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NUDE IN DRACULAS CASTLE: AMAZING, RARE & EROTIC 8mm HOME MOVIES On DVD - www.AlternativeCinema.com Starring: Various Release Date: September 15, 2009 Five hours of rare classic erotica, never-before-available on home video! From playful pin-ups to sensual femme fatales, the bared, bouncing beauties in this amazing collection of vintage erotic shorts are un-covered, un-ashamed, and un-afraid! This 2-DVD set showcases the early novelty short, Nude in Draculas Castle, where an ancient butler admits a stunning young woman into a dark and spooky castle. She disrobes for bed, but cannot sleep. Restless, she explores the castle hallways where she is stalked by a mysterious and terrifying figure in a cape! Featuring nearly three-dozen loops in all, this one-of-a-kind collection of unusual American Erotica is professionally telecined from archival prints in their native 4x3 aspect ratio. Not to be missed! DVD Features: • First Time on Home Video • Rare and Unusual Historical Erotica Includes Nude In Draculas Castle • Historical Liner Notes Booklet • 5 Hours of Content!
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