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Picking my drunk sis up at 6AM

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SUBTITLES AVAILABLE! When my sister is out drinking and asks me to pick her up, she often has a good story or two to tell while driving. I thought that combining the pick up with GoPro would make it quite interesting. It turned out to be a succes which I would like to share! And to answer most common questions! ;) 1. The camera is GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition 2. The car we're driving is a Peugeot 207 1,4 HDI 3. Yes the Humvee in the end is mine (Licensed and road legal) 4. We're Danish 5. Yes - even though I'm danish I'm wearing an american flag shirt. It's from a trip to NYC. 6. my sisters instagram: "Rikkejoystick" 7. I don't have SnapChat, InstaGram or any social media to be followed on, sorry * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/959152 For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.
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Text Comments (10660)
VANESSA CHAVEZ (3 hours ago)
live in the middle of no where so depressing no wonder she drinks silly
Mama Mia (13 hours ago)
Best vlog ever
Mama Mia (13 hours ago)
2:10 your smile tells us you find out this gonna be hilarious
Eddie Martinez (13 hours ago)
Shes on some good shit that aint no drunk.
Milena B1985 (16 hours ago)
Hot brother! 🔥
Tony Stark (17 hours ago)
Turn on your captions or subtitles in setting
manu dominguez (3 days ago)
you will never find drunks as funny as the Nordics 😂😂 of course they are also the best looking ones 🤣
Kristoffer Sparegodt (5 days ago)
LOL this is Danish
TheFreak1407 (6 days ago)
Hey jeg bor i byen hvor du samlede hin op
Queenn Annna (7 days ago)
The way she did her bun so smooth 👍🏻
Alex Aguilar (11 days ago)
Sis is hot
Olivia Kaspen (16 days ago)
It totally went viral now, and I remember that I saw this on some facebook post, looked into the comment section for some information and found this on YouTube. it was just a hundred views that time, and if I remember correctly it was two years ago now. love this genuine brother and sister video. hehe hope I could see you in person. take care!
younguntilidie (17 days ago)
This could be me when i picked up my drunk wife from a fesival 😂
Danny Miller (26 days ago)
She is hot
Suwito Harsono (26 days ago)
Ganesh Kumar (29 days ago)
Good & carefull guy👌👍👍
Plusquamperfekt 04 (29 days ago)
Born in 1967 I was so glad, there have been NO Gopro, Internet, Youtube and any social networks in the 80s.
Brent Arbogast (29 days ago)
What. The. FUCK. Am. I. Watching. And. Why?
Moon goddess (30 days ago)
Oooo cute guy
ibee thatoneguy (1 month ago)
The shit we do for family lol
tomdog266 (1 month ago)
Dude shes hot
Chuck Norris (1 month ago)
I can tell the brotherly love there. Tsk. Really nice
Chuck Norris (1 month ago)
If that's my sister I'm going to ask garbage truckers to pick her up and deliver her at home. Lol
Cody Boyer (1 month ago)
Her laugh reminds me of a sims game
magnus haladyn (1 month ago)
I am from the country that they speak, ITS danish
Joel Farley (1 month ago)
Why does this have 10 million views?
(OSCAR) (1 month ago)
Send her to usa me love her longtime
Enrico Palazzo (1 month ago)
Stars and bars baby! I’d like to have a go at both of youse.
Norman Youngblood (1 month ago)
More drunk videos with her and I will subscribe.
Control Oz (1 month ago)
Omg she is a delight!
Keith Hinchcliffe (1 month ago)
Almost 10,000 people didn't like this. Good indicator as to why this world is so fucked up.
Rivaldy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
memories brothers and sisters get into lol
Cav One (1 month ago)
yep she's toasted
Edward Ellis (1 month ago)
This girls really funny, and cute. Nice video
Clinton Graves (1 month ago)
Hope to see more vids from Denmark.
gecko1956 (1 month ago)
Indicators must be operated with a foot pedal.
