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Drunk Muslim Female Driver

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Pedro degreat Lazoro (26 minutes ago)
She should of been sent to Pakistan and sentenced to 3months camel piss collecting for local doctors
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
I like the officer when he said that he shouldn't feel bad because he might have saved her life and the children's life amen
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
I take back everything I said because it turns out she's drunk which means she's a total different person alcohol brings the evil out not saying it does that to everybody they say I'm a friendly drunk when I drink which I don't drink often since I don't like that feeling the next day. But I know that I'm just as peaceful and nice generous maybe because I'm just a peaceful person. What I mean is maybe she's peaceful and Evil
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
Next time just shut up and do what the police says I don't care if you're white black brown stop picking on the police they are there for a reason we don't live in Afghanistan
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
I'm not sure if I should laugh or not but it's like digging your own hole and burying yourself in it or making up your bed and laying in it like how dumb can people actually be banging the window and now I'm being handcuffed behind your back LOL what's next are you going to say stuff and get gagged that will make everything more interesting
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
It's like she sees black people do this so she feels it's okay or something. But I've been watching videos where black people are actually telling their brothers Rock folks to stop acting stupid towards the police because the police have a duty and emission Dead or Alive you're coming with me
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
Those poor children why can't people just act normal and try to stop being above the law
Michael jf (1 hour ago)
Slapping the police is an assault here in Canada you can't even grab a woman necklace and yank it off her
poelle40 (2 hours ago)
Muslim and alcohol strange ! Is the title right?
Butterfly Mee (2 hours ago)
She is from India 🇮🇳.
John Riggs (3 hours ago)
But...but muzzies have a different set of laws. Didn't these cops know that?
LilZebra (5 hours ago)
I thought Muzzies didn't like drinking alcohol? I guess her partner / husband beat her as soon as he found out.
Applemonkey (1 day ago)
Shoot the slag and all her kin. Let’s do our bit for the environment.
Dan Cooper (1 day ago)
Devious fuckers they are
IlklaMoor (1 day ago)
Muslims will never assimilate into western culture. Hopefully, America will learn from the experiences of other well-meaning nations that have come to grief over this issue.
Craig Cook (1 day ago)
Irrespective of race, religion or culture, she's a disgusting human being.
Martin A (1 day ago)
What a silly cow glad they got her
mike wright (1 day ago)
George Powell (1 day ago)
I think it's safe to assume this thing is in receipt of benefits, taking out of a system that it never have or never will contribute to. I find that to be the case with these peaceful people.
Mike Sollows (1 day ago)
Pathetic much
Ram Van (1 day ago)
You must kick out those trash from UK
John Crosbie (1 day ago)
Muslims at work what a witch 🧙‍♀️ don’t give a fuck, oh you can drink and drive a camel 🐪 where she came from
gerard . A (1 day ago)
An Asian born and breed in U.K. 😂😂😂😂, completely nuts , the policemen’s where very nice and very friendly but the lady is really out of her mind . I would have lost my temper if it was me , I am a Muslim my self but This lady deserve to spend the at least one night in a cell .
John Riggs (3 hours ago)
Mr Singh (1 day ago)
Night Eyes Network (1 day ago)
Great cops..... need cops like those to train other cops around the world how to act with the public. As for the lady I think the British law is too soft on her. Not just her kids life were at risk. She should have loose the right to drive completely and CPS should have intervened
Dinsee Nuffin (1 day ago)
Under the Sharia Law that she supports she would have been stoned to Death
Ginger Rose (1 day ago)
Kid gloves for the muslims
r l (2 days ago)
Sand people.... Can't take them out anywhere.....
Johnny Adriel (2 days ago)
She is like a Cavebeast.
Gigie Santos (2 days ago)
What a scandalous woman, a scandal to her faith.... a drunk Muslim woman !!!!! A bad example to her children !!!!! Driving drunk with children in the car. That's putting kids at risk. Call in Social Services!!!!!!!!!!
thelma lou (2 days ago)
No wonder you're losing your country to them..get some balls.
