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Teen Records Fatal Drunk Driving Crash As It Happens Video

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Desaleen James shares the story and video of the drunk driving crash that killed her friends.
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Blessed Indeed! (6 hours ago)
Wow 😮
Danielle m (1 day ago)
at least they didn't kill any innocent people
Terlor Skitch (1 day ago)
Her own fault ( the driver)& Thank God that another innocent person or family wasnt killed! Desaleen seems like shes enjoying the attention! The way shes behaving doesn't match what shes saying but maybe nerves! Hopefully she realizes shes still here to do something positive but I think shes to young to realize that this means forever and wait till it really hits her when shes mature and with children of her own!
Knight Ryder (2 days ago)
Your emotional pain you caused yourself. The video shows what bunch of careless bitches y’all were.. didn’t think twice about other people on the road. Fuck off!! The survivor is a fake ass!!
Brian Schiffer (3 days ago)
Should have called an uber Spend a few bucks save lives
K Dawg (3 days ago)
It's amazing how shit talking come to reality, They said if we die tonight we know where we going🤔
slm 2 (3 days ago)
Why does she seem so light hearted and smiling she looks stupid
Denise Michelle (3 days ago)
Heartbreaking that they died. Unfortunately I feel like drunk driving will never stop. But we need to keep stressing that this needs to stop. I'm glad they didn't hurt anybody else. I'm sober going on 9 years in a couple weeks. I wouldnt be here today if I hadn't stopped when I did.
badass wood (4 days ago)
it doesnt matter how many stories we hear, how many laws they change, or how many fatalities there are, it keeps happening, people think theyre fine drinking and driving.its never going to change.
Wolfdragon90 (4 days ago)
People who are drunk drivers and kill people should survive because they will be tormented by the lives they’ve have taken by their hands until they beg on knees. Basically mental torture so they can understand how bad death really is.
Ka eL (4 days ago)
Girl sadly, this isn't one in a million. Closer to one in a few hundred(out of all deaths statistically). And that's the mistake. People drink and drive because they think it won't happen to them. But it will. It will it will it will.
William Maklaren (4 days ago)
Ultreïa Sherpa (5 days ago)
now blaming it on the guy who sold them alcohol...wtf
T-nice Titusdaplayer (5 days ago)
Not going to lie I’d be smirking too probably cause I’m just a dark person or maybe cause I cheated death 😈
Marc_itreviewed (6 days ago)
Time to chill on the drinking and driving I almost crashed the other night but Jesus literally took the wheel and I woke up home, thank you god.
Aaron Obryan (6 days ago)
The survivor was on Dr. Phil and sadly admitted she still parties and drink to excess...Youth breeds stupidity..I get it..but loosing your friends should wake you up to the obvious reality...I hope the young lady that survived uses her life in a more positive way in time
Jason Sprague (7 days ago)
0 sympathy...they got what they deserved..3 less jungle bunnies we gotta worry about..too bad 1 of the she-boons survived...thank god they didn't hurt or kill any white people!
Barbara Zais (7 days ago)
Still to this day this shit is so sad man young living their life and made a terrible choice man
kinsey bruno (7 days ago)
She said one in a million I think that was a poor choice of words at the very least..
Christine Collins (7 days ago)
I was hit by a drunk driver I just thank God I was in a truck or it would have been much worse!
Christine Collins (7 days ago)
Terrible thing but what she is doing is very commendable
Timothy Bugg (7 days ago)
Extremely sad 😢
Abby Lane (7 days ago)
Yeah I'm sure the reporters really "agonized" on whether to show the video or not <imagine biggest eye roll ever>
ladybug parsut (7 days ago)
people don't realize how much power you have to speak watch how you choose ur word the Bible tells us clearly life and death is in the power of ur tongue sad but true
marky mark (8 days ago)
Young ppl need to see clips and videos of what a mess a bad accident looks like ...Body parts, blood ..the reality of speeding and being intoxicated
Kenny Lee (8 days ago)
Prometheus Alpha (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but i find it hard to take her dumb ass seriously. That is what happened to morons who drive drunk. You end up dead. Guess the only survivor hopefully learned her lesson.
Montica Rawls (9 days ago)
Oh Lord!! She’s a Blessing to be alive
ThePParadigm (10 days ago)
Agonized to show us a video of a black screen. This young person hasn't learned all that much. Most kids never really learn anything these days -it's part of their stupid lifestyle. She has a metal post stuck in her face - great way to get an infection. If America wasn't so censored perhaps the reality of these disasters would set more of our kids (and stupid adults) straight.
Katie Tavakoli (10 days ago)
It's not one in a million. I wish it was. :(
WolfhoundWife (11 days ago)
That girl did not learn her lesson, she is smirking through out the interview. Glad no innocent bystanders were hurt or killed by these idiots.