Holgato (1 month ago)
At 0:06 you can see my hand slip from the wheel and shortly after your hear the flicker for the indicator. again at 0:47, and 2:27, 2:46, 3:57, 4:20 (yeah baby!), 6:26, 6:58, aaaaand 7:26.
the links lizard (1 month ago)
Word up you guys are off the chain.
Shea Unique (1 month ago)
Well you can tell that he really loves his sister though no one else would be able to put up with that I'm sure, especially if she smells like shit and keep a smile on his face.
Shea Unique (1 month ago)
Wow she's a lady lol
Sergio Ramirez (1 month ago)
Cool sister bro
Enoon Mohamd (1 month ago)
Tabula Razor (1 month ago)
She's adorable! ❤
Alex T. (1 month ago)
10 million views, just to watch these two, what am I doing here.
Holgato (1 month ago)
The same thing as 9.999.999 other people (including me)... wondering what the hell brought you to see this video
SneekySmurf (1 month ago)
Loved it ur a great brother!!
moarphyn __ (1 month ago)
When she said her knees hurt the brother laughed a bit lmaaao
Keith Hinchcliffe (1 month ago)
You rock dude. what a good brother. In the States most brothers would be pissed: "get a cab ysb"!!
rome (1 month ago)
You're sister is fucken hawt gimme her number bro
squidword64 (1 month ago)
Show some respect.
Ted Cleveland (1 month ago)
any new vlog for drunk sis?
Holgato (1 month ago)
Nope - this is the only video of us. we don't have public social medias
Bradley Wilmore (2 months ago)
For whatever reason, I watched this vid, actually laughed a few times. One things for sure dude, there's no denying this blond babe as your sis, you two almost look like twins.
Frank the Tank (2 months ago)
let me marry her
Terri Freeman (2 months ago)
As a woman, I would have loved love to party with your sister, back in my day. Lmao, 🙄😁 She's adorable and seems like a fun gal. She's lucky to have you, too. ...After all it is, only 6 am 😉
Agnel the Angel (2 months ago)
Horrible Bieber sing a long(Caption)2:58
Jon Hammer (3 months ago)
Jon Hammer (1 month ago)
+Holgato Year's ago I went to Esbjerg than took the bullet train to Copenhagen beautiful country.
Holgato (1 month ago)
TheMrawesome04 (3 months ago)
well I don't care what you think. I think she's very gorgeous.
Mr Android (3 months ago)
THICC sister
Sorry I didn’t know don’t keep up with him but I do like him
Do they not speak English
What camera you used? A super quality!
Holgato (3 months ago)
Read description 😊
Jay Miles (3 months ago)
The ending got me 👀😂😂 wow that’s awesome
Naturally Really TeaV (3 months ago)
The first time I smiled all day.. Thank y'all I really needed that
Dan Armando (3 months ago)
Why does he have an American flag on his shirt? Where is this?
Holgato (3 months ago)
Christopher Daniels (3 months ago)
Do you have leftovers? No, WHAAAAAT.????😂😂😂
shakey bill (3 months ago)
I wish my sister looked like that
Jonathan Day (3 months ago)
I love blonde girls when they are drunk
Brian Kimball (3 months ago)
You picked her up in a Spaceship? Wow!
UniqueLifter205# (3 months ago)
Dutch, right?
Holgato (3 months ago)
Nope - Danish 🇩🇰😉
Martin Castro (3 months ago)
Is it me or does the brother look like ARROW
squidword64 (3 months ago)
My sister passed away suddenly last year, and this really brought home how much I miss her. Please cherish every single moment you have with her, because you never know how long you have with the people we love.
squidword64 (3 months ago)
Thank you for your kind words.
Holgato (3 months ago)
Sorry to hear that - I know the feeling of missing them endlessly. Some days is harder than others
squidword64 (3 months ago)
My sister was called Caroline she, was only 57. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, that's tough to lose your folks like that. I lost my father 21 years ago and mum passed away 3 years ago. Jeez I miss them.
