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Teen Records Fatal Drunk Driving Crash As It Happens Video

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Desaleen James shares the story and video of the drunk driving crash that killed her friends.
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zo Green (9 hours ago)
No tears!? WTF...she is a fucking clown. Stupid ass kids. They said we driving drunk and if we die tonight, we know what we doing....Fucking stupid asses.
shadesofpink (15 hours ago)
“We ahhhhgonized over wether to show it” GTF! 😂😂
stitchybob (16 hours ago)
Lol 'if we die tonight..'
Michelle Green (1 day ago)
I've been in her shoes and yes it's hard
rrp925 (2 days ago)
So sad.
Knarf Feob (2 days ago)
Why she is smiling ? Maybe braindamage frome car- crash or els she is a psychopath.,
Jason (2 days ago)
I wish I could stop drinking .....
Orions Belt (3 days ago)
She is just as at fault as the driver mates don't let mates drink and drive!!!
Silver King (3 days ago)
Drunk and 90mph on a 40mph road. Who paid the fine. Somehow I'm happy. I'm just happy they didn't kill innocent bystander or driver.
NC redbird (3 days ago)
The silence was the worst part to hear. I'm all for having fun but in a car or driving drunk is a stupid choice. Can't take back some mistakes. Sad lives were lost
victoria noble (3 days ago)
Why she look so smug and giggly all the time
matt gra (3 days ago)
If you drink and drive this is exactly what you deserve!! Karma is a bitch 😂😂
VAL. Loves (4 days ago)
Of course she ain't Because now she can become famous.😐
Marissa Jones (4 days ago)
Alcohol is a depressant not a superhero drink.. if people are really grass that don't understand why alcohol is just bad. Even one glass of wine you should stay home. Or catch a Uber
Kay Rene'e (4 days ago)
even tho it's sad to relive this moment, it also brings awareness. its REAL. something people need to see and hear because a lot of ppl think they're invincible. this was gut wrenching :(
Rick Steigers (4 days ago)
94mph in a 40mph zone. Sounds like suicide to me. Jesus is possibly with you now, though I doubt it. Arrogant idiots that could have killed an innocent person that Jesus would not have saved.
Septia Woman (4 days ago)
Unfortunately, many are NOT going to heed this message. SOME individuals REALLY think that they are invincible. RIP to the victims.
The Menagerie K (4 days ago)
This is too hard to watch. I'm out.
Hope Gaylord (4 days ago)
My best friend was 19 her brother 10, a drunk driver hit her car head on, killed my best friend on the scene she died in her mom's arms and her last words were " I love you Mommy" her brother died a couple days later in the hospital. The man who killed them was charged with 2 counts of murder not vehicler manslaughter.
Anijah Taylor (5 days ago)
That's so sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Skippy (5 days ago)
They all knew what they where doing and no innocent people got hurt so I have zero sympathy for any of them. And that girl that lived trying to lecture everyone needs to shut the hell up. She was just as guilty as the other two but happened to live.
chanel chenet (5 days ago)
The driver was one of my good friends and preteens ... I don’t even know how I came across this I haven’t looked at this since our other childhood friend told me the news... RIP Jenice
Tara Theus (5 days ago)
I remember the episode on Dr. Phil anout the accident and yes she's hurting but she still was drinking and partying at that time. Hopefully she will be in her right State of mind to not let someone drunk get behind the wheel or bring a designated driver.
Danan Mckie (5 days ago)
Drink driving kills also reckless driving and speeding so please please think of others before you do anything that could kill you or your friends.
Mrs Cooks (5 days ago)
SHE is upset with other teens that drink and drive??? Wtf??? What about all of us out here that were upset with teens that drink and drive looong BEFORE her lil fast ass jumped in the car with a bunch of drunk friends n thought it was CUTE?? They coulda kept that statement...n her lil smirks make me wanna smack the taste outta her mouth.
Pat Long (5 days ago)
Alcohol deaths are far more prevalent than assault rifle attacks in the US. Over 10 per day 365.........
Tori Bonds (6 days ago)
We driving drunk wow
Michael Grey (6 days ago)
we really didnt want to show the video.... shows video and everything is dark.
Angelina Carraway35 (6 days ago)
Me: “was the $40 worth it” Club Bouncer: “huh” Me: “you took the lives of 3 young women n emotionally scared a 4th” Club Bouncer: “no I didn’t” Me: “you accepted $10 from 4 girls in exchange for not putting an X on their hands so they could pass as 21 n drink alcohol” Club Bouncer: “I dnt know what ur talking about” Me: “instead of marking an X on their hands you marked 3 headstones” Club Bouncer:.............. Me: “you should b in prison for 3 counts of murder”
Cassandra Robins (6 days ago)
This may sound terrible, but why do drunk drivers drive SO DAMN FAST?! Like, if you're dumbass is drunk what makes you think you can drive and function normally at high speed??? So stupid. Yes, I know you shouldn't drive at ALL if your drunk, but you know idiots will STILL DO IT REGARDLESS. Smh.
