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Top 10 Sinister Facts Behind Historic Heroes

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! They’re revered for their notable actions and discoveries throughout history, but what happens when we dig into the truth of their lives? Will we still clamor for them after uncovering the mysteries of their past or will we shy away when we uncover the darkness that shrouds their accolades? Support us by shopping on Amazon! http://tinyurl.com/njwyzzn 10. Dr. Seuss 9. Thomas Edison 8. Martin Luther King, Jr. 7. Marco Polo 6. Thomas Jefferson 5. Martin Luther 4. Christopher Columbus 3. Abraham Lincoln 2. Mother Teresa 1. Gandhi Voice Over Talent: https://www.youtube.com/user/thought2/ #top10archive #sinister #facts
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Text Comments (3254)
Eng Ian Simwanza (15 hours ago)
Being Human is all the imperfections that you cite of these "Great" people. That is why we laws that from time to time revised.
Sam Dingle (17 days ago)
Gandhi was also racist
Adrian Kane (20 days ago)
Jesus Christ Wore Leather Get Set Go Jesus Christ wore leather, played rock and roll He sold me some blow Abraham Lincoln smoked crack cocaine On the down low [Refrain] Yeah, I'm an inveterate, bonafide degenerate [Verse] Mother Mary spread her legs for me And I made her bleed Buddha smoked me out, then sucked me off And swallowed my seed [Refrain] Yeah, I'm an inveterate, bonafide degenerate [Chorus] Don't you try to turn the ordinary people into saints 'Cause everybody loves, and everybody fears, and everybody hates And all the extraordinary people they never touch the ground They're waiting on the ordinary people to count the hours down [Verse] Brother Gandhi turned a trick or two In his day Mother Teresa liked to touch little girls In a special way [Refrain] Yeah, I'm an inveterate, bonafide degenerate [Verse] Martin Luther King traded slaves Down the river wild Jesus Christ wore leather, played rock and roll On the radio dial [Refrain] Yeah, I'm an inveterate, bonafide degenerate [Chorus] Don't you try to turn the ordinary people into saints 'Cause everybody loves, and everybody fears, and everybody hates And all the extraordinary people they never touch the ground They're waiting on the ordinary people to count the hours down [Refrain] Yeah, I'm an inveterate, bonafide degenerate [Chorus] Don't you try to turn the ordinary people into saints 'Cause everybody loves, and everybody fears, and everybody hates And all the extraordinary people they never touch the ground They're waiting on the ordinary people to count the hours down
Dan Russell (1 month ago)
Ok fuck all them but Mother Theresa gonna have to look that one up .... And i still love Lincoln he was ahead of his time and the only pres other than Andrew Jackson that tried to get us off foreign banks
Gandhi the world top rapist.
Chaka Azam (1 month ago)
fuck Ghandi!
Soumyajyoti Sarkar (2 months ago)
Even the we Indians Hate Gandhi and his families
Swnsasy _ (2 months ago)
Dr. MLK Jr, not only plagiarized, he was a womanizer, cheating often.. I've always wondered if there are any illegitimate kids out there...
Swnsasy _ (2 months ago)
IT'S.. THE JIM!!! Love this guy and yes I used an old Charlie's Angel the Chad thing... Hehe...
Meredith Richardson (2 months ago)
The dangers of idolizing people.
Junkyard Footballer (2 months ago)
The title says "FACTS" and here 8:55 (If allegations are correct),WTF !!!!!
The Miz75 (2 months ago)
All those Indians are fucking vile race
jeff sam (2 months ago)
Moral of the story: It takes an average of 100 yrs for people to realize that their heroes were in fact imposters and in some cases vice versa! The 2119 top 10 is gonna be one hell of a list! By the way Albert Einstein is another beauty deserves to be on this list!
Iris Et (2 months ago)
Gandhi a sex addict... It's no mystery I mean just look at him😋😋
Gabriel Nathan (2 months ago)
I want the British out except their wives sleep with me😂😂😂😂😂
Star Lord (2 months ago)
Who told gandhiji was a sex addict? Even though he slept with naked women he did not have sex with them or behave in a sexual way. It's just these medias brainwashing you.
K Sal (2 months ago)
Old man asking nieces to sleep with him. Its all in the family. Disgraceful.
The Prophet (2 months ago)
I'm a saint make a image of me and idolized it 🤣
Yosi Kama (2 months ago)
big fan of bobs and vagene
Maurice Upton (2 months ago)
Terrible voice over. Blame our govt schools and the media for making these people saints.
