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Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6

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"Hidden America: Nation of Women Behind Bars" Act 4: Convicted of murder, Emilia Carr, 30, is imprisoned at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida. [Original Air Date 2/27/2015] WATCH FULL EPISODES OF 20/20: http://abc.go.com/shows/2020
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Becky Rode (8 hours ago)
They are guilty trash. Kill them
Icy Stormclouds (10 hours ago)
They deserve to live. Because a life sentence is better, knowing that you’ll spend the rest of your pathetic life rotting away in prison, thinking about the crime you’ve committed. I feel no sympathy. Maybe they were forced into it, but partying in a limousine after? Sick people. Smh. 😡
Buddy Silver (13 hours ago)
When they reject the WORD, it's time for the SWORD!
Buddy Silver (13 hours ago)
JESUS DEMANDED THE DEATH PENALTY "Then some Pharisees and teachers of the law came to Jesus from Jerusalem and asked, “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? They don’t wash their hands before they eat!” Jesus replied, “And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition? For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’ [Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy. 5:16] and ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.’[Exodus 21:17; Leviticus. 20:9]  But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or mother is ‘devoted to God,’  they are not to ‘honor their father or mother’ with it. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: “‘These people honor me with their lips,     but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain;  their teachings are merely human rules.’[ Isaiah 29:13]” Matthew 15:1-9. This legislation did not have the status of Biblical amendments. Conceived as a divinely revealed document, the Torah could not be altered by the hands of men. But this legislation was harmonized with the Torah through a similar technique of midrashic probing which discovered in the Torah itself the sanctions for change.  Occasionally the old law was merely circumvented so that, in a technical sense, its mandate remained intact. This is illustrated by Hillel's reform which did away with the cancellation of debts every seventh year, as provided for in Deuteronomy.15:1–3. This law proved a serious barrier to the development of Jewish trade and commerce. People refused to extend credits and loans for fear that their debts would not be repaid before the general cancellation time. Hillel's remedy, called prosbul, was the execution of a document which designated the court as the collection agent, and stipulated that the usual law of debt cancellation on the Sabbatical year shall not apply to this particular loan. The court was not included in the provisions of the Biblical law and was, therefore, technically free to carry on collections until the complete liquidation of the debt.  7  It was similarly through the circumvention that the rabbis reformed the Biblical code of criminal law. There had developed among the rabbis a strong abhorrence of capital punishment. The Bible, of course, recognized a wide variety of crimes for which the death penalty was to be inflicted. Instead of abrogating the Biblical law, the rabbis circumvented it.  They limited capital punishment to circumstances which made it practically inoperative. They ruled out all circumstantial evidence, no matter how convincing. They went beyond the Biblical requirement of two eye-witnesses to the crime. The two witnesses were expected to have warned the culprit of the criminality and legal consequences of his projected act; and the criminal was expected to have defied the warning with the assertion that he refuses to be deterred by them!  And forget the BS about the adulterous woman in John's Gospel. It was added to the original Gospel.
Alyssa Hernandez (14 hours ago)
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Mae Foran (14 hours ago)
Obviously these girls both committed crimes that should put them away from society. But there is a point to be made. How can a justice system give less time to the murderers than their accomplices? They should at least get the same time. But they're right about the rich buying their way out of crime
Vrikkiegikk (15 hours ago)
Bye bye
minny Coo (22 hours ago)
Diane sawyer needs a bloody slap
Dove Barnett (1 day ago)
I really don't feel sorry for them I feel sorry for the victims and there families.
You have peace you have joy YOU DON'T DESERVE IT your victims deserve peace and joy they didn't deserve a price of crap like you too bury them alive you deserve to ROT IN HELL
jms health (1 day ago)
That one quite kid:I got murder on my mind There future
SomePerson Online (1 day ago)
Wait so the pregnant woman DIDNT actually DO the KILLING but SHES on DEATH row? WTF
Easy Go (1 day ago)
“And said she modeled” 💀
5426 5426 (1 day ago)
Buried alive !!!! You deserve death!!! And, then had a party after in a Limousine. Psycho
anna rusing (1 day ago)
its not right to kill people in general no matter what they did, death row should not even exist.
attilafry (1 day ago)
I agree with you.
