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Never Before Seen Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photos

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Marilyn Monroe, the quintessential blonde bombshell, was one the biggest stars of her era and continues to be a towering pop culture icon today. On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead of a drug overdose in her Los Angeles home. This all too common fate for illustrious stars seemed fitting for a woman known for her substance abuse problems and rocky personal life. However, the story around her death is filled with holes. What happened the day before decease? Why was Marilyn's dead body transported from one mortuary to another? How did the Life magazine obtain the photos of her dead body? Subscribe to The Story Behind https://is.gd/hixAAr Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (3714)
Why the bruises ???
Hope Zaragoza (4 hours ago)
i disappeared in Hollywood in 1995. Ask Hollywood Italians.
John Naughton (4 hours ago)
Either English isn't your first language, or you're a product of the American education system.
Hope Zaragoza (4 hours ago)
Has anyone noticed? There's something so very, very wrong with these photos. A NUDE WOMAN IS DEAD, AND SURROUNDED ALL MEN. Where are American White Women who own this country? You parents, you sluts.
Hannah zain . (4 hours ago)
Wait ... when a person commit suicide should’ it b with a beaten face?
Dazzle Body Bakery (5 hours ago)
If you’re going to use her photo, at least use a legitimate one...you idiots. That is not her “death photo.” That is a replica of a woman impersonating Marilyn.
Julie Cornewell (5 hours ago)
The second I saw that autopsy photo of "her face" I said "That's not her." It looked nothing like her.
Z (5 hours ago)
sweetprincess Andrea (5 hours ago)
That photographer should have been strung up and the mortuary attendant who took the bride should of been fired immediately and arrested, what a disgusting thing such lack of respect for Marlin and her loved ones. My God some people seriously make me sick they d just do anything for money even sell their soul to Satan cause in effects that's what the paps and mortuary attendant done.
Super Man (6 hours ago)
And, this is who young girls idolize, and want to be like? Saaad!!!!
Beonca Williams (8 hours ago)
Bass Wanderer (9 hours ago)
Jfk was going to dismantle the CIA. The CIA killed him and his gf who knew too many secrets.
Oscar Med C (10 hours ago)
mary mooney (11 hours ago)
So sad she was beautiful
Man-Pause (13 hours ago)
to hell.
Wanda Burgess (13 hours ago)
Marilyn Monroe died before I was born! I always believed she was murdered! R.I.P beautiful woman!💕💕
Claudia Corona (14 hours ago)
Crypt 33? Fishy Illuminati Freemason numerology
Rain u (16 hours ago)
Days before her death the servant of God Billy Graham had come to her n preached gospel to her to which she said ... I don't need your Jesus. She refused salvation in Christ.
Ebenezer Marley (16 hours ago)
3:39 and 4:30 are not the actual photos, those have been photo shopped. The other photos have been on the internet and youtube for some time, so not 'never seen before'. This is not the most accurate of videos.
Gort Newton (17 hours ago)
JFK murdered not long after. Might have been a warning to him to stop that legislation he was proposing to end the Federal Reserve. (just my theory).
Phaedra Backer (18 hours ago)
Monorama Kumar (22 hours ago)
Change the aspect ratio
Alex Carter (22 hours ago)
EDEN ETIENNE (22 hours ago)
Duncan (1 day ago)
3:07 Bud Gray scumbag # 1 Buys off two attendants scumbags #2+3 for a bottle of scotch, to get a photograph of her in death. No respect for the dead or her family, what a disgusting display of inhumanity.
Gee Speller (1 day ago)
Live as a whore die like one
Common sense Says (1 day ago)
I know the life of having a happy smile but deep inside your burning hot the musk behind that smile life it's a touching story.
Matthew Hill (1 day ago)
Sad to say, this is what happens when you engage with the " leader of the free world", you get "suicided".
ownerofyourblackass (1 day ago)
that wasn't even her- no PHOTOS were EVER released and NEVER will be- the kennedys saw to that. THEY HAD HER MURDERED. PERIOD. the crime will ALWAYS be a mystery- MY ASS!.
