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News: Teacher Tweets, Black Suspects In Diabled Teens Torture Could Have Been Obamas Children

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Text Comments (118)
Abraham Griggs (2 years ago)
The fact that she still has a job is insulting
latwian76 (2 years ago)
Ntr Htp (2 years ago)
*Intelligence is defined as (acording to Psychology):* "the ability to *benefit from past experience (good or bad), act purposefully, solve problems,* and adapt to new situations.. understand and handle abstract concepts, and *use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment."* https://www.britannica.com/topic/human-intelligence-psychology *"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."* Albert Einstein *What we need to create is a "Black National Economic Empowerment Fund," backed by one million employed Black Americans; to generate capital to fund new Black businesses and other socioeconomic programs WITHOUT REMUNERATION!* #EconomicSelfSacrefice
Ntr Htp (2 years ago)
*Who cared; this shit been happening from the very inception of this nation. Black Americans behavior can be attributed (in part) to being thoroughly psychologically damaged, from defective white early childhood development programs and Public School mis-education. What we need is our own behavior modifying institutions, in order to engender positive group cohesive thinking!*
Starkiller1036 (2 years ago)
James Evans! (2 years ago)
You'd think someone got killed, with all the fake outrage coming from this delusional woman. Where's her comment on Trump mocking the disabled white man? Exactly! She doesn't have one.
doglover&sunshine25 (2 years ago)
This woman is a wicked soul filled with hate. Someone let me know if she gets fired. I certainly wouldn't want this ugly monster teaching my kids.
doglover&sunshine25 (2 years ago)
She should be fired asap.
J B (2 years ago)
This waste of flesh and bone was essentially granted a paid vacation, subsidized by the town's taxpayers. Apparently, Huntington, WV doesn't mind flushing its citizens' hard-earned tax dollars down the toilet.
mel will (2 years ago)
and this heffa is teaching kids. this is nothing new.
Michael Alexander (2 years ago)
and this is why black children should not be taught by white women or men.
Jena Gom (2 years ago)
Too many white teachers hold racist beliefs and are employed by the Department of Education
mangamegs (2 years ago)
how are these morons teachers?
Elle C (2 years ago)
Remember not to feed the trolls folks. Let them die of starvation.
DoGon Supreme (2 years ago)
This is the new white supremacist tactic..try to push the narrative that they are the true victims of racism in order to justify disenfranchising and mistreating black folks....
CONSIOUSONE13 (2 years ago)
SICK MFERS!!!!!!!!!!
lawrenceq (2 years ago)
They been saying this since Trayvon. Read the comment section of any story about somebody black commiting a crime.
MoPwr (2 years ago)
God pple like this make me wana vomit. I pray these racist white pple get what is coming to them. I hope they all fall back into the gutter from which they were born. The problem is these pple have power because we give it to them.. But nobody wants to stop supporting the racist white system the oppresses, takes your money and miseducates your children. We need to wake the fuck up. When is it gona be enough?
Colonel Angus (2 years ago)
This is bullshit. She said nothing wrong.
gary willis (2 years ago)
I thought it was Sarah Palin's dumb face.
Blackatchaproduction (2 years ago)
"White" ppl stay on code
And these the bitches teaching your children.......rethink your childs education.
Mr Zuko (2 years ago)
I have grown to detest the stories that this channel considers news worthy to black people. It all seems to boil down to "white people don't like us". Has our interaction with other races ever been 100% Plessnt? Modern day black people have created a boogy man of white people and it honestly holds us back. White people are not really all that important in the grand scheme of things and we would be alot healthier ad a people if we stopped worrying about them so much.
Monika Brandon (2 years ago)
It's no surprise this is how these white pale faced cave beasts act.
treeseful (2 years ago)
She should lose her job too.
grapedrank (2 years ago)
Whats up with suspending people with pay? Vacation time for morally corrupt people is not cool.
JOHN FRANK (2 years ago)
White people, how about a dose of shut the fuck up! Black people do not spend an instant of their time contemplating various ways to practice hatred. Please, understand, that as life goes, we as a people do not give a damn about you, hate requires an emotional connection, one of which we do not have for you. Which is why you never ever see black people writing hateful messages, Tweeting stupid shit or, paying any real attention to you, your obsession is eating you alive, your inability to coexist with anyone or, any thing should be apparent to your remedial asses. After all, that imagined superior intellect should offer you a clue as to your inane behavior.
