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Rose Valland Takes On the Nazis (feat. Tiffany Haddish) - Drunk History

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Tiffany Haddish tells the story of Rose Valland, an assistant curator in Paris who helped recover thousands of works of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. About Drunk History: Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent. Subscribe to Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsN5ZwHx2kILm84-jPDeXw?sub_confirmation=1 Watch more Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/comedycentral Follow Drunk History: Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrunkHistory Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drunkhistorytv Watch full episodes of Drunk History: http://www.cc.com/shows/drunk-history Follow Comedy Central: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedyCentral Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComedyCentral/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/comedycentral/
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Text Comments (1344)
Chandra Thomas (1 day ago)
Own know you like that...who is you? 🤣 3:58
Luke Jones (2 days ago)
"Taking notes, taking notes, taking notes...."
Syda stark (3 days ago)
Oh my God 1 second and I’m learning during lessons that I love, Funny though because I would be looking for a guy to color in the lines while I colored outside of them. Probably not too fair Edit also roses lip syncing is on point
Sha Amilli (4 days ago)
I love how they're all acting out the ratchetness so well! lmao!
Anayad Anayad (5 days ago)
I love drunk history and most of it makes me laugh but this right here has my stomach hurting 😂..... If she did all of them from now on I wouldn’t be mad at all
Quinn Mcmahon (6 days ago)
Who plays rose
Vincent Kuneen (5 days ago)
Busy Phillips
Janelle Glass (6 days ago)
Wow Tiffany haddish is Drunk History is much more cleaner than Amber's. But I like both!
Doctor Funkenstein (6 days ago)
Tiffany Haddish: JewJoh's Bizarre Adventure
Dawn Melissa (6 days ago)
Wait a minute I just really learned something new here. Monuments Men were real? Where the damn hell are the Monuments Men for Black culture??? Cause we need them. Also, Tiffany was so funny in this. Thanks for not belching the whole time, lady. 😘
Teagan Justice (8 days ago)
Hitler & Tupac together is a podcast I would actually listen to 😂
Hollz lastname (9 days ago)
yeay! Tiffany Hadish!!!!
Yada (9 days ago)
I'm crying laughing at the fake German!
bigtaz504 (10 days ago)
Thumbs up for everyone who has a female cousin that acts like Tiffany. We call her Tiff.
Elmo Knows (12 days ago)
5:16 when hitler was hanging out with Tupac that was a sleep paralysis I had once like bruh si weird
littlelisaluna (12 days ago)
Ok, now I need a whole episode with Tiffany Haddish!
Queen Martin (13 days ago)
#BusyPhilips doing #TiffanyHaddish voice overs needs to happen more often! 😂
CANARY (14 days ago)
Omg I'm dying 🤣🤣
Phileisher Lindsay (15 days ago)
I am dying😂😂😂😂
Tish Smiddy (17 days ago)
Thank you ! Bravo Bravo 😘
Jonathan Link (19 days ago)
Best drunk history ever!!!
Candi Chadwick (21 days ago)
I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness Lmaooo damn everybody’s mom is a jw 😂😬
I Got Id (21 days ago)
Something about a happy pretty drunk girl explaining the Story. Some of the girls like her, are Sexy as Hell!
Livi fry (23 days ago)
she coulda called herself a “jewhovah” but ok
Salene Brom (23 days ago)
When taking receipts saves years and years of art and through that the world
TheTuubster (23 days ago)
0:29 Dorky smile detected!
Vincent Ciccone (23 days ago)
"Im memorenizing" 😂
Vincent Ciccone (23 days ago)
Nazis came in and... "This our spot" 😂😂
Jus Me (24 days ago)
Tiffany omg Yassss and Rose is from Cougar Town. Tiffany is Ready!!!!
Brian Holloway (24 days ago)
Hitler is hanging with tupac...lol i'm dead
TheTuubster (24 days ago)
3:28 That's a man looking at a woman like "I want to f*ck the shit out of you!"
Linky Lonk (25 days ago)
I love her laugh it's so contagious
2D's blue-ty shorts (25 days ago)
SKDKDK This one is GOLD. Literally everything she said had me almost pissing with laughter lmao
I. Wynn Wynn (25 days ago)
Her dad the jew tried to murder her mom , Tiffany, and the rest of her family
Kyle Noe (25 days ago)
She's cute.
Alessandra Aviles (26 days ago)
So are the narrators actually drunk ?🤔
Rebekah Tennenbaum (26 days ago)
He’s hanging out with Tupac and Elvis 😂
Dallas Bolton (26 days ago)
this is literally tiffany haddish at her best
Liz Que (26 days ago)
I have to pause the video so I can find out if Tiffany got a batmitzvah or not.
