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Sony Picture's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Torture Scene - Daniel Craig, Stellan Skarsgård

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Song that appears is Enya - Orinico Flow Actors Daniel Craig Stellan Skarsgård Plastic Bag Don't watch if you get frightened easily
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Ken2234 (5 days ago)
sucks when Sony owns your music and puts it to a torture scene huh enya? I'm sure you loved that one.
Professor Lambeau was never the same after Will went to California.
ATB Meme's (21 days ago)
Why is bootstrap bill torturing james bond?
BrosepherStoned (29 days ago)
Useless Fuckin Detective
nishandran nishan (1 month ago)
hahaha every villians want some of them double o's
Psycho Metal Kid (1 month ago)
It’s the simplest thing, to cause more pain than a man could possibly endure!
sitalakshmi subramoney (1 month ago)
Actually what kind of tort ure is this???
shawn mendrek (2 months ago)
The book was awesome
DieHardAlien (3 months ago)
Ladies and gentlemen...Baron Vladimir Harkonnen!
Mattias Lundin (3 months ago)
Had to look him up playing an evil character to envision him as the Baron and I think he'll do great, as a swedish person I can't get over the small swedish accent nuances though haha
Chiara Lupi (3 months ago)
"Plastic bag"...loved that description 😂
Vicky 12 (4 months ago)
He seriously cleaned his hands with disinfection gel first?! Well, that's the essence of creepiness!🙊
Whisper Riot561 (4 months ago)
The first time I watched this movie I remember thinking "I'll never think of Enya the same way ever again."
For those who say that it has not become torture, I must say that torture is not something exclusively physical: A human being enervated, humiliated, reduced in such a way and with the certainty that he will suffer extremely and die irremediably at the hands of someone who is unable to show mercy generates a lot of anxiety, fear, anguish and despair, aside, you can not flee or fight, just wait ... all animals suffer stress and pain in such a situation but human beings have a vision of future, of transcendence and consciousness about life and death we can suffer on a more emotional plane when you know with certainty that your existence will be over in less than an hour.
Masculine Buddha (5 months ago)
Hollywood seems to enjoy torturing Daniel Craig for some reason ("Casino Royale" is another example).
Sinyail (5 months ago)
This scene is disturbing lol
Justin Lin (5 months ago)
Reminds me off mad ( evil hand sanitizer vid)
Justin Lin (5 months ago)
0:41Purell https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzu9r3x2lls 😏
Justin Lin (5 months ago)
Why do evil villains always clean their hands with purell
Ansh Patel (5 months ago)
Sail away sail away sail away.
porkakoo (6 months ago)
Lol in the description it names who’s in the movie scene but it also says “plastic bag” as if it were an actor too lol.
Gabriel Hipperson (6 months ago)
I mean this is good, but the book does this so much better, you literally can't breathe
anca creanga (6 months ago)
asfdghfdfhafhsg omg i live the creator Actors: Daniel Craig Stellan PLASTIC BAG
James Cunningham (6 months ago)
that swing of hers... swingin' for the fences..ouch!!!
Geoff Shaw (6 months ago)
I love it when the victim is rescued in a timely fashion,often with injury to the villain.However,these dirty,abandoned warehouses with clinical white tiles are starting to make me nervous, since SAW.
Stan Peterson (7 months ago)
Didn't understand why he ddin't just shoot them both his gun
Drew Fleming (7 months ago)
It's brilliant how while finding out that Martin is a sickening psyocpath, we also find out that the mystery of what happened to Harriet has yet to be figured out.
Drew Fleming (7 months ago)
Skarsgard is incredible here
Drew Fleming (7 months ago)
One of the most underrated scenes of the last 20 years. In one of the most underrated movies. The instinct but is so good. On the money.
Chris Grubic (7 months ago)
Does Daniel Craig have it in his contract that he must be tortured in his movies?
Niklas Lundqvist (7 months ago)
scaarsgard is a great actor
super famous (7 months ago)
the sfx of the teeth hitting the tile floor is the icing on the cake of this great scene
v_skankles 2898 (8 months ago)
Can’t help but think of Bill from Mamma Mia
Vorath (9 months ago)
4:39 - 'Fore!'
Anipal 73 (9 months ago)
I can think of a few people that would look good hanging in my basement like that. And I'd make it last for a long, long time too. Mmmmm finger licking good
Mike M (9 months ago)
I'm pretty sure Daniel Craig has the record for getting tortured the most in his movies.
Patrick Chole (10 months ago)
This stupid song creeps me out to this day.
