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Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

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Best of Lady Antebellum: https://goo.gl/ujn6KL Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/MLzZwo Pre-VEVO play count: 29,104,971 Music video by Lady Antebellum performing Need You Now. (P) (C) 2009 Capitol Records Nashville. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Records Nashville, 3322 West End Avenue, 11th Floor, Nashville, TN 37203 #LadyAntebellum #NeedYouNow #Vevo #Country #VevoOfficial #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (45645)
vinicius erick (4 hours ago)
Cada curtida que eu receber. foi de todas as vezes que alguém já ouviu essa música é chorou pensando em alguém 😔
vinicius erick (4 hours ago)
Faz tanto tempo. mais tanto tempo que eu ouvia essa música. Pra vcs ter ideia a primeira vez foi no walkman 🎧〰️🎛️😪❤️ nostalgia ? Quem mais lembra
cretene1 (5 hours ago)
reminds me of mtv classic road songs from the 80s
Joao Pedro (10 hours ago)
Alguém em 2019?
Tiago Oliveira (14 hours ago)
Anita Seepersaud (16 hours ago)
My mom favourite song, sadly she passed away in 2012 from breast cancer.
lucas viado (19 hours ago)
Sou brasileiro e amoo essas músicas calmas
Dheeraj kumar (22 hours ago)
2019 ? love from India ❤
alfonso pedroza (1 day ago)
La en
jasminenoel42 (1 day ago)
Dhruv Subramanain (1 day ago)
remember when country music wasn't a pop rip off?
Stephaun Figaro (1 day ago)
Recommend sad love movies please
Chanthalover Tob (1 day ago)
I like song
jacobx (1 day ago)
Cmon, anyone born in 2003-06 has heard this before.
March 2019!!
Rumble-seat25 (1 day ago)
I would love to have you just hold me tight . Love you
Jerry Moreau (14 hours ago)
Can't call you
Wolfreespirit Rebel (1 day ago)
Ok, come and get me, you will be on cloud nine ,?
Marcela Montero (1 day ago)
😍🤗🌹2019!!! Me encanta ésta canción... very beautifull...❤
Saulius Savelis (1 day ago)
beautiful lady
Twin Strings (1 day ago)
Jomar Lucernas (1 day ago)
nice song 2019
Dream Cx (1 day ago)
Felipe Revolorio (1 day ago)
It's always the same story with every guy I fall in love with, I'm gay but the guy that I like I don't know if he is gay too. So I suffer a lot because probably he won't never feel something for me. It's so hard being gay :(
kapilmerc (2 days ago)
D, I don't need you now I need you, always!!!!!!!
BOO, si kucing (2 days ago)
Carlos Daniel (2 days ago)
Shorei 😭😭😭👌👌👌
Joan Owen (2 days ago)
I remember this song when I went to pick some one very special up one night wish things could have worked
Chris Alton (2 days ago)
Drinking a shot of whiskey - what did I do wrong??still waiting- here's its midnight
TheArtsyNerd (1 day ago)
Stay safe buddy
Jin Kusanagi (2 days ago)
I don't really listen to country music, but this is one of my favorite country songs.
Não Brinka (2 days ago)
Um amor por essa música 🎶
Andrea Folliett (2 days ago)
Still love the song ❤❤❤❤
Averie Ireland (2 days ago)
this song gives me major memories of playing with my polly pockets in my closet while this song was playing on my ihome hearing almost gives me anxiety but it’s not bad it is just like a flashback type of anxiety. No? Just me??
Kayte H (2 days ago)
My mom😳😘😍🐰🐑🎃💒🏩▶
gary jones (2 days ago)
On a break up sad song marathon
Nicolae Simion (2 days ago)
Someone 2019
Alina Alina (2 days ago)
BoY LiNLoR (2 days ago)
แม่งฟังเพลงนี้แล้วโคตรคิดถึงแฟนเก่าเลย ฟังด้วยกันทุกคืน เลิกกันมา8ปีแล้ว ต่างคนต่างมีครอบครัวใหม่กันหมดแล้ว แม่งกูอย่าบอกให้รู้ว่ายังลืมมึงไม่ได้ว่ะ ตัวย่อเรา BF กุอยากให้มึงมาเม้นมากเลยถ้ามึงยังฟังอยู่
Jessica Luna (2 days ago)
This song brings back good and sad memories😭
Albertvvl (2 days ago)
damn ......get's me every time
Stephanie Castil (2 days ago)
When you want to call someone that close to your heart and you really badly need that person...and the question is I wonder if I cross your mind...been missing you na😭😭
Tainara Figueredo (7 hours ago)
Carlos Pasillas (2 days ago)
Olivia Monteleone (2 days ago)
2019 anyone?
MajoCa. (2 days ago)
Llevo buscando esta cancion como hace 2 años jajajajajaja pq la escuchaba de niña alfin la encontreee
Minounours Chou (3 days ago)
Sims 3 Ambitions
emm420 (3 days ago)
Alan Wallis (3 days ago)
Sure makes me fell about that beautiful Angel who is in my heart but in another country right now and I will always her now until you come home, My life long Angel.
laurie mccarthy (3 days ago)
memories of my husband..passed from pancreatic cancer....15 yrs ago....wish he would come sweeping in the door...thanks for the memory
Josh Morgan (5 hours ago)
Sorry for your loss!!
March 2019?
March 3019?
Jenny Angelee (3 days ago)
❤🎶🎶 & I wonder if I ever cross yr mind for me it happens all the time 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
hsuehwen (3 days ago)
Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky
Burak Erşen (3 days ago)
You know how to find me Dylan.
