck Mohamed, fuck the UN ... A damn good bloody war you peaceful Muslims will get...
Stuart Jamieson (3 hours ago)
Drink driving.drunk and disorderly. Not her car.ressisting arrest.hitting a police officer. Child neglect. .this should be deported end of
Stuart Jamieson (3 hours ago)
Mobitech Lloyd (3 hours ago)
British police are absolutely useless, one can get away with soooo much in the UK because they don't want to offend the criminals, what a bloody joke.
Brian Chase (5 hours ago)
So her kids are all now hating the police and guess what they'll grow up to be? And so it begins. A great mother.
Kamrul Hassan (6 hours ago)
She drank Halaal vodka after eating Halaal pork !
John j (7 hours ago)
Filthy muslim.
Mich Elle (9 hours ago)
mohammadans 🌙🧕🧕👳🏾‍♂️🧕🧕👳🏾‍♂️ drinking 🐪camel’s 🐫urine is fine & delicious?
Bearclaw Manipulator (12 hours ago)
Highly amusing. She seems real classy.
SUZY QUE (12 hours ago)
State should have this fingerprinting thing that would make a lot easier on the immigrants that are in illegally why don't you just take her down to the police station and get someone to watch the children if she doesn't want to cooperate so have the kids help her get out see if she screams like that when they help her tell her own kids get your mama out of the car you can always lock her up and take a blood test there's more than one way to get a cat
teresa carter (13 hours ago)
How could she , with her children in the car , I hope she gets struck down by lightning
Time for War (13 hours ago)
looks like a zombie
Sharon Wolfe (15 hours ago)
Brit: "We tried not to shout at her..." American: "Yep, that's a taserin' ..." Brit: "Fine, let's have a chat, shall we?" American: "Yep, that's another..." Brit: "I had to get out of the car and compose myself..." American: "Hold my gun..."
m 88 (15 hours ago)
imbreds will be imbreds
Jacob Contreras (16 hours ago)
Just Stone that bitch
PompeyChris71 (17 hours ago)
Cocky cow. Should have got 12 months inside and her kids taken off her. Risking their lives for her own selfish ways.
Hasan Mohammed (17 hours ago)
Ok was it Alcohol or a jiin
Haa Dee (18 hours ago)
she want back to zoo
RJ L (19 hours ago)
HARAM bitch
D C (19 hours ago)
Hypocrisy and Hate towards non-muslim are the main pillar of Islam .
Sandra Miller (20 hours ago)
And such is their percieved entitlement over everyone. I guess it is time for another crusade to knock them back.
jason power (21 hours ago)
Taze the bitch ignorant cunt😠
Steve Holland (1 day ago)
First thing the slag and any other poxy Muslim bitch or slag will do is to approach race relations / legal aid and be acquitted. Deport them all.....love it!!!!! I hear you say, but I have a British passport, I was born here.........If I was born in Afganistan would that make me an Afgan????? I don't think so!!!!
Desiree Bernert (1 day ago)
Shes a damn disgrace to her religion..lol...discusting...she had kids in her car...hypocrisy!! All of them....
T Bone (1 day ago)
Took 2 an alf hours 2 get her breathalyzed ,,, if she were white and properly British you would Neva get away with it ,, police always give special preference to Muslims ,,, 2 frightened to be called racist ,,, come on boys ,,, grow a pair
T Bone (1 day ago)
Who the fuk she think she is ,,, oh yeh , she Muslim so we can't say or do owt to upset her ,, LOCK HER UP AND THROW THE FUKIN KEY AWAY ,, police are so damn good ,,, I would have punched her fukin head all over ,, better still jus fukin stone her ,, Muslim fukin whore ,, slap her wit your Sandles boys,,,, take her kids off her , she a drunken Muslim ,, Sharia law would have her stoned ,, maybe it's not a bad idea ,,, I'll throw the 1st brick
67 under Par (1 day ago)
This is how young Asians would become resentful of the police and the English. The kids understandably think their mother is being hurt and brutalised by the police. But in reality she’s drunk and abusive. Makes me sick. Since when did a little fat Asian woman thinks she’s a mafia boss. They will get what’s coming to them. It’s because they have different rules to us. She is a very poor Muslim as she swears and is drunk. A pure example of hypocrisy.
A A (1 day ago)
Drunk cockroach
Bob Carter (1 day ago)
Disqualified, drunk, ignorant pig
William Barabanitz (1 day ago)
She doesn't drink, so she can't be drunk.
Flower (1 day ago)
Drunk and disorderly. I would have arrested her period, They did the right thing putting n handcuffs. Arrogant bitch. She was the one being nasty. She broke the law period. A Muslim? She is a sorry excuse for a Muslim. Muslims aren't supposed to drink and her mouth. wow. Shameful behaviour. Not only was she a foul mouthed bitch she was drunk and putting her children at risk driving a car. Disgusting.