Michael Grey (6 days ago)
Berenice Rosales (6 days ago)
May They Rest In Peace!
Kevin (7 days ago)
Zero sympathy. By the way ... 9 minutes later? Damn. Image if this was a shooting.... Cops are there after the fact. At least eventually they will show up
BEERA GONE WHERE (7 days ago)
She agonized weather to show it on tv BITCH PLEASE all you cared about was the ratings SCUM your all vermin.
cucharlie2006 (7 days ago)
Ignorant... even when I was tipsy I would not get in a car with a drunk.. Drunk people kill.. and the girl that survived this, looks like careless.. I would be crying... just weird.. weird...
Ivan bita (7 days ago)
Call a cab or take the bus if you are drunk or plan to drink.
Andrew Jurkiewicz (7 days ago)
Muricans..Nuff Said.
Mal Tal (7 days ago)
Why is she smiling ? She thinks she’s lucky maybe but she’s actually lucky she didn’t kill any innocent people.
Courtney Davis (7 days ago)
I'm not mad with her only dummies are she wasn't even the driver
Lala Lee (8 days ago)
Drink and drive.... you get what you get. Thank God that bitch driving didn't kill any innocent person. They got what they deserved. She deserves to live every day in hell. NO EXCUSE!!!!
Diamond The god (8 days ago)
This had to be gang related why throw up gang signs after ur friends dealth seems to me this was a sacarfice u let her drive drunk u didnt even sound drunk when they did crash how funny
Holly Lanagan (8 days ago)
What made them think they were immune?
Lovette Luvz (9 days ago)
Im not the same same ....a drunk driver killed my best friend too 3 weeks ago and the pain is unexplainable......IM SO CAUTIOUS I WATCH OUT AT INTERSECTIONS NOW scared i might get hit
Victoria J**** (9 days ago)
I'm sorry that that happened, but all three of them are idiots because you don't drink and drive all different race of people do that and they don't make it
may w (9 days ago)
I'm sorry for your loss sweetheart but she knew she wasn't suppose to be behind that wheel driving 90 miles an hour....I'm sorry but karma
SpoiledCurlyGurl (9 days ago)
Was hit by a drunk driver in the afternoon just sitting at a light. Just picked my oldest up from school and had all five of my kids in the van. Idiot looked like he just got off work from a construction job but was already sloppy drunk. Took a turn too fast and flew across the lanes and slammed into my driver side which is also where my 6 month old was in her car seat behind me. I'm so thankful all of us were fine but i jumped out that van and ran back there to beat the life out of that idiot. My son had grab me and hold me back while I kicked and cursed at him. I was 5 minutes from my house and my husband literally ran down there when I called him. He could have lost his entire family in that one moment. Drinking and driving can destroy people's lives.
Mario (9 days ago)
Maybe I am overthinking this, but what is up with her strange smirking during the interview....? 😧😩
If you decide to drink and drive or let somone get behind the wheel drunk you deserve what ever happens.
Dope Man (9 days ago)
Stupid ass bitches
GodzillaVr38 peou (9 days ago)
Stupid orangutan
God bless, what a horrible thing to experience. I guess I could say I learned the easy way. 20 years ago I was a young man without a care in the world, never thinking about consequences. What then I started driving a wrecker. I operated that truck about 5 years. The things I saw in that time involving drinking and driving I could never explain in detail. I just never realized exactly what could happen until I started seeing it first hand on a regular basis. I have not gottenbehind the wheel after drinking in many many years and I never will. I saw a lot of horrible disgusting things!! Be safe out there friends
Steve Hernandez (10 days ago)
Driving drunk and crashing is not one in a million I don't know where this idiot is getting her statistics.
JINSTERPEACE (10 days ago)
JINSTERPEACE (10 days ago)
ventibella74 (11 days ago)
Choose not to drink That dumb... who said to go to your car should be held accountable he could have stopped them
Carrie (11 days ago)
Fucking idiots
Dee Major (11 days ago)
Why she smiling
Dill Rogerz (11 days ago)
Darwin Awards. The one that survived sounds like a retard, too.
Nunya Bizness (11 days ago)
She has no right to be mad at others for doing what she did.
Michelle Sponable (11 days ago)
Why she smiling and shit?!?
bxgal347 (11 days ago)
This won’t teach much ppl, they will still b driving drunk!!!! It’s terrible but it’s the truth!!
xnyr21 on ps4 (11 days ago)
Drunk? 92 in a 45? I'm glad they're dead.
sambozauk (11 days ago)
More lives wasted. Just like that gone. How would you cope with losing a relative like that?, especially a close relative. I do not know how I would cope, but I do not think it would be good.
T- ROSS (11 days ago)
im not even being funny ,i dont believe this bullshit ... the girl is sitting there smiling ..?? the fuck she dosent care clearly
Hungry Basset (12 days ago)
94 mph is for the race track.
James Faison (12 days ago)
They got what they deserved. The driver drove drunk and the friends allowed her to drive and GOT IN THE CAR WITH HER! I have ZERO sympathy. I'm just glad no innocent people were killed due to their stupidity.