Dodona Potshangbam (2 months ago)
I'm unsubscribing this top 🔟 archive.... How can you insult our great freedom fighter mahatma gandhi.... You are accusing a father of a country who gave freedom from the devils that tried to loot all the rights away from innocent people of India 🇮🇳.... 👎👎👎
a live bacon (2 months ago)
Thought Gandhi one was laughing nukes
EDEN ETIENNE (2 months ago)
John Davis (3 months ago)
so even 150 years, ago, blacks had no idea how to feed themselves? hmm
BERNARDO GARRONE (3 months ago)
Gowtham Vankineni (3 months ago)
Top 1 Sinister fact - Top 10 archive is STUPID !
Andrew Gutierrez (3 months ago)
I dont believe this shit mankind is full of cowards and liars and the mothafuckas who have success are usually the targets fuck what your talking about
raj mohan Dutta (3 months ago)
Rss and BJP has not contributed any thing for the country except these filth. Shame on them. Doing character fascination of a person who is dead. Fuck these RSS and BJP bastards.
NaySay Network (3 months ago)
But to be fair Indians sucked then and now. Lowest IQs of all Asians. Slummy places, abusive culture. This is why Indian women in America love non Indians. Lol
NaySay Network (3 months ago)
So what? Ghandi liked pussy... In a generation of porn and sluts I dont see how thats a problem?
David Wolf (3 months ago)
bah hmbug
Sung Yoon (3 months ago)
I guess Jesus, Buddha, & Mohammad are next. Anyway all did much more than any of us could. We could go into few things about God, Mr. Job & family should bring an action against God.
David Dopka (3 months ago)
Martin started hating on Jews
The Dude (3 months ago)
Im not catholic, but how dare you post gossip and subjective editorial about Mother Theresa, all of what you said was things others said and no proof or facts gossip is evil. and the 9th Commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"
MrAlvarezw1 (3 months ago)
what an ashole
Aadrath 123 (3 months ago)
Those allegations about mother Theresa and mahatma Gandhi are absolutely false..please give us a reference to one revered historical source(research work) to prove this...and then you claim that RSS LEADER Mohan Bhagwat ..what moral right does he have when he himself is a mass murderer in the name of religion..and the man who supposedly called mahatma a "pervert" was himself ideological pervert known to favour Hindu fundamentalists ..So ofc he did that in order to tarnish his image ..YOU FUCKING DISGRACE// - AN INDIAN, A HUMAN BEING.
Aadrath 123 (3 months ago)
Damn..very reliable mate✅💯💯
Top 10 Archive (3 months ago)
Dipesh Bhoir (3 months ago)
its a propaganda RSS about Gandhi how shameful is that of RSS they supported British Colonization of India and now they are making theories to defame M K Gandhi Gandhi was from Gujarat in Bombay State and its a majority Hindu state If someone knows even bit about Hindu Culture it is impossible that such a thing can be done by a educated Hindu man... i mean it
Sulav Sitaula (3 months ago)
Don't be like Gandhi. He's a fucking looser. Don't be like Gandhi. He's a fucking looser.
Michael Banks (3 months ago)
You forgot racist
Shazad Shaikh (3 months ago)
Hey asshole mind it before u talk shit about mahatma gandhi😡
Kunal Singh (3 months ago)
Gandhi was a British creation. A double agent pumped by the media portraying him as leader of Indians specially Hindus. His influence ensured that fewer people resorted to violence against British occupation, and those that did (like Bhagat Singh and his companions) would be killed without much backlash. A weak & cowardly sex addict Gandhi ensured over 2 decades of peaceful British rule over India using his political influence over Congress party. Also ensured congress party had no political opposition for decades to come. For this British and Congress gave him Sainthood declaring him a Mahatma (Great Soul). In reality he was a coward who just wanted to leave his mark in history. A weakling who allowed freedom fighters like Bose and Bhagat Singh to perish and saw the division of India where millions were killed and displaced.
CODE_SIREN (3 months ago)
4:46 The photo of the man is not who "exposed" Thomas Jefferson it is Alexander Hamilton who did not agree with him but did vote for Thomas Jefferson instead of Aaron Burr so yeah¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bruno William (3 months ago)
Fuck Ghandi he was racist
Koronachi Komika (3 months ago)
Let me take this as a bla bla... i never meet them nor knew them personaly... but i know for sure Ghandiji is not the the reason behind Indian Independent...
The Arcadian (3 months ago)
Ghandi...a sex addict eh? Who isn't? lol
Radi Kowalski (3 months ago)
My entire view on some of these people has been dramatically altered. Yikes
funkymunky1275 (3 months ago)
IF NOT FOR GANDHI WE WOULD STILL BE SLAVES TO THE EUROPEANS. He Nelson Mandela the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, etc fought and died for the Freedom we enjoy today. They were the greatest people to ever walk the Earth. Don't believe the lies, this is propaganda made by the US and British govts to destroy and slander these great people. They died for your rights, we would be slaves still of not for them. Show some love and respect. Praise God the most high. Peace
ALAN LAWRENCE (3 months ago)
I've never believed in saints or heros. They're all flesh and blood people, and people are flawed.
