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James Bond & Girls ★ Funny Moments

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James Bond & Girls, very subjective compilation of 25 funniest moments from bond movies in random order ★ Please Comment ★ Subscribe ★ Enjoy ★ Video editor I'm using: Adobe Premiere Pro All rights to the footage belong to their respective owners
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Text Comments (46)
Hugh M (1 month ago)
Your music ruined the video
EpicMashups (28 days ago)
that's ok
JohnnyElRed (1 month ago)
Wow. Some of these scenes did really not age well.
Itachi Uchiha (1 month ago)
What is this music?
JAYDOB (1 month ago)
3:16 Is the best
praveen kumar (1 month ago)
1.35 inspiration for kuruvi & vaali
Husnain Ail (2 months ago)
*OPTImystix* #21 (3 months ago)
5:15 Melania Trump ?
Creative Marketing (3 months ago)
7:43 Damn Good Refrence...
Itachi Uchiha (1 month ago)
البيت الكبير (5 months ago)
عايز رابط الفلم كامل
jasmina rajkovic (6 months ago)
Gfggg vgt
The Smart-Casual Gamer. (7 months ago)
He would probably have been arrested in multiple countries for this.
lovingmontasoccer (8 months ago)
Thank you on how to be a confident guy around girls teaching.
B Govinda (1 year ago)
God vedio ok
ZsaZsa Brown (1 year ago)
"She is very sexyful!" HOW. IS. THIS. NOT. A. MEME.
Noah P (1 year ago)
0:16 woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arkos39 (1 year ago)
Pussy Galore = Bond-girl best name.
Arkos39 (1 year ago)
Pussy Galore = Bond-girl best name.
اعأدو المقاطع السابقة السكس علي اليوتيوب
Shivam Praveen (1 year ago)
bond is lucky
Christoph Herz (2 years ago)
why did you have to put in this awful music in the beginning of every clip?
EpicMashups lets agree to desagree
EpicMashups (2 years ago)
well... probably because I dont think it's awful :)
Kenysu Star (2 years ago)
the first one tho xD
Froy 2001 (2 years ago)
7:02 Bond as a rapist!
UserName Whatever (1 year ago)
No, BILL CLINTON is a rapist....
Christien Lorenzo (2 years ago)
Where is 6:56 from?
fritzje (6 months ago)
James Bond 😂😂
garvit garg (2 years ago)
Fabrice Ascenso (2 years ago)
0:16 the only tits seen on James Bond EVER!
trwent (1 year ago)
Wrong. Boat cabin scene with Barb Carrera, Never Say Never Again. "We've got time." Beach house scene with Cassandra Harris, For Your Eyes Only. "Me nighty's slipping." "So's your accent, countess."
James Bridle (2 years ago)
Roger Moore is such a cringe! Its hard to watch him act!
raja waseem (2 years ago)
All the movies so nice
Ace Vaper (2 years ago)
Nice, I'll buy you ice cream 😁
JAYDOB (1 month ago)
Ace Vaper this was the Worst
WIDLEY1000 (2 years ago)
see LOL parody - Hitler is James Bond. https://youtu.be/MRlodeuZ0Gw Nearly every villain get a mention !!
Suvendu Karar (1 year ago)
My goodness of WIDLEY1000 , Sean Connery always been enjoying the sunshine glorious ladies with shooting as play of Bond's liplock. God bless Mr. Bond.
Ali Halac (2 years ago)
Nice Video :D :D :D
Aleksandra Chmura (2 years ago)
Ali Halac Yes nice video
EpicMashups (2 years ago)
thanks :D
MorliHolect (2 years ago)
"I thought Christmas only comes once a year"
Vijay Sa (3 years ago)
Next time if she goes mad, I am gonna use the strangle trick...
Sutiyo BLZ (1 year ago)
Vijay Sa

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