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BITE BEAUTY - MOKA | #thepaintedlipsproject

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Click SHOW MORE for product details: This is a beautiful nude for us dark girls! And I am in love with the moisturizing texture/formula! Bite Beauty - Butter Cream Lipstick - MOKA: $28.00 http://go.magik.ly/r/shanamoore/9f30/ #thepaintedlipsproject So that every girl can grow up feeling beautiful, and see a positive representation of herself in the mainstream beauty industry. And so that every girl can go to any makeup brand, confidently knowing that they offer something made for her too. All skin tones should be valued and appreciated; every girl is beautiful. Not including all shades in the dialogue of beauty is hurtful and damaging. Why Lipstick? Because lipstick is powerful! All my life I struggled with self-love and poor self-esteem, hating everything about myself from my dark skin to my big lips, until I tried on Ruby Woo. Lipstick was the start of my journey to self-acceptance and declaring my beauty; I want every girl to feel, define, and accept her own beauty too. #thepaintedlipsproject is a collective effort driven by the underrepresented consumers of the beauty industry. It was founded by Shana Moore, who noticed the overwhelming amount of support from women of color, in response to her lip swatch videos on Youtube. These women expressed gratitude simply because it is rare to see mainstream products modeled on women with darker complexions, which further makes the process of shopping for makeup even harder than it already is, in an industry that doesn’t cater to minorities. #thepaintedlipsprojects was created to take matters into our own hands and fill this void by collectively building an archive to show what lip products and colors look like on different skin tones. In turn, this will empower us all with buying confidence and knowledge to reflect how fabulous you look and feel. How can you help? Simply use the hashtag #thepaintedlipsproject in your title when you upload lip swatch videos on Youtube. Your video will be added to the project’s playlist that anyone can search. In addition, your video will be added to the detailed-specific playlists as well, such as “red”, or “MAC Cosmetics” or “lipgloss”. If you don’t have a Youtube account, you can still participate by using the hashtag #thepaintedlipsproject when uploading your selfies via the social media of your choice. Don’t forget to include the name of the product and color! I will be sure to give screen-shot shout-outs for your participation at the end of my lip swatch videos. Together, we can make a difference by declaring our beauty in an industry that suggests otherwise! In addition, we can help each other out in our purchasing choices! DISCLAIMER: I swatch lip products for informative purposes only. This is NOT a sponsored video. WHAT IS #thepaintedlipsproject? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS7srKwI2oA
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Text Comments (29)
MsChelle82 (3 years ago)
Love the lip color so natural. My lips are pigmented, would you recommend a liner or base color? Also I love how your skin glows, I live in Florida and often much prefer a more natural look like that rather than a super matte powdered face. I'd love to see your technique. I usually just go with a bb cream and cream blush. Lastly just wanted to say I loovve Bite beauty and wish vegan cruelty free brands got more brown girl love on YT. OCC, Colourpop, Josie Maran, and Tarte to name a few are some of my faves.
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+MsChelle82 I personally have super pigmented too and I never put a base over them! Call me lazy? But if you want to, definitely just rub some of your foundation or concealer before the lip color and save your money! And thanks for all the feedback/suggestions! I've got a colourpop vid going live in an hour! ;)
None Ya Damn Business. (3 years ago)
Marry me?
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+None Ya Damn Business. :)
Freshprogressbeauty (3 years ago)
Loved the color! Where can you buy it?
Freshprogressbeauty (3 years ago)
+Shana Moore Thanks! 
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
You can buy these at Sephora, but always check the description boxes for product details. Sometimes I miss comments but I always try to list where you can get it from and at what price there! <3 
ThatGirlIs SoFly (3 years ago)
WOW WOW WOW --- that lippie color is Everything on you. Thanks for another great video.
Noble Bee (3 years ago)
MsShayelove (3 years ago)
nice color.. TFS
Yaschan (3 years ago)
Your skin looks flawless 😍
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+yaschan Thank you!
Just Call Me Wah (3 years ago)
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+Dark-Skinned Divas thank you!
frosty h (3 years ago)
I like it ..goes very nice with the blush youre wearing ....another winner!
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+frosty h Thank you. I'm basically obsessed with this one!
I, Adaora (3 years ago)
Ah I want it! 
I, Adaora (3 years ago)
!!!!! Marking it on my list!
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+I, Adaora get it!!
Shariece Turner-Solis (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness!! I "NEEEEED" it!!
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+Shariece Turner-Solis It is GORGEOUS.. definitely will have a permanent home in my purse :)
nicole_writes (3 years ago)
Beautiful and I'm really liking your hair. :)
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+nicole_writes Thanks Nicole!
Grace On Your Dash (3 years ago)
Beautiful !
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+Grace On Your Dash Thank you!
Zollo Beauty (3 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful!!!  and that nude lipstick!!! It was made for you!! Im so happy you do these videos its soo hard to find nudes for darker skin! Thank you!! :D
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+Veronica Zollo So happy you're finding them helpful :)
sweetness331000 (3 years ago)
Your skin looks so sunkissed and summer ready in this video and that lip color compliments the look….. You always find some of the prettiest colors for our skintone love ❤ it tfs!
Shana Moore (3 years ago)
+sweetness331000 Yay thanks! I'm so happy to hear that :)

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