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Naked Shop: Manchester | #LushNaked

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Lush Manchester stripped off the packaging to become the UK's first #LushNaked shop. Will you join them in the naked revolution? Learn more: https://goo.gl/UWzkCo You can find the store at: 10 Market Street Royal Exchange Manchester M1 1PT United Kingdom
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Text Comments (7)
ish and other things (3 months ago)
You need to be more frequent with your uploads like lush usa
Claire8483 (3 months ago)
Could you possibly do tins for your new naked products like the shower gels and body conditioners? I find them hard to store and a tin for them would be perfect :)
LUSH (3 months ago)
Hi there, good idea! I will certainly pop in a suggestion for you - let's see what happens :) - Laura F
D. Washington (3 months ago)
ok...great work on getting that part of Britain cleaned up i suppose..BUT this is seen after i watched how Brits have ChemSex parties-😰 I didnt need to see a mans ass, sodomy comes to mind. i still love the Shea products. 😜
Samantha Sick (3 months ago)
Pleassssee make a naked store in the US.
A bowl of salad (3 months ago)
The Christian conservatives would lose their fucking minds.
LUSH (3 months ago)
I'll definitely pop this through as a suggestion for you! Be sure to message Lush North America as well and they might be able to make it happen one day 😊 - Niina

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