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Harry Potter $10 Wizard's Training Magic Wand SO CHEAP I BOUGHT ONE

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It's amazing a fancy Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand with lights and sounds for only $10. But sadly I have been stung AGAIN by retail pricing fail. Same store as the Thomas & Friends Adventures Salty toy that wouldn't scan at the checkouts and I had a 20 min battle to purchase the toy. Was this Harry Potter toy a trap or just a simple mistake. All I know is I see this little game going on way too often. Not even Harry Potter's best magic is going to fix this problem. Here is the Harry Potter Training Wand toy on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Harry-Potter-Potters-Wizard-Training/dp/B01N29ENXW Web Links : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pricing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retail
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leokimvideo (6 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRK1j8AsFCA Link above is Big Google Attacks Daddy YouTube double demonetization Drama. YouTube / Google used my video as an Ad for their products yet double demonetize my original video as NON advertiser friendly. Google PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF WHY YOUR SO BUSTED
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
Well here in Oz we are stupid. Out $1 coin is bigger than our $2. Yet in New Zealand they use these same coins and have them set as the smaller one being $1 and the larger $2.
Noah Dupuy (6 months ago)
leokimvideo just like how the us is the only country that used inches we have to be different
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
I have never ever understood the different state taxes either, to me it's so confusing!
Noah Dupuy (6 months ago)
leokimvideo it is and why they don’t do that is every state has a different percentage of tax like Texas is 6.25 percent and other states have other percents so it’s easier to do it like that but living in other countries that are all 1 big part like Australia 🇦🇺 tax can be included because there are no different percentages
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
I remember the first time I went to the USA and I never understood why the state tax is not shown on the listed price. Every time I paid for something I kept forgetting that EXTRA state tax is added on at the point of sale. This was back in the 80's I wonder if it's still the case today.
NataLIEusesTool (3 months ago)
You filthy muggle! The wand is supposed to choose wizards!
Zoë Chan (3 months ago)
Omg so cool
NewBeanMeister22 (5 months ago)
Leo, very good video you made here. The big thing you did, that most people don't bother to do, is you brought that over-priced toy back for a refund...retailers count on the laziness of the average shopper. And yes, end-cap displays are considered prime locations, and in the grocery industry, product producers rent these end-caps from the grocery stores for top dollar. But all this aside, the biggest crime here, is that $39 price tag on a crappy (plastic?) toy. At least the adverts I'm currently seeing on this video, has one for sale for $21.99 at Kohl's.
Can u do more Thunderbirds Are Go videos
Robert Ruvolo (6 months ago)
I had the same thing happen with a Lego set said MSRP $69 on the site not on line only. In store rang up $79 I brought up the price on line and they changed it at the check out same brand store as this.
white storm (6 months ago)
That looks like target Oh it is you can see at 4:34
Jsa Hsj (6 months ago)
I thought the wands were banned due to lil girls using them to shove em in their lil twats
DallyBoy RulZ (6 months ago)
Lol its Target. Forgot to edit out the stores name on the price checker
Dingo 950 (6 months ago)
We all know that product placement on the shelves Dosen't happen by chance, it happens by design.
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
Yes there is a science behind exactly what gets put where. And often a price to the company selling as well.
davidv2002 (6 months ago)
what the sad thing is, is that they can't give it to you for that price even though it was improperly tagged because it has to be the same item number in order for them to give you that price
Edward Dieffenbach (6 months ago)
Toys R US is coming back!
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
It isn't April 1st. Next you will tell me Thomas Wooden Railway is coming back
sweaty twitch streamer (6 months ago)
G'day mate
Troublesome Junction (6 months ago)
Hey Leo just a heads up the name of the store could be seen on the price scanner when you went to san the Grossery Gang toy and once again another great video!
Julian's Vinyl Channel (6 months ago)
The Thomas area is bad
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
I also notice in many stores the EMPTY PEG syndrome returning. What is it with Thomas toys and lack of stock.
Thorson Wong (6 months ago)
Can you use it to kill spiders tho?
robin pinkham (6 months ago)
This happens to me all the time!!
Pixalprattle (6 months ago)
Leo pull the tag off yourself, that’s what I do, saves someone else any grief, plus I basically scan everything that I’m considering purchasing at that store you unmentioned.
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
Sadly at this retailer you need to use those in store price scanners on EVERY item you pick up. And then if an item doesn't scan at the checkouts expect another battle as they try to not sell you the item. Same store as the Thomas Salty that wouldn't scan.
Shahzain Rana (6 months ago)
I have never read or watched Harry Potter but that is just terrible!
Hailey Sechrist (6 months ago)
Please make more videos I miss watching you
Hailey Sechrist (6 months ago)
Yayyyyy new video
The Mountain Engine (6 months ago)
I knew it was target in the salty video!
The Mountain Engine (6 months ago)
I saw the logo in the receipts and I remember the pricing problem with target video had that footage.
ducks are cool (6 months ago)
Some shop do it for the shave below but not all shops
No Name (6 months ago)
That's why I just don't buy at these kind of stores. No price tag on item? I'm off to another store.
