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Family Guy - Meg Starts Drinking

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I have no subscribers (2 hours ago)
1:33 it's baa that's hot
Samantha Traub (5 hours ago)
samnhta msr ksaper dmrus food her gllis
RainbowDash4444 (18 hours ago)
heh, im trans, and i find that to be pretty funny
sky night fury (1 day ago)
but Chris you lost your chance to sit by your own dad
Gamergirl4AyaBrea (1 day ago)
He was gay the whole time!
I don’t get it, meg isn’t ugly, like at all. If only she changed her outfit and made a different hairstyle. 🤷‍♀️
Luis Lopez (1 day ago)
4:39 HOLY SH*T!! LOL!!
Sabrina angelica (1 day ago)
Meg looks alot like Lois except the hair color
RHYS Style (1 day ago)
1:33 *That's Hot*
nedo (2 days ago)
"Wow, Meg is so good at casually throwing bottles over your shoulder so that they land upright! And that's very popular because we've run out of things on earth!" Damn that was a dark time for humanity
Otto Nousiainen (2 days ago)
0:55 song name
justtammi (2 days ago)
You gotta admit, that transfats joke was pretty funny
Joeleezy Marie (2 days ago)
Meg: heyyyyy crissssyyyy Chris: well that’s delightfully informal meg, how the heck are ya 😂😂
Cytenet (3 days ago)
0:00 2:21 4:41 ○━━━━━━━─────── ⇄ ᐊ ❚❚ ᐅ ↻
ultimate potatoe :P (3 days ago)
ultimate potatoe :P (3 days ago)
Mystery Studios (3 days ago)
Lois:pulls out Taco Bell Peter:my little girls drinking
Mystery Studios (3 days ago)
He was gay the Hole time
TheCymbalProject (3 days ago)
Mila Kunis's voice really sounds different in the later seasons...
my name is chuck (4 days ago)
What episode is this
Hana Grace (4 days ago)
I don’t get the gay joke can someone explain?🤷‍♀️
PeterGriffin (11 hours ago)
Hana Grace Meg says the Transgender kids were fat so they should be called the trans fats
April Gilliam (4 days ago)
Clifton Joseph (5 days ago)
Clifton Joseph (5 days ago)
Clifton Joseph (5 days ago)
Clifton Joseph (5 days ago)
Clifton Joseph (5 days ago)
xGacha-Kiwi x (5 days ago)
"Ayeee CHRISAYYY!!" "Well that's delightfully informal of you meg, how the heck are ya?!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Marquis Silvers (5 days ago)
Why was his camera in a microwave
Ryley Stacey (6 days ago)
Lois can’t say shit she was doing blow
td johnson (6 days ago)
i like this meg
STLCODPS3123 (6 days ago)
I wish I was like meg and could take one swig of a drink and be instantly buzzed
STLCODPS3123 (6 days ago)
1:05 that part is so funny for some reason
dwaa18 wilson (6 days ago)
Now cleaning my search history.
cloud (6 days ago)
Hahahahahah omg 😂😂😂😂
Jensampson Sampson (6 days ago)
She cray cray
Kefas Kuda (6 days ago)
"That's very popular right now because we have run out of things on Earth" 😂😂 very true
Medachod (6 days ago)
4:19 First time I've laughed at post-season nine Family Guy in a while. That was actually great.
ArtIsDead (7 days ago)
*we've run out of things on earth*
Bailee Harding (7 days ago)
Peter: “my little girl’s a drunk! Where did we go wrong?” Me: “Hmmm...*checks the long long list of how many times they verbally and physically abused Meg.” Well here’s the list
Lukeawire #55 (7 days ago)
3:39 thanks for telling me it’s tv 14.
maggie (8 days ago)
I mean do we really blame her 😂
Robbie Cumming (8 days ago)
Weird — put my phone down when the sofa flipped and thought the screen orientation had switched - and it was at 4:20 😂
Victoria Harrington (9 days ago)
ok but like that trans joke was actually funny non offensive humor is the best 😌🤧
Pencil Blast (6 days ago)
Offensive humor is better it triggers people
Bung David (9 days ago)
Nice! Thanks for this.
PugoBro6000 (9 days ago)
Louis: “I found this in her room” *holds up bag of Taco Bell* Peter: *starts uncontrollably crying*
Aiden St. Andre (19 hours ago)
PugoBro6000 *assumes it’s booze*
sky night fury (1 day ago)
Gay Fox (10 days ago)
*im Srry chris youve fallen out of my flavor perhaps forever
Karrington Campbell (10 days ago)
Lmao wtf the living room flipped upside down😂💀💀💀
Sam Timmerman (10 days ago)
Can you crop it a little more? I can still see the show..