Cheryl Lord (2 days ago)
I'm rich I'm still not finna kill anyone
Tryhard King (2 days ago)
4:13 did i hear the n-word?
namedarmybyBTS (2 days ago)
*clinches teeth* A grown woman with pigtails. I literally can't take this, it's making *ME* embarrassed. Now why would she do that. I could even focus
Chris Facts (2 days ago)
Kudos to the judge!
Davia Pinder (2 days ago)
Her boyfriend should suffer the same as her because he told her to do 😠😠😠😠😠😠 i would never want to be with him
Ninjahawk (4 days ago)
well tbh its just karma coming back right at ya... kill someone u get killed urself fair deal right?
Shannon H. (4 days ago)
They’re definitely where they belong. Blaming their bank accounts? They knew they were broke before they committed their crimes, but chose not to take that into consideration THEN, so don’t try to NOW. That should have been a deterrent.
Sobirjonova Soliha (5 days ago)
Tiffany Cole needs to dye the same how she killed that poor people, she has to feel that pain
Kacey a name (5 days ago)
This was not the big story the chance that she could of took over the crime and that's why it makes no sense but then again school shooters get prison
Jin shil Binene (5 days ago)
Even if she had committed a crime, but everything she said at the end was absolute right. I feel like money can buy justice system even if people try to deny it.
Michael (6 hours ago)
Jin shil Binene coming from a women that makes sense
Paige Whitman (5 days ago)
Tbh they act like don’t deserve what they are getting but they both had some doing in murder and you don’t get a second chance at life and those people had theirs taken away so like it’s not like they are innocent and have become better so they get a second chance When you talk about money it’s like those people have the money to hire a lawyer that has had experience and time doing that job and when you don’t then they just have to get what they get it’s not there doily that they have money and can afford something better
Lenoms owo (5 days ago)
So they were forced into killing someone.. Then got on death row.. but the boyfriends didn't.. also killing them is right?
Forrest Gump (5 days ago)
What a waste of good coochie.
Ansche Fink (5 days ago)
I'm wondering did actually happen at the end or did they get let off
Katz mfCat (5 days ago)
I am no lawyer but the fact that she got death row for assisting in a murder and he got life for ACTUALLY murdering someone is insane. If anyone should get death row it should be him and she should get less than what he got.
catty Fish (6 days ago)
These girls act all innocent,like they where forced.but the truth is they are master manipulators and that’s what they want you to believe. If you ask there boyfriends they would probably tell you some reason why there innocent but there not none of them are. Don’t fall for the trap so many criminals have set.
Jupiter Starlight (6 days ago)
White male school shooters go to prison for life. These women get death row. If that doesn't show a problem with our legal system, I dunno man.
Renee Kelly (6 days ago)
welcome back to why the fuck am I watching this
Bugz Murphy (6 days ago)
Amelia Big girl. Bigger crime. Death row is best hope for her. Says she wasn't there. She was. She wanted the wife dead. Apparently the little one is not there because she has bad teeth. No. No. Don't try to compare rich people with people on death row. They are smart enough not to kill people for obscenely stupid reasons. You, on the other hand, are dumb. So you killed. And you will die. There is forgiveness. it is God's place to forgive. We are too small to effect the outcome.
Mona Tarantola (6 days ago)
Fuck em!
Arianator Lilly (6 days ago)
Sorry but no one deserves to die, including those in death row. Let them live for the rest of their life in prison as punishment not killing them ??
Addie Gibbons (7 days ago)
Why is the young one in death row that mf retarded
Pineapple Cake (7 days ago)
Wow this is........ I have no words. The unfairness of this It makes me want to cry.
