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College football player's horrific 40 hours of being held hostage, tortured

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Niko Kollias tells ESPN "Outside the Lines" about his ordeal while on the University of Rochester football team when he was shot and brutally beaten.
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Tall Dave118 (1 hour ago)
Those black guys that tortured nico deserve every bit of bad that comes to them
Tristan Lamonte (2 hours ago)
That’s the dude from American pie
CorruptArts (5 hours ago)
Sad part is the stupid ni***rs that did it knew he wasn’t involved
Andy (11 hours ago)
Fuck blacks. Blacks are evil. All have to killed off. All are fucking evil and vile as these blacks. Notice how I dont say black people. Because blacks arent people. They are ALL monsters
Sheano Animates (11 hours ago)
Thank goodness they are safe now, I cannot imagine the pain they went through, prayers for them :'(
no rice (13 hours ago)
Why do I keep watching these
TheKoolMuffin (20 hours ago)
I don’t want the men to JUST go to jail, I want them to be tortured like those two guys where...
The Wendigo (23 hours ago)
Never trust a bitch 💯
Emily Loves (1 day ago)
They need life!! I hate this 😡
Chris Glisson (1 day ago)
I wish that laws were back like their old ways. Eye for an eye. You torture me, I torture you. Ya know?
i feel like i was there i do not know why but i do praying for you
Victoria Wolf (1 day ago)
This is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!! I'm not trying to be rude but this sounds like the purge. THIS MADE ME BALL DURING CLASS!!! I HAD TO BE EXCUSED!!!!! THOSE MONSTERS!!!!
Mr Cheezy OG (1 day ago)
155 years who do u think he is he ain’t gonna survive when he is 181 years of age lmao
mr arican (1 day ago)
Don't go to parties
Evans Lemont (1 day ago)
OMG they hit the wrong dudes smh
Grade A (2 days ago)
The guy who sentenced that stupid mental psychopath 155 years in jail really wanted to make sure he was in prison literally forever
Razorboss (2 days ago)
This is what happens when you go for e-girls
Agario help 2019 (2 days ago)
Imani Dominguez (2 days ago)
i hate torture because the person(s) who do it are just psychopaths. there is literally not *ONE* person who wouldn't *give you anything, or tell you anything* just by the THREAT of torture. you're torturing someone out of your own sick pleasure and it's disgusting.
Alejandro Elizarraras (3 days ago)
I fell so fucking bad
Tibni Valle (3 days ago)
As I watch this I just want to give these kids a huge hug and I want to give them everything in the whole world because they did nothing to deserve this. I know that this won't fix anything but I just can't imagine how this could happen. I can't imagine how someone could do such a thing. I just feel so bad for them and I want them to know that everyone who watches this sees them as heroes and inspirations!
Charlie Ward Games (3 days ago)
Not to be disrespectful but 8:25 looks like Gordon Ramsay
Tyler Lawrence (3 days ago)
4 pounds ?? You guys are a bunch of bums disgusting
Caesium (3 days ago)
The attackers were probably Trump supporters
BHHH TFGG (3 days ago)
I know a college im not interested in
youtube life (3 days ago)
Im happy they are alive
youtube life (3 days ago)
Fuck those people that abused them i wish they will be in jail for life
Redbeard Rick (3 days ago)
I'd find every single one of them and track them down and torture them like on law abiding citizen. I'm not totally for an eye for an eye but when you do such atrocious things, you deserve the worst.
Glo BoyDT (3 days ago)
I'm sorry but that was so dumb.... He said when he first walked in he smelled piss and poop and there wernt any other people, music, LIGHTS or anything and he still chose to go sit on that couch.....
Glo BoyDT (3 days ago)
It wasn't Isaiah's fault... He was trying to get quick money and his friends got wrongly pulled into it of anything it's the guys fault for bringing them into it
Glo BoyDT (3 days ago)
He so dumb he left all the evidence at the house
Ben Sosa (4 days ago)
All this just to buy clothes smh
Leahlou Sqaud (4 days ago)
Them guys need life in prison and those disgusting ass sluts
Bubby Dadz (4 days ago)
Only if he could have kept his football career going
JoelLimTheLazyGuy YT (4 days ago)
These muderers don’t stay at America prison for 13 year , there staying at North Korea prison for 13 years not even 13 years 2 day they also die already
ben dover (5 days ago)
M 0 0 D 5 Official (5 days ago)
this is why i dont leave my bedroom
Jamal Zaru (5 days ago)
What college student has fucking 35k in their bank account
Adriana M. V. (5 days ago)
Yep...never trus a girl with no eyebrows
Graypey Boi (5 days ago)
This is so sick and horrible!