Funky Monkey (11 days ago)
It’s sad that they made the decision to endanger other innocent people while making the stupid decision to drive while under the influence.. I feel bad for the families of these three girls including the one that survived.
Salvador Romero (12 days ago)
art ashmore (12 days ago)
What makes people think its a good idea to drive drunk!? Or even ride with someone drunk!? Or even let their friends drive drunk!? And to brag about it like you're cool...?... Smh bet she don't feel too cool right now.
Katrinna J (12 days ago)
I mean.... they made the STUPID decision to drive drunk. Dumbasses gonna die.
Sean Schultz (12 days ago)
don't hang out with low IQs
Gypsy Jena (12 days ago)
She never cried once, has a smirk on her face entire interview..wrong one lived
katy donawether (12 days ago)
blacks drive in america did the escape from the zoo 😅
Jason McDermott (12 days ago)
"If we die tonight we know where we goin'." Yeah, the morgue stupid.
Michael Gorden (13 days ago)
Not to sound cold at all but wtf were they thinking? Like one of em said they know where they're going. The morgue.
Chavely Ruiz (13 days ago)
Shes stupid she should have thought about that when she was recording sayn if we die we dadadadada dumb ass young gitts!
Leah Davis (13 days ago)
My uncle was killed by a drunk driver. The man was so drunk and high that he didn’t even realize he hit my uncles truck and kept driving. My uncle was crushed to death by the steering wheel/engine my cousin and her mom were in the car as well. My cousin broke both her thigh bones and was in a coma and her mom had ruptured organs.
aembusiness (14 days ago)
So proud you’re living on to celebrate the memory of your friends and to warn some youngsters of the dangers of drinking and driving ❤️💜
belinda dice (14 days ago)
This is why I make it a point to tell my friends and family if they plan to drink I can and always be a dd and even if it’s 3am and they tell me the night that I’m heading out with friends I say be safe if u and ur friends drink don’t drink call me I’ll be there
Monica Ortiz (14 days ago)
Tobyv World (15 days ago)
This is so sad , the fact they thought it was cool
Amy Blessing (16 days ago)
At least the survivor learned a lesson and is using her mistake to educate others. They all got exactly what they were begging for
Lillymay Parker (16 days ago)
Who feels sorry for these dumb dumbs??? I sure the hell don't, they were under 21, at a party drinking and doing sh!t they shouldn't of been doing. So nope, I don't feel sorry one damn bit.
Mister Bludevil (17 days ago)
Sad. . Don't Drink and Drive. Rest in peace.
keep your head up
1 SuperC (18 days ago)
Please do not Drive Drunk..
Brenda ROBINSON (19 days ago)
She Don’t care I bet she still Drinking
Paige Paige (20 days ago)
Why does it look like she’s smirking the whole time? And bragging? Like she’s so excited to be on TV and gain fame from this tragedy?
Brittany Howell (20 days ago)
A patch of dirt!!!😤 rip smh
Niki Becher (20 days ago)
And sitting there smiling. Dumb bitch
Ange Smith (20 days ago)
Don't drink and drive folks. Don't take risks!
Snowcat Cobbs (21 days ago)
Well I hope they knew where they're going cause being stupid they're dead....
Redbird (21 days ago)
That little smirk as she's talking. Did she really learn her lesson? Did she?! You honestly have to have an incredibly low IQ to not be able to hypothesize that speed and alcohol don't mix. Why do idiots have to wait until something bad happens before they realize that's not such a hot idea? I can't have sympathy for any of them. It is in these types of wrecks that _countless_ innocent law-abiding victims minding their own business lose their lives; due to the incompetence of idiots that decide cars are like toys. They are always under a chimera of delusion they have full autonomy over the car. Blockheads, car controls you!
James Percell (22 days ago)
Beautiful girl
meika2020 (22 days ago)
What's the difference in texting and driving? I'm reading the comments everyone saying this was a stupid act but isn't any distracted driving think about it!
X -tina (22 days ago)
Why is she smiling like this is a game to her...
Lisa Adams (22 days ago)
I'm sorry. "You never think this is going to happen to you?" I mean I'm sorry for her, but, "it's just one in a million, I guess." No dude, driving drunk at 90 mph is probably one in 10.
BornDead61 (23 days ago)
Damn yall playing snuff films now?
Fugget Aboutit (23 days ago)
We've all been guilty. Thank u God for covering me. I'll never do it again
badass wood (4 days ago)
we havent all be guilty, thats about as dumb a theory as saying weve all tried heroin, crack, or meth. we arent all mindless idiots, when we drank too much, believe it or not, theres a few of us out there, even piss drunk, we have the good sense to lock up the car, and walk home, or steal some ones bicycle. enjoy the nite air, avoid laying down too soon, for fear of the spinns...
