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Drunken S!uts - MGTOW

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Drunken S!uts - MGTOW "Hey Sandman, You're channel has absolutely enlightened me and shown me a better path in life! I always saw deep down since my teens women for who they really are, their behaviour traits and what they stand for which is why I've had little luck with relationships. My topic is this: I'm from the UK and I heard on the radio recently and I've seen in various articles that women are now pretty much matching the men in average alcohol consumption. This can have detrimental effects as their bodies are much smaller and not designed to withstand as much alcohol intake. I understand that modern lives can be stressful and hectic but is this just another way of trying to compete with men or see themselves as equal? Another thing I've noticed that among the smokers, more women are trying cigars. I've seen on tinder (not that I use it much, just for shit and giggles) and in the street outside pubs and bars that more women are opting for a big fat Cuban cigar or similar. Again, what the hell is this all about? Trying to be different, compete with men or another sordid way to destroy their health? (I'm a non smoker and don't condone it at all in any shape or form) Anyhow, keep up the good work!" Well Charlie thanks for the donation and topic. There are a ton of reasons women are getting as drunk as a skunk in the last ten to fifteen years, having more sex than sea monkies and now taking up nasty cigar and cigarette habits. Think about it like this many women don't need men anymore for health to do things for them because they increasingly have their own careers handed to them by the government and women working in HR departments across the land. They no longer need to be healthy and fertile to attract a man for resources so in many cases so they can take on as many vices as possible. That as you mentioned includes drinking, smoking but also sex, drugs and cock in their hole. As far as I can tell this was already happening up here in Toronto back in the late nineties and 2000s. I knew a girl that could out drink every guy at the table because she built up her tolerance very young. She weighed one hundred and twenty pounds yet two hundred pounds were vomiting at her feet. In the mid 2000s that's when I saw the rise of HPV because of smoking, drinking, overweight bodies and sell all coming together to cause this problem. But women today if they catch abnormal cells in their Cervix and vagina with the help of a gynaecologist get to burn the potential cancer out of themselves and keep on guzzling cock cola. Without the modern medical establishment to keep them on life support they would have a very difficult staying alive into their late twenties and thirties. Women drinking like this is going to raise the cancer rates dramatically because regardless of what the liquor lobby tells you alcohol causes Esophageal cancers and kills your liver. If you're a tiny woman with a tiny liver you're probably not going to make it to your late sixties and seventies. But we already know all of this. We know that millennials and Gen X are not going to live as long as their parents. The biggest killer of all is over eating. But with regards to alcohol women are obviously drinking more because they are increasingly opting out to not have children so it doesn't matter if they destroy their health with alcohol. MGTOW Mystery Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWcCJa8m4gk&t=0s 8 images licensed and paid for through BigStock.com. All images are shown below in the order they appear. 1. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-96882185/stock-photo-drunk-girl-in-toilet-bars-women-in-evening-dresses-in-alcoholic-intoxication 2. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-160661297/stock-photo-sexy-mafiosi-woman-boss-smoke-with-cigar-in-town 3. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-152049362/stock-photo-hooked-tattooed-red-haired-woman-in-black-dress-lies-on-the-dirty-ground-drug-addiction-in-modern-society 4. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-54177854/stock-photo-pretty-young-woman-smoking-dangerous-cigarette-with-toxic-skull-smoke 5. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-90038819/stock-photo-drunk-female-in-a-nightclub 6. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-119521487/stock-photo-drunk-woman-in-crown 7. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-58838936/stock-photo-beauty-retro-woman-with-mouthpiece-vintage-styled-beautiful-lady-with-cigarette-smoking-model-girl-portrait-hairstyle-and-make-up-sepia-toned 8. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-6118932/stock-photo-man-and-woman-clink-glasses-on-sunset-outside
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