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Marilyn Monroe - The Orignal Nude Style Costume

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William Travilla interviewed.costume designer for 20th Century Fox 1949 to 1956 talking about the original nude style costume he made for marilyn to sing the Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend number. until the news of marilyn's nude calendar broke and he was told to cover marilyn up! LOL
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(@) Imagine seeing Marilyn doing the Diamonds song in that costume! what a rear view! :))))
Oh I can only dream of ever wearing an outfit put together by a jeweller and encrusted with diamonds, oh a girl can dream.......*sigh* I would've simply loved to walk through Marilyn's wardrobe having a rummage through all the dresses, shoes and jewellery. Amazing :)) Great upload as always !!
miltsar (6 years ago)
thank you for this ... I love learning more and more abourt Marilyn.

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