Mary Roberts (1 day ago)
The most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.budro
Despina Xenoulis (1 day ago)
She was murdered !!! 💗🙏🙏
CraigR_ Mintz (1 day ago)
So sad. HORRIBLE tragedy
CraigR_ Mintz (1 day ago)
Who did she last call on the phone which was in her hand. Have you talk about the dodgers in the yankees after this beautiful woman died
Sally Bozeat (1 day ago)
From what I see in those pictures she had a lot of bruises on her face. No one will ever know the real truth and I also believe that Joe DiMaggio is the only man that ever truly loved her. I think she got in over her head.
TanyaIrina (1 day ago)
The photos that show her in the casket, with makeup, dressed and draped in a sheer cloth are not of Marilyn herself. That is a sculpture of her. The name of the artist escapes me unfortunately.
Rhonda Birchfield (1 day ago)
She was murdered because she knew too much
lanette lewis (1 day ago)
Gone too soon she was a beautiful actress that commited sucide at a young age may you rest in peace
Picolady (1 day ago)
3:36 it’s not Marilyn Monroe .... so a Fake video ! 👎🏼
I never believed it was suicide
Paulina h (1 day ago)
It is sad a person with mental issues like her and child abuse that haunted her all life to become an role model for your women. This woman should be an example of avoiding getting yourself in such situations. I do not even know why she was doing all this to herself. Was she so mentally ill?
Amarillo to me (2 days ago)
Everyone has always killed beautiful things and people.
Amarillo to me (2 days ago)
What are the bruises all over her back?
PinkGuy VEVO (2 days ago)
Funny how so many admire this slut. She was seen as nothing but a sex icon. Glad women today are seen as strong individuals, i was born in the right generation
james proudstar (2 days ago)
Marilyn Maroe was a big time whore and slept her way to the top. Without makeup she was not ..........makeup makes a women look good, without it and the high heels and fake shit they look like an ugly man.
Cynthia Esquibel (2 days ago)
She looked so young in death, no older than a 12 year old girl. Poor woman, she really led a sad and lonely life. Just imagine what it must've been like, no happy childhood or girlhood, listed after but never truly loved (except by Mr DiMaggio, he seemed to truly love her) I feel sad and alone just thinking about it, can't imagine living the reality of it.
Randy Hutchinson (2 days ago)
that poor kid, I met her hair stylist and wardrobe people later in life, they said, " she really was a lost babe in the wilderness" , and Joe was her only anchor in life, still so tragic
Jadwiga Buczyk (2 days ago)
She was a tranny as most of rich and famous from hundreds of years and that’s why is so much Tragedy.
Kenneth Howard (2 days ago)
The Kennedys had her killed and that's the God's truth to keep her shut up about the book she's going to write on them worthless Democrats the Kennedys
Melissa Underhill (2 days ago)
Even her dead body was exploited. May she finally rest in peace.
Sarah Love (2 days ago)
Yes! I do believe Joe really loved her. So sad to lose her at such an early age.
Shawn Westbrooks (2 days ago)
I don’t care what nobody say she was killed by the Illuminati
TheFlormorena18 (2 days ago)
Tão linda tão famosa e sorridente! E tão infeliz!
Marie Aupecle (2 days ago)
she was murdered by FBI SCUM
Porter Blank (2 days ago)
how did she get back in bed? she died on the floor with her maid screaming next to her, all staged shots, Paramedics had her on the floor revived n responsive when the Hollywood Quack Doc ran in ordered the oxygen mask removed and compression's stopped When the paramedics protested n said they had it under control, the doctor had the police remove them, they could here Monroe moan as the doctor stuck her with a 6'' needle missed n broke her rib, she moaned one last time as he put his knee on the needle n forced it all the way in still missing her heart. All of this was n the LA Fire Department Paramedics report hidden from the public for 40 years
Galavant Goldman (2 days ago)
I cried
Well it’s been seen now
Zee M. (2 days ago)
How was Joe DiMaggio allowed to claim her body? He was no longer tied to her. I know someone had to do everything for the funeral, but letting him take the body was not legal.