TheTuubster (27 days ago)
Nathanella Egbe (27 days ago)
I'm a Jew-Joe🕺 I think he hanging out with Tu-Pac
Leo Bewley (27 days ago)
This will NEVER get old lol
Lordess Me (27 days ago)
one of my favorite episodes right here😂😂
Thaismina Knnedy (27 days ago)
she has to do another one!!! Pleaseeeeeee
Oliver Arieno (1 month ago)
Jew jo lmaoo
Keyunna Gibbs (1 month ago)
But If it aint German art burn that shit up 😂😂😭💀
Leah Connor (1 month ago)
Aplustradomus (1 month ago)
Love her smile...She stupid😂😂
PrincessPixel12 (1 month ago)
Tiffany hadish...from groupon owo
Aisha M (1 month ago)
SHE SAID HE WITH TUPAC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭😭😭🤣😩😩
Whit (1 month ago)
This show is fucking stupid.
Pikachu Neoncat (1 month ago)
Jen Tuesday (1 month ago)
This makes me want to watch the monuments men movie if that what it’s about. Didn’t even know about this story till now.
Silver Scarlet (1 month ago)
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Damn the naynay.... Lol right they ain't dead
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Who is you lmao
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Memanorizing lol
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Imma tell errybody bahaha
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Hitler story or just the story itself got u hot?? Lol
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Pussycat what u talking about lol
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
Lol claiming their territory
Genevieve Capuano (1 month ago)
That do show a lot tho lol
ayakaidoru (1 month ago)
I can't with this.
Andrew Cannon (1 month ago)
If you like this video, watch the movie The Monuments Men.
Niyah Sade (1 month ago)
The fake German!! I literally screamed!
Love Clouds (1 month ago)
Tiffany reignited my love for history 😂😂😂 Im also half Jewish but my moms new apostolic so I’m a New Jew (but my two younger half brothers are JewJohs too)
Zach Adamerovich (1 month ago)
Tiffany Haddish is a hero, but Busy Philips needs some cred. She matched TIFF’s words perfectly.
Movie Day Dream (1 month ago)
"... and then she did the NAE NAE..."
Tereasha Santos (1 month ago)
This is is so funny
nae rangel (1 month ago)
Why does Rose look like that pedophile teacher from Riverflop djdjdj
Charlie Mayne (1 month ago)
Do you know who WILL. I. AM ???
Charlie Mayne (1 month ago)
Not Art It's ORT
Megan Hansel (1 month ago)
I actually learn so much from these
gmunden1 (1 month ago)
OMG. I was crying. This was hilarious!
Maria Nunga (1 month ago)
i can legit see Hitler and 2 pac hanging out, arguing about the universe and black holes
BowtiesRcoool (1 month ago)
Lmaaoooo I’m cryin
XQuizit Monroe (1 month ago)
Memonerizing 😂😂💀
Deema Cloud (1 month ago)
Busy from busy tonight?
Kxng Kat (1 month ago)
"I think he hanging out with tupac" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Don’t Date Robots (1 month ago)
jen1571 (1 month ago)
Tupac!? 😂😂 she wrong😂😂😂 got me dead lol
LF F (1 month ago)
is that not busy phillips
SMILESZ2 (1 month ago)
Why is Hitler a woman, though.
SMILESZ2 (26 days ago)
+DonJuan Yates lol🤗😁🤣
DonJuan Yates (1 month ago)
SMILESZ2 he was a pussy, seems legit.
Ash lovee (1 month ago)
"Oh I'm toasted"..."I'm sorry"😂😂
David Crist (1 month ago)
Actually he was a good artist.
Neerajana Ghosh (1 month ago)
Do they really get drunk? I know they are acting, but really part of me wishes they are really drunk 😁 I really really want to know.
Memornizing _all_ if it! Great video.
Brahnan Tabalba (1 month ago)
she jew hovahs witness
Tila Hooper (1 month ago)
AlexWhybrow (1 month ago)
Idk I feel this is racist but there's something so funny about seeing white people speak with Tiffany's voice
Moon Child Botanica (1 month ago)
This has to be the best Drunk History episode ever! Tiffany Haddish is so funny!
MrSwj2009 ____ (1 month ago)
Your wanna do a cool drunk history with Nazi intrigue? Do one on Ernest Von Braun, the guy who pioneered rocket technology with the V2 rocket, basically an ICBM created to destroy England built with Jewish slave labor. And than he goes on after the war to become the head of the Apollo space program??!!
MrSwj2009 ____ (1 month ago)
Wait... did you just say that Hitler be hanging out with Tupac?
SnackPatrol (1 month ago)
I think I'm in love with Tiffany Haddish.
share bear (1 month ago)
Busy did amazing!
andrew scott (1 month ago)
God, I bet he had the funnest time chilling with her. She is so charming .
chicagocurly (1 month ago)
I was NOT prepared for Hitler hanging out with Tupac! lol An amazingly funny episode from start to finish.
Katrinna Wallace (1 month ago)
Imagine if hitler was an artist 😳
Soldier Productions 2 (1 month ago)
Just a little disclaimer: don't watch these episodes while eating... You will choke laughing
DelinkventeN (1 month ago)
Are the storytellers given a historical event to retell or do they pick anything they want?
D Mc (1 month ago)
I want Tiffany Haddish's voice to come out of Busy Phillips 4 life!!! BOSS SHITTT🤣🤣🤣

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