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tuberesu (2 years ago)
You WERE wearing your glasses when you put this up as Drunk women???
Jasmine Alexander (3 years ago)
Oh look mommy cave women lol
TheBadEraLover89 (4 years ago)
0:54 Had me laughing for 5 minutes lmfao!! 
Madison Westbrook (4 years ago)
I love you grechin wilson.
Wanda Mccloud (5 years ago)
Anybody for a Scooby snack! Hambooger for ya.
Nicola Jones (5 years ago)
yee haaa me and my brothers gonna go raping my sisters, now lets barn dance.
Todd Bishop (5 years ago)
Paul Lee Pac (6 years ago)
funny shit
DJTITLOVER (6 years ago)
I live in Arkansas right, and sad to say a lot the stereotypes are true. They are pretty stooped and trashy.
Adele Hughes (6 years ago)
I first saw this clip six years ago. It's still as funny now as it was then. You GO GIRLS !!!
GrnDayChick18 (6 years ago)
when i first watched this, i really thought that woman dancing was going to fall into that waitress!
Tami Jennelle (6 years ago)
every chick in this video disgusted me
deltondog12 (6 years ago)
Woman with big tits in a hot tub! yeeeehaw!
Todd Berry (6 years ago)
I 'd like to use some of your clips in a redneck video I'm producing contact me at 614 653-4882
sagrocket (6 years ago)
fuck u american piece of shit....pray with me dat 9/11 happens again dis yr to rid world of losers like u
Savannah O'Neill (6 years ago)
Gael (6 years ago)
Nah not Europe. America!!!
sgtrolo1995 (6 years ago)
Fat old women are not aloud to have fun
Willow (6 years ago)
He died.
bobby8382 (7 years ago)
What happened with the kid @ 1:00
Par N (7 years ago)
Why not let Texas secede , onde & for all ?
starfish gutts (7 years ago)
What species was the first thing?
Hannible100 (7 years ago)
jesus that boogy at the end was disgusting
kevride323 (7 years ago)
yeah yeah thats wats up
nicholas skoal (7 years ago)
the trick is that they're not drunk ;)
Tyler X (7 years ago)
@BodybuildinginTX i dont know???!!! lol
Quagmi (7 years ago)
HAHA! funny video :o) Check out my video of a drunk girl trying to get home!
Carter Smit (7 years ago)
questionable title
skippymopopgun69 (7 years ago)
Eeeew !!!
hasith karunatileka (7 years ago)
white people are sooooo stupid
Sarg Amiri (7 years ago)
i love 1:40
oldannyboy37 (7 years ago)
Ewwww, that first lady had a front butt.
tubebility (7 years ago)
0:53 The huge women takes care to first cover her shame instead of checking if the child she's just blind-sided is still alive! :-/
stickyarmadillo1 (7 years ago)
@ :52. somthing tells me that is exactly how the sperm that made her found the egg.
Zelgraz1 (7 years ago)
boobs were to heavy lol
Sixto Renteria (7 years ago)
@calicali551 hahaha.na thats something else there probally born with some typer weird disese.lmao
RDIGlobal (7 years ago)
Watch interactive virtual tour of the Iron Warriors youtube.com/watch?v=E0LJX1Er6lE
tgilbar (7 years ago)
That booger at the end almost made me gag... nasty.
A118118A (7 years ago)
my kind of people l o l : )
Joe Blow (7 years ago)
1:10 What's worse than a Redneck? A fat Redneck with no fucking balance :)
A Chaps (7 years ago)
let me get the pool girl's # at 0:39
Rann B (7 years ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, AMERICA
DanPasak (7 years ago)
1:40 disgusting :D
Hannible100 (7 years ago)
love the real classy guy pickin his nose ha ha
Austin Koosha (7 years ago)
mom not again!!
Julio Aguiar (7 years ago)
1:40 HOLY SHIT '-'
chuck love (7 years ago)
@TheEverythingChanne1 That's what you get for being Jewish
chuck love (7 years ago)
Labels are for objects
BillieJolene1 (7 years ago)
hey these are my sisters!!! it's me BILLIE JOLENE!
Albert Richards (7 years ago)
Is this A.FV?
UnknownGnome1 (7 years ago)
@condesito45 Yes. Dont take my word for it but i heard they are called red necks because of working on the fields with their necks exposed to the harsh sun.
Ugly Coyote (7 years ago)
Camilo Avila (7 years ago)
What really means redneck?? country people? I speak spanish :)
FreestylaBoy (7 years ago)
0:40 TITS!!!