TreTreC B. (2 days ago)
Is it possible that Some of these Celebrities were staged deaths?? Hollywood is known 4 the ILLUSION!!
Don't come For me (4 hours ago)
She was a he, and his death was staged.
Norman Ball (2 days ago)
perhaps they should have remained never before seen
Nelson Vargas (2 days ago)
Perfect example of leading the fast life .
Gary Cooper (2 days ago)
But i had seen these pictures
DANZIG (2 days ago)
DANZIG (2 days ago)
erika7674 (2 days ago)
Very sad
Abhiyanta Singh (2 days ago)
Her husband really loved her..... RIP....
Cass (2 days ago)
Wow. What is wrong with people today. She was murdered by Robert Kennedy.
Ashley Martin (2 days ago)
the more I see about marilyn monroe the more i fall in love with her..................if marilyn monroe was murdered why were'nt all those surrounding her bumped off as well reason??????because if they where then it would point to marilyn monroe's death being neither natural,suicide or accident....Why did eunice murray,dr greenson and others lie?????because robert kennedy told them to or else they would meet the same fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they would have no reason to lie or change there stories(as they definatetly did)if marilyn monroe's death was not murder but was natural,suicide,or accidental even if it had been accidental it would have still come out why did all her organs go missing????as they would'nt have done if her definate cause of death was suicide,accident or natural causes they went missing because there was something to hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!robert kennedy or more likely an associate of his slipped the required drug/s into her drink and then dr greenson(who not knowing that robert kennedy or an associate/s of his had done this)gave her an injection and in his panic to save her life accidently broke her rib and only after she had died and it was to late did he discover(through being told by robert kennedy or otherwise)that she already had a dangerous level of a drug/s in her system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and that he'd unintentionally killed her how very convieient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or even worse that he'd intentionally killed her after being ordered/pressed by robert kennedy to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!robert kennedy had a major role in her death................................................................................
Mariano Celentano (2 days ago)
Marilyn was as she was. It was her life. Obviously she was killed. But the disgusting Hollywood pedophile group needs a world class lesson. ... what about that???!!!
Jeffrey Barker (2 days ago)
They said it looked like a suicide but back then they didn't investigate like they do today. They found alot of empty medicine bottles and automatically its a suicide without really investigating it throughly. I don't by the suicide story, according to what I found online Marilyn had an affair with President Kennedy and his brother Bobby and some one had to silence her so she wouldn't talk and destroy John Kennedys presidency and his and Bobbys Political career. Back then you could kill someone and make it look like a suicide and if it looked like a suicide that's the way the police left it without really investigating it. Back then it was't hard, someone forces someone to take some pills and they die, the police find them and the empty pills bottles and they think its a suicide. You'll notice in the video they never said anything about Marilyn being suicidal so I don't believe she killed herself. Just because there was empty pill bottles and she had alot of medicine inside her doesn't mean she took it herself.
MLBlue30 (3 days ago)
Goodbye, Norma Jean. You deserved better.
Peter lustig (3 days ago)
Marilyn Manroe pls....the Kennedy brothers kill him 😎
Glamour Bella (3 days ago)
I always believe she was murder.... Ugh seeing that pic of Joe how devastated he was. Just breaks my heart. Sometimes the wolves can even take your life.
Glamour Bella (2 hours ago)
+Don't come For me What the heck are you talking about troll. Does it make you feel better to be a jerk? Smh Don't be stupid with me.
Don't come For me (4 hours ago)
It's not a woman it's a man do the research.
John Rogan (3 days ago)
Glad joe barred those slimey rats lawford and Sinatra from her funeral!
_Rochelle Jackson_ (1 day ago)
John Rogan Sinatra. As in Frank Sinatra? What did he do? 😕
John Rogan (3 days ago)
Joe DiMaggio.. a real man!