Alexandria (7 days ago)
People think death penalty is a punishment and it’s not... solitary confinement is the punishment... if you have to live in hell and not have anything to do for years and really have to think upon what you did. Thats punishment, taking somebody out is more like a fast way out of your problems
Liljordanjr (7 days ago)
Such a beautiful girl smh another life wasted 🤦🏽‍♂️ Edit: never ducking mind I just saw her teeth
Kenz (7 days ago)
They were smart on how they worded things
im orbitz (7 days ago)
did they die
Ava Vlogs (7 days ago)
Why are they alive
Hater General (7 days ago)
And they are dead by now
Tara jick (8 days ago)
“How many rich people are in prison?” Her bf didn’t get death because he could afford a lawyer it’s not the governments fault that you didn’t have money to afford a private attorney she can’t pity herself that she’s on death row when she committed the crime that got her there
Lion Of lions (8 days ago)
Instead of executing them use them as practice targets for the military
Lynn Roberts (8 days ago)
Even if they are telling the truth. T.v editor's can edit things out of what they say to make them look a type of way. Media does it all of the time. So I honestly don't blame them for not wanting to say anything. But IN ALL THATS HOLY..... why would you burry anything alive ??!!! Ever!!!! That's pure rotten evil. That's a hard one to forgive.
Rob Montgomery (8 days ago)
carr's sentence was redone so she is now in prison for life
Joseline Perez (8 days ago)
Oink 🐷
Carralié Alice (8 days ago)
This world is dumb
Brianna Green (8 days ago)
i wouldn’t be able to bury someone alive, especially a old person.
Amanda Tyler (8 days ago)
Glad you have peace and joy while you both murdered innocent people. Doesn’t matter if you lead a good life up until the moment you murderer someone. BURIED ALIVE!!! That’s beyond cruel.
Sums.14 (3 days ago)
Amanda Tyler her boyfriend who actually murdered the woman isn’t even on death row or a life sentence. she was if anything an accessory to murder, in which she should receive half the sentence the principal (her boyfriend) faced. i’d understand if her boyfriend received life, but considering he didn’t it’s just an unfair ruling.
Amanda Tyler (3 days ago)
Sums.14 at that point doesn’t matter. She could have called the police. Doing nothing is just as bad at that point. There were choices, options, they BOTH made bad choices and now must deal with the consequences of THEIR actions.
Sums.14 (5 days ago)
Amanda Tyler one of the girls wasn’t even present when the victim was killed and she never touched the “weapons”
Sophia Kittelmann (8 days ago)
so yeah she killed someone. she should be behind bars forever. but they can not kill her like if she wants to die then she can kill herself but what they do (killing her) is a crime too. They punish her because she killed someone. But they’re just Abitur to kill some men to so that diesen make sense in my mind I’m sorry
Chris Stumer (8 days ago)
That's what happens when you meet the wrong person, one little mistake can ruin your life forever.
Jesus Christ (9 days ago)
Oh god I just woke up so I'm not all there but did one of these idiots just cry sexism behind bars and claimed the media is vilifying Women? Give me a break. Tired of that nonsense. She was correct about the rich being treated better by the Justice System. Just look at Jussie Smollett a slimy rich democrat that got off committing a racist hate crime.
SHERTUBE!!! HD (9 days ago)
Why is death row made I hate when people get killed in death row why
Zom_ Brit (9 days ago)
See right there when they say there is forgiveness and hope ... they don’t feel the guilt of the lives lost. They act innocent. They convinced themselves that it’s okay and with time it will go away and the memories will fade. I hope your appeals get tossed.
Diane Thompson (9 days ago)
You need. God!
ChikenGamer (9 days ago)
Says tell me one rich person who got jail time Me: Takashi 6ix9ine
Hellooo :3 (9 days ago)
A man once said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”
finejustgivemeaname (6 days ago)
A man once said? Then it must be true. No, but seriously, some of us would be fine because we don’t commit violent crimes against our neighbors.
If you really love your girlfriend, you don't ask her to help you kill people. Really, now
TRUMOCA MOCATRU (9 days ago)
If the people killed was your family member, I'm sure all of these concerns of why, what's not fair, and who else can be blamed would be no more. So what if they are remorseful, so what if they have found God. Rely on that. God is the only true judge but you must take your man made consequences here on earth.
Xx Aiyanna xX (9 days ago)
WAIT WAIT WAIT they get death but Gertrude (the woman from the Sylvia likens murder) only served 20 years? AMERICA EXPLAIN
Awlego Wenham (9 days ago)
I feel bad because these young women who barely tried to kill people and soon they will be dead
Teresa Navarro (10 days ago)
College Student (10 days ago)
These monsters are where they belong . I could not image how the families feel , of the couple that were buried alive . So heartbreaking !!!
