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The Naked Truth (ИСТИНА) Choreography Milena Sidorova 2001 - video archive

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ISTINA (The Naked Truth) ИСТИНА is a ballet with a story within, Milena Sidorova performed her own choreography in 2001 on the stage of National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine Ballet archives © Milena Sidorova, all rights reserved Music: Sting Milena Sidorova, who is well known for her Spider video or Spider Woman dance is a professional dancer, multiple award winner for both dance and her choreography, including the title 'The Person Of The Year' (Ukraine, 2001) and named 2012-2013 critic's choice "Outstanding Dancer" in Dance Europe magazine. This channel focuses on her choreography works, her dancing and artistic roles and projects. Her love for animals also has a place in her choreography and creative development. You can expect to see inspiring performances, crazy movements, and follow her art.
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David Mayorga (6 days ago)
Dr.Diva (12 days ago)
Istina je istina! Milena Sidorova odlično!! :)
Zvonimir Dulic (25 days ago)
Wahrnehmung ist unterschiedlich von Mensch zu Mensch . Bei Jungs ist Wahrscheinlich nur die Hälfte hängen Geblieben . Tja Mann lernt nie aus ! Zvonimir
Serg Rajes (1 month ago)
Лажа какая-то
40000 500000 (1 month ago)
Вот дерьмище-то!
glenn collins (1 month ago)
the lighting sucks
Steve K (1 month ago)
Too bad the video is of shitty quality.
Erwin Meza (2 months ago)
Waltzish WELL ...
Can't Wait (2 months ago)
This is utter crap
Mike Thiry (2 months ago)
Chernobyl resident on a bad acid trip filmed on the first cellphone
Rafael Dantas (2 months ago)
Da nisso compra uma puta na deep web!
gulabji yadav (2 months ago)
Good painting.
Lance Baker (2 months ago)
Terrible video quality, terrible audio quality, spaztic "dancing" – what more could we want?
ClayZ (1 month ago)
Lance Baker You to leave and take your comment with you.
Magda Kama (1 year ago)
incredibly moving

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