HellYeaDatsTell Jones (3 months ago)
The Thomas Edison Fact is not True things are missing
4Eva Dre Studios (3 months ago)
Don’t come at Martin like that
Lilane Jennings (3 months ago)
Alejandro Trevino (4 months ago)
Thomas Jefferson was a sick piece of shit, fact he was a rapist just as every president before Lincoln I'm not making a hero out of him either
q a (4 months ago)
All the people commenting here have perfect personalities... Making themselves feel good by hurting others on daily basis.. Celebrating their adult toyphones they call smart and think of themselves at top of the world.... 😵😵😵
Ricky Hunt (4 months ago)
Well Lincoln seemed to have changed over time in regards to race. He spoke out against giving black people the right to vote and making them citizens of the united States however in his last speech he said he was going to give black men the right to vote which of course meant they would become citizens of the united states and that is actually the reason he was killed by Booth. On another note the Constitution says that Habaus Corpus can be suspended in a time of rebellion and of course the Southern states had rebelled against the United States so Lincoln was well within his power to suspend habeaus corpus.
TV Oommen (4 months ago)
Post a video titled "Hitler - the greatest hero in mankind's history".....Millions of views as well as comments guaranteed. Contents ? Don't worry ; just portray him as the mighty hero who is responsible for the collapse of the mightiest empire ever, who is redponsible for ending colonialism, modern- time slavery etc......
Deep Joshi (4 months ago)
@Top 10 Archive mother fucker on bases of which facts you made this video? 😡 you idiot apologize for this or i will sue you.
Elliott Everett (4 months ago)
Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during wartime. The Constitution gives him that right. He probably save the Union bec/ of it. I would say just about everything in this video completely skips over why we celebrate these people.  Its not bec/ they were super human not prone to mistakes and at times villainry.
Rose Shine (4 months ago)
During this Great Britain cruel rule over other country making them slaves n earning n looting money of other land this England ruler was cruel no different ghengish khan. N during their cruel rule in India I know Gandhi was peace fighter n he believe in asking or begging for your own land to English ruler then taking over n fighting so I found it bullshit I don’t think India would be free the way he think. I think freedom fighter like azad , bhagat Singh, subash chandra Bose were deserving they fought till end n every death result a new freedom fighter in every home. But now Indian they are ungrateful I don’t think their freedom fighter wants a India like today full of corrupt n hatred among themselves.
Pratham Shet (4 months ago)
He's is gandu
Paumin Naulak (4 months ago)
Gandhi's a pervert
Izzuddin Khairi (4 months ago)
Ever heard prophet muhammad he is the true inspiring person
freelancevt (4 months ago)
Plainly and simply put: "All that glitters is not necessarily gold"! The 'true' heroes of humanity are rarely recognized for their achievements. They often just quietly go along their way, truly making a difference, while other's steal their unclaimed glory.
The Arbiter (5 months ago)
Every other Historical Figure in the video: bad, rapist, murderer thing... MLK: Yeah he copied someone... totally fits the criteria
sagna (5 months ago)
What, no Jesus dis?
AmethystEyes (5 months ago)
“House servant”?! You mean house slave!
dave angel (5 months ago)
Charlie Chaplin liked the little children too much
Hannes Greeff (5 months ago)
BTW Mandela was a terrorist
POLAR BEAR (5 months ago)
I'm about to meet one of my hoes in a minute I'll try to do a good job at being bad or a bad job at being good. Either way I see a nut in my future.
AMERICA FIRST (5 months ago)
More lies promoted by the people Gandhi spoke out against. Its the same thing they do today.
Jada Berry (5 months ago)
This man was also an RACIST!!!!
Mutsang S (5 months ago)
Do not dig too deep.Shit controversies is this.Deaths are helpless for any arument to all these shits.Spread love not these thing.Its useless even after watching it.
Sid Bhaduri (5 months ago)
You didn't even scratch the surface with Gandhi.
Elite car Cosmeticsllc (5 months ago)
sidd68 (5 months ago)
BR Ambedkar couldn't resist marrying a Brahmin woman in his last days, that says it all.
bandar19612 (5 months ago)
Shiti program
Spanky (5 months ago)
I think Elon Musk was right. Edison isn't great because of his genius, he is great because he brought all these inventions to market so they where available to the world.
