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Lauren Cohan's Only Nude Scene, From Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj (DVD Review)

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The great moment from Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj in which the beautiful Lauren Cohan - of Supernatural and Walking Dead fame - appears topless in the only such scene of her career. NOTE: YouTube does not allow nudity in uploaded videos, so this clip is censored to fit with the community guidelines. The uncensored version is available for free download here: http://www.uploadonall.com/files/UVUD0CQE/LaCoVaWi2.zip PASSWORD for the archive is: faptuary.net The full review with frame-by-frame caps of the goods is available here: http://faptuary.net/wp/lauren-cohan-nude/ I do not own the content of this video. This is uploaded for review purposes only. The Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj intro reel and the accompanying scene and soundtrack are property of the National Lampoon and the production team of said film. No copyright infringement is intended. Go buy the DVD. It's got plenty of boobies. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (235)
Isuckdonkeyvall sand (14 days ago)
Lol typical indian parents
Fred McGuffin (4 months ago)
At first I came here for Lauren Cohan Now I come here bc I like 0:46
Butterfly 나비 (6 months ago)
butt ugly
this a true story I was on 20 plus days no fap streak and then one night I saw this scene at midnight and I wanted to not jerk off but I jerked off
Bayan1905 (9 months ago)
She must have a thing for non-white guys, first Raj and then Glen.
hillel raz (6 months ago)
Because white guys are lame
Urbanpoison14 (10 months ago)
Damn Maggie and Sadiq get it on in season 9
Jacob Bennett (10 months ago)
I would have laughed my ass off you the scene from the shining popped up saying "here's Johnny"
MAGMALORD360 (11 months ago)
This is the only thing I like Lauren in I don’t like or watch Walking Dead.
prasad chanamala (1 year ago)
Kyle Campbell (1 year ago)
con Q (1 year ago)
Leaked footage of Sadiq and Maggie trying to bang lol
Jack The Apache (4 months ago)
If anything it's Daryl, considering Beth you know?
Matt Norton (1 year ago)
How the fuck is this age restricted?
Deathculture (1 year ago)
Show bobs and vagene
IShootYou StayDown (1 year ago)
I'd bang her so fucking hard 😬
360whiplash (1 year ago)
Damn, we get to see that dudes boner at the beginning of the video but not her boobs, instead they get edited out. It should have been the other way around.
James Hsu (1 year ago)
Glenn: dislike
skywalkerpotter21 (1 year ago)
500 dislike of this video must be Gay Guys.
Butterfly 나비 (5 months ago)
ate gay acha mulher bonita
Simple Jayy (1 year ago)
Lauren Cohan is so sexy😍😍😍💖
Arie Adithya (2 years ago)
where are you glen
skylart absher (2 years ago)
her tits are fucking amazing and her ass
PHILLIE GAMES (2 years ago)
I hate you
She's so cute
momen (2 years ago)
fuck you
Luke Skywalker (2 years ago)
stupid poster youtube does allow nutidy type in vagina youll get real pussy and sex scenes
Mark Vargas (2 years ago)
she was thicker
Alan Kloster (2 years ago)
a hershel y a glenn no les gusta esto jajaja XD
Spy vs Pie (2 years ago)
wooow XD
Diogo Junqueira (2 years ago)
It does not matter, they're dead.
mongoloid (2 years ago)
Youtube supports tits. Reupload this shit
Malachi Coleman (2 years ago)
Fuck you.
Devin Smith (2 years ago)
troll faces 😂😂😂😂
Timothy Paulino (3 years ago)
Holy shit I didn't know this existed. Will definitely fap to this in the near future.
El Carlos (2 years ago)
fap to this instead http_://es._pornhub._com/view_video._php?viewkey_=_825697048 just remove the underscores. It´s not the real Lauren but stil hot
Dont say nothing409 (2 years ago)
in the near future XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Justin Gecale (2 years ago)
+tombooker hello there fellow filipino
tombooker (3 years ago)
+Timothy Paulino libog mo
Shab. B (3 years ago)
Fuck me, she's hot
백상아리 (3 years ago)
what is this movie's name?
