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Magic Wand Sound Effects

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Get 100's of FREE Video Templates, Music, Footage and More at Motion Array: http://bit.ly/2SITwWM Get this here: https://motionarray.com/sound-effects/magic-wand-149346 Magic Wand sound effects pack features these glassy and bells sounds that will really deliver some magic into your precious and upcoming holiday projects! They are very bright and positive sounds specially designed for your video games, promo videos, cartoons, animations, trailers and holiday movies, you tube contents and other media projects. These "magical" sounds will do wonders for your various media projects just like that! Enjoy it! The package has 4 files: Magic Wand 1 - 0:08 Magic Wand 2 - 0:10 Magic Wand 3 - 0:13 Magic Wand 4 - 0:16.
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