:Anna: •• (10 days ago)
wowwejeieiskdnwkskdke I passed that on da way to Ocala
Zombie Virus (10 days ago)
That lady be like: *i h a t e m o n d a y s*
1234faith5 AJ (6 days ago)
Zombie Virus I thought it said monkeys for a second🤦‍♀️
Emma Rooney (10 days ago)
The stuff I watch at night
Drew Berning (10 days ago)
Tiffany Cole is pure evil
Tulonga Shingualulu (10 days ago)
I did not pick up remorse here .are they over it ?
DrR4ZZ3 (10 days ago)
Bruh ofc its more covering on women who commit brutal crimes, most of the killers are male and usually have the same general story and therefor when a woman does something like this its newer
0125 User (11 days ago)
There was a man in Blackpool (uk) who kidnapped a 14 year old girl and killed her and turned her into kebab meat he got 25 years in prison 25 he should die
Savage Life (11 days ago)
Life row?
tyler jones (11 days ago)
What a disappointment. They could've accomplished greater things if they weren't so reckless
luis Infantes (11 days ago)
It really was their fault for not being better
Princess jazzy (11 days ago)
If you didnt know she was re sentanced with life without parole
Astrid Reuter (11 days ago)
Poor girls....Emilia didn't deserve death! Mabey a few years or therapy...but really?!? Death?!?
PK Banana (11 days ago)
Okay, how come, the people that actually committed the crime get life, yet these young women who are, I say, less tied to the crime, get death. School shooters who kill multiple children get prison. Yet these two get death? We really need to re-think the Justice System.
S. Serian (11 days ago)
A higher law forbids '' tooth for tooth or eye for eye'' justice system. I believe these young women's sentencing should be overturned to - Life.They are young and energetic, they can work in prison for a long time without pay to make up for their crimes according to positive law.Murdering them constitutes a loss of free labor besides being immoral, from the angle of Natural law.
Fat Cat (12 days ago)
“Unfortunately equality is an illusion” now that is right!
Hahaha Delima (12 days ago)
There monsters
XeNo_ Sweaty (12 days ago)
STFU two percent of people on death row are women smh
LM10 Jr. (12 days ago)
Why did she get death row if she didn’t kill anyone? Sure, involvement is horrible, but death row is too much!
Scoop Yall (12 days ago)
Jail full of innocent people because of money, not saying in this case but it a fact. Money gets you less time.
The Emperor (12 days ago)
Death is not a punishment, everyone gets it one day. They should experience the pain they had inflicted on their victims. Suffocate them everyday and let lose just at the right moment. Let them beg for death.
Toni T (12 days ago)
Pure sociopaths
asif naseri (12 days ago)
Tiffany looks like a piggie lol
Are these ladies no longer right no?
Miriam Davenport (12 days ago)
All I see are excuses. They both knew what was going to happen to the victims and they did not stop it. They knew people were going to die.
hershiela du (12 days ago)
these criminals are so good in lying and people here are the reasons why vicitms fall prey. watch their documentaries these women are sociopath. they are so comfortable in lying.
Nugget Girl (12 days ago)
hershiela du there not lying sis so kys
Brittany Bracey (12 days ago)
These woman clearly dont give a fuck about what happened
h2o (12 days ago)
Carrs death sentence was changed to life in prison.
XxRedpandaFortnite (12 days ago)
This is more bull crap then Laura’s apology video
Alma Linares (13 days ago)
Did you noticed the grave had the shape of a head?
David Tichborne (13 days ago)
I don't care what they did I can't believe someone would treat a abuse victim so horribly let alone a person who has his or her degree in psychology well everyone learns psychology in different ways I guess
Philip Wood (13 days ago)
Go brush your teeth you evil person
🌟Sydney Young! (13 days ago)
I live in Ocala.
Kobi Beale (13 days ago)
There are so many things wrong eith the "justice" system....i mean a kid can get 4 life sentances for armed robbery and two abused manipulated hirls get on the death row ???
Robert Linton (13 days ago)
Tiffany is too ugly to be sexually abused.

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