Shay Tards (1 year ago)
네기소 van Wilder 2 return of taj
Chris Browne (3 years ago)
Topless from the back? Lame..
np (1 year ago)
Chris Browne go on pornhub and watch it you'll see alot more
Nebojsa Milicevic (3 years ago)
I came here because i fell in love with Lauren (off course girl in video),watch video on XNXX and come here to see fuck.....But i disapointed :(
Sasuke Uchiha (3 years ago)
Isn't that Maggie from the walking dead
Emin Demircan (3 years ago)
You should see the uncensored version.
Sasuke Uchiha (3 years ago)
+Emin Demircan wow
Emin Demircan (3 years ago)
+ActionFlimz 101 Yes she is.
BIG AL ONE (3 years ago)
You Tube DOES allow nudity - I've seen plenty of it.  You need to restrict your settings to 18+
wiisalute (3 years ago)
I'm waiting for a walker to pop out
BJ Cohen (3 months ago)
MRM Tomboy101 (1 year ago)
wiisalute me too
Teslakaine (2 years ago)
cool profile pic
Gabz Junecris (3 years ago)
this girl is my hollywood crush, she's beautiful all the way
ashley trent (3 years ago)
why did you censor it 😩
MCline93 (3 years ago)
I came here to see this scene UNCENSORED. You suck.
Praakriti Bhatnagar (2 years ago)
My dude
Ethan Campbell (2 years ago)
+Some Guy in description*
Ethan Campbell (2 years ago)
click on 2nd link and description and scroll down...thank me later
Mark Perez Lopez (3 years ago)
So did I
Fatahillah Ramadhan (3 years ago)
Hahahaha Faptuary!
Spoderman (3 years ago)
I laughed too hard at this.
otmane benhammou (3 years ago)
if you like her ass Click likes
ALBO CHILENOO (2 years ago)
hahaha her body is perfect <3
Ernest Cordwell (3 years ago)
Yes i did
AiMz (4 years ago)
AiMz (4 years ago)
Lol, how did I get here...
Mylifeis funny (4 years ago)
that meows =O
Kenneth Huang (4 years ago)
Can someone explain to me why they're struggling over that bean bag pillow, and why Taj wouldn't just let her have it?  Between the screaming and the rock music I can't figure out what they're trying to say.
Kenneth Huang (3 years ago)
+littlefuzzylamma Ah I see. Seems kinda silly, since Taj can just hide his boner by getting on the bed and using the blanket, as he did at the end.
Andres Albrincole (4 years ago)
Anyone else come here from the screen junkies video?
Dustin Taylor (3 years ago)
+Chance Goss what
Chance Goss (3 years ago)
+Dustin Taylor most defiantly
Dustin Taylor (3 years ago)
omran alwerfly (3 years ago)
Dice Gaming (3 years ago)
hahahaha got me
Gary McLellan (4 years ago)
Anyone else come here from the screen junkies video?
jorden SPITTLE (4 years ago)
0:50 when the trollface starts flying around ahahha
soup 1223 (4 years ago)
can't believe she actually has a sex tape... MIND EXPLOSION!!!!
CHRIS (2 years ago)
+GhostSniper38 it is her.This video is from a show
GhostSniper38 (3 years ago)
it's fake it isn't her
Eddy Que (4 years ago)
you'd think kumar wud be pissed
Papa Riku (4 years ago)
Gleenn's coming for this f*cking piece of sh*t!!
skywalkerpotter21 (1 year ago)
No, Negan is
Chris Domingo (4 years ago)
i swear i saw maggie's tits during the pharmacy scene in season 2 but i can't fnd it anywhere now on the net. saw it from the episode that i downloaded years ago :(
Michael Richard (4 years ago)
We get a side shot of her right breast from an angle behind her. Don't quite get to see the full thing :( Thankfully for those who hoped we would, there's this scene.
xSHDY (4 years ago)
That ass..
Clara Gray (4 years ago)
Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT c0m
ChadTheBanana (4 years ago)
Hershel would be ashamed...
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
So would Glenn
Aaquil. N.S (2 years ago)
Glen would be more pissed
Dr. Finnegan (2 years ago)
so it looks like the governor told him.
