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Wizard Wand - Illuminating magic wand with sound effects

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PRODUCT PAGE: http://www.nexusmagicstore.com/wizard-wand.html Effect High-quality plastic, wooden-styled wand that illuminates a colored led at the front tip while playing a mystical chime as you perform your tricks. Perfect for use with any theme - princesses or wizards and warlords or any Magician's routine. Dimensions Approximately 14" Long x 1" (Tapered to 1/2") (35.56cm x 2.54cm)
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Text Comments (8)
marcus rambaran (6 years ago)
how did you do the effect
Virginia184 (7 years ago)
good effect
Firstgg Lastyy (7 years ago)
you can get one like that at hawkins bazzar but it makes a different sound to that
GokuDoesMC (7 years ago)
real or fake send Email to me
Nexusmagicshop (7 years ago)
@spiritfingers1 From the link above in the description
Az Matazz (7 years ago)
thats funny! where do I get one of those from?
Biltonriv2 (8 years ago)
i have that same toy
Jon Rima (9 years ago)
nice cool is it real real maggic?

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