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THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB - Official Trailer (HD)

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Claire Foy is the #GirlintheSpidersWeb. Watch the trailer for the next chapter of the Dragon Tattoo series now. In theaters November 9th. Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: http://bit.ly/SonyPicsSubscribe Follow Lisbeth on Social: https://www.facebook.com/DragonTattoo/ https://www.instagram.com/dragontattoomovie/ https://twitter.com/dragontattoo?lang=en Visit Site: http://www.girlinthespidersweb.movie/site/ Synopsis: Lisbeth Salander, the cult figure and title character of the acclaimed Millennium book series created by Stieg Larsson, will return to the screen in The Girl in the Spider’s Web, a first-time adaptation of the recent global bestseller. Golden Globe winner Claire Foy, the star of “The Crown,” will play the outcast vigilante defender under the direction of Fede Alvarez, the director of 2016’s breakout thriller Don’t Breathe; the screenplay adaptation is by Steven Knight and Fede Alvarez & Jay Basu. Cast: Claire Foy Sverrir Gudnason Lakeith Stanfield Sylvia Hoeks Stephen Merchant Claes Bang Christopher Convery Synnøve Macody Lund Vicky Krieps
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Text Comments (3858)
Very good
Lars Nelson (4 days ago)
I just watched it and feel so confused. When and in what book Lisbeth has a sister? Why does Mikael Blomkvist is younger in that one when he was older in the first one? How is this film the "next chapter"? The next chapter would be "the girl who played with fire". Give the keys back to Fincher and for the love of Larsson pay Mara and Craig for the real next chapters.
fortuneOVERfame (5 days ago)
Lets make a movie about a man punishing women who are greedy with child support
Robin Stevens (5 days ago)
better just watch the original version.
elnubnub (6 days ago)
Fincher is the only one in hollywood able to adapt and remake a movie, no one else can ..... Even Scorsese can't
infringinator (4 days ago)
you cant either sucka
Athar Khan (6 days ago)
without roony mara and denial Craig... millaniam is incomplete... they were perfect for these characters.. and they made a mind set up in the ordinance brain.. don't wash the brain again ND again..😂😂😂
Evan Peltier (7 days ago)
Fincher's is a hundred times better. This is like the 1990's Batman films vs The Dark Knight.
eksine (7 days ago)
looks like a good movie but looks like the ultimate feminist nazi movie
NANA Yonce (8 days ago)
She is so hot I really liked her acting...
Disabler (8 days ago)
You know feminism has gotten too far when the hero is a woman who tortures men..
Jay (9 days ago)
For all those bitching, shut up and see the movie, it's awesome! Claire Foy plays a great Lizbeth and the ending will tear your soul out. 😮
Hayden Williams (10 days ago)
I enjoyed this movie immensely. Fincher has always been a little bit of a snob, IMO. His work can feel heavy-handed at times. He picked apart the source material almost to infinitum with TGWTDT. This was a fun, interesting take on Larsson's characters.
Marco Polo (10 days ago)
Well... I liked this movie 🤷🏻‍♂️
Owen Aguilar (10 days ago)
Movie was alright pretty good saw the grinch to was good
Brazy Mejia (11 days ago)
Ugliest movie she always got beat up wtf
sarah nicolas (11 days ago)
Amazing movie I have watched it but I didn’t like main actress i think if angelina jolie played her role it would been a perfect movie
med talks (11 days ago)
the girl with the dragon tattoo?
Little Mo (11 days ago)
This was the best Movie I have seen in about 5 years. If you didn’t like it maybe you should go watch avengers for 50th time😏
Sharath S.R (11 days ago)
Where is marvel
sebastien jarlot (11 days ago)
Rooney Mara and Claire Foy are so good for Lisbeth but the swedish actor for Mikael Blomkvist is not Daniel Craig.
zlostnypopolnik (11 days ago)
35 minutes of watching and I was done. I don´t care about Rooney Mara, many actresses can act like Rooney Mara, I care about the story and execution of that story. It looks like it was shot for stupid children they can not think... I am literarely pissed.