Dave Mustaine (3 years ago)
+Tiago Lourenço You have won the internet with that comment my friends
Airsoft and Unboxings (4 years ago)
Guys click the second link and scrow down, your welcome
champagne kevin (4 months ago)
Where is it
MVP 10 (2 years ago)
u d man
Chan-c Kong (3 years ago)
+Airsoft and Unboxings Awesome, thanks! ^_^
LSDFursuits (4 years ago)
Is it just me or does anyone else LOVE that her sides have a bit of cub to them, and it's not straight up and down PERFECT waist? makes me feel more human as a woman cuz I have the same body type.
Blake Hearon (8 months ago)
It's probably because it's a guy. For real Hollywood is reversed
Harlowee (11 months ago)
Its not "chub" she has a shape to her! She is shaped like a woman and not a little boy lol
chicagoMOB # (1 year ago)
You feel more human just because she has a waist similar to yours ??? You obviously need to work on your self esteem .
Rmx6199 (3 years ago)
+vidalnsl Uh huh.
vidalnsl (3 years ago)
I have her exact same body shape. Glad i wasnt the only one. Shes one hot beauty tho! Bet every man begs on their knees for her
Alfredo Ayala (5 years ago)
Beautiful girl!
Ruby Hutton (5 years ago)
wtf I'm honestly creeped out
kingofallwhites (5 years ago)
She is so hot. That dirty Indian is annoying and so is his accent.
kingofallwhites 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
kadz416 (5 years ago)
She is so hottt unbelievable I came here because of walking dead
dead cryo (5 years ago)
Hahaha in the end "so"
Heru- deshet (5 years ago)
Does Lauren only like working with non white guys?
Sadly that is how God made her.
JimboParadox (2 years ago)
peter rummell (5 years ago)
she is beautiful and talented
Pascal Nouma (5 years ago)
Juststay still (5 years ago)
10/10 would bang, even so women would.
JacobJoseph17 (5 years ago)
Shrestha Sagun (5 years ago)
fuck,now i remember
Sir Edward (5 years ago)
jsjjajjajajjaja troll face nos cago la vista xD
Nikhil Mattoo (5 years ago)
LoL Kumar
Elf Peksimeti (5 years ago)
fucking troll face
VICMEL EPRES (5 years ago)
okay yify torrents here i come 
Joe Meehan (5 years ago)
So hot
Slbcampeao1 (5 years ago)
Soo fucking sexy
Jair Nuñez (5 years ago)
Kutner and maggie :D
mamma mia
rey mysty (5 years ago)
I read some of the comments on here. I feel that that’s a good quality vid. My brother would like to get astonishing with the hottest young ladies. He learned a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help and advice on the subject of seducing chicks from clubs from Master Attraction got him his first sex in more than a couple of years. I got pissed though coz I heard them all.
Kevybear (5 years ago)
Howyaduing (5 years ago)
Who's going to tell Glenn that his Girl friend soon to be wife is a total Slut ?
SeenDisNub (5 years ago)
dewin5ify (5 years ago)
That bad stage when your best friend (who's been a loser permanently) gets an amazing girl to fall for him in 2 weeks?! Yeah, that just happened. I understand I should be happy however I would rather it to be me. He explained he learned from the Cupid Love System (Google it). I would like to hide out inside of a cave as we speak...
always-talkin-shit (5 years ago)
Haha Kevin and Maggie... Robin and Glenn will be pissed ^^
aziaol (5 years ago)
Fuck you Troll Face
Markhan94 (5 years ago)
haahahha u r so damn right! :D
Osmann yurtogluu (5 years ago)
Troll amk senin ne işin var orda ya
Darth Dick (5 years ago)
wtf is rong with you
TheAyamIsGosong (5 years ago)
i googled walking dead porn and found this
Gabriel Lira (5 years ago)
Lauren, marry me? ...#GodBless
PossibleGold (5 years ago)
Poor Glenn.
Gabriel Lira (5 years ago)
Hot and Cute :3
MrFuzzyUnicorn (5 years ago)
Hershel doesnt approve
Forev Competitor (5 years ago)
marcoPolioo (5 years ago)
I would have kicked the family out instead
Xxpsphacksx (5 years ago)
wat about glenn?
Coefficient of Drag (5 years ago)
Supernatural season 3*

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