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Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6

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"Hidden America: Nation of Women Behind Bars" Act 4: Convicted of murder, Emilia Carr, 30, is imprisoned at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida. [Original Air Date 2/27/2015] WATCH FULL EPISODES OF 20/20: http://abc.go.com/shows/2020
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Text Comments (11228)
wow,this is really hard to watch...🤯
Error:1527382 (2 hours ago)
They found Amanda Knox dna at the scene of crime, and also they found blood of the victim at her boyfriend house (the knife) and she walks free?🤔
KATLIN LONG (7 hours ago)
Dilyana Vasileva (8 hours ago)
Then american politics that order kills of millions but are walking out of prison , are voting death penalty for others
Katie Kuhrt (10 hours ago)
Peace and justice will never come from killing a human being. The death sentence is not right.
Hannah Banana (10 hours ago)
*hI hOw arE yoU?*
Raul Perez (10 hours ago)
They need to investiga this crimes again
Bianca Di Florio (13 hours ago)
Ugly ass bitches
Milly Rodriguez (13 hours ago)
trevon Martin got killed by a cop and he got a few years and this girl didn't even kill the dudes wife and she's on death row? the justice system is flawed asf
Daniel D. (20 hours ago)
You shouldn’t have control over who should live or not
Lily Vaughan (22 hours ago)
Maybe if the mental health system worked... They may not have done it.
G Lo (1 day ago)
when a amily member asks the judge to kill the murder they became just like those murderers in gods eye.... mercy mercy mercy....
Nadiya Karalash (1 day ago)
Liars liars liars 🤥 and the older one is the leader
aleksx xh (1 day ago)
I am from Europe so probably I grow up with different sensibility about this topic, but I really can't understand death row, I feel sorry
Isaias Correa Jr (1 day ago)
It kind of feels like they really changed I wished they just gave them life in prison
Isaias Correa Jr (1 day ago)
Wait so they are dead right now right
Ginger Salter (1 day ago)
So they're the victims???
Gubastek (1 day ago)
Thumbs up if you agree with me that there should be two death penalties: 1. Quick death sentence 2. Slow, painful death sentence for special circumstances
M Z (36 minutes ago)
anxious (1 day ago)
I think its messed up. Why are so many people for death row? Killing is wrong so thats why we're gonna kill as punishment??
James Jordan (1 day ago)
Equality is an illusion 😩😩😩😩 u just figuring that out 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Yeet man (1 day ago)
Arizona msp (1 day ago)
Her boyfriend does more than her and gets a lighter sentence cause he can afford it?
Alysha Coulourianos (1 day ago)
And seriously doubt they have found God as they will not admit to any wrong doing and show no remorse. Send them to their maker.
Alysha Coulourianos (1 day ago)
Fry those hookers. Your past is never an excuse to eliminate someones future. Eye for an eye. And btw there are more shows about men killing their wives, parents, what ever than there are women. Stupid women why are they still alive? Granted if they got saved good for them God is just buy while they are alive they fall under the law and our law says a life for a life no matter how many whiney liberals desire to let these people go.
Leah Addison (1 day ago)
of course it’s florida
Amanda Nichols (1 day ago)
Smell formaldehyde
Amanda Nichols (1 day ago)
Their blaming her but the man who decided and chose this gets life ?
prinsreintje (1 day ago)
I'm European (just to make a point where you live doesn't matter) and I think that Tiffany bitch deserves to be on death row. They should torture her and then bury her alive. If they'd film it, I'd watch it with a bottle of champers in my hand and a grin on my face..
LineOfCars (2 days ago)
I really find it bad that my country doesn't have death penalty for such scum, here they get some years, then they get it decreased usually for good behaviour and then walk free in society, something what they don't deserve. Also only thing where I agree is that boyfriend of that criminal should also have been put to death, quality of lawyer shoudnt change outcome, lawyer can only defend those who in the end are found innocent, which sure for every lawyer his client should be until last sentencing, but when quilt is established, judge should sentence criminal accordingly
Yume Dreams (2 days ago)
You may keep scrolling but, please pray for the Parkland Shooting families and anyone who was affected,
Terrax Gaming (2 days ago)
are they alive? :thonking:
ixniaxi (2 days ago)
that amelia girl. damn her hair noiceeeee
mackenzi hunter (2 days ago)
Women robbed someone= death row Man killed 300 people at a school= prison
mackenzi hunter (2 days ago)
Does anybody else think it’s weird how death row Inmates are more chill than regular inmates
DeathSkull6698 (2 days ago)
I can see how the one girl was tricked. But the other girl they have no evidence that she was there and the boyfriend is the one to rat her out. Of course, he needed someone who knew what was happening to frame her. I think the one was tricked and the one was framed.
fardin oyan (2 days ago)
You two have no rights to belong this world anymore
Sandra Turajlich (2 days ago)
Bye bye killers. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙅🏻‍♂️
Sandra Turajlich (2 days ago)
Glad they’re on death row. All fun and games. No remorse. Being molested has nothing to do with this. Who cares what happened to these 2 creepy crawlers 👻👻
grace catherine (3 days ago)
why would you bury something you just stole ?????