FromTheShadow7 (10 months ago)
Is a sacrilege to put this pure and beautiful song as background of a horrific scene.
dbag16 (10 months ago)
exactly. if you read the book or watched the movie you'd understand how horrific the themes are and how this clip is completely in line.
FromTheShadow7 (10 months ago)
one sick point, like throwing mud to a beautiful painting and liking it.
Don Bagwell (10 months ago)
that is one of the points.
mrlokalist (10 months ago)
So Dr. Selvig tortured 007 when he wasnt on camera in thor?
crimsonwolf911 (11 months ago)
fear of offending people is for the weak willed and spineless, if you have both spine and strong will, you won't care if you offend them, as long as what you're saying is the truth.
Michael Hoffmann (11 months ago)
he would atleast be unconcious after that golf club hit, thats the only thing that bothers me every time
Ian Scheinberg (11 months ago)
This movie rocked
'there's a gun, on the television.' It occurs to me now that that hit should have knocked him out cold for at least a minute or two.
Valentina (11 months ago)
Stop torturing Daniel!
davsny5 (11 months ago)
James Bond got bitchslapped and hanged by Gregor and Nancy Holbrook/Erica Albright saves the day with a golf club and a Sig Sauer P229, nicely done!
Stevie Wolfe (11 months ago)
I like how you can see a tooth fly out after the initial hit.
Joel Fernandes (11 months ago)
When you have to kill, kill ; don’t talk.
manduheavy vazquez (11 months ago)
Orinoco flow. Master piece. Greatness.
Mota Tube (11 months ago)
What’s the beef with Craig and danish actors?
Beppo85 (4 months ago)
Tiger Tickler Stellan Skarsgard is Swedish not Danish
Did you see what you did Will Hunting?? He believed in you and you let him down..
Surreal Wolf (11 months ago)
Is this a James Bond villain?
FalloutTactics (1 year ago)
fuck that would hurt getting whacked in the jaw like that
Brandon Matthew (1 year ago)
I find 3:48 hilarious.
Pussy PaTroll (1 year ago)
I would have loved to watch him pick him apart. Piece by piece. I love how he starts to prod with his fingers... exploring and calculating which part of the anatomy he will begin with. I just fucking love it.
TheAstrius (1 year ago)
Original was soo much better.
crv (1 year ago)
Although this movie was somewhat mediocre in comparison to the book, the acting was still pretty top notch.
BigErn_Mccraken (1 year ago)
Who knew professor Jared Lambo was such a sadistic son of a bitch.
Neal M (1 year ago)
I was surprised he didn't hit the gas button on his way out, but I guess after having his lower jaw spun around to the other side of his head, he wasn't exactly clear headed.
Frippertonics (1 year ago)
All that was missing was Lisbeth asking "May I kill him?"
matrix49A (1 year ago)
She should have said "Four" great shot though.
Paul Leonard (8 months ago)
Tiger, you beat me to it.
Mota Tube (11 months ago)
matrix49A it’s “fore”
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
makes me wonder how many new agers are actually passive /aggressive/
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
if dude isn't gay why is he listening to PURE MOODS VOL. 2 flol
Soy La Soñadora (11 months ago)
He isn't coz he don't listen to Justin Bieber
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
I say Lisbeth scored a double eagle
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
3:57 Daniel Craig transforms into The Prodigy - Jilted Generation album art
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
DJ Saint-Hubert (1 year ago)
furries like this are the worst, mostly wolf dudes
AnimeOST on Vinyl (1 year ago)
Imagine the pain of being struck to the jaw by a centrifugally prepelled hit from the tip of a golf club... a hunk of steel hitting your head at around 125 km/u...
I caught a backswing in the jaw when I was goofing around on the course with some friends as a kid. My jaw still isn't right.
Diane M. Patterson (1 year ago)
Stellar Skaarsgard rocks and Daniel Craig is so beautiful. Two of my favorite actors
R T (1 year ago)
why does Hollywood adore this kind of sado masochism and then turn around and pretend to be progressive, 'sensitive' and 'real'. Its silly and its predictable and its boring.
Neal M (1 year ago)
I totally agree. I liked this film, but it does strike me how a group of people always posturing as anti violence, war, etc. and trying to pretend to be enlightened ambassadors of light and love, always go out of their way to make violence and vengeance look so damn sexy and fun. (Did you see them all clamoring for the revenge porn "3 billboards during the award shows?...lol) Right down to playing Enya during the torture..
delnaja17 (1 year ago)
Oh God...the worst torture ever...Enya music...