Bryant Fogle (12 days ago)
I remember That shit so sad. My ex work right where they crashed at. Shit was fucked up
Jeff Baker (12 days ago)
Very 😢. I heard someone yelling "we're driven drunk" that should of been the time that someone said "stop the car", but instead the end result happened. DON'T DRINK & DRIVE, YOU'RE not only putting your life out there, you are putting other life's on the line with you.
qwalls22 (12 days ago)
I drank once then pulled over and slept .... bc I knew it had snuck up on me quick .... I was not gonna hurt me or anyone else
Lester Mangan (12 days ago)
She loves the attention look at her smile I dont know she not no bad
James C (12 days ago)
Yet weed still remains illegal most places but alcohol is perfectly fine to sell by the government.
Paul Legendre (12 days ago)
"I can't cry anymore "with a big smirk on her face, weird
Love Jones (13 days ago)
No headstone??
Noturmomma (13 days ago)
Her smiling has to be a coping mechanism.
Frances Dumaliang (13 days ago)
Sadly, yes, it could have been avoided; “to err is human”- I still pray that they are in God’s love for eternity...we all deserve that, regardless❤️🙏.
comrade pudding pants (13 days ago)
we need emergency services now ! ... NO FUCK YOU ya'll want to drink and drive there are more important things for us to to do !!!!
Prince Lii (13 days ago)
//she smiling the whole interview wtf
thomas stratford (13 days ago)
Low IQ Darwin wins!
Ghetto Rose (13 days ago)
Little girl what the fuck is you smiling for you just watched your friends die & you smiling o wow o wow show you take life for a joke
AnthonyOnTheGo (13 days ago)
is the survivor making a, "W" sign with her hand on 3:52?
Jessica Davis (13 days ago)
Dumb asses. Who smiles when talking about your friends being killed??
Travis Hunt (13 days ago)
Why tf is she smiling telling the story
TheGreatLegend007 (13 days ago)
They cause their own death by drinking and driving lucky they didn’t kill any innocent people
The world is a better place without you in it, you stupid, wreckless cunt!
Iced Earth (14 days ago)
Drunk Driving is a choice. You get what you get when you roll those dice.
tr20 (14 days ago)
I’m glad they are dead. There is nothing worse than someone who puts innocent lives in danger for their own thrills.
Clay Pollock (14 days ago)
What the fuck. Fuck the people that put this on the news. Really, the young girl that recorded it urged you to play it? Fucking idiots.
Clay Pollock (14 days ago)
Her friends are dead. She is happy she is on the news. Glad she got all the attention.
Peter Richardson (14 days ago)
your one says she cant cry anymore but she can laugh and smile fucking bitch doesnt care at all about her dead friends
Dave Pawson (14 days ago)
I've slept in my car a few times way before cell phones and Uber. I've also got in fights with drunks trying to drive only to get thanked the next day. I totally missed the hero part here. A hero gets a bloody nose while throwing the keys into the bushes or locking them in the car.
Tom Branner (15 days ago)
I feel insanely fortunate and lucky that I never did damage when I drove drunk numerous times. I give credit to my anxiety disorder for forcing me to stay alert. I did it every weekend for 10 months. I very much regret ever doing it. I urge everyone to NEVER do it. I’m so lucky I never killed or hurt anyone or myself.
Rosemary Gutshall (15 days ago)
She should have been charged with involuntary man slaughter...she was involved as a passenger...drunk and condoned her friends actions.
John Turner (15 days ago)
I didn't see any blood and guts, I want my money back :)
Latexrex (16 days ago)
They dindu nothin, cars fault.
Jess D (16 days ago)
FAR from 1 in a million. Car accident is the leading cause of death for teenagers.
Dug M (16 days ago)
play stupid games win stupid prizes..... no empathy here.... my best friend was killed by a drunk driving mexican. Fuck these people, im just glad they killed themself and not someone else.
seasnake (16 days ago)
are they going to pay for the property damage?
Anyone else notice the smirk. SMDH.
Al Moen (16 days ago)
This is going to piss a lot of people off you can be a drunk as you want you just got to pay attention to what the fuck you're doing..I drive drunk and I drive high every fucking day look at my record not one ticket not one speeding ticket not one moving violation not one fucking accident..I get more distracted changing the damn radio station because I got to take my eyes off of the road.....you can be as high and as drunk as you want you just got to pay attention it's not that fucking hard
Dragon Song (16 days ago)
2:39 kinda mentions she knew what was coming. I don't drive , I quit drinking 17 years ago and have NEVER gotten into a vehicle with a drunk driver. Life is short , so don't shorten it by doing something you regret or stupid. This young lady watched her friends die, something she's regretting now.
Jacobie Brown (17 days ago)
They shouldn’t have been fuckin drinking smh
Raven Owens (17 days ago)
Did she have a shit eating grin on her face or was it just me? It hasn’t even been long enough for any grass to grow on the dirt but she can’t cry anymore? She sure can smile.

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