Chris (5 days ago)
A college student with 35 k in his bank account.
Chris (5 days ago)
More black on white hate crime!
InTheFameLane (5 days ago)
isn't that piano music from the giver?
LubeocityGaming (5 days ago)
Keep in mind that this is in chicago. Them niggas do not play. Step on there shoes or look at them wrong yeahhh good luck. Theres a reason they call chicago chiraq bc the violence is so hostile and widespread all around the city
LubeocityGaming (5 days ago)
Dont steal from bad period
LubeocityGaming (5 days ago)
I feel bad for them because the people that really deserved it
Peyton Stevens (6 days ago)
Sometimes money kills people stg...
Doublepump (6 days ago)
Why Why Why? If they just robbed them it would have been no big deal but they had to nearly kill them. 😪
batman 252387 (6 days ago)
Feminism at its finest and weakest
Cari Walker (7 days ago)
155 years in prison? That’s not even possible! No one even lives to be that old and these guys are already in their 20s!
Lynn Gallant (5 days ago)
+Cari Walkerthey can't give him life, so they go with X amount of years so he rots. do you know how the judical system works?
Cari Walker (5 days ago)
Lynn Gallant might as well be life in prison. Lol
Lynn Gallant (5 days ago)
Cari Walker (7 days ago)
They definitely got what they deserved.... They shouldn’t have went to that house to meet girls at a party. They got what they deserved
Death penalty right there
john mac (7 days ago)
Anigauge DM (7 days ago)
Just thinking of the lies those hoes spewed out makes me cringe
Édouard Renaud (7 days ago)
Excuse my language but these kidnappers are actually fucking bitches that have no fucking lives!🙎‍♂️
Salinas Juncos (7 days ago)
I have read many of the comments to see if someone else answered this question. Does anyone know if the stupid girls that led them to these monsters were charged with a crime and served any jail or incarceration time. I only see the active monsters not the passive ones who brought them to their torture.???
OpticalGhost (7 days ago)
Listen to your gut always! If you pull up somewhere and something feels off run! I want it to be known that I am NOT victim blaming, it is just tips for anything that comes close to it.
Kit Richardson (7 days ago)
I’m amazed that after getting shot in both legs and having his femur cut clean through, that he was in that house for almost 2 days and didn’t bleed to death. He is a miracle and you have to admire his spirit
thats radical ! (8 days ago)
thirteen thir- -teen after days of torturing people you give them THIRTEEN YEARS
vinbey99 (7 days ago)
idiot learn to listen
bella d (7 days ago)
thats radical ! Isaiah was the one sentenced for 13 years and he stole marijuana i don’t think he tortured anyone
People are absolutely sick. So fucked up. My faith in humanity continues to fall.
Shondra Clemons (8 days ago)
Wow this is sick .... Lock them up and never let them out .... This is crazy
Janet Allen (8 days ago)
Janet Allen (8 days ago)
America Martinez (9 days ago)
I’m sooo happy they got life in prison. They tortured these poor boys for 40 hours, but I hope it was worth it to now live there life’s behind bars and without freedom.
Zoomin (9 days ago)
yo wtf
shhh nubss (9 days ago)
It s sad that people can do this things for some money
Miles Mayo (9 days ago)
When you see the house and know that it's not a party why did you follow the girls
Ken Ko (9 days ago)
They should fr make a movie outta this
doge_ (7 days ago)
Name it “40 hours”
My Name Is In Use (10 days ago)
155 years of prison. Hell yeah. That's what you get.