Rolfathan (6 months ago)
This was refreshingly different, I feel like.
Eppiox (6 months ago)
Used to work retail, if the ticket was wrong (and you did'nt replace the ticket like a knob) you would get a discount/free item- but only if you caught it.
patrick 35 (6 months ago)
Yes it should say the right price. I hate target Its over priced
Sam Austin (6 months ago)
You've taken this way too seriously by not shopping there. Not to provoke you, just look at the big picture here.
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
When your spending say $20000 at this store in a year and this style of sloppy work is seen too many times, it's time to stop shopping there. The only real way I can send them a message is to stop spending money there. Unless you have a better solution.
Jodie McClure (6 months ago)
I consider it poor zoning and I see it all the time at the Walmart near me
Lots of dinos (6 months ago)
Since when was leo a fan of harry potter
Warren Stephen (6 months ago)
steamtrain27 9 (6 months ago)
Ur a weezard arry'
CreepyFox SleepyFox (6 months ago)
That store seems like a bit of a dumpster fire
JTJGordon (6 months ago)
That happens all the time at that Retailer , I should know I work for them ...
Skidz Official (6 months ago)
i know exactly what retailer it is. I'm from Adelaide and it happens here too. T-word rip offs.
Blue Jay (6 months ago)
I noticed Harry’s wand, Voldemort’s wand and Dumbledore’s wand. I checked on Amazon and they’re about $21 there. That store is a bit of a rip off. I wouldn’t spend 30 some dollars on a light up toy wand, I’d rather get one of those movie replica wands. They’re about the same price. Although, those wands aren’t meant to be played with.
leokimvideo (6 months ago)
I'm semi surprised Harry Potter is still popular. But maybe I just don't understand it.
Hunter (6 months ago)
So sad that they cant even get price tags right in the store, lol.
Jaymie-louise Murray (6 months ago)
You are right, that is wrong.
Keagan Extreme Gaming (6 months ago)
just like the video about salty you accidentally showed the company's name. no wonder why they failed in canada
Liquidised Crystal (6 months ago)
This store is —————— lol I wont say it
Monky (6 months ago)
Dinosaur Gaming (6 months ago)
K mart
Andrei Playz (6 months ago)
Jimboslice21 (6 months ago)
Typically in retail here we label the shelf that has the product on it. In the retail stores I've worked in, we honor that price if the whole shelf was stocked with the wrong price. Kind of a shame that they didn't honor that for you.
Daman2287 (6 months ago)
that is indeed the rule. ive worked retail for 13 years
Sammy Perez (6 months ago)
I will argue with the cashier to to give me the wand for $10 because this is some BS and probably done on purpose by the store.
Ed Jack (6 months ago)
toys probably not selling like in toy r us
Ed Jack (6 months ago)
probably the next toy r us
LEGIT BLITZ (6 months ago)
Captain Nintendo2 (6 months ago)
X 7 (6 months ago)
I'm just thinking . . . . where is my 10$ Harry Potter wand at? 🤔
Lucian Andries (6 months ago)
Use a permanent marker, problem solved! But knowing you, you will use the flamethrower instead. Or plant Redback baby sacks allover the place... xD
Crazywaffle5150 (6 months ago)
Its because it's the wrong tag. Probably because they are understaffterd. I work retail. The tag is from an old item on the shelf. The wand is new stock.
Mahvelous 21 (6 months ago)
That’s dumb. Along time ago I got a $40 Bluetooth gaming fidget spinner for $10 because it was on the wrong shelf. I would’ve complained. You might of gotten it for $10
Movie Night (6 months ago)
It's an ok price...
EpicMDActivated (6 months ago)
Brianna Fonseca (6 months ago)
Leo, will you bring back the dark side toys? I really enjoyed those.
Brianna Fonseca (6 months ago)
I’m viewer 50
WacKEDmaN (6 months ago)
do em for false, misleading prices..its a complete scam...if that was me id be demanding my money back and only pay the 10$ as was on the shelf price....and then make sure everyone in the store knows about their scam...but hey what do you expect from Target...they are going under and trying to get every dollar they can...take a look at this Leo.. https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/prices-surcharges-receipts/price-displays and also https://legalvision.com.au/when-do-retailers-have-to-honour-incorrectly-priced-items/
Kimberly's channel (6 months ago)
Suspect ? (6 months ago)
I was once sold a lego set and was told is was 15 and it urns out it was fucking 80
Christian Remmert (6 months ago)
I’m third
Nyx The Fox (6 months ago)
Christian Remmert nope u an’t third or first scrub
The Creative One (6 months ago)
Christian Remmert (6 months ago)
Shaggy (6 months ago)
Great deal! Wait
Christian Remmert (6 months ago)
Mary Yang (6 months ago)
4th hi
First !
Suspect ? (6 months ago)
ColinPlayzPiano - Minecraft Piano no, you werent.
Spoopy Woomies No it doesn’t
Liquidised Crystal (6 months ago)
Does it really matter you’re not winning something
Suspect ? (6 months ago)
Xavier Perez but he/she isnt first i am
😂 I forgot about that in first grade lol

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