Eunice Kanda (12 days ago)
too american
elly_68s (12 days ago)
i already see the movie and recommend is great
Eziekle Crafts (13 days ago)
Orlando Florence (13 days ago)
Disaster film. Cliche slow scenes, plot weak and overkill recovering from unconvincing dramatized trauma, unrealistic action skits like not getting killed by heavy fire, enemy hesitating to kill for irrelevant reasons, a child that doesnt act childish, music that doesnt fit, red sparrow like scenes, sicario like soundtrack, unrealistic motorcycle riding, unrealistic car driving, feminist issues, hair style not in tune with activity in movie, costumes overkill and out of place, hacking unrealistic, journalist completely out of place and just there just because. Movie just falls into junk action movie pile.
N 70 (13 days ago)
I watch the movie and it was good.
denon powaz (14 days ago)
largol33t1 (14 days ago)
Sheeeeeeeeesh, they keep replacing the actress every time. I am not going to watch this. Other than James Bond, what other movie series has had the main character replaced over and over?
JAS Jaafar (14 days ago)
MrElvisYo ಠ_ಠ (14 days ago)
that black onesie suit freaks me the hell out, what the hell. also this reminds me of something of what diablo devs did at blizzcon, so hard pass. dont milk it, complete it.
Marquette McNeal (14 days ago)
I came here to read comments to see if i should watch it, and all I see are biased comments based on book comparisons. This is a frickin movie. Is it good or not. I'm going to watch it just cause, and decide for myself. If it's trash, then I'll come back her and comment it
Majk Vukas (14 days ago)
Meh this movie
Chandon Chandon (14 days ago)
This actress suits this character the most
Ghnoo SA (15 days ago)
Rooney Mara should be in the sequence not this stupid girl !!! They literally know how to fu** the movie
leo (15 days ago)
Why she talks like the queen of England
Too Late (16 days ago)
The torture scene is exactly what you would expect from Europeans and other caucasian mongrels. They claim that moslem terrorists are terrible, but they are just waiting for the worst of all torments, Hell!
PUBG MOBILE JessYG (17 days ago)
I’ve watched full movie 🍿
Lou (17 days ago)
fati A7md (17 days ago)
I was so pissed Roony wasn't in it but i watched it and it's freakinn incredible guys! And Claire foy was perfect for the role. Watch it, you'll not regret at all.
Charles Pruett (17 days ago)
GOOOOOOD GRIIIIIIIIEEEEF! Now they've turned Lisbeth into a SPY???? I'm sorry, but--and I know this will ruffle those 'true' Lisbeth fans that claim Noomi Rapace is the best Lisbeth, but Rooney Mara was the perfect Lisbeth Salander. I guess Mara and Craig weren't available. Doesn't Hollyweird ever ask the fans???
Mafer Tovar Hernandez (17 days ago)
Who is this actor? 2:12
Ls Ls (18 days ago)
Another spider gal? Geesh
Chris Reid (18 days ago)
Claude Edgar Ruest (18 days ago)
Very different role for the actress after Crown
Ramadhan Jashua (18 days ago)
*THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB* (2018) ➥ ► t.co/Y7ecIVbp0h?Thegirlinthespider'sweb Quality : >> 720 P -1080 P 💯✔️All Languages [ Spainh | German | Franch | USA ]💯✔️ Generi: azione | Il crimine | Il dramma | Thriller Di R | 1h 57min | Azione, crimine, dramma | 9 novembre 2018 (USA) Il giovane hacker Lisbeth Salander e il giornalista Mikael Blomkvist si ritrovano catturati in una rete di spie, criminali informatici e funzionari governativi corrotti. Direttore: fede Alvarez Scrittori: David Lagercrantz
GivingYouTruth (19 days ago)
Girl Power... what a joke! hahaha 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Matt Blanco (20 days ago)
Just another hacker movie. 6.5/10
StarScream7ZZ (20 days ago)
Lisbeth is such a badass and fascinating character. Her background is so interesting and full of immense sadness
jpthsd (20 days ago)
It could have been better if the scripts were rewritten for better action. It is Watchdog :)
Niv gloriana (20 days ago)
this is an awesome movie
Danny Stevens (21 days ago)
I don't get why people are slating it so much yes it isn't the best one but it wasn't bad.
Rhett Copland (21 days ago)
pathetic that adults watch super hero movies and tripe like this based on "books" my god it's shameful.
The Wizard (21 days ago)
This movie sucked boring most of the time
Jadden (22 days ago)
Claire Foy 😍
Rex Jordan (22 days ago)
*Rooney Mara is the best Lisbeth Salander.*
MrFreespiritforever (22 days ago)
the movie is good just the girl i didnt like it at all
Sherry Patrick (23 days ago)
Can't wait but wish it was the original lady
Lars Stoerloes (23 days ago)
What on earth does this have to do with the story of Lisbeth Salander..? Geez, Americans.. Read the fucking books. Or at least watch the original Swedish movies. They do come with subtitles, you know.