Lori spurrell (1 day ago)
She’s a mean miserable cunt !!
Carrie-Lyn Gruell (1 day ago)
Omg, stop calling her “my love”, be a f***ing professional!
steve double u (1 day ago)
As the officer said at the end, sad that she should drive her kids whist so unfit.
Joseph Ogle (1 day ago)
in 2012 i lost my sister in a car accident with a drunk muslim who ran a stop light. cair funded and backed him in court . he got 3yrs jail. i hate all muslims dont give a fuck what anyone says.
Daneil John (1 day ago)
She is not a Muslim Muslim’s don’t drink
remmie toyne (1 day ago)
Eww, what a foul disgusting woman & awful unfit mother. Pity they couldn't give her a good slap & put a muzzle on her.
totall (1 day ago)
she is a dirty wanker boot her out of my country
Ara fura (1 day ago)
🤣 Stick those hand cuffs around her neck.
Disco Biker (2 days ago)
Isn't a drunk Muslim an oxymoron? Muslims aren't supposed to drink alcohol! In Arabia, she'd be headless by now.
john tucker (2 days ago)
You aren't the most hated people in the world that would be Feminists, vegans and anyone religious.
Laura Callender (2 days ago)
Fat ugly pos!
georgiaman1926 (2 days ago)
There should have been two Muslim cops that pulled her over. They would have beat the shit out of her the first time she acted up. This is why women are not allowed to drive in Islamic countries.
Ann M. (2 days ago)
Call sharia patrol. They'll deal with it they'll deal with that. Lol
VMC (2 days ago)
What an absolute disgrace!! And she's supposed to be an example to the Children she brought into this world!!
John Barney (2 days ago)
She struck a cop ? What’s wrong with that filthy pedophile follower !? Better get the upper hand brits ! Muslums would blow you up if you let em !
John Barney (2 days ago)
Can’t you send these filthy violators back to where they came from ! Alcohol is forbidden as a muslum ! Damn what a filthy bit of tripe !
jaal morrell (2 days ago)
race card, Muslim, what a surprise.
Casper Spookey (2 days ago)
Law enforcement in the UK sure is different than in the states... lol
Wrnman48093 (2 days ago)
Friggin animal....no mercy is the answer! Drag her fat ass in !!
M Al (2 days ago)
she is not drunk cause she is muslim, she is drunk and talking garbage from her mouth cause she is not practicing islam, she is not more than any drunk person without ethics, an manure
Jamie Case (2 days ago)
Nasty pos. Entitled bitch. Needs to be punched
mark g (2 days ago)
who said she was muslim ? Maybe she's budist christian
mike slater (2 days ago)
Anyone gets pulled over for drink driving should get there drivers Licence taking off them for good. People should have more sense. Not to do this. Drink driver's should be banned for Life. People should have no drink at all. When driving. She's a idiot needs to grow up.
coggsy3036 (2 days ago)
Fucking plastic Muslim she is,jumping on the Muslim bandwagon
Bet she stank of onion.
R2 D2 (2 days ago)
Well well well
John Burroughs (2 days ago)
I hate shit eating Muslims
Vania Rusko (2 days ago)
you English police should learn from USA police.. learn to control idiotic Muslim drunk with bloody kids!get them all to the station!!
Me myself I (3 days ago)
Funny how I’ve never seen a ‘drunk jew driver’ or ‘drunk christian driver’ ... actually never seen any religion mentioned in an inappropriate way... things that make you go hmm... there’s always gonna be idiots regardless of what their faith is so I don’t get what’s shocking about this tbh.. people write all sorts on social media to get more views/likes etc.. personally I think concentrate on ourselves and let’s better ourselves in a positive way so that we can make a positive impact to whoever we come in contact with and slowly if everyone were to do that humanity would be absolutely fine.. pull each up not down and also be an example to others. Anyways you whose reading this - yes you! - have a brilliant, happy and positive day!! ❤️
Bella Canay (3 days ago)
This woman i think she has a big problem so she's drunk like that..i know muslims are so many things are forbbiden in Muslims Law...but bcoz they are not living in thier Country,so they do what ever they wanna do in AUSTRILIA.or AMERICA. Bcoz our Law is not like a Muslim Law we can drink with friends, go some funn with friends etc etc..we are in a free world..Muslims Law,ohhh goshh sucksss
David Jefferies (3 days ago)
We Brits ain't stupid these tricks get played by everyone who's been over the limit. The police have a job to do and the British Police officers are the best you can get, look after them keep your nose clean and they won't bother you....... well-done lads keep it up.