Turk (1 year ago)
Must buy purrell hand sanitizer
Turk (1 year ago)
How come in movies when they do that, they never go for a 2nd or 3rd shot? If it were me, concuss him and bash away at the knees so he can`t attack me as i`m saving the other person....cliche to let them escape
Neal M (1 year ago)
Well, she did need to get that plastic bag off of his head in short order.
Charles Darwin (1 year ago)
Yeah, it's torture for the audience.
MrTruth111 (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice the bag is on and off ?? 4:41 ON, 4:43 OFF, 4:44 ON again? Strange that the editors did not notice this.
Zac L. (1 year ago)
i lost my fucking shit over rooney mara in this movie, i know she plays a fictional character but i totally fell for her
Dunecigar (1 year ago)
Craig's character was so completely worthless... and yet he still got pussy.
Word Unheard (1 year ago)
That's Pennywise's father who's doing the torturing. Is it any wonder why Pennywise grew up to be the way he is?
Salt Cube (1 year ago)
I love the fuzzy underarm harness that implies he doesnt want to cause any undue uncompfort.
Salt Cube (1 year ago)
Neal M yeah if nothing else it would probably be digging into your brachial arteries or doing something... Fuck they really thought this out.
Neal M (1 year ago)
Lol. I hadn't really considered the harness much until you made that joke. Then it just seemed so obvious it was so he wouldn't pass out or strangle and ruin the fun.
Salt Cube (1 year ago)
Neal M I made this post jokingly but hadn't considered circulation. I guess that was a consideration. Damn. Always a wakeup call when the serial killer outsmarts you.
Neal M (1 year ago)
He just didn't want him to strangle too quickly and ruin the "festivities" he so anticipated.
LetsNeverPlayAgain (1 year ago)
Sony picture's? With an apostrophe? Are you retarded?
WarlordRising (1 year ago)
"Before I murder you, a word from our sponsors, Purell."
Who's Your DoDo? (1 year ago)
"Purell, it smells GREAT!"
knights of NI (1 year ago)
The most eloquent psychopath I've ever seen in a movie. XD
knights of NI (1 year ago)
Besides Hannibal Lecter of course.
Jo Bckts (1 year ago)
Hollywood won’t let anyone SAY anything offensive. Yet give awards to Sickest movies. Guns. Drugs. Sex. Murder. Rape. All Hollywood staples.
Ryan G (1 year ago)
How many movies has Daniel Craig been tortured in?
baldy hardnut (1 year ago)
Bite into the bag??
Daniel (1 year ago)
Overwrought crap.
the green man (1 year ago)
Jake (1 year ago)
It's so cliche the neurotic hatred commie men have for their fathers.
bigearedmouse17 (1 year ago)
Why didn't he just use the Lazer in his watch to escape ?
+Jack K. Good point. Everyone tends to hold out hope that they will be able to talk themselves out. My point is that you *never* go with a killer/assailant to a 2nd location. Police will tell you it rarely ends well.
Jack K (1 year ago)
The Triggerati It was explained why by the killer, himself.
Why would you willingly walk into a known killer's 'lair'? I would have chucked that glass of bourbon and rushed him in the hallway. Better be shot at than dismembered.
TheKaneECO (1 year ago)
David conway (1 year ago)
It is fascinating that people who are into torture, mutilation what have you , are themselves intolerant of even minimal pain.
braapp (1 year ago)
S. Bakyhnh (1 year ago)
>Plastic Bag gets credited but not Rooney Mara.
Abdurrahman Saleh (1 year ago)
so...doctor selvig worked together with hydra to torture james bond?
esize (1 year ago)
PapaBl3 (1 year ago)
Sail away , sail away
Dominic Labriola (1 year ago)
"I never had a man in here before." lol his sudden bewilderment and choosing a new "tool" was hilarious
Jack K (1 year ago)
Dominic Labriola I watched this in theatres and my friend laughed out loud at that line.
MrTruth111 (1 year ago)
Yes, sometimes it is healthy and mature to reflect on the self:)
biesmusik (1 year ago)
This is good stuff
mrninninnin (1 year ago)
Fuck you
Blah blah blah blah blah....I’m a sick fuck with a boner......blah blah blah blah....
Anrcs Mxms (1 year ago)
Yeah, this flick is elegant in its darkness. Hard to watch but you can't look away.
royalpaininthearse11 (1 year ago)
"I've got a little itch...down there. Would you mind?"
Francis Condon (5 months ago)
It would of been a golf club instead of a rope.
Andrew Salerno (6 months ago)
Cory (1 year ago)
You're a funny man, Mr. Bond!

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