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Students in naked run to mark university's anniversary - 2008

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SHOTLIST 1. Pan across crowd of spectators and naked runners, heads covered in white scarves, coming out from behind giant banner 2. Pan from onlookers to reverse shot of runners 3. Wide shot of runners and crowd 4. Runner handing out roses to girls in crowd 5. Mid shot of spectators, girls taking pictures 6. Pan shot of runners going up university steps 7. Various of runners on top of steps facing crowd 8. Mid shot of smiling spectators 9. SOUNDBITE(English) Kyle, Senior student; "Wow! Ask the girls." 10. Female spectators 11. SOUNDBITE (English) BJ, Freshman "I am expecting a lot more than that, but it is fun, it is okay." 12. SOUNDBITE (English/Tagalog) Bang, First year MA student: "It is not just a show of bodies but they even carry the principles on the placards they were holding." 13. Wide shot of university building with the statue of the Oblation 14. Wide shot of crowd, balloons, students holding banner reading: "UP (University of the Philippines) at 100" 15. Tilt up shot of statue of Oblation STORYLINE A hundred students ran naked across the campus of the University of the Philippines as it celebrated its centennial on Wednesday. Members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity held its "Oblation Run" to coincide with the 100th year anniversary of the nation's top university, which is based in Manila. The annual event is said to have been inspired by the university's iconic symbol, the Oblation, a bronze sculpture of a nude man, with arms outstretched and face looking up to the sky. The run, usually held as an initiation rite to the fraternity during December, involves male members running complete naked, apart from masks to hide their faces. Wednesday's event was watched by hundreds of students and faculty, not only from the UP but from other universities as well. Local media reported that as in previous years, the runners gave red roses to female students who watched the event. Keyword clipreel wacky You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/43ffb9e208f653a79297a48ce9c15145 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (43)
QWertY Magnus (4 months ago)
QWertY Magnus (4 months ago)
Up apo
Min Yoongi is Life (7 months ago)
They are not stupids, immoral or whatsoever. Before commenting nasty things about this tradition, try to do some research. It's just one click away.
Shivam Kumar (3 months ago)
Yes they are not nasty They are shameless
Pubg Girl (9 months ago)
Micheal Torres (1 year ago)
mga bakla, hahaha kadiri haha immoral haha
animal raining
arnab saha (1 year ago)
Philipino boys are shameless, where girls are fully dressed why boys going hanging their penis in front of them.respect yourself
arnab saha (1 year ago)
in original tradition the norm is covering up the private part with leaf
Jayson Enciso (1 year ago)
That is a tradition of the university. Oblation in the university logo symbolize a resilience in life. So, the student council organized this kind of event and approved by the university administration.
pa km (2 years ago)
This is what I see in the Spiritual realms, Why they parade and WALK ABOUT NAKED..???? Theirs a battle going on in the Spiritual realm between GOOD AND BAD and it manifested in our physical world .. This Men walking about NAKED may not know it but they are being used by the DEVIL to make a statement AGAINTS Almighty God... This is An act of MOCKERY and DEFIANCE to the Holy WORD of GOD ALMIGHTY...they are mocking this VERY VERSE in the scripture ****REVELATION ****16:15******* BEHOLD , I am coming like a thief BLESSED is the one who stays awake and KEEPS his CLOTHES , so that he will not WALK ABOUT NAKED and men will not see his SHAME .". This is a reminder to all that we are living in season of Jesus soon Return, STAY SPIRITUALLY AWAKE Keeping our dress of RIGHTEOUSNESS ON, SO that when HE COMES BACK you WON'T be found NAKED ... BLESSED ARE THOSE who HAVE SPIRITUAL EYES to SEE ...
Anita Blanco (2 years ago)
Ganyan yang mga ginagawa ng mga taong mangmang.
THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (1 year ago)
parang ikaw?
davehshs (2 years ago)
Where are the women?
Shivam Kumar (1 month ago)
+Jotaro Kujo Ok then why women don't show their gratitude in the same manner???
Jotaro Kujo (3 months ago)
+Shivam Kumar those men are great that was the way to show their gratitude to their school they are proud i learned that in my scool holy cross of magsaysay
Shivam Kumar (3 months ago)
+Mike S Goodmann These country men are shameless
Mike S Goodmann (7 months ago)
It's a Catholic country.
Grace Bundy (2 years ago)
STUPID ok lang kasing laki ng talong eh putsa parang kasing liit ng sili SUPOT pa, asan na mga bakikang dyan,... buti walang maliliit na bata na nonood sa kanila,..
THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (1 year ago)
Both of you are stupid homophobic, immature and small brain headed uncultured whine, full of idiocy, these words are not enough to describe you all. Grace, do you even know what this event really meant? this is not about showing their naked body nor exposing their privates..
Juan Isa (2 years ago)
Grace Bundy Baka pag nakita mo ko maglaway ka!
Grace Bundy (2 years ago)
bakit isa ka doon sa supot na yan hahaha, mas lalong pangit ka Lol bakla ka supot tt mo,..
Juan Isa (2 years ago)
Grace Bundy ikaw, ang pangit mong bakla!
John Lord Oro (2 years ago)
THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (1 year ago)
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
daming mga bakla lol, papangit nila.
THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (1 year ago)
Lol stupid homophobic with small brain
Juan Isa (2 years ago)
jaspher lacson hahaha. Ano ngaun kung pinanood ko. At least naintindihan ko ibig nilang iparating. Eh ikaw kabaklaan lang alam mo. Bayot na nga, ang pangit pangit mo pa. Tsupaerong bayot!
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
baka ikaw ang me gawa nun loko ehehe...suriin mo sarli mo tanga!
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
tanga! suriin mo sarili mo gago!! bakla!
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
ytpe mo manood no? lol halatang bakla ka tanga!
mike trimmer (2 years ago)
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
small penis lol
Patri Jeaneret (6 months ago)
All Asians have very small penis.
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
yun ang akala mo tanga! inutil!
Juan Isa (2 years ago)
jaspher lacson tingnan mo naman mukha mo sa FB. Parang bilao na kinapitan ng tagiyawat, anlakilaki na labi, halatang tsupaero. Kung makapanghusga ka sa oblation run, di mo nman alam ibig nila iparating. Gagong baklang bobo ka.
jaspher lacson (2 years ago)
mas bakla ka gago!!! gustong gustong mkita burat nila lol..hahaha beki!
Juan Isa (2 years ago)
jaspher lacson ikaw walang burat. pepe ang meron ka. bakla!
gm Soyls (2 years ago)
the point was....?
Azul Azul (2 years ago)
Naked truth and justice. If you wanted to.. You may do some search about it. "Oblation Run".

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