VeneRican1 (7 years ago)
@Babyface6200 its funny cuz u spelled it so wrong and 9 people still liked ur comment lol
Luis Native (7 years ago)
most of this women aren't drunk their just stupid.....
Dakota Russell (7 years ago)
thats funny but not as funny as youtube.com/watch?v=klioQF6B4r4
Ridin4The2Ganja0Bus (7 years ago)
@lusiathedog hell yea
lusiathedog (7 years ago)
@Ridin4The2Ganja0Bus all heh man all
victoor nuinez (7 years ago)
GraFik (7 years ago)
holy bugger
Joey Stout (7 years ago)
Heroin* is a hell of a drug
PIlotrcm (7 years ago)
The female gender of the Tea Bag species
Austin Koosha (7 years ago)
mom not again!!
Jim Dick (7 years ago)
@Babyface6200 heroin does not have these effects by any stretch. I think you mean cocaine, or in this case of poor white trash, probably meth. heroin puts the user to sleep
anthony martin (7 years ago)
You watch back big mamma I'm gonna ring child line
Ingfren (7 years ago)
what is the similarity, they all look bad
Ridin4The2Ganja0Bus (7 years ago)
@lusiathedog which one?lol
Mickael Stassin (7 years ago)
@SmokinTime420 im not from the south u stupid ass :)
lusiathedog (8 years ago)
stupid bitch
128098Ataylor (8 years ago)
never gets old!!!!
☯Zen☯ (8 years ago)
she actually pick her nose lol and flicked the booger on the camera
Derek Pfeifer (8 years ago)
@mojo23mojo that's what i'm sayin
mojo23mojo (8 years ago)
Half of these clips are from the UK tv show "You've been framed" They aren't red necks at all.
ArT2Oo0 (8 years ago)
@LoveHeYa indeed a lawl
Nin Liwag (8 years ago)
the last one... HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Davesintexas (8 years ago)
Hey, any comments on these "Women" term used losely, being from the South dont seem to recognize the Northern Red Neck Breed. Besides, that issue is that these Women, arent exhibiting typical Red Neck Women Behaviors. They more or less seem to be demonstrating how to be over weight, a clutz, and dressed poorly. The last example, the Nose Picker, well, you heard her voice and I didnt hear any Southern Drawl at ALL. No Accent at all usually Mid West Red Neck with behavior of a PIG.
Gee (8 years ago)
0:57 is that kid dead?
Frank Mooney (8 years ago)
@klipadusan DEY TUK A DURRRR
icyhotnipples (8 years ago)
this comment will randomly thumbs up
ko52 ‘ (8 years ago)
this song is effing dumb as hell can some redneck shoot this ass of a singer please? ASAP thanks in advance, KO
Melody Marshall (8 years ago)
Didn't the Germans make fun of the Jews before they killed them too?
SmokinTime420 (8 years ago)
@mickaelstassin oooooo, nice comeback kid. So original. Go figure your from the south.
lame gag (8 years ago)
@duvexy I'm going to save you all some time here. ALL of America sucks.
SmokinTime420 (8 years ago)
@mickaelstassin Why would I wanna come down there. So you can try to make me a dirty pig fucker like you? Dont think so buddy.
SmokinTime420 (8 years ago)
@ringwormts115 Kinda figured, lol
paul110 (8 years ago)
love this video, wish i watched it wen im stoned :P
paul110 (8 years ago)
@SmokinTime420 haaha im from ireland and we hav a woman president , shes a complete useless bolox lol
Mickael Stassin (8 years ago)
@SmokinTime420 just come bro ull see wut kind of people we are :D
SmokinTime420 (8 years ago)
And people wonder why there has never been a female president. lolol
SmokinTime420 (8 years ago)
@mickaelstassin lol, south is just a bunch of pig fuckin pussies
lionwarrior7819 (8 years ago)
Get R done lol
MrSouthphillyitalian (8 years ago)
Ewwww !!!!!!!!!!
Melody Marshall (8 years ago)
Better then the norths stupid arrogrant stuck up.
neoarcadezr (8 years ago)
the ending ruined my life
w4rr10r11 (8 years ago)
I love this song. And you're title is fucking stupid. Can't believe I was lured to it.
kramcas2 (8 years ago)
@fatassfreddy If you took offense, maybe you're a drunk redneck?
Shaked Y (8 years ago)
only women can be that stupid
lovedancin (8 years ago)
numberoneJATT (8 years ago)
bitch rollin down that inflatable slide took out a kid

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