EastVegas Raised (3 days ago)
What I don't understand is when she was asked how she felt about what happened to the victim ,she didn't seem to show very much remorse or any at all.
ɥo Johnson (3 days ago)
her boyfriend was Paul Wall
Janette Coleman (3 days ago)
Cant answer the tough questions Why should these have another go at life when theyve killed, They have nothing to offer worth anything!
llessa (3 days ago)
fuck them. fuck them in the ass
In France you can rape, you can kill you, you can make everything you want and you won't stay for a long time in jail. But don't forget you'll be judge after ;)
Roku Tv (4 days ago)
I thought this was a interview with porn 🌟's
Tristin Draws (4 days ago)
My grandfather was tortured and killed in prison. For a crime of rape and murder. He was black . the cops amd the woman was white. It was I think 1976. He was walking by the scene when he was arrested. In 2011. He was exonerated. My family has received payments for our loss. No amount of money is enough. Nobody has the right to determine if someone lives or dies. Right or wrong
Hannah Rose Mason (4 days ago)
No one deserves to die. If you kill a person who killed another person, all you're doing is changing the death toll from 1 to 2.
thatswhatsup0493 (4 days ago)
Just read up on these two. They should have been fucking hung. Not only did they commit murder but their victims died by a slow torture. Absolutely disgusting!!!! Scum like this don't deserve to live.
Shawn (4 days ago)
God said first one with out sin cast the first stone
Mike Z (4 days ago)
Death row for 1 women killed dang that’s harsh. I remember case were guy stabbed 2 kids and mom to death got 70 years
Alexander (4 days ago)
Are they dead now
Cade C. (4 days ago)
“An estimated 1 in 25 people on death row are innocent of the crime” THAT statistic alone should be enough to end the death penalty.
Serena Khalil (4 days ago)
But look how much i've grown as a person! Too bad your victims can't say the same, huh?
Jaehyun’s Cheese (4 days ago)
Too bad, let them rot :/
Krazy k (4 days ago)
Haha die bitch
Sweet Dixie (4 days ago)
Juice them up fl do your job .
hunter gatherer (4 days ago)
Oh yeah we're on life row 😂 these bitches need to get juiced already and doe and stop sucking up tax money... They've been found guilty and theres no disputing their guilt they should be executed immediately
Jazzarai Jackson (4 days ago)
I hate it when people who get caught in their crimes and get a life or death sentence, they say "Oh I'm a changed person, and I'm not the same person anymore," and start praying, No you're only saying that because you got CAUGHT and your life is over. If you didn't get caught, you'll still be the same person and doing the same shit.
Jack Grimm (4 days ago)
Why do people in jail or death row repent after they get caught? Hmmmmmmm, Their peace or forgiveness means nothing......Only the peace or wellbeing being of their victims family are important now....
AdversaryOne (4 days ago)
It's rare to hear a woman getting a harsher sentence than a man.
Jan Walters (4 days ago)
Hard to listen to this. Victim mentality on display.
UnsungHero74 (4 days ago)
So they are horrible persons, but it's all the faults of the fathers and the boyfriends, right?
butterfly Green (4 days ago)
“What do you feel..?” She didn’t feel anything ! The hesitation and then she says “in what aspect ?” ...as if it’s a trick question.
butterfly Green (4 days ago)
The one with the long pig tails seems dark and I don’t know what she did yet
Andy Schlein (4 days ago)
If those stats don't tell u death row is a cruel and inhuman sham, flawed and detestable down to the roots of it's practice and implementation, then you are a despicable person. America can be proud to count themselves among the oppressive states in the world that arbitrarily murder dissidents and religious defectors. What happy company.
Aura Dawn Pearson (5 days ago)
I don't know that much about their crimes other than what iv seen on here ... But the Second girl ... how could she get death and the guy get life ??? From what iv seen they both committed the crime and she denied doing anything so I'm very confused about how he didn't get the death sentence and she did !
Imogen Marsland (5 days ago)
*what did you feel* Her: DONT SAY NOTHING DONT SAY NOTHING
Newromantic999 (5 days ago)
The Hispanic girl there is so cold and I would refer her to clinical psychology. Study her. Learn from evil but dont kill her. I dont belive in death penalty.
Positively Izzy (5 days ago)
Warden #1: How should we teach people not to kill? Warden #2: We could kill them Warden #1: Genius
Pew DiePie fan (4 days ago)
Positively Izzy hahahahahahahahahaha
jbot91 (5 days ago)
Someone touched my veevee so I buried someone else alive... Hmm
Nyrie Rios (5 days ago)
_This is so sad I wish they could live their life_
Akshay wagh (5 days ago)
As per spirituality plz don't put death charge on them .USA justice system can put life imprisonment on them .😊
JAY CHRISTIAN (5 days ago)
Where's the remorse u scum bitches...
F them they can rot in hell
Joseph Patton (5 days ago)
Death row, not a good place to meet women.