Miss Black (3 days ago)
All these comments and hate towards the rest of the muslims doesn't make sense. I definitely don't agree with what happened but it doesn't mean that it makes all muslims bad. It's possible she's not even muslim I mean just because her name is whatever she said it was doesn't make her a muslim. Even if she is, it DOES NOT make every muslim person bad. Like seriously guys, people from other religion do bad things too. I think it's a bit unfair to call everyone wrong because of one person.
Dawn Leary (3 days ago)
Yep ok! so how disgusting this woman is, & she is upsetting her children not to mention how she put them in danger, drink driving with them in the car! Anyone else would be thrown in the pen for the night. Where is THEIR Sharia law now, she isnt to worried about it! OR is it one law for them & the same law with consequences for us?
John Doe (3 days ago)
What a fuckin arsehole.. I hope she got locked up and banned from driving.. Low life..
joseph (3 days ago)
That’s not a woman.she is a embarrassment to woman.
Zinedine Nyakudya (3 days ago)
Watching how these cops handled her puts the whole American force to shame !!
K M (3 days ago)
For those who want to see the proof of muslims intentions in the western countries, watch this video ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5sIC3-Vm3w&t=402s and see it straight from the muslim men. Pay attention to the banner the men are holding at 6:55. Pass this video on and get the word out. We need to stand up for our freedom! Seriously
Stephen Mckie (3 days ago)
Middle aged Woman? Looks about 65
Stephen Mckie (3 days ago)
Should have Tazed the Lying cow and dragged her out of the car. Allah will be happy she is drinking Alcohol and endangering the lives of her own children.
First drunk slag
geeksquad smarty (3 days ago)
The officer could speak Arabic she wasn't expecting that. Muslims are a bunch of hypocrites we don't smoke, we don't drink, we don't do drugs bullcrap.
Fat shit
Findlay Robertson (3 days ago)
Muslim being uncooperative and obstructing the Police, then getting sweary, been there before.
Ham head (3 days ago)
Ham head (3 days ago)
She was pretty stoned ! Hang on a minute would She have been stoned in Saudi ?
Ham head (3 days ago)
Most Muslims are either gay practice incest and are pretty much alcoholics and gays .... where do I sign ?
Zombie Biker (4 days ago)
Now if that was a male,white with 4 kids,would be all over in 30mins,and no it’s not racist ,cops have to pander and tiptoe,because she is not male,white etc
Alward Grover (4 days ago)
If they where true Muslims she should be stoned to death for drinking O maybe she just a Muslim of convenience
Clac Clackerson (4 days ago)
Badly handled by the cops.
Ozkan Durmus (4 days ago)
Wow, and u called that Christians better then muslim? Look at all comments, kill her, cos she had alcohol? Cos she only muslim? OK she shouldn't drink but look at ur Country , selling using drugs, murdering, raping, stealing, cheating, swearing, lieing, kidnapping, prostitution, pimping, also drink driving, did jesus said u can do them?
John McGhee (4 days ago)
Give her a hard smash in the face
Jr2nd (4 days ago)
Damn patriacy police abusing a drunk and foul'd mouth Muslim female playing the victim! lol
Khalil khud (4 days ago)
Drunk Muslims? She can't be Muslim if she is drunk
Afshan Anwar (4 days ago)
I am muslim and this drunken mum should hang up .She is a complete disgrace and not worthy for a clean chit.She is trying her best to avoid the test .
Gary Haber (4 days ago)
Drunk? Isnt that blasphemy according to Islam??
asdasd (4 days ago)
Brit cops are too easy , if she did that here in America than she would have been slammed down on the floor .
Mosaic Labrador (4 days ago)
The religion of peace...
Lady Laughter (4 days ago)
And the Muslims here trying to say she’s Sikh/Hindu. Because her name is sooooo Indian 🙄 She’s from Bradistan Everyone knows she’s Muslim drinking on the sly, probably a single mother It is what it is even though you’re feeling ashamed as Muslims
marco mac (5 days ago)
Diferent standars for muslims, any other person will go to jail for hitting the police but since they are muslims violent people we have to allow more crime from them.
marco mac (5 days ago)
Muslims are the worst people on earth That is why the worship the worst human on earth history Mohamed.
thewatcher1950 (5 days ago)
Another radicalised Muslim.
Elliott Hyde (5 days ago)
Another hypocrite Muslim from the religion of peace.
Ben Brosch (5 days ago)
Drunk Muslim??? Must be from a Liberal sect.
devils lair (5 days ago)
Don't understand the title of the video. If it was not a Muslim it would have been only titled 'Drunk female driver' or just 'drunk driver'.
tworichy (5 days ago)
That fucking bitch of a mother 😡

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