Cole Turner (23 days ago)
Glad they were the only ones killed & no bystanders were injured. Otherwise that is the perfect example of Darwinism. Play stupid games win stupid prizes Oh well
Ben Youssef Kenzeddine (24 days ago)
Yeah the fault is someone helping you getting alcohol right.......going *90 mph* at night where the limit is 40 mph is just a mere coincidence lol 😆 stfu please
Jleed989 (24 days ago)
Isn’t the club legally liable?
Brandy Mundy (24 days ago)
You drink you drive and you die. That's been taught all over but people don't listen. In my car it doesn't move unless we are buckled in. It's difficult enough being sober let alone drunk.
kitty mom (25 days ago)
"We driving drunk he he" how fucking stupid. Teenagers just don't get it.. they really dont... Makes me sick. So many teens think they are invincible... i was one of them. I thought I was a bad ass.. I cheated death many times. But I was given more chances. These kids don't get more chances. Absolutely gorgeous young ladies. What a waste.
NGE LLC (25 days ago)
I wonder where they went, I hope their souls are at peace and they felt no pain
Wookie32812 (25 days ago)
It's not 1 in million, sad.
Josue Romero (25 days ago)
Trade her sisters life?
Johnna Medina (26 days ago)
Rip 😇😇
Gus Goose (26 days ago)
I'm just glad no innocents died. Drunk drivers disgust me.
flyback 2me (26 days ago)
Sucks, man...
J (27 days ago)
No great loss...
Pat Uskert (27 days ago)
Sippin' on gin and juice. Natural selection at work.
Ali Payne (28 days ago)
I have a family of my own now . If ur not able to focus 100 % on the dam road u shouldn't drive or let someone unable to drive go fn driving !
Chocolate Cake (28 days ago)
How you here to save someone elses life driving and allowing your friends to drive drunk? Anything to get attention or get on the News.
elpalmarnezayork (29 days ago)
Luckily no inocente people died!! 😇
Regean Rochefort (29 days ago)
Obviously they weren't at a club look at the tables and glasses ..That was as event of some sort at a hall that served alcohol ..No club i mean no club dances and serves booze with the lights on like that lmao!! I call bullshit on the club aspect.... somebody knows where they really were b4 that tragic scene and you and those same people should feel responsible for not taking there keys and letting them drive but you were to worried about getting to the club to get your dance on
Enzera Bowenzu (29 days ago)
Alcohol does absolutely nothing good for human beings. Idgaf. I will never drink excessively (if at all) because I've learned from so many around me, it's not worth it. Temporary drunkenness is not worth your life or the prolonged suffering of those around you.
Akix (29 days ago)
Dumbasses..could've killed other innocent ppl
Timothy Walters (29 days ago)
Two of my brothers were killed by drunk drivers , these girls were sober enough to realize they were drunk . The phrase should be DEATH DRIVERS !
tina A (30 days ago)
The smiles on her face is disturbing
Tara Gallardo (30 days ago)
epapa217 (30 days ago)
Alcohol causes all this trauma.....yet it is still legal. Smfh
BruceWaynes Girl (28 days ago)
No irresponsible people cause trauma
amanda (1 month ago)
I dont care these brats died they couldve killed an innocent person
Mister Garfield (1 month ago)
"I dunno... maybe I is here to .... save somebody else" Nope sorry monkey, that isn't how life works. You are the last fucking person that a deity would choose as an agent.
trần khoa (1 month ago)
Nobody fucking care about you guys , stupid drunk and drive
Brittany Smoke (1 month ago)
Takes a picture throwing up WS. All your friends just died your so cool.
Tyler C (1 month ago)
Hasnt changed her life if shes thrown gang signs up layed up in hospital bed then shes like prayed to go wow
JenJenSweetness (1 month ago)
Its one thing driving drunk but its another to go flying full speed knowing thwyre impaired
Queen Solo (1 month ago)
What a fucking idiot. If you loved them, you would've gotten them and your ugly ass in an Uber.
88400873 (1 month ago)
Talking with a dam smile and smerk on her face SMH fucking roach!
6ft2 Yamaha (1 month ago)
As a emergency medical technician. You never get used to seeing such young kids playing Russian roulette behind the wheel by drinking and driving.. Hold your children , tell them you love them, and tell them to call their parents for a ride home. Parents please don’t post judgement on them till morning when they are sober and can have a meaningful conversation with you. Cars are replaceable, your kids lives are not. Much respect to ya all😊
just me (1 month ago)
Agree 100%!
Vee Henry (1 month ago)
They had no business driving drunk at all but I sure hope the man at the door of that club who let them give him $10 to not stamp the “X” on their hands so that they could drink underage has learned his lesson.
DripGxd_Cam (22 days ago)
Drinking ain’t cool or fun it just brings mistakes, regret, hangovers, confusion and pointless avoidable deaths
AboveFirstClass com (1 month ago)
This story deserves an Emmy. So much to be learned in less than 6 minutes.

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