Jeymi Romero (5 days ago)
Idk why but this reminds me of Hedwig from glass. He's a 9 year old and smiles all the time because he's the kid personality
Christian DEri (5 days ago)
Wow, I cannot believe the comments this girl made. "Equality is an illusion?" are you fuckin retarted, no wonder your in prision. Equality MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT an illusion if you live in the thriving coutries like the USA (which is where she is). Every single one of us as humans have the exact same capability to become successful and choose to not participate in crimes like you did. And her second FALSE claim about their being a "desire to make women look bad in the media". First off there isn't, media thrives on topics that bring VIEWS which then turn into MONEY for those media companies. So its not a matter of you being a women or man its a matter of is your story entertaining enough to air on television and will it make the media company money. Both of them are beyond delusional but damn the one making these comments is even worse. Please instead of feeling sorry for yourself, EDUCATE yourself and maybe you'll start seeing life as a gift which you need to cherish, because you're lucky you even got that interview for the murder you participated in.
Dick Burns (5 days ago)
Hang them
attilafry (4 days ago)
+Dick Burns I don't cut in two ladies.
Dick Burns (4 days ago)
+attilafry guillotine?
attilafry (4 days ago)
Do not hang these ladies
Lily Cui (5 days ago)
Hi y'all random people if you don't mind checking out my new cover i'll really appreciate it and I know it's kinda cringe but I'll get better:)
Oakleaf700 (5 days ago)
Evil eyes. ''there is hope-uh'' ..no, not for you, you suffocating beasts.
Oakleaf700 (5 days ago)
Ghastly crimes....zero remorse. Arias deserves the same though.
Maud van Engeland (5 days ago)
This is terrible, how is this stil going on, death is no punishment!! You wont only hurt the person that gets killed, but everyone who has a bond with him/her. America you should be ashamed of yourself! My God.
Viktoria Dabeska (5 days ago)
Bruh life in prison her in Sweden is chill af, the prisoners get better food than the kids at school (no joke, they have their own chef's there, but school is free here so i guess the food should be average then) Also, there are no such things as death row/execution and it's not often that someone get's lifetime in prison. They have the ability to see their loved ones, get mental help etc. There are separate institutes for different types of sentences/circumstances. But then again, Sweden is small and were not very known for criminality, main difference is that weapons are illegal here, unlike in the U.S.
Jack Fordon (3 days ago)
Ingen bryr seg om hvordan det er i Sverige.
D Money (5 days ago)
Equality is an illusion lol this bitch is dumb asf
Allworldsk1 (5 days ago)
If you don't kill someone you usually don't get the death penalty. It is sad to watch these two young delusional females as their life spirals into the chamber.
attilafry (4 days ago)
+Allworldsk1 I think the inevitability of punishment is more important than degree the punishment. There is no death penalty in our country and it is very rare for life in jail
Allworldsk1 (4 days ago)
+attilafry there are rules to life! You take a life of another, then you pay with your life! Either execution or life in Prison! 👍 No other way if the facts of the case are so brutal and terrible.!
attilafry (4 days ago)
+Allworldsk1 maybe have committed a crime at a young age, but I do not think they can't be repaired.
Allworldsk1 (4 days ago)
+attilafry they are truly unworthy.! 👍
attilafry (4 days ago)
+Allworldsk1 They may have been in sin, and they may have a responsibility, but I think they are an excessive punishment and I think they are not hopeless woman
EmmaBridgeman (5 days ago)
their teeth are grossing me out
Bella Madia (5 days ago)
I don’t really like the idea of putting someone on death row but they did do some things that can’t be fixed. Just imagine if that was your parents that were buried alive. I’m sure you’d have the same mindset.
Stan Twice (6 days ago)
I think it's unfair to use money for bail even if you did a horrific crime, you can't just pay for it because you have to suffer your consequence, i just dont get why they made rule for people to bail???
Ebiegberi Adonkie (6 days ago)
Death row turned these girls to philosophers
Victor Morales (6 days ago)
I live 20 minutes from this correctional institution
hayden wilson (6 days ago)
Death row is not necessary. Life sentence without parole in a maximum security prison, absolutely.
Han wan (6 days ago)
I would put Dick Cheney in death row before those girls
Han wan (6 days ago)
OMG, I would give her a second chance, she is too pretty (Amelia).
attilafry (4 days ago)
Emilia is a good woman and not just pretty and nice ., she deserves a new life in free world
Revermations (6 days ago)
I wont see her again
Alacia Michelle (6 days ago)
Lmao I feel absolutely zero sympathy for either of them.
Honey Lemon (6 days ago)
Wow they did shit when they were little (modeling and playing the FUCKING FLUTE), is that supposed to make us feel sympathy?
Ecci Grey (6 days ago)
bitch why the men got life but these women got death row .. clearly the men is the mastermind and got the evidence all to him .. fcking stupid system
MemeSanctuary (6 days ago)
Tiffany fucking killed 2 elderly people they where so kindhearted am i supposed to deal empathy towards her???!?!?!?
Empress Lee (6 days ago)
fucking douche bags
C. Matt Scott (6 days ago)
am I supposed to feel sorry for them

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