Holgato (3 months ago)
We lost our parents to cancer (yeah both within a month) a year before the video was shot so I know how you feel about suddenly getting your loved ones taken away. May I ask what your sisters name was?
Robert Verlinden (3 months ago)
lol almost 10 mil views :o
Holgato (3 months ago)
I've thought of a follow up and also a video of her and me just answering some of the most common questions in the comment section but to be honest I think it will be kust the one video and stay ahead of the game 😊
Robert Verlinden (3 months ago)
+Holgato Would your sister be up to doing a response vid? Would be awesome!!! Oh and I totally dig Danes
Holgato (3 months ago)
I'm just as surprised as you... Cannot believe it has reached that point 😅
Thomas Paine (3 months ago)
hahaah She is really loaded !
A A RON M (3 months ago)
This is great. She reminds me a lot of our American blonde girls we have. Lol they’re just tons of fun. Lol what country is this anyways like Germany?
Dwayne Frye (3 months ago)
She would be fun to drink with 😉 . BUT! she could get me into a lot of trouble. I'd have to keep a lid on her. But then doing that would end up giving her an attitude, a drunk female attitude. You know.. she'd end up insulting my manhood, then it would get real ugly. Then she'd probably do that weird female thing where they jump out the car while it's still moving. You know, that tipical weird female bullshit. 😒
5543244 views (3 months ago)
why is your word for greek sound like assy
Rick C (3 months ago)
I feckin lost it at (Women's language) 🤣
wanderful jen (3 months ago)
Handsome bro you have
ScoopThePot (3 months ago)
dude weren't you afraid she was gonna boot in your car?!?!?
ScoopThePot (3 months ago)
+Holgato HAHA! that is great! well done man
Holgato (3 months ago)
Well luckily it was her car... Haha
Greg Deeth (3 months ago)
She is so cute and funny. She's a keeper for sure. Cheers 🇨🇦
Neej Hmoob (3 months ago)
she is so pretty.
porculizador (3 months ago)
she was hungry
Scott Brock (3 months ago)
I gotta party with you guys next time I'm in Europe!!!!
Scott Brock (3 months ago)
I'm taking a guess. Flat land of course don't understand the language. But, I've heard Danish(?) People are happy...right?
Robert DeMilo (3 months ago)
9.9 Million views? Damn son, money!
Joshua Nelson (3 months ago)
Bubbles lol, she had bubbles
Firsbt Lastbb (3 months ago)
Awesome video! Your sister is hot man, hook me up with her! Ps, I don't drink so I could drive her home!!!
schnipsy (3 months ago)
8:02 Best screech ever
Napolian Solo (3 months ago)
Give your sister a pair of knee pads for her birthday. (She's hot.)
Lila May (3 months ago)
I'm hungry, too. I feel ya!! Cheers.
Kurt Smith (3 months ago)
Nice video. He seems like a cool guy & she's beautiful
Durand Johnson (3 months ago)
Germany or Sweden?..
Noble King (3 months ago)
Drunk or sober, sisters talk incessantly, brothers rarely do.
Keith Mitchell (3 months ago)
try this for 12 hours a night in a taxi ...
GrizzleyBear (3 months ago)
Best brother ever! He'd kill someone that fucked with her! He's awesome :)
Lucky Terry (3 months ago)
Nice legs baby!
Franklin Warner (3 months ago)
Deles Pinto (3 months ago)
Luv this video
Kwong Lee (3 months ago)
sonya griffy (3 months ago)
Her brother can pick me up drunk anytime and I dont drink, but he is sweeeet! And she is halarious! Take care of your peoples, no one else will.
Victor Torres (2 months ago)
I will pick you up sweetie
Jolo Ty (3 months ago)
Nice driving. What car is it?
Polaris sportsman (3 months ago)
I'm sure this princess is always a pain
Miles Gentry (3 months ago)
Shes drunk and cute!

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