Gilly Gil (5 months ago)
You said, "Strict Catholic Church" twice. Strict was not the issue. The Catholic Church put up intercessors between man and God. Those intercessors were designed to profit from the fears and faith of it's own people. Imagine your mother dies and a priest comes around and asks you for money to get your mother into heaven from purgatory. Then he comes up with a cute little name for this extortion. He calls it an indulgence. Supposedly outlawed in 1567. Martin Luther put The 95 Theses up on the door of the church in 1517. But, today you can make a donation and then earn a donation through good works. So, the LORD GOD is so small, that you can change his mind if you behave. Nothing but the blood of Jesus. GRACE is a gift. You cannot out sin or un sin. Where sin abounds, God's grace abounds all the more. Priests forgive sin? No man can forgive my sins. Only Jesus can forgive sin. Martin Luther removed the barriers of profit put up by the universal church.
anna etters (5 months ago)
Why was Reverend King given a pass for stealing the words of another? That is not something to get behind.
MokzYT Gaming etc. (5 months ago)
The brighter the Light shines, The darker the shadow it casts.
Channel for Info (5 months ago)
Beware of false knowledge it is more dangerous than ignorance.
Vivek Pant (5 months ago)
Pancakes611 (5 months ago)
Gandhi is a hero. Im from India and I love Gandhi ji
S R (5 months ago)
Ghandi was such a skeevy scumbag. Thankfully a dead one.
TRUTH research (5 months ago)
How do you make *ANY* statement about Columbus when even today, over 500 years later, historians have zero *FACTS* about him *including* his nationality and the only 'strong' argument is that he was *NOT* Italian. Mother is the most 'evil' *CUNT* in this video and on the short list of the biggest in history. And regarding Gandhi you used *alleged* correctly while slandering him at the same time. No one even ever *alleged* that he fucked those naked young girls sleeping with him. So how does testing his own willpower make him a pervert? You are the pervert for trying to make 2+2=666
Capn Cummings (5 months ago)
Liberals love vilifying the good deeds done by historic figures. Especially white ones......notice all of them except the last were white? That was on purpose. They threw Ghandi in for diversion.
TRUTH research (5 months ago)
+Capn Cummings Capn Obvious lol. At least you're a liberal basher with a sense of humor
Capn Cummings (5 months ago)
TRUTH research (5 months ago)
Mr Cummings. That is the *most ridiculous* comment ever. What made you say something so stupid? Do you get a lot of *'Cummings'* viewing photos of mother Theresa?
S C (6 months ago)
As a Moslem, I think Gandhi could never match Mohammad (PBUH) in sex. Mohammad also had immense sexual powers given by Allah and even at age of 70 he was able to deflower many girls, some even as young as 5 or 6 years in age. Mohammad (PBUH) was a total sex machine, a shining example for every moslim. His wife , Aisha, was 6 years old when he had sex with her multiple times in a day. There is NO comparison between Mohammad (PBUH) and Gandhi when it comes to sexual power. Even Jinnah (Quaid e Azam) followed in steps of Mohammad (PBUH) and married his best friend's under age daughter (Aisha was also Mohammad's (PBUH) best disciple's daughter. There is much similarity between Mohammad (PBUH) and Jinnah)
LK S (6 months ago)
Gandhi was a racist, asshole, islamist, coward and womaniser.
LK S (6 months ago)
Godse is Mahatma and Gandhi is Duratma.
LK S (6 months ago)
Gandhi and nehru were gandus. Google "gandhi nehru gay" to know truth.
LK S (6 months ago)
Gandhi was a demon and Islamist. He was the original creator of pakistan with muslim separatists dividing India into 3 parts. He has no leadership foresightedness, when Sardar Patel said not to divide India as it will give growth to more radicalization of muslims, this womaniser gandhi ignored him. Today the terrorism hub of the world is pakistan. World must hate gandhi for this menace and blunder. He always sided with muslims and jihadists.
Fargoguy54 (6 months ago)
Who is the woman at 2:04? Beautiful . . . . . .
Bathmulang Warjri (6 months ago)
Gandhi sucked my dick last night!!!
Vincent Mileto (6 months ago)
Now add the Clintons, Obummers, Pelosi, Fienstine, Hollyweird, Acedemia, the Media, etc!
L. Salisbury (6 months ago)
1:28 - "Q: How many Edisons does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: NONE! Edison stole the idea and doesn't deserve his own joke!"   -Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Tochi Cochran (6 months ago)
Don't come 4 king
Sophia (6 months ago)
Thomas Jefferson raped every woman slave he owned and sexually abused the men it wasn’t just sally
Copy Paste (6 months ago)
Gandhi used to sleep with young girls and he is respected in India 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mike Kious (6 months ago)
This is nothing but slanderous tirade of hate.
Baibhav kr (6 months ago)
You guys rock!
Kumar Praveen (6 months ago)
During those period moral values are very important if Gandhi might have done any mistake on sex he could have removed from independent agitation.No body call him father of nation.

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