William Yale (2 days ago)
What an arrogant fat bitch
William Yale (2 days ago)
I’m amazed she didn’t play the old race
Ewa Eckert (2 days ago)
Muslim?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂after COP pay milions😊😊😊
Ali Raza Asghar (2 days ago)
social services 100%
Shaleena Hunt (2 days ago)
Muslims lie to much through they don't drink they don't have sex yet they have kids at the age of 12yrs deported that's it we had enough
Nabil Bendriss (2 days ago)
Muslim or Jew or what so ever !! What’s the religion has to do with people behavior. Wrong title my friend.
grim reaper (2 days ago)
In Pakistan she would have had 50 lashes in public 🤣
Al Ramsey (2 days ago)
Why is the title drunk muslim driver. It should be drunk Indian driver or Pakistani or whatever she came from
Dave Rogers (2 days ago)
Drunk uncoprative , these people are a blight Supprized she didn't play th race card ,
Sankarankutty Raju (2 days ago)
she is real ass hole girl
Thats Haram....Bad Muslim woman, deport her and all her family.
HolyHank (2 days ago)
i dont care if shes muslim or whatever, shes just a dirty fucking hag of a woman
Adam Halsey (2 days ago)
Drunk Muzzie Lady: " You must call my husband and brother." PC: "OK, Can I have both of their numbers please?" DML: " No, no. Same man. Only one number."
Adam Halsey (2 days ago)
Shouldha tied her hands with bacon. Everyone knows regular handcuffs won't hold Muslims therefore requiring bacons Kryptonite like effect on them.
OKueSeDiz (2 days ago)
Scared cops....Jesus
Adam Halsey (2 days ago)
She looked as is she was gonna explode
John NZ (2 days ago)
I can see in the comments that the brits are thoroughly brainwashed in favour of the Muslim invasion.
baba enyog (2 days ago)
Fucking dirty non integrating free handout grabbing over breeding muslim slag
Ian Robertson (2 days ago)
All the trolls saying how our police officers are too soft I would rather have this than the other way of being aggressive and violent as other police officers are in the World We have the best police in the World here in England.WE DO NOT WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY SO JOG ON ASSHOLES
Sam Parkinson (3 days ago)
Disgusting bastard
Joe Blow (3 days ago)
Deportation on 2 criminal charges
Darren nicholas (3 days ago)
Mr Mistery Tour (3 days ago)
Nice woman. Won't give the constables the finger. Taze her and pepper spray her!
David Trottier (3 days ago)
Nice how that muslim cunt gets off scott free. If that was a man he would've got 10 years in jail. So much for equality eh?
Michurin (3 days ago)
This is not muslim!
George Tempest (3 days ago)
The patience of these officers and the treatment they get from her...
Mohammad Eesa (3 days ago)
If she was my mrs I will take my kids away and tell her go and drink now as much you can and don't even think about to come closer to kids
George Adams (3 days ago)
Why did you not immediately call for assistance you clumsy poopholes!!
Enjoy the cultural enrichment.
michael happy (3 days ago)
I feel sorry for the children..
Shohid Miah (3 days ago)
people who often get drunk and cause nuisance and anti social problems and other incidents are known to have alcohol problems or some kind of intolence to alcohol. these people should never be drinking alcohol who are not well. i know a lot of people every single time they drink they cant stop until they lose their mind and go mental. they turn into an demon. but they are good as gold when they are sober. thats why alcohol has been strictly prohibited and forbidden in islam religion.
tim smith (4 days ago)
So none muslims never drink and drive???
NeNe M Wright (4 days ago)
And she was growling like a demon.
NeNe M Wright (4 days ago)
And where is your back up?
NeNe M Wright (4 days ago)
Then pepper spary the stupid bitch! For fucks sake!!
Elaine White (4 days ago)
She’s an absolutely nightmare those poor kids
Joshua Lifetree (5 days ago)
The ugly bitch was stalling and she needed a good beating the ugly cow.
anthony john Healan (5 days ago)
That is an absolute disgrace a drunk Muslim mother what ever next
Emptiness Form (6 days ago)
Von Von (6 days ago)
Drinking and driving Bang her up
Mitra Bandoo (6 days ago)
Slap her silly
Vanessa Yates (6 days ago)
Guilty with your children.