Alqrt (11 days ago)
CamsquidRBLX (11 days ago)
season 16 episode 10
Sydical (11 days ago)
That trans fats joke was funny as hell 😂
Mikethekiller21 (11 days ago)
3:31 lol it's funny for me cause I work at taco johns
My animootions (11 days ago)
Before I start watching, I bet she doesn’t even drink that violently, now I shall watch the video and see for myself UwU
Lilly S (11 days ago)
Whatcha think?
Yolodave 19 (12 days ago)
I got an ad were a guy says skip the ad and I can’t skip it
Nicole Slaughter (12 days ago)
Guys they know about the Taco Bell. Abort mission.
joann smith (12 days ago)
"Yeah we were hanging out in the woods".. ..okay Sabrina 🤣🤣🤣
joann smith (12 days ago)
Hey Chriseh!! Rayyyyy lol 🤣🤣🤣
joann smith (12 days ago)
Lol reminds me of me!
Christmas Ebes (12 days ago)
3:31 for me and my friends it’s always Mcdonald’s 😂
joseph santoro (10 days ago)
McDonald’s gang for life
Jason Jones (13 days ago)
What's the song name
sky night fury (13 days ago)
Meg I wanna drink to
Diamond Dawn (13 days ago)
1:07 God that party music sucks XD
Teen Boys Group (14 days ago)
The original air date is February 28, 2018.
Primordial Remnant (14 days ago)
I want some Taco Bell dammit.
Rise Asylum (14 days ago)
Well you should subscribe to me
zotharr (15 days ago)
We did run out of things... Also, I wish family guy were funny like before, so at least we would have one thing on this Earth
Alex Berrones (15 days ago)
Lmaoooo the ending had me dead 🤣💀
Hey Sexc (15 days ago)
Showles 🤣
Hey Sexc (15 days ago)
Frick her
Lilly Bow (16 days ago)
Peter:*GASP* he was gay all along! Me:...No he is zombie petah
RideWithWill (16 days ago)
how did I get from watching dirtbikes to Megs starts drinking
Sans (16 days ago)
“He was gay the whole time” XD
Tara Leigh Allen (16 days ago)
da endin 4:38 ○━━━━━━━─────── ⇄ ᐊ ❚❚ ᐅ ↻
charlie Dilltardē (17 days ago)
the usual suspects is shit
Tiernan Keane (17 days ago)
Drinking is BAD!
Nada que hacer (17 days ago)
Best Meg episode
Cousin Ryan (17 days ago)
*i think she's doing booze*
Peter tries red bull Meg starts drinking beer
Babchak (16 days ago)
Their family is going to shit
Jamison H (17 days ago)
3:47 lol
Aron Doogan (17 days ago)
I’m selling the replay button. 00:00 00:00 00:00 1 like=one replay
ziad ammari (17 days ago)
Taco bell is drugs
sean gleason (18 days ago)
huh .....they actually made an episode called trans fats as of late XD its like somebody who wrote this episode got bored rewatched family guy and said hey thats a funny play on words ....lets just make that an episode now XD
johntruttero (18 days ago)
I’m sorry Chris you fallen out of favour perhaps forever
SD BMX (18 days ago)
Hazzar Playz (18 days ago)
I’m sorry Chris you’ve fallen out of Favour perhaps forever
DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS (18 days ago)
Who remember’s bottle flipping?
Peter Griffin (19 days ago)
Shut up meg
Lil Cup (19 days ago)
Chris is the next Meg
Jennifer Kalagian (18 days ago)
Sponge Bob square pant
Avery Deyoung (19 days ago)
What's the song at the party
May VJ (19 days ago)
{\_/} ( . .) . D (\ / )
Danielle Sales (19 days ago)
What kind of butthurt douche dislikes this?
Mysterious Gameplay (19 days ago)
Cool episode
Drip ORG YT (20 days ago)
garage band
Darth Rian (20 days ago)
Weirdest piano I've ever seen...
SBS Memes Association (20 days ago)
msi (20 days ago)
over 13 million views on a vide how meg starts drinking lol
Chef Vegán (20 days ago)
The couch scene!
That anime weeb (21 days ago)
*KiDs* *DiNnErS* *rEaDy*

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