William Thisbal (3 days ago)
I'm certain there is a reason for this but there seems to be allot of bruising on her face. Now this could be blood pooling or just how b/w photo's would show blue spots on a corpse.
sharon samtur (3 days ago)
why did no one demand an autopsy? the love of fans is worthless if they don't demand justice.
derrie page (3 days ago)
Beaner Schnitzel (3 days ago)
Stfu this was a dude, bones don’t lie anyone can slap some titties on, be fed hormones to so called transgender which that in itself is a myth a lie your genders determined at conception no amount of surgery hormones voice changing can change the gender dont let anybody lie to you, see facts on Tricksofthestrades channel
Jasmine Khoo (3 days ago)
Wake up. We're all been fooled. The elite illuminati did this. Marilyn lived a lie. She was a Man. He worshiped satan/baphamet. Sad.
Richard C (3 days ago)
That was just so sad... 😔
Keri Dane (3 days ago)
Let the woman rest in peace! Tasteless. Heartless. Maybe suitable for certain professionals for educational use but otherwise utter disrespect. Our civilization has lost it's way. Clicked just to object. I don't object to the type video ( graphic, gruesome, etc.) I object to the vultures pursuing her even into death.
Fran Miller (3 days ago)
she was murdered on the orders of jfk,they all knew about it,all corrupt,he got just deserts in the end tho.
Rebecca Johnson (3 days ago)
Rest in peace Marilyn we all know what they did to you and God rest your soul
julie rom (3 days ago)
Rest in peace beautiful x
Andrew50bp (3 days ago)
There may Of been tubs off pills on the side bed table but where was the glass to hold the water for her to down a lot off pills in one go, strange death and I also noticed her crypt was number 33, the number off the freemasonry
Andrew50bp (3 days ago)
I know that she couldn’t take a pill without a glass of water
Thomas Struszka (3 days ago)
So and what is your point except for putting up a headline that might give you a lot of hits? Still waiting for the autopsy photos you damn betrayers.Just putting up something in order to eventually reap up some youtube incentives, that's all this is about. Just old crap.
Lelia Hall (3 days ago)
I dont know the secrets or affairs that are reported about even now. But i do know she seemed to have a beautiful funny personality with a lot of insecurities. Her death seems similar to that of Diana, Princess of Wales, both young ladies with rumours of murder that will always be believed. Rest in Peace Marilyn and Diana.
Miranda Scott (3 days ago)
Someone doesn't take a bunch of pills close the caps on the bottle and then sit tjem up right if they wana die
Kamiah Barcus (3 days ago)
Why do her nose look so big
Mary Buchanan (3 days ago)
She faked her death!!!
Mary Buchanan (3 days ago)
But wait....that was not HER! Don't you guys have facial recognition skills?
Mary Buchanan (1 day ago)
Dre B how do YOU know?
Dre B (2 days ago)
The photo they show in the thumb nail is not Marilyn. The one photo, post autopsy is and should never have been made public. The photo in the casket is not Marilyn, it's a sculpture an artist made.
kidstl me (3 days ago)
Marilyn was a man
Russell Nash MGTOW (3 days ago)
Degenerate drug addict, narcissist and hedonistic prostitute. She represents everything rotten about the world. Wonderful people die everyday and no one cares but half a century later people still cry over this whore.
Bercel KyBer (3 days ago)
The Kennedy’s killed Marilyn. She was going to expose their secretes because two Kennedy brothers used her for sex.
KathrynPieta (3 days ago)
So young, she had phobias. Her skin was beautiful, I was told by a person who saw her in person.
Caca Roecha Racing (3 days ago)
I bet somebody humped the corpse. Filthy Hollywood pervs.
J2 34 (3 days ago)
Caca Roecha Racing omfg. Sicko
Shelby Yy (3 days ago)
Why people's bodies need to go threw with all that in death is deplorable. Should be left alone and respected .
Try it hard (3 days ago)
Marilyn was never supposed to get involved with Advocate Men, as did the President and All Other Politicians, everything ended like a movie
Camaro Pusher (3 days ago)
In a broom closet???
Eva Kúrová (3 days ago)
so sad

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