IEatClouds (6 days ago)
Clearly not muslim if she's drunk
wendala gibson (6 days ago)
WOW!! What a piece of work. In canada she be arrested for not taking a breathier and there is a time limit asap.
TheJules1003 (6 days ago)
It is against Islam to drink alcohol and take drugs but they do it anyway. It is all hypocracy.
mike wright (1 day ago)
gerard . A (1 day ago)
Well not everyone , but I notice a hatred towards Muslims in your voice , in every nation there is good and bad peoples , so stop generalising . You are really a racist mate .
bryan orman (6 days ago)
ed trine (6 days ago)
Isn't drinking alcohol a violation of the Islamic religion?
scarpettaT (6 days ago)
Just another woman who is the worst vessel for motherhood !!!!! disgraceful behaviour
Ross Michael (6 days ago)
Take the kid gloves off! She is not more special than anyone else..Shes a terrible person who uses every excuse to cover her own mistakes... Victim conscious... Assaults the police officer.. And drunk too.... What would Muhammad think of this?? He was worse than her...lol
Rexdidacool (6 days ago)
That's all she got? You having a laugh?
Deborah Chesnul (6 days ago)
She should be ashamed of herself as a woman and mother of the year she's not. Police were very patient with her.
ColdB33r1 (6 days ago)
ColdB33r1 (6 days ago)
Elyas Pahlawan (6 days ago)
lf this was in pakistan she would be stoned to death lol
Mohammed Ahasan (6 days ago)
She is a dick head u know
Mohammed Ahasan (6 days ago)
Alexander Newe (6 days ago)
What language is that??
W Leon (6 days ago)
Why don't you retitle this, DRUNK FEMALE DRVER? Why stress on the word 'MUSLIM'? Is it to garner your fellow racists into race baiting? So, should I say, the next time a white driver is caught drink driving, should we then say, WHITE CHRISTIAN DRIVER DRUNK AT GHE WHEEL?!
Mike Breen (6 days ago)
Am I the only one that think UK police can be far too nice sometimes?
macsikar Mackay (7 days ago)
She's destined for the hellfire!
la mexicana (7 days ago)
When a christian woman is drunk, no mention of her religion ! Hijo de perro!
Mike Williamson (7 days ago)
It doesn’t need the word Muslim in the title! She’s just a VILE person for driving drunk with her children in the car. I respect the police for their professionalism!
CHANDAN SINGH (7 days ago)
Do you ever see a title being “Drunk male christian driver” ? Thought not...
Beast click (2 days ago)
CHANDAN SINGH , no you don't because it's an every day occurrence
wikkiam howell (7 days ago)
hands up if you are fucking sick of all these retards from overseas come on rag heads muzzies and blacks the partys over fucking go home you are not liked wanted or even needed fook off
wikkiam howell (7 days ago)
fuck off you mussie fucking cow
nimal tandl (7 days ago)
And they says we never touch alcohol. shame
MrCovlad35 (7 days ago)
What ever she is she is a disgrace to her faith. Feel sorry for kids what a horrible woman. Anyone Drink driving take licence of them never to drive again simple.
sana akter (7 days ago)
Disgusting people putting drunk Muslim women in the title..i never see Christian drunken women or Christian did this or Christian did that always Muslim this Muslim that ...people always bring islam in to everything ..stupid .that's insulting islam ..next time show what happens when Christian women gets drunk. 1 in 10 probably drinks in islam but 10/10 drinks in Christian..i see police is against Muslim too ..what is the purposes of showing this on news ..did this happen first time in UK or what..😠 it's happening everyday so put that on news aswell..stop sniffing Muslims poo, sniff your own and see if it smells first...ISLAM IS BEAUTIFUL RELIGION SO STOP WITH THESE NONSENS. Muslims only bows down to 1 Allah nobody else . Don't judge islam by its cover come read the book inside. Islam has only 1 book so it won't be difficult ,get it 🤔😂 sorry but the title just got me in the mood to write all this ...to believe anything you need to see with your eyes and hear with your ears ..not by fake made up by media please ...fake news fake stories bull shit all this is waste of time and nonsense ..putting shit in good peoples head..may everyone be guided.
our police are heroes. the best force in the world

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