Cnupoc (10 days ago)
this makes me want to play SWAT 4.... so bad.... "POLICE! HANDS UP!" they should've been sentenced to life in prison... If you have tortured people even without actually murdering them, you have no place in the society, that's how i feel about this. You have ruined a person's life, so there's no reason why your life should not be ruined at this point.... LIFE IN PRISON and throw away the GOD DAMN key! Respect for the police for narrowing down the possible suspects so fast. Clearly men with brains and common sense.
j n (10 days ago)
I had a feeling his friend was the reason why this happened. Plus Who raised these "men", how could they do such inhumane things, they must've had really messed up childhoods. They have no concern or consideration of any sort for others, no feeling, empathy, or morality.
Kazuki Sushi (10 days ago)
They are lucky it wasnt Niko belik
minminaa1 (10 days ago)
Maybe you could tell before showing such things ?
Dustinmaester (10 days ago)
stories like this are the reason I never go anywhere without a weapon.
How can you have the balls to do something like this???!!! Especially when You know you are going to go to jail for it. They had so much time to stop and realise what they was doing but no they carried on!
Robert Hamilton (11 days ago)
Hope Niko n his friend is okay
Robert Hamilton (11 days ago)
Strickland should die the piece of shit!
Shizzle Dizzls (11 days ago)
0:21 don't try to be cool by saying that, bruh so odd and cliche in news
G3 Clipz (12 days ago)
If his leg wasn’t messed up he’d be an Alstar
cody Passarell (12 days ago)
This would happen in shithole rochester
VAILANATOR Gaming (12 days ago)
I wish they could visit them in jail and just make fun of them
Gardner D (12 days ago)
The real Jussie Smollett story.
lilyvampwolf (12 days ago)
Thank God he's all good. Chicagoans are strong. 💞 💞 💞 💞 ✌
Melaine Roblox (12 days ago)
I should stop answering random calls and text now...😓😓😓😓😓
XXXCEDES LOVEZZZ (12 days ago)
Don't hate me for this...im literally only wondering how is his neck so thiccccccccccc??
Thomas Villalobos (5 days ago)
Sister Snatched the mature thing to do would be to learn some grammar before you get in peoples business
vinbey99 (7 days ago)
+Sister Snatched this is public domain, wdym mind your own business. Comedy is joking around on dark subjects. Comedy is meant to lighten the mood on dark subjects. Like I said, try doing some research on the subject.
Sister Snatched (7 days ago)
vinbey99 comedy I'd joking around on about a serious topic?! If this was funny, I wouldn't be leaving these comments, and damn, just mind your own business. 🖕🖕
vinbey99 (7 days ago)
+Sister Snatched lmao this is what comedy is. comedy isn't just some thing that's happy yay1!11!!. If you want to go more in depth as to what comedy is, try researching it. To give a brief explanation is, comedy usually makes light of a bad situation.
vinbey99 (7 days ago)
lmao i've been looking for this comment
Cards (12 days ago)
Hostages: Hippity Hoppity I dont want to be property
Cards this is not a joke
KingtoaGod (12 days ago)
8:38 Makeup works miracles really
KingtoaGod (12 days ago)
And im accused of raping a girl when Im fucking 14, smh stupid entitled parents. Sorry that she was my friend and she got pregnant but I always wear a fucking condom bitch
KingtoaGod (12 days ago)
Welp it seems like they were Eugenes
Ej Medina (12 days ago)
Over 4 pounds of weed you are some bums 😂😂
Maximum Effort (12 days ago)
Where's the fucking punisher when you need him.
H3x0R (12 days ago)
Fucken junkies should get shot on site.
lui reeves (13 days ago)
I hope all these people get raped in prison
michael pas (13 days ago)
Black people smh not all but majority of prisoners are black no offense.
家Rain (13 days ago)
$700 jacket, $20 jeans, weird flex, but, ok
Suzanne Moser (13 days ago)
1 like = 10 bats to the kidnapper's nuts
σνσ aurus (13 days ago)
this is why epic didnt want to rerelease skull trooper
adam clark (13 days ago)
The little bitch used the money to buy clothes? Definitely a bitch move
BAMABOY (13 days ago)
Now that’s a football player
AJ Vlogs (13 days ago)
PTSD Does anyone know what that means...
Zz WokezZ (10 days ago)
What the victims have

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