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Love torture from many girls 'mannai sathik ' the legend speach

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Text Comments (8)
Mariaace 1804 (1 year ago)
Dei sori naiye sethere da 🖕
Syiiayad Qadri (18 days ago)
I will inform to Malaysia Minister to Lock you in Malaysia Prison
Jaya Kumar (8 months ago)
Ada pavii
Sakthi Srinivasan (9 months ago)
Sakthi Srinivasan (9 months ago)
Adai punda
BE THE CHANGE (9 months ago)
Do something good to get popular..not like this you insulting our indian girls they are not like that..
Siti Zubaidah (1 year ago)
Munje paare Love torture uh?? Only phaitiyam in tanjung rambutan will torture u.dont ever come to Malaysia loose mande odi
tamil pandi (1 year ago)
Nallathu thana bro

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