Male Sensitivity (2 years ago)
Suspended with pay. Why is she being rewarded?
JOHN FRANK (2 years ago)
They will sacrifice everything in order to spew their hatred for no other reason than, it's a Wednesday.
Time Will Tell (2 years ago)
White, cave bitch.
Baron Samedi (2 years ago)
John Howard could be Trump's son!
Kokie nGA (2 years ago)
Suspended with pay? That's a vacation. She's a teacher. The teacher union protects their job. She can keep her job to spread hate to people she feels superior. So, its not clear because a suspension isn't a punishment.
Baron Samedi (2 years ago)
Racism with a smile!
MyIngrate AlbinoChild (2 years ago)
These are the people we allow to teach our children. Wake up Black people.
James Walker (2 years ago)
just waiting to see how many jump out of the windows or hang themselves when their money is gone.
James Walker (2 years ago)
they skinnin and grinning now wait until Trump gets finished with thier dumb selves.
James Walker (2 years ago)
Amazing Williams (2 years ago)
Lies they were embarrassed one of theirs was caught. The tone at this school in the administration and among instructors made her feel that she can say this. She in a closet racist can you image the mentally and verbal abuse she doled out to her non-white students. She is a pig that deserves her pig pen
Amazing Williams (2 years ago)
And they keep hiring these racist bitches. They have no business teaching anyone or anything.
2k The Observer (2 years ago)
This is so sad to hear. A Teacher, like a Police Officer, Emergency Responder, Doctor, Politician and on and on would have such evil thoughts. Most of these so called professional are people that we're suppose to respect and trust with our lives and the lives of our children. This is how I see people in general but once in a while you'll hear or see a true act of kindness. It's people like this, is what's wrong with America and mankind. I'll be Observing...
mike jones (2 years ago)
suspended with pay wow what a harsh punishment , sounds like grounds for termination.
Yayrwe (2 years ago)
what's so evil about her tweets? who cares? you blacks make evil posts as well....?
dreammatch2000 (2 years ago)
+yayrwe Yeah, can't be racist if it's true. Can't get enough of closet racism.
anonymous messenger (2 years ago)
yayrwe oh i guess blacks invaded European nations, took their resources and left them, enslaved their people, and portrayed to the whole world that neanderthals were inherently inferior too
Fuck her, there was no need for that.
Colonel Angus (2 years ago)
For example, she said"who cares if we offend Muslims, at least they keep their heads intact." What the fuck is wrong with that. WE DON'T CUT OFF MUSLIM PEOPLE'S HEADS. The opposite is not true. If Muslims don't GET IT, fuck em. If you don't get it, fuck you.
Colonel Angus (2 years ago)
Craig Harper What exactly did she say that was untrue?
Trey Dee (2 years ago)
F that stankin wh*re!
+Jay Davis Difference between Freedom of Speech, and being a bitch.
roy hunt (2 years ago)
Whites want to feel they are victims of racism bad. Yet when i ask when has there been a time in America, Where blacks have oppressed whites. They start with the name calling and start bringing up racially motivated statistics.
THETRUTH202 (2 years ago)
Stop the Hate Media Love each Other your right but I love my people only time I got along wit whites was the military
Roy, I apologize I was just pointing it out.
roy hunt (2 years ago)
+Craig Harper​ Funny thing is, now they think their victim's of it. As if black people are somehow oppressing them (Rememeber Dylan Roof's Memo?).
roy hunt (2 years ago)
+Stop the Hate Media Love each Other Dummy, i know the Irish we're mistreated in Europe and in America. Stop with the assuming shit!
90rashad well at least you capitalized the I in Irish...thanks... What did the Irish ever do to you? lol
harlemhoney3170 (2 years ago)
I love when you say "Mmmmmmm". Lol
WeReeLCooL (2 years ago)
Are those diversity and inclusion letters a template? Because they all sound the same.