Frodo H (23 days ago)
For all the negative comments, i watch and loved it.. such a great plot
Musta Krackish (23 days ago)
does she get butt pumped again?
mark junor (23 days ago)
this "film" was the WORST DISAPPOINTMENTS of any film iv ever seen (yes that includes JarJar Binx) full of absolutely BORING "seen it a thousand times" like the secret entrance to the evil villains fortress , and the hacker in the van saves the day.... appalling that they took what could have been a great flick and turned it into day old oatmeal
Shoaib Ansari (23 days ago)
mohamed mohamed (23 days ago)
. ..
BRITK11AN A R A K L (24 days ago)
2020,get ready for the girl with a spider in her possy
Drek1876 (24 days ago)
this movie sucked
Tbasko sauce (24 days ago)
which sjw american transgender helicopter said yes to this movie?
Shashikant Vanjeri (25 days ago)
22grena (25 days ago)
So another vehicle for anti white male propaganda. Another front for the (((cultural marxists))) and their toxic male propaganda lie.
May55 G (26 days ago)
I prefer the actress in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She's the best Lisbeth
Rafid hassan oney (26 days ago)
AS expected ! Horrible !
diljaan rajput (27 days ago)
not interested
David Flores (27 days ago)
The mechanic meets cat woman! Wonder woman becomes DC. Ripley without the aliens. Jessica rabbit goes butch. Last Matrix movie. Jason Bournes sister rescue attempt. "I don't need a man, I rack a round." Said every woman getting her conceal and carry.
Aurobindo Ghosh (27 days ago)
this is what techno geeks become after they try to compile the logic behind computer illiterate people
sheeraz ali (27 days ago)
Looks like watch dog movie with female character
Azis Jesika (27 days ago)
i vote for rooney mara ..genius and less expression
India Miller (27 days ago)
No offense but I like this movie it was good just give it a chance
Diego sebastian (27 days ago)
I just watched the movie. 100% crap.
Shafik Raisi (27 days ago)
I watched the movie please don’t waist your time on this.
jigga jaw (27 days ago)
CatarinaxRock (27 days ago)
I just found out abt this and I'm pissed! The first american movie of the series was so bad the only good thing in it was Rooney Mara. Why are they ruining it yet again? and this time WITHOUT Rooney...she actually said that she wanted to return to the character but they went and got a new director and cast...just by looking at the trailer Claire Foy doesnt look like a good Lisbeth.... I demand Noomi Rapace to do the 4th The girl in the spiders web D: The sweedish trilogy was so good,so much better :/
VISION0STUDIO (27 days ago)
Maybe Sony should just sell the studio departement to Disney and get over it and move on
Black Ceiling (27 days ago)
Ewww cars! Guns! Bikes! I've never seen these before in movies
Jason Cummings (27 days ago)
Ahhh another female BS!!!!
Line up For hell anime (27 days ago)
Release date? Anyone
Games WOW NOW (27 days ago)
is this a drama movie of SJW lesbians?
György Klutsik (28 days ago)
sick pervert movie
Bah Humbug (28 days ago)
Crap Feminist fantasy.
Notice how they promote smoking, drinking, cursing and violence in these movies? Y’all better wake up. They’re also promoting the homosexual agenda.
Mark Ken Cabarles (28 days ago)
Is it Charlotte?
TEX urgh (28 days ago)
Weak. What a waste of resources . I will be deliberately not seeing this.
Paulo Freitas (28 days ago)
Fahad Hasan (28 days ago)
One of the most amazing and informative movie ... did a great job.
Uchiha Hikaku (28 days ago)
Kasey Eva (28 days ago)
Meh where is Rooney
Tokyo (28 days ago)
Am I the only one who think that movie its look like "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo" ??
ASK T (28 days ago)
charles iphone (28 days ago)
ooozeGonnaSubscribe (28 days ago)
AWFUL, JUST AWFUL. I watched it last night and I am so disappointed I can’t even describe it.
Maria Eduarda (29 days ago)
claire foy is amazing in this movie!
GraveWalkeRr (29 days ago)
How to ruin a movie

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