Teali Johnson (3 days ago)
who am i
Morton Carol (3 days ago)
Stop playing silly games & fall in love all over again!
Maggie Peck (3 days ago)
I love you 😘
Vero Medina (3 days ago)
Good song! but am I the only one who saw the ending of this video and realized they weren't singing to each other.
Gary Guardia (3 days ago)
Just great.
Luis Faira (3 days ago)
Eu queria muito estar em nova York sozinho sem ninguém
Luis Faira (3 days ago)
Eu também perdi minha esposa Lorena por causa de outro cara
Lumus Daythgin (3 days ago)
That piano refrain gets me every time. 😢
Celia Regina (3 days ago)
Lembro sempre de Le
Celia Regina (3 days ago)
Nao tem igual e ilha da magia
Celia Regina (3 days ago)
Essa musica faz lembrar de florianopolis nossa minhas idas e vindas como era bom ficava num hotel no centro de Floripa aquela magia que tem aquela cidade e mto bom
só no improviso (3 days ago)
brasiiiiiiiiilll 2019 march
Brian Coates (3 days ago)
Feel like this about you all the time..Penny Laine..
Anda Scheffers (3 days ago)
My old time favourite💟💟💟💟
Christina Jarvis (3 days ago)
No1 r say no man ever can we down like that arguing that down no More 100 100
Christina Jarvis (3 days ago)
To go back and make it right and she went to the I want to say I'll always Love you
Christina Jarvis (3 days ago)
We hurt
Christina Jarvis (3 days ago)
Man like a me e when u don't do everything not claiming to be a day late that's crazy
αlσ guccí (3 days ago)
March 2019❤️? Anyone??? Who just Loves this song!!!
αlσ guccí (3 days ago)
John Phil Galido (3 days ago)
I need you now Errrrr You don't need me no more
Have to admit this is an incredible song 👌
adam watts (4 days ago)
This song will make you miss your girlfriend or boyfriend
Grace Jordan (4 days ago)
James Baac (4 days ago)
Nice 😘😘
Lailatul Qadrina (4 days ago)
someone once told me "sayang... kalau rindu saya dengarla laguni".... but now???? he's gone... he left me. sayanggg if u found this comment just wanted to say "take care "
Sidiany Mellissa (4 days ago)
2019, lembranças 2010
I'm Marcos (4 days ago)
My favorite part 3:10
EJ (4 days ago)
This song SUCKS
roby gabriel (4 days ago)
2019 ???
MarkoRollo (4 days ago)
"for me it happens all the time" like, just every single friggin day, that's all.....
M.A. Braziunaite (4 days ago)
I need you now!!!
Vampy Bit Me (4 days ago)
The guy sings better than the woman,he needs to go solo
Paloma Sapeka (4 days ago)
Brasil 15 de março de 2019
Sylpin (4 days ago)
Really feel that kinda haaaarrrrrrrddd feeling of missing someone right noowww. I canttt😭😭😭😭😭
Eric Dannemiller (3 days ago)
This song makes me feel I need a girlfriend. Sad
Sensei Juan (4 days ago)
Consider yourself lucky to have found someone that you miss after they are gone.
Subscriber 101 (4 days ago)
1000 BC anyone???
Blue (4 days ago)
As a kid, this was just a good song to listen to. Now, its a good song to listen to and I feel the meaning of it all too damn well.
DokWis (5 days ago)
im watching in march 15 2019. please like, i hope i can see my coment in next couple years again.
Vonna Verra (2 days ago)
14 march was my birthday. just saying
Rohan Suresh (3 days ago)
Kristi Mcdaniel (3 days ago)
Just a day later... Still watching! 😊
Eric Schaefer (3 days ago)
Agreed! Absolutely love this song!
Nathaniel Evans (5 days ago)
Aaaaaaa its "IT" ohh nevermind
Juan Valencia (5 days ago)
Every time I watch this video. I always think about my beautiful ex-wife. That I truly love and I will always love to the day I die.
Jessica Luna (2 days ago)
Ur welcome
Juan Valencia (2 days ago)
+Jessica Luna Jessica honestly I had a great wife and a great family. But all I got to say is I let my beautiful ex-wife down and my family. I know you're saying it's time to move on. I can't move on and if I could I probably wouldn't anyways. I honestly love her so much I think about her and I cry when I do think about her. I know she's probably happy and I truly wish the best for her and my stepdaughters. But thank you Jessica for taking your time on me. 😔
Jessica Luna (2 days ago)
Juan you got to start your life over too. If I don't mind me asking why did y'all divorce anyways
Juan Valencia (3 days ago)
+Simon YeoThank you so much.
Juan Valencia (3 days ago)
I'll tell you this. It sucks. I've been divorced since 2013 and I still can't get over her. I still wear my wedding ring till this day and she already moved on with her life.
Miss Joanne Moore (5 days ago)
I love this song and Lady Antebellum
Shawn Brown (5 days ago)
This song hits home for myself i think of kelinda instantly when plays and reminds me of how much i truly love her and want her
M Trailers (5 days ago)
2019 Please give me a sign you were here???????Anyone
Glenn Hill (5 days ago)
LOve this song learning it on piano, she has got agreat vioce.
Sudakarn Sriwongrak (5 days ago)
.everything for you and everyday for you... My future for you... But where you are... I need you now
Regina Ruby Mirambel (5 days ago)
Winter (5 days ago)
Love the song
Mitch less (6 days ago)
I need you right now! :🤗
Daniiloo (6 days ago)
beautful, Music Wonder...
Toby Love (6 days ago)
Who else is in the feels???
eamon cunningham (6 days ago)
I love you bing bong xxx

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