Able2C (2 years ago)
PAID LEAVE SAYS, "WE AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAID AND DID. HERE'S YOUR REWARD." Most of these people who do these racists things get paid leave. So, basically their saying, "we agree with you, so we'll just let you go on vacation for a bit but take down your twitter feed, so we can all act like we're not the racist we are. We'll call you back to work in few weeks. See ya later."
Able2C (2 years ago)
@ Big durk Oh wow, my first troll! Poor thing, you sound so idiotic. Maybe if you go out and find some peace and love in your life you might not be full of so much hate and so blind to truth.
Glenn Sheppard (2 years ago)
Big durk I told you to suck my big black one call me
lmao pigpen was her twitter name!!
L.J Ross (2 years ago)
Career over.
Michael Taylor (2 years ago)
The internet and social media gives people the ability to be prejudice without worrying about being confronted and it also shows how ineffective religion is as well. Look at the post by "night", which proves my point.
+Michael Taylor Christians on youtube vs christians in a building is no different. Fellowship is fellowship. I am actually thankful for the internet because we can all learn more sound doctrine if there are not any hardcore preachers in our areas. We do not "witness" inside the church. We rebuke, reprove and exhort. We witness outside the church. Christians as a whole are not more concerned with atheists. We all have different callings, though. If I was a former atheist saved by the Lord, my calling would be to evangelize atheists and reach out to them. Former prostitutes can evangelize prostitutes. Former drug dealers can evangelize drug dealers. Etc. I don't even feel like the "black church" cares about abortion. I have never heard a sermon from a black pastor on abortion. "Evangelicals"/republicans are the only ones who actually seem to care about abortion. Abortion is not the major issue in my opinion. There are far worse things happening around us besides abortion, such as children who have already been born but are being abused and neglected.
Michael Taylor (2 years ago)
You're forgetting something, you tube and church are two different places. Witnessing inside the church then testifying outside the church, that's not how it is suppose to go. Besides, I have researched christians calling out other christians but for the most part it's not done in a christian way. I see more harding of the heart than real construct dialog. I'm not sure we are more concerned for the body of Christ, just from the stance the Black church has on abortion. Don't get me wrong, I do not condone abortion in any shape or form. I think the church is going about this issue in the wrong way.
+Michael Taylor When you are not apart of the church, you are unaware of what is taking place. All you have to do is search youtube and see that there are all kinds of christians exposing other "christians" and false doctrines. Christians are way more concerned about the body of christ than they are worried about atheists. I know this for a fact.
Michael Taylor (2 years ago)
My comment was sarcastic, I know it's common sense. But since you mentioned it let me ask you a question. Why is it that the church is more concerned with atheist than with these fake christians? I think it is in Matthew where Jesus states something like; you are either for me or against me and those who are on the fence make me sick.
Michael Taylor Everyone who claims to be a christian is not a christian. This is common sense. Matt 7.21 "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."
good job Brownie (2 years ago)
ya..and Dillon Roof could be George w. Bush's son....WTF...OR Trump's!!!
BlackStarPower911 (2 years ago)
+Black Republican You really love white people that much?.Either that or your a white dude pretending to be black.I can imagine your type thumbing up black women hate comments in anti black videos,your really messed up dude.The more I think of it your just a victim suffering from white supremacy.You need help man.
Kevin Anderson (2 years ago)
+ Black republican dude you really need to reach back to your ancestors.
BlackStarPower911 (2 years ago)
+Black Republican kissing white ass will not save you.Niggas like you live in delusion your white masters like Jeff Sessions won't help you.
Vvs1 LooseStones (2 years ago)
Hahahahahaha "Twitter fingers a get you in trouble quick"
Colonel Angus (2 years ago)
On the Rocks with Salt Could not have said it better.
on the rocks with salt (2 years ago)
on the rocks with salt (2 years ago)
Or Saint Michel Brown. Black folks here are upset over that tweet, but white folks are supposed to be alright with the President calling a criminal his "son". Just more of the hypocrisy. Somebody said Dylann Roof could be George Bush's son, except George Bush would never disgrace himself as a world leader and say something so divisive. Obama is a race-baiter. Good for this lady. Gotta love the people saying white people are getting bold. I see the most cile stuff coming out of your mouths, too. Acting like victims, as always. Here